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Some ideas and thoughts on the Fellowship of Friends. Taken from the previous discussions, which are to be found here and on Animam Recro.

Collected and assembled by UnoAnimo.

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  1. Some possible ‘Headings’ for your postings ~

    Sexual harassment
    Wrongful discharge
    Joint Negligence
    Negligent Hiring
    Intentional infliction of emotional distress
    Negligent infliction of emotional distress
    Negligent misrepresentation
    Willful misconduct
    Misapplication of funds
    Misapplication of property
    Affirmative misconduct
    Official misconduct
    Malconduct in office
    Corruption in office
    Wanton misconduct
    Fraudulent misrepresentation
    Material misrepresentation

    Violation of the False Claims Act
    False advertising
    False-association claim
    False news
    False impersonation
    False pretences
    Falsifying a record
    “Negligent Novation”
    Fault of Omission
    Contractual fault
    Delictual fault

    Violation of fiduciary duty
    Breach of duty
    Breach of covenant
    Breach of the peace
    Breach of trust
    Breach of warranty
    Child endangerment
    “Fetus endangerment

  2. A list of circumstances and convictions upon the Fellowship of Friends and Robert Burton that are as applicable now as they were 10 years ago.

    Fellowship Of Friends-A Cult In Oregon House, California.
    Another lawsuit filed against F.O.F/Renaissance Vineyard &
    Winery, Robert Burton, Girard Haven, Abraham Goldman, Helga
    Ruth Mueller, and Clair Bowen–directors of Fellowship of
    Friends, Inc. The lawsuit brought by Troy Buzbee and filed
    on April 29, 1996 in the County of Yuba.
    Complaint for Damages is in Case # 060209
    1. Fraud
    2. Intentional infliction of emotional distress
    3. Negligent infliction of emotional distress
    4. Breach of fiduciary duty
    5. Negligent supervision
    6. Sexual misconduct with a minor
    7. Sexual harassment
    8. Wrongful discharge
    9. Negligence
    10. Failure to pay minimum wage
    11. Battery
    Fellowship Of Friends Cult – By Michelle M. Milligan
    “Within the pages of the case are facts and details concerning sexual and perverted acts practiced by Burton, his philosophies and ideologies expected of the members.”
    According to the case, Robert Burton, “The Teacher”, as referred to by members, began the corporation Fellowship of Friends in 1971.

    The “Fourth Way philosophy is taught and practiced by the Fellowship of Friends. The location of The Fellowship of Friends herein referred to as the F.O.F. is in Oregon House, however the F.O.F. refers to their location rather as “The Renaissance”.

    Troy Buzbee’s father became a member of the F.O.F. in 1976. Richard Buzbee’s son Troy was only seven years of age. Richard Buzbee was told that if he paid his teaching payments each month and followed the tasks and suggestions of the teacher, Robert Burton that he would
    enter “the way,” become “conscious” and “immortal.” He was told that Burton was a “conscious being” and that he was “celibate.” He was told that he could trust Burton completely with his body and soul.

    From 1976 through May 1994 Troy’s father was a member of the Fellowship of Friends. As Plaintiff Troy Buzbee grew up he regarded Robert Burton as a God.
    According to the case distinction between Burton and Troy’s father were not clear to him at times. Troy Buzbee became a member on October 10, 1966 when he was 17 years of age, virgin.

    After Defendant Burton and Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC’s factual representations and undue influence caused Troy Buzbee to lose his ability to think independently, he became increasingly subject to the domination, control and undue influence practiced, implemented, and used by said Defendants.

    In direct consequence of such deception, coercive persuasion, brainwashing and undue influence, Defendant Burton used Troy Buzbee, among hundreds of
    other young men, for the partial gratification of his satyriasis, an uncontrollable compulsion to engage in sexual conduct with scores, if not hundreds, of men. In addition thereof, Defendant Burton exploited Troy Buzbee for the provision of cheap labor, well under the minimum

    Said exploitation continued off and on until the time when Troy Buzbee terminated his membership with Fellowship of Friends, Inc., in August 1994.

    Commencing in December 1986, Burton, would have “teaching dinners” during which he would ply Troy with alcoholic beverages. After one particular such meal in December 1986, Burton instructed Troy to come to Burton’s room and to shut and lock the door. Burton told Troy that
    Burton was “an angel in a man’s body”, and the gods wished for Troy to be close to Burton. Defendant Burton then held in an embrace.

    Defendant Burton said, “influence C wishes you to be close with me. “He repeatedly assured Troy that his “soul was not (his) body, and that the angels wished for (Troy) to be with (Burton).” Burton explicitly told Troy that the “angels” wanted Troy to disrobe, and the “angels” wanted Troy to submit to Burton’s sexual advances because Burton himself was an “angel”, a goddess in a man’s body.”

    Burton said to Troy, “I promise you I am an angel in a man’s body.” “You have to remember that I did not write the play about Robert Burton.” Burton would kiss Troy on the forehead which he said represented the seat of the soul and then instruct Troy to “separate” from his body and just “let go”. Burton reminded Troy that Troy’s
    body would soon decay while his soul was immortal.

    Burton told Troy that he would talk to him after he died using the same soft voice he used at the time. Burton explained that for him the interaction with Troy went beyond conventional sex and into “supersex”, which was a
    method characterological evolution.

    Defendant Burton stated, “My
    sexuality is on the level of Super-Sex.” From December ‘86–April ‘94, Troy submitted to Burton’s demands, which were: Drop out of college, provide Burton with sexual favors and provide hour long massages after Burton had been sexually serviced.

    Burton used money from the corporation to pay other members for performing specific sexual acts. In denominations of $50 or $100.

    The case mentions one case of “specific sexual acts” performed on Burton by Karl Feldman, Troy Buzbee’s best friend. Burton spoke openly about his sexuality in the form of jokes at the all-male dinners that he would often lavishly host at all-male, all-you-can-drink “symposiums.” He would boast that “one hundred boys would not be enough(for his sexual appetite).”

    Troy worked at the gatehouse on F.O.F. property. Burton directed certain members who are “guards” to arm themselves with firearm-type weapons. Burton then had him become his “personal” guard. During the next four years Troy observed numerous men in Burton’s room in a single night. Troy was asked to massage Burton after his lovers left.

    According to the case, Burton suffers from sexually transmitted diseases. He made no effort to tell Troy. As a consequence, Troy acquired viral herpes. In addition, Troy suffered from stomach ulcers.

    Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, Inc. was built as a bomb-
    shelter in obeisance to Defendant Burton’s prophecies regarding massive and wide-spread disaster and chaos in the near future.

    Defendant Burton uses Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, Inc as his alter ego in the same way he uses Defendant Fellowship Of Friends, Inc.

    According to the case…..
    At all times mentioned herein Defendants Girard Haven, Abraham Goldman (also an attorney), Helga Ruth Mueller, and Clair Bowen were members of the board of directors of the Defendant corporation, Fellowship Of Friends, INC.

    At all times mentioned herein all of the Defendants were acting as the agents and servants of each other and in doing the acts complained of acted within the scope of their agency and employment and at the direction and with the knowledge and ratification of the other Defendants.

    The Defendant Burton at all times mentioned herein, dominated, influenced, and controlled, and does now dominate, influence and control the Defendant corporations and the directors and officers thereof, as well as the business, property and affairs of the Defendant corporations.

    At all times mentioned herein, there existed and does now exist, a unity of interest and ownership between the Defendant Burton and the Defendant corporations; the individuality and separateness of said Defendant and Defendant corporations has ceased; and despite
    knowledge of these facts, Defendant corporations and its officers and directors have had notice of acquiesced in and agreed, consented to, and ratified the conduct of Defendant Burton as herein alleged,

    At all times since its corporation to the present time, the Defendant corporations have been and are now a mere shell and naked framework which the Defendant Burton has used and does now use as a conduit for the conduct of his personal business, property and affairs.

    Defendant corporations are subject to a unity of control, and its corporate structure was created as an attempt to avoid payment of taxes and civil judgments and to confuse courts and those seeking redress for these Defendant’s acts. Due to the unity of personnel, commingling of assets, and commonality of business objectives, these Defendant’s attempts at separation of Defendant corporations and
    Defendant Burton should be disregarded.

    Defendant Robert Burton directs, controls and operates Defendant corporations and uses them to enforce his orders and carry out his attacks on groups, agencies or individuals, including the acts against Troy alleged herein, to the extent there is no separate identity between Burton and said Defendant corporations and any claim of such separate identity should be disregarded.

    The Defendant corporations were created and are being continued and maintained pursuant to a fraudulent plant, scheme and device, created and operated by the Defendant Burton, whereby the benefits and
    product of the income and revenue of the Defendant corporations are diverted to the use and enjoyment of the Defendant Burton through the Defendant corporations to himself while concealing the truth of his financial relationship with Defendant corporations.

    Prior to the formation of F.O.F. and Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, Burton formed a conspiracy in concert between the corporations for the express purpose and intent of developing and implementing a plan and scheme which would permit Burton and co-conspirators to:

    a. use, abuse and exploit the fiduciary relationship between the Defendant Burton and the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC,, on one hand and the members of and contributors to the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC,, on the other hand
    for their own personal unlawful gain; and

    b. to use, abuse and exploit the fiduciary relationship between the Defendant Burton, as ‘founding minister’, and selective members of the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC., for the express purpose and intent of performing unlawful and perverted sexual acts upon the persons of said members, including Troy, and by causing certain of the members, including Troy, to work for Defendant corporation Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, INC.,

    and Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC.

    That all times pertinent hereto, the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC., and the Defendant Renaissance Vineyard and Winery, INC, were formed and operated by Burton and said other Defendants for their sole and exclusive aggrandizement and to create an ambiance of neo-religious import which was and is currently being used by Burton and the other Defendants to manipulate, unduly influence, and control the minds, bodies, and the assets of the members of the Defendant
    corporations for the sole and exclusive purpose of 1) satisfying Burton’s satyriasis-his voracious appetite for perverted sexual pleasure and elegant life-style; and

    2) diverting the contributions and donations of the membership to their own use and purposes.

    Members of the Fellowship are required to donate ever-increasing sums of money as they become further and further vested as members of the Fellowship with the caveat that when donations required of them are
    not timely and completely made their membership is either revoked or they become indentured servants of the Defendant corporation in residence at its principal place of business for nominal compensation and required to perform degrading menial tasks of a full-time basis
    at the whim and caprice of the Defendant Burton

    and other authorized representatives of the corporate Defendant Fellowship Of Friends, INC., and Defendant Renaissance Vineyard And Winery, INC.

    All donations made by members of the Fellowship are devoted either to the continuing worldwide recruitment of new and replacement members with fresh money to contribute to “the cause,” or the acquisition of assets, including but not limited to, Defendant Renaissance Vineyard and Winery, INC,

    which are ostensibly being acquired for the use and
    benefit of the membership but which are in reality being acquired for the personal benefit and aggrandizement of Defendant Burton and some or all of the other individual Defendants named herein.

    Meanwhile, Defendant Burton annexes free and unfettered use and enjoyment in and to the assets of the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC., Defendant corporation Renaissance Vineyard And Winery, INC., and the benefits to be derived there from, including, but not limited to, the provision money for bribes to young male members to prostitute themselves in an intensification of
    Defendant Burton’s compulsion and demand for sexual servicing of his long-standing state of satyriasis.

    The entire, purpose, scope and extent of the aforesaid plan and scheme as implemented by said Defendants is to effectively deny the members of the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC., not only the right to participate in its rituals and teachings on an ongoing basis but also, and of equal importance, to deny members of said Defendant corporation, including Plaintiff, of their just right to participate as beneficiaries entitled to use and enjoy
    the property of said Defendant corporation.

    Troy suffered from fright, horror, grief, shame, anger, humiliation, embarrassment, chagrin, disappointment, worry, self-loathing, self-betrayal and self distrust.

    Haven, Goldman Mueller, Bowen knew of all these afore-mentioned practices of Burton.

    They have agreed and abetted Burton in his efforts. They knew of Burton’s diseases and said nothing.

    At all times pertinent hereto, Defendant Burton, and the other Defendants, caused Troy’s mental and emotional centers to become deceptively and coercively inculcated with the following tenets:

    a. Defendant Burton communicated with “C-influence” which was provided by “44 angels” which were each individually named including, but not limited to, Jesus, “Benjamin Franklin,” “Lincoln” and “Bach,”

    and that Burton was the Fellowship’s only connection with
    said “angels.”

    b. Defendant was and is the most important person on the planet since Christ.

    Defendant Burton claims a numerology of consciousness where he has already advanced to a man number 7.3, with Christ being a man number 8.

    Burton is above man-made laws, a moral law unto himself.

    c. “C-influence” brought Troy to the Fellowship and Defendant Burton, and that Troy’s interactions with Defendant Burton would be the most important relationship that Troy could ever have.

    d. Defendant Burton is assisted by “C-influence” to guide the spiritual evolution of the member “students” with “shocks” designed to help them “awaken”.

    e. The members of the Fellowship are special, and set apart by higher forces for survival. Members of Defendant Burton’s “inner circle” must associate only among Fellowship members must disregard non-members, and demonize ex-members who are critical of Burton whom “the =gods” will “destroy.”

    Such ex-members’ opportunities for growth and
    development are terminated failing to submit to Burton.

    f. Defendant Burton possesses gift of prophecy that is infallible.

    g. In 1998 California will “fall” in huge earthquake whereupon people will die in massive numbers.

    h. In 2006 there will be an Armageddon, where all humans everywhere except for members of the Fellowship will be expunged by higher forces.

    i. Members of the Fellowship will inherit the world’s material goods and act as the “Ark” for a new civilization based on that of the Greeks of about 450 B.C., and are thus presently preparing themselves to bear the torch of civilization now and in the future.

    j. By following Defendant Burton’s directives so as to gain “being” (depth of character) through separating from suffering and immersing themselves in culture, mostly Western art, classical music, opera and ballet, Fellowship members, including Troy, are preparing themselves
    for being the “Ark”.

    k. Everything the members of the Fellowship, including Troy, had learned since birth was “false” and caused him to exist in a kind of “waking sleep.”

    The Defendant Burton informed Troy that in order
    to “awaken”, he had to replace what was “false” with what was “true” which was defined as the system of ideas as The Fourth Way, including all the “new” knowledge that Burton had added to that system.

    l. Defendant Burton stated, and states, to the general Fellowship and to Troy, that without “C-influence” Troy could not “awaken”.

    m. Defendant Burton stated, and states, to the general Fellowship and to Troy, that to “awaken” was the only way to avoid having the purpose of his life be to provide “food for the moon.”

    n. Defendant Burton stated, and states, that Troy’s people outside the group as “life-people,” he said were “tragedies.” Burton said Troy’s own mother was such a “life-person” and that the Fellowship was Troy’s “real” family and Burton was his “Father.”

    o. Defendant Burton stated, and states, to the general Fellowship and to Troy, that any challenge to the extent of Burton’s excesses of greed and satyriasis to be a lack of understanding of his practice of “crazy wisdom” which he asserts that he must force himself to perform is forcing himself to live that way for the good of the members as a “lesson.”

    _______________________________End Quote

  3. Misappropriation

    ‘La Cucina’ the restaurant on the property that was burned down a couple of years ago. First, put aside the fact that it was originally paid for by FOF ( our donations ). The insurance money from the fire.Where is it? It was spent on gods knows what.
    So, you will have been aware of the ‘auctions’ held over the past couple of years specifically to raise funds so that ‘We’ can rebuild our beautiful La Cucina. ….well over $100.000 was raised.Then it kind of ‘went quiet’ So, where is that money ? and where is the new restaurant ? ‘We’ have now paid three times over for a restaurant that does not exist.
    Care to comment ?


    This event was also used as a sales ‘gig’ by RVW for nearly 6 months; the sales calls by RVW Telemarketing would start off like this ~

    “Oh, hello Mary, did you hear about it; Oh! No, don’t worry no one died, but… Can you please… We really need your help with rebuilding our restaurant, etc. RVW spun this story hundreds of times and by this dramatizing effect sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wine… the proceeds never rebuilt anything concerning the restaurant… and although it was said that RVE lost the whole restaurant, this was not true, only 40% of the building was lost.

  4. Misapplication of Funds

    I can suggest where possibly is the money (at least some of it).
    About a year ago me and a friend were walking through Galleria, just looking, admiring the beauty. I was showing him various rooms, kitchen, library… The door to the teacher’s room was wide open and I remember that it was OK in the past to simply walk in… So we did. There was no one there. I said: This is the teacher’s room…
    And my friend noticed a bunch of brand new mens shirts laying by his bed… They were fancy looking, in their packaging… We noticed the price tags. Shirts were $ 1500 plus per each. We were… a bit shocked. These are the kind of shirts the “boys” wear…

    Another true story: once at our house a “boy” got slightly drunk and carried away bragging to other students about his teacher’s many gifts to him. He was showing us his ring, tie, pants, shirt – and exclaiming: This is 1800 bucks, this is 900 bucks, this is 2400 bucks… He was going on and on. It was truly pathetic.
    We heard enough and went away and my boyfriend said to me: This jerk over there is wearing 10 of my teaching payments!

    Well if you think how many “boys” there are and the amount of expensive shirts, rings, pants, suits, etc they wear – it starts to makes sense where the Bistro money could possibly be.


    This practice is ‘ancient’ amongst the FoF inner circle; hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent yearly on custom tailored suits, both for full time galleria staff and visiting students that had been ‘picked’ by Robert Burton upon his travels abroad to be his ‘possible lovers’ and by those ‘scouting’ for him. Gifts of jewelry, the giving away of gifts Robert Burton has bought himself with fellowship proceeds to the boys and ‘courting boys’; when these courting rituals do not work out, the visiting student is often sent back to Russia or wherever ‘to think about it’, ‘to work on their King of Clubs denying force’ (physical, psychological and conscience repulsion of certain ‘things going on in the Galleria). Monies for shopping trips, plane tickets, housing, motel rooms, etc. all paid and invested in Robert Burton’s private pursuits in the name of the Fellowship of Friends; these actual expenditures are never shared with the Fellowship of Friends members, the exact annual amount spent and for what is not known by the body of the ‘church’ at large, although it is their money he is spending; donations that are not being regulated or monitored in any way by the church as a legal body to represent such expenditure directions of their money.

  5. Misrepresentation

    The idea of alchemy, as taught and practiced in the Fellowship of Friends, has been quite skewed towards external manifestations that require investing large sums of money, which is an extension of the Fourth Way as promulgated and sold by Robert Burton. Alchemy is esoterically about the transmutation of coarser energies into finer energies, as in Hydrogen 12. This may or may not have anything at all to do with the fine impressions that money can buy.

    16/125/Nancy G

  6. Misdiscription and Willfull Misconduct (among others)

    Why was it essential for FOF-style evolution that Isis/Apollo/Renaissance be preserved as the seat of squalid, deeply entrenched poverty over decades? How can anyone in their right mind think Isis lifestyle is or ever was actually good for their children, YOUR children? How much more time out of your brief lifetime are you willing to throw away, your precious time bleeding away like good money after bad, because waking up from the FOF dream is just too unthinkable? When do the wives realize that their hubbies didn’t just have a few isolated experiences of sex with RB, but still do it every time they go to a wine cellar dinner? When does the young newlywed realize how at-risk she is of a nasty sexual disease from that gorgeous RB-boy import she snagged? When do we stop being mad and just become sad, because it is all too sad and pathetic and soul-sucking? Maybe that’s the whole question: RB sucked a lot of cocks, but what about the souls, your souls, that he continues to suck and suck…and suck?

    16/152/Joseph G

  7. Discrimination and Favortism

    I’m sorry my language and tone offended you. Obviously you have not experienced the ultra-inner-circle verification of having RB “receive you.” Must be the lifetime thing I always heard about. You could have been one of those lower life-timers that RB would speak about. He was always positive about your possibilities, but, well– how do I say this without offending you– my feeling was he considered you all to be very well intentioned losers, less so if you could write a fat check. Or the clue to me should have been your nick, Fat Boy. You are probably not the right body type as well as being stuck in a lower lifetime. Still–Keep working on yourself!

    16/141/Dick Moron

  8. Discrimination and Favortism

    Although I did embrace it (well, everyone told me I had a “golden” alchemy, so it was really easy to accept) now I see this “tool” as just another tool for judgment and condescending attitude towards others with so called “lower” alchemy. In a way, it’s almost RACIST. And you know that people DO use this “tool” to discriminate and judge, you know that, we all know, all did it. When this “tool” is used to confirm something about oneself – it strokes ones vanity. When it is used to blame or judge something or someone – it again strokes ones vanity and promotes a false sense of superiority.


  9. Misrepresentation, False Pretenses, Breach of Duty

    So, expensive clothes and furnishings is just one (questionable) way to get high, and not the cheapest. But it happens to be Teacher’s way of lifestyle, so he invented a “tool” to make it look like the “only” way.


  10. Emotional Distress (not in the list above)

    In layman’s terms, if you want to keep members of a group in line, you create an environment of anticipated reward, not actual reward, such as in the next lifetime or reserved exclusively for those in the ‘inner circle’, as well an environment highly sensitive to the aversive stimuli of negative emotions, which is how we learn ‘good-awake’ (=positive emotion) from ‘bad-asleep’ (=negative emotion). This will produce more dopamine in the member’s brains and inhibit learning from aversion by minimizing it.


  11. Undue Influence (not in the list above)

    Ni_k Spa_ldi_g (around) 192

    Fat Boy
    Simple Truth

    (All others please ignor……..)

    Dear Fat Boy & Simple Truth : and of course (Mole)
    Let’s chill out together for a few esoteric seconds….

    You know who I am and my email is listed…..
    and meet me for a beer (coffee) and my usual
    location (apollo d’oro)…..

    Love to those who wish…..


    Current Fellowship members, show some backbone and post to the blog – if you’re not too frightened of the cult retaliation.


    Nick wrote this (and another) post; his reputation on the Fellowship of Friends Blog is that of the ‘FoF Police’ and ‘individual voice crusher’.

  12. Misdescription, Misrepresentation, Fraud

    When I first joined the Fellowship of Friends I was told that it was in direct lineage from Peter Ouspensky.

    I find out years later that it was NOT in direct lineage. That its inception was founded on deception. That it continued producing half-baked, half-lies until it has descended into a quasi-religion based not only on half-baked, half-lies but pure and simple delusion.

    Speaking again without permission from Vera-Mente we wants our money back. Not based on time contributed nor money donated but based on half-baked, half-lies, deception and delusion.


  13. Outrageous Conduct, Emotional Distress

    From the ‘fact’ of multiple lifetimes, to the ‘fact’ that people who leave the Fellowship of conditional “Friends” are ‘food for the moon’, to the ‘fact’ that Burton is at a ‘higher level’ than anyone else on the planet, to the ‘fact’ that Beloved Teacher is the necessary intermediary between a student and higher forces, only able to ‘progress’ through Burton’s intervention, to the ‘fact’ that Burton is a goddess trapped in a man’s body (!), to the ‘fact’ that the Sequence represents the highest product of ‘higher schools’ stretching back to prehistoric times…

    and on and on and on…

    All designed to put one in the classic bind. No way out but to swallow and take a big gulp of “faith”, and watch one’s conscience shrivel away, a sacrifice to Burton, the gift he demands so one can stay safe in his shadow, nestling like chicks under his wings. But unlike real chicks, which must grow and fledge, choosing to stay chicks forever.

    16/201/Ames Gilbert

  14. Connivance (not on the list above), Joint Negligence

    I have personally experienced the greedy, grabbing completely selfish ass ault of the “beyond feminine dominance”Queen of the hive and the blind eye and closed hearts of the procurer drones and their paradoxical judgement/envy.
    While they watched the constant stream of situationaly compromised young and not so young men enter the heavily over loaded to one side arena of the Queen, with what seemed like the complacent attitude of, as long as my security isnt compromised, who cares if there are some casualties, if they leave then surely they were weak and unsuited to evolve thats why “C influence released them.


  15. Sexual Harassment, Emotional Distress, Breach of Trust

    Bruce 216: “Even though many of us lived together in the boy cottage, many of us were walking around in a daze asking ourselves “why was it happening to just me”. We were so shell shocked that none of us could assume it was happening to others. No one would speak of it. ”


  16. False Impersonation, Material Misrepresentation

    His first conversations with Bonita, by her testimony, were composed of many lectures and some observations Robert Burton had gleaned from his studies. But even here, with her, were always the implicit lies. The first was that he had more being than she just because he ‘knew’ more 4th Way theory, and could convincingly regurgitate it. The second was that his method of teaching, a one–way authoritarian transmission from the ‘more knowledgeable’ to the ‘less knowledgeable’ was valid; in other words, that Bonita had nothing to teach him. His “teaching being” was exactly what he in turn had been taught, both by Horn, and by the educational system we have in our society; it was unmodified by actual experience.


  17. Breach of Duty, Heedlessness, Recklessness (not up there)

    Maintaining the First Lies for so many years, not going back over his life (in the Ouspenskian sense) to ‘repair the damage’ (tell the unvarnished truth, apologize, explain without self–justification, heal), clinging to his lie and building on it (squashing rumors, attacking whistleblowers as liars in public, pronouncing his ‘celibacy’ anew), all this clearly shows his being, and that is very very low, lower than any ‘student’.


  18. Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Predator, Sexual Harassment, Enticement, Breach of Trust, Willful Tort, Negligent Tort

    Worse, and this is important, living these lies dishonored the efforts of his students, made a mockery of their truths. Then on, ever downwards, the web of deceit was woven thread by thread. Countless times, Burton told the lie of celibacy in the morning and that same evening raped one of his students (fucked them against their will), used blackmail and further lies to complete the deed, used the Work language to serve his own base purposes. Used their shame as a weapon to ensure their silence. Bruce has told it, how isolated each of the ‘boys’ in the Blake Cottage were, each thinking they were the only one. This poison contaminated every aspect of the Fellowship. What do the grandiose dreams of good declared by Burton mean in the face of this? In the balance, far less than nothing, a negative amount. The horror outweighs any possibility of good.


  19. Emotional Distress, Personal Indignity, Fault Liability

    For me the last two years before leaving were extremely oppressive, and the weird thing is I was blaming myself for about 80% of this negative feeling, then blaming myself for not blaming myself for the other 20%. And if my soul was being sucked, who other than RB could have been the biggest soul-sucker, and how many others was he sucking – is he still sucking – all thinking (like me and Bruce?) that they were “the only one”?

    16/230/Joseph G.

  20. Fraud, Misapplication of Funds, Misapplication of Property

    And then there is always “the property,” that magical place full of palm trees and gilded staues and banners and fountains. The place that is one’s true home. Home of the king of hearts. Paradise found; until it becomes paradise lost.

    16/230/Joseph G.


    Robert Burton Has spent millions upon millions of dollars of church goers money to surround himself in an oasis of personal ‘dreamscape’… All the while, for 37 years, has not ever had a church structure built, planned or expected.

  21. Fraud

    Did anyone who was around during the Age of the Cameo learn that their cameo appraised at exactly 1/3 the price they paid for it?

    I decided to sell mine after I left. After I had it appraised by a reputable jeweler, I spoke with others who had the same experience, and the numbers were the same — the appraised retail value was 1/3 what was paid (to the FoF) for it.

    I clearly remember being approached about buying it. “Robert would like to know if you feel ready to have a cameo.”

    Gosh, golly, I sure didn’t want to say that I’m not ready for something the teacher thinks I should have.

    I had the first one for about a week, then the same inner circle person approached me and said that Robert felt a different one would be more appropriate for me. The second one was nearly twice the cost of the first one.

    I don’t remember the exact details about this next part, but there was some convoluted transaction with the exchange. I didn’t just exchange the cameos and pay more money. I think I gave the first one back, paid the entire amount for the second cameo, then received the cost of the first cameo directly from the student it was sold to next.

    A receipt was included with the second one that appeared to be from a jeweler in Europe. The receipt said that it was made in the 1700s in England. When I had it appraised they told me it was made in Italy (showed me a mark that indicated this), probably in the 1920’s.

    16/236/Kathleen W

  22. Favoritism, Misappropriation of Funds, Breach of Duty, Undue Influence, False Pretenses

    Ah, the cameo era. RB, the patron saint of shopping. Why not a cameo for every lady? Such a thrill to shop for someone else, with their money. This happened so much. Any student who happened to have a little money they were not using, and let RB know about it, can probably contribute a little story about how they were assisted in gradually blowing it on on pricey fashion accessories, fine leatherbound books encrusted with semi-precious stones, ostrich skin Hermes bags, shoes, belts, whips etc.. And, RB would select everything for them. I will never forget observing him slowly coerce a very adult professionally successful student into buying an expensive briefcase that the student did not like or want. Guess who won?

    Does anyone remember the details of the time (during the cameo/tuxedo set era) that a member of the entourage neglected to declare some expensive jewelry purchased in Europe and RB and party were submitted to all kinds of searches by U.S. Customs.

    16/241/Dick Moron

  23. Fraudulent Marriage, Green-card Marriage, Clandestine Marriage, Breach of Duty, Sham Marriage

    A story. (It could be good for the INS – let them figure it out)
    I learned that Asaf who is Robert’s successor is actually married. No he doesn’t live with his wife and never did. The marriage is on paper only. (which kinda means illegal and against the law in this country.) His listed wife is E—ta and he was married to her for quite some time.
    I guess Asaf needs a green card ASAP – otherwise how is he going to be our next teacher?

    16/254/Purchasing Awakening

  24. Fraudulent Marriage…. continued from above story

    I thought Asaf was engaged to a very nice, very young daughter of followers, right at this moment. If what you say is correct, then there must be some very interesting conversations going on between the two affianced, the parents, the present wife, and Burton. I’m sure the phrase “C–Influence wants…” is being overworked as well. Adding the INS investigators and the INS judge to those conversations would certainly liven them up!

    16/259/Ames Gilbert

  25. Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, Misrepresentation, Breach of Duty, False Advertising, False Pretense, Favoritism, Breach of Trust

    So, you will have been aware of the ‘auctions’ held over the past couple of years specifically to raise funds so that ‘We’ can rebuild our beautiful La Cucina. ….well over $100.000 was raised.Then it kind of ‘went quiet’ So, where is that money ? and where is the new restaurant ? ‘We’ have now paid three times over for a restaurant that does not exist.

    Another true story: once at our house a “boy” got slightly drunk and carried away bragging to other students about his teacher’s many gifts to him. He was showing us his ring, tie, pants, shirt – and exclaiming: This is 1800 bucks, this is 900 bucks, this is 2400 bucks… He was going on and on. It was truly pathetic.
    We heard enough and went away and my boyfriend said to me: This jerk over there is wearing 10 of my teaching payments!


  26. Misappropriation of Funds, Fraud, Connivance, Tax Fraud

    I have personally carried funds from outlaying centres in the form of teaching payments in cash to I’s I’s. Unregistered tax free cash flow.
    I have personally experienced the dismay of newly wed young and not so young wives who asked me if their husbands were having sex with Burton as their husbands were lying to them and even then couldn’t bring myself to feed the lie to my female friends just to make them temporarily feel better.


  27. Misrepresentation, Fraud, Infliction of Emotional Distress

    Back before RB was forced to “come out” of his idea of “celibacy” he was surreptitiously “doing” only one boy at a time. Even though many of us lived together in the boy cottage, many of us were walking around in a daze asking ourselves “why was it happening to just me”. We were so shell shocked that none of us could assume it was happening to others. No one would speak of it. Finally it became pretty obvious what was happening, that RB was living a lie. Yet RB still clung to the big lie until lawsuits etc. forced a change.


  28. Connivance, Misbranding, Discrimination, Breach of Duty, Breach of Trust, Breach of Covenant, Enticement of a Parent (A rare tort)

    Prospect students are recruited. Young men’s pictures taken and send to Robert with or without measurements.

    That is what I want to stop, stop, stop and I feel powerless and again angry at myself…
    Yes I am still angry, now I think of it…of many more things, the way women and men were treated in the fellowship. Elena was right that women were treated like second rate citizen. How we were exploited and our money taken from us in the name of building a civilization ( Where? in the bedroom). For the children who were often second or third choice and will never feel like they were worth the love of their parents. The parents were busy, surviving, working to make ends meet, ooo I can go on, but I will stop.


  29. Illegal Structure, ‘Fraudulent Construction’, ‘Endangerment of Participants and Public’, (Totally unknown to Yuba County Officials from Beginning to Completion), Hidden from bank-loan-assessors by camouflaging with large canvas tarps and hundreds of palm trees in pots and wooden crates, soil, etc. prior to their visit to assess the value of ISIS property for a consolidation loan or new-mortgage loan.

    And what about all the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised to build/finish that ridiculous Theatron that Robert coveted when he was enamoured of the Greeks? It seems to have been abandoned. Any one know how much was spent on it thus far?
    I have been waiting to hear about the fund raisers for a pyramid. Who knows, Isis might even be taken over by a theme park operator some day.


  30. Invasion of Privacy, Enticement of a Parent, Intensional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Child Endangerment, ‘Fetus Endangerment’ … See ‘Administration of Children and Families’. Inhumane Treatment of Animals

    I learned that earlier in his reign Robert asked married women not to have kids and if they already did to give them away. Many apparently listened and obeyed. Apparently Linda was persuading pregnant women to have an abortion “to follow the will of the Teacher”. Gently ask older female students in FOF what happened to their kids.

    Also teacher gave a task to students to euthanise or give away their non-pedigree canine companions. Many obeyed and killed or abandoned their dogs. Please read Stella’s story. Then not so long ago he ordered to kill all black cats around the property because of his superstitions (apparently he thought black cats bring bad luck and are connected to the devil).

    16/273/Purchasing Awakening

  31. Invasion of Privacy by intrusion, Intimidation, Inveiglement

    There was also a time where hysterectomies were being suggested to women for birth control because once it’s done, that’s it, no more problem.

    To my understanding some even took the advice.


  32. Enticement of Parent, Enticement, Invasion of Privacy,

    When I got pregnant I was leaving at Renaissance and my husband was on salary. We did not have the money to go to a doctor and were worried about future hospital bills.

    My husband called Robert, but not until years later did he tell me what the teacher had said in response to a request for financial help for the birth, namely, that we had missed an opportunity to oppose our catholic upbring by not having an abortion.

    A student on salary with family later suggested we go to County Health Services. Fortunately I had excellent care.

    BTW our child is an absolute delight, a gift beyond measure.


  33. Invasion of Privacy, Connivance, Enticement of a Parent, Discrimination, Undue Influence, Undue Influence, Child Endangerment, ‘Negligent Eloignment’

    I never understood the few, lovely, women I met who had left their children in the care of others at the behest of the FOF leaders. Please note that the directives may have come from Robert after Center Directors told him of situations that might threaten the student’s devotion and or payments. (Darn those silly outside influences.)

    16/284/A Former female student from long ago

  34. Recklessness, Prenatal Tort

    I knew of a visit from Fran, an older women, who was sent to escort a happily married women to a hospital for a late term abortion of healthy twins. Why was this married student in a happy relationship guided to go to the hospital to abort two healthy fetuses? Robert loved the beautiful, handsome husband and it was during the mid/late 70s when the School could not afford to have students be distracted by the emotional or expensive aspects of children.

    This potential mother and father were in in pain but followed Robert’s directives – it was not a pretty situation. Years later Robert got his guy back and the wife was left to earn money outside of Renaissance while her husband was on salary.

    16/284/A Former female student from long ago

  35. Invasion of Privacy, Intensional Infliction of Emotional Distress,
    Tortious interference with contractual relations *a

    The “exercise” of terminating friendships with those who left the school – is one of the most cruel and heartless expressions of Robert. It’s based on selfishness, fear and jealousy. I have a feeling this man has never experienced true friendship or love, regardless what he says.
    Otherwise, how he could order lovers to separate, children to be given away, friendships to be cut off, pets to be killed?



    *a Virginia Jenkins was asked to leave her own home and property as part of a punishment/price laid out by Robert Burton; she came back after two weeks unable to survive away from her home, resulting in here having to dissolve all the renters (FoF students not allowed to be around her since she was on 6 month leave) who at the time were living on and about in caravans stationed on her property. She is also one of the few who defied Robert Burton in the early years and kept her child, Eli.

  36. Negligent Misrepresentation, Fraud, Misdescription, False news, Falsifying a Record, Desecration

    Quotations are frequently altered, or taken wildly out of context by the panel. For example, one quotation from Ibn Arabi: “If you do not see Him, he certainly sees You”. The ‘Him’ here is Allah, with the rough meaning that God/Presence is always available, two millimetres underneath the ’skin’ of Life. When the quote was used (frequently) by RB at meetings/events, however, ‘Him’ was mysteriously translated as the King of Clubs, with the idea ‘Be fearful, KC is always watching and waiting to pounce’. The difference in Life-attitude this change represents shouldn’t require any further comment!

    16/297/Crouching Tiger

  37. Wrongful Discharge

    Consider this: those who disappeared in the past did so quietly and quickly, we never knew the exact reasons or details, so they went into the “silent” cubbyhole. Those who were louder, were “negative”, so we could put them in the “negative” cubbyhole. Now, the silence is broken, but the straw that will break this camel’s back is UNDERSTANDING.

    16/299/Bass Ackwards

    Recently 8+ students of the Fellowship of Friends were asked to leave ‘the church’ based on the fact that they had attended lectures by another spiritual teacher in the Bay Area other than Robert Burton; they were forced to make a choice and choose ‘a teacher’, not to do both… There is nothing in the church canons to justify this, nor any mention of this ‘rule’ upon joining…

    Many rules are quietly ‘made up’ as Robert Burton ‘changes his mind’, oftentimes the student is not given the benefit of the doubt that this ‘new rule’ came about through their ‘first offense of it’s sort’ and unwarranted expulsion as a result and is used to set an example for the rest.

  38. Discrimination and Favoritism, Sexual Predator

    How can you live with the fact that young men are recruited for Robert, by sending pictures and asking for the size? How does your conscience see this? You can not compare this with courting, with young adults R spins a web for his “younger, non homosexual men”. That is very unequal, out of wack. Not an example for a new civilization to my understanding.

    16/304/Another name

  39. Misappropriation of funds, Fraud, Corruption in Office, Wanton Misconduct, False Pretenses, Discrimination

    How can you explain the disappearing of funds and sick people like J e-s-a, who can not afford medical treatment?

    How do you live with the fact that Robert uses money from inheritances for different purposes then the original plan of the deceased student?

    The way he lets students go especially the one who are not rich and do not have a lot of importance in art or the financial world is very cold and painful.

    I encountered many students who were alcohol addicted and the pain they have/had. How do you live with this info?

    16/304/Another name

  40. Intentional & Negligent Infliction of emotional distress

    Nearly 15 years after I left the Fellowship of Friends, I discovered I was very angry about what had happened to me there. In the intervening years, I had actively tried not to acknowledge it, mostly out of fear of some sort of divine retribution, I guess. After many years of chronic illnesses and chronic pain, things kind of came to a head, as they say. I acknowledged to myself that I was angry. It was quite shocking, actually how angry I was. I surprised myself.

    I recommend: 1) a good therapist and 2) screaming into a pillow (to avoid upsetting the neighbors/family).


  41. Intentional infliction of Emotional distress, Misappropriation of Funds, Negligent Hiring, Discrimination, Favoritism, Breach of Duty, Fraud

    He uses the donations from the members (most of whom think the money is going to be spent for the common good) to buy outrageously expensive trinkets and clothes for his boy whores. Furthermore, most of those boys only give in to his advances because he says he is their conscious teacher, goddess, etc.

    16/311/David B

  42. Connivance

    Forget morality, subjectivity, and all that. That’s just your way of justifying Robert’s behavior. What about just plain common sense? If a survey was conducted in the general public regarding the propriety of Robert’s behavior, how many do you think would approve? I doubt if a single person would. Why do you think that is?

    16/311/David B writing to a current member of the FoF

  43. Fraud, Misrepresentation, Falsifying a Record, False Pretenses, Desecration, Connivance, CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD, CONSPIRACY TO INFRINGE

    And here is an example of visual distortion: an altered Tarot cards manufactured to fit the ‘keying’. A student was actually hired to redraw the original cards.
    (I’ve included an original card with various animals and fake ones with sheep and goats)

    And here’s the description to confirm the lie (note that Robert doesn’t admit the card forgery in his ‘keying’):

    16/320/Purchasing Awakening

    All of those involved in the Fellowship of Friends ‘keying octave’; check your hearts, check your conscience; you may be considered players in a Conspiracy to Defraud.

  44. Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress,
    Invasion of Privacy, Undue Influence, Outrageous conduct, Unprofessional Conduct, Wrongful act.

    There are few stories from wives of RB boys for good reason – the shame involved is incredible. But, believe me, we are around in numbers. The shame is two fold, one at being a wife or serious girlfriend who’s beloved man is having regular sex with someone else. But the shame I most want to talk about is living with, witnessing, the man’s shame. My husband was with RB a long time ago and he is NOT homosexual and the sex was coerced (he was an ‘idiot’ type). He was shamed into it by not being a ‘high’ being as RB. After being shamed into the sex, it was incredibly shameful for him to have enjoyable physical sensations. It haunted him for years and impacted his manhood – his perception of his manhood. This is VERY IMPORTANT for a man, it goes to the very CORE OF HIS ESSENCE and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with feminine dominance or morality. RB shit on these men a festering scum cloud deep into their core. It takes extreme measures to heal from that and clean it out. I feel very sorry for you and very sorry for a woman who loves you – your cloud is still festering.

    16/331/That Girl

  45. Sexual predator, Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    As a parent, I can empathize with other parents, that if I would not want my child to be subjected to the perverted acts of Robert Burton, then by God I would not want any other parent’s child to be exploited by him either. Out of respect for my Mother, so she passes over to the next world in peace, I will never divulge to her what I experienced under Robert Burton’s sick tutelage.


  46. Connivance, Collusion to Defraud, Joint Negligence, Negligent infliction of emotional distress

    It makes the inner circle who has put layer over layer on top of it so much more responsible for our having payed endlessly for nothing and supported all the other abuses.

    The degree to which their hands are filled with mud is shocking and so many things make so much more sense about the extent of their coldness. Cold and sick, my Girard, the lindas and Karens and even all those beautiful people like Dambecks and Gideons and the whole lot of us who ever participated in it going against ourselves because everybody else was doing it. But it wasn’t everybody else so much. It was the few in the inner circle who sold their soul and bent to make it look real. The few who’ve taken too much of what they wanted and can’t let go of it, to their own misfortune. Like monkeys that can’t let go of the coconut: Trapped in their own greed. Maybe not the money, but the power, the prestige……but what prestige when Robert stripped it from you against your own power so that he could justify being the only recipient of it and you accepted it in your guilt.


  47. Fraud, Discrimination

    And his actions? They SCREAM of lack of love and compassion, they show coldness, selfishness or just indifference! Oh, I saw it, I have experienced it, not once and not twice. Many people have verified his true “love”, so many stories, too many…
    His “love” is purely conditional and it depends on his personal interest in you. If you’re useful to him in some way – here comes “love”(or clever manipulation). Not useful anymore – you’re dumped and don’t exist for him. If you cross him or object him, or (God forbid) compete with him for his boys – he hurts you so cruelly, without any human compassion…
    Really, he simply DOESN’T CARE for any person but himself. Can’t you see this? When he hurts someone you know – what do you say to yourself? That it doesn’t matter? That this student was a jerk anyway? Or do you just close your eyes and repeat: “Teacher loves me now and forever”…

    Where is his unconditional love to me now, after I spent over 10 active years in his school and paid him over 50K? My friends who spent over 20 years and gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars were cut off and forgotten, without good bye and thank you, and wouldn’t even be acknowledged as human beings by your loving teacher…
    “I love you now and forever” – yeah, right.


  48. Green-card Fraud, Religious-Visa-Fraud, Non-Profit Organization status Fraud, Fraud, Misrepresentation

    There is no INS it is now part of Homeland Security and they might be very interested in Roberts importing male prostitutes using green cards as Church ministers.

    What is important to think of is that we, those who have been participating on the blog did not not of many other parts of the play of crime until exposed to the information here. There are statutes specifically designed to combat interstate criminal conspiracies. Claiming to be a church for tax reasons then marketing the Fellowship as a 4th way school is fraud. Not giving members a copy of the Canons is fraud.The Fellowship just changed their own web site due to pressure from those who consistently challenged their wikepedia article to reflect their legal status as a church.

    16/354/A former student

  49. Negligent and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Invasion of Privacy, Defamation

    Anyone remember a hair dresser amongst other things, Richard F. A sweet good looking gay guy who died of aids, contracted after having taken a walk on the wild side outside of the pseudo school. What a strange contradictory situation he must have found himself in, living in O house, in a sea of sex energy and being schooled by a rabid queen who was having sex with the frequency of a machine gun, as if the world was going to end tomorrow. Yet himself having to work with the no sex outside of marriage and especially no homosexuality exercise. Plus no gay marriage!
    What the hell was he supposed to do? turn straight?


  50. Sexual predator

    Richard WAS one of the few gay students who RB did exploit sexually. It happened in the boy cottage while I was there, I remember being surprised by it, but if I remember correctly it was before he was diagnosed.


  51. Sexual Predator

    It’s not that he didn’t like gay guys (Richard was very pretty, too much for RB to resist, and I don’t think it was often, and I don’t know exactly what occurred behind the closed doors, but I do remember Richard’s face when he walked out), but I think,for him, the power thing in relation to debauching straight guys was just another ego boost to his already sick psychopathology. Any gay can fuck a gay, but ALL STRAIGHT BOYS??? what a conquest.


  52. Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy, Sexual Predator

    I remember a few years ago one Russian woman was crying (she left FOF) because she was raising a baby while her husband was sleeping with Robert and “to smooth things over” RB gave her a gift – a Russian scarf… Plus demanded to wear it every time she was going out where he could see her. That was pure sadism!


  53. Wrongful Discharge, Fraud, Sham, Discrimination

    OF COURSE Robert was nice to you! Were you nice to him in the bedroom??? This is exactly my point – he is “nice” when you’re nice. This is not the “unconditional love” that he announces all the time in public! But have you ever tried to question him, critique him, confront him or tell him straight something unpleasant but true? No, I don’t mean little boy’s prank that he didn’t punish you for. I mean – have you ever refused him your sexual services? Have you? Or have you ever stood up for somebody else that was hurt by his cruel actions? Have you? I know personally people who have been thrown away by him like garbage when they tried to stand up for themselves…
    So your verifications are based on your own good and careful behavior. You “verified” what was safe for you to verify, what you wanted to verify to justify things for yourself. And you didn’t look where it was not pretty and didn’t ask uncomfortable questions – so not to ruin your positive verifications.


  54. Sexual Predator, Invasion of Privacy

    How do you know?
    My first husband said “yes” to Robert.
    My second husband said “no” and I can tell you that sometimes you get tired to play to hide and seek for years with your teacher. That is not the game we were supposed to come for.

    16/411/ For the best_1

  55. FRAUD

    “And, guess what, he gets a huge salary for himself, and legal my friend.”
    And guess what, he also has arranged for many of his closest devotees to get a huge salary on the books then cash their fake paychecks and give money to Robert to spend. In return for this service FOF pays their personal taxes. And this is very illegal my friend.
    “And the money he raises at teaching event in my view is his money as far as I am concerned”, –
    Firstly it is questionable if the church leader is allowed to earn personal income in such way. Secondly do you think he pays taxes on this? We are talking millions in personal income, my friend.

    “but the fact is most of the donation money goes torward the infrastucture of FOF.” – Oh yes? How do you know that my friend? Do you have any idea how much Robert spends on himself and his harem?
    I bet you that vast majority of the money goes to his personal spending.
    The whole FOF thing is one big financial and tax fraud, my friend. It is a cleverly arranged business designed to build one twisted man’s dream with illegal cheap labor and illegal tax free income.

    IRS will have a field day when they get to investigate it in detail and they will.

    16/416/Purchasing Awakening

  56. Sexual Predator

    I was first herded into Robert Burton’s bedroom in the middle of the night after an exhausting 12 hour workday in the hot sun when my king of clubs and will was weakest-under the pretense of doing some ‘cuddling’. I understand only now, years later how numb and dis empowered I was from the layers of paralyzing psychological double binds systematically instilled in me by Robert Burton and the ‘form’ of the ’school’. When I lay down next to him, he put his leg across my groin area in direct contact with my penis.



    I repeat. The way is clear: we must fly from evil behavior. What will motivate us to take action to stop him? Horror? Tragedy? Will some poor soul need to choke to death on Robert Burton’s Viagra-enhanced penis before we take action? Will it be a STD inadvertently passed on to someone’s child from the ‘inner circle’? I willingly choose anger. Individuals standing up alone will not make a difference! Donald McD, Thomas E., Samuel S., Troy B., Miles B….. Only collectively will we make a difference.


  58. Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Sexual Predator

    At the height of Robert’s abuse of me he persuaded me (at Clare Bradford’s house in 1973) to give him a blow job as a necessary step to achieve awakening. During that time he praised me daily for my talents and my great desire to awaken. But all such praise stopped once I refused to enter a bed with him. I thought then that Robert’s love was only as great as my usefulness to him but I ignored the thought.

    It has taken great effort and many years for me to heal myself; to establish the proof within that a man’s worth to himself is greater that his usefulness to others. I don’t know if the Fellowship can heal itself of the same ills, but I do know it needs to. Someday members must face the truth about Robert. He is not all good and wise. Four to five hundred male students have been abused by Robert over the past twenty years. All have been led to believe that they would profit spiritually by succumbing to Robert’s advances. I have verified for myself that self remembering does not hinge on submitting one’s body to the desires of the teacher. I therefore cannot support attitudes and behavior in the Fellowship which justify such acts.

    16/423/Ames Gilbert


    It is the aggrandizing of his faults along with his virtues that I object to. Idealistic and troubled young people are quite suggestible and very vulnerable. Robert has taken undue advantage of the young much too frequently while we older students just sat by and watched.

    16/423/Ames Gilbert

  60. Wrongful Discharge, Fraud

    So—in response to all this I stepped out in the open, stated in no uncertain terms what my point of view is and asked for an apology. Robert, with his customary response of calling such actions instinctive, promptly called and asked me to leave the school. And of course he offered me no apology. He did admit, years ago, to molesting me but now as it was then, he felt it was his right to do so.

    16/423/Ames Gilbert

  61. Wrongful Discharge, Fraud, Connivance

    I remember when he left. He (Thomas Easley) was spoken about in hushed whispers, with plenty of “C–influence has taken away his understanding” and “Those whom the gods wish to destroy…”, and “Food for the moon” angles.

    16/424/Ames Gilbert

  62. Misrepresentation, Desecration

    One of RB’s sarcastic little jokes over the years was calling an “active force” an “active farce. In other words, be silent my beloved students. Be passive. Be compliant. Be submissive.


  63. Favortism

    One rumor that is doing the rounds is that the property is now in AG’s name. It seems unlikely, but Graeagle (Robert’s old Sierra Nevada apartment) and the Palm Springs apartment are/were in the name of Abe G.

    16/428/Critical Mass

  64. Fraud, Misrepresentation, Defamation

    “It’s the least you can do for your teacher”.

    “Higher Forces wishes you to have this turmoil”

    “I’m a princess in a man’s body”. (of course this one didn’t carry much weight)

    “I’m insatiable. I share this with many of my students” (during the time I was avoiding him).

    16/430/Bruce (Quotes from Robert Burton)

  65. Sexual Predator, Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    (Concerning Robert Burton’s method of sexual approach.)

    And even then he doesn’t give up!
    No, now he changes tack…and the veiled threats begin,
    about how he has gone out on a limb for you
    “we all know which limb”, how if you’re not able to help and support him then he wont be able to reciprocate.
    God dammit he tries a huge arsenal barrage after barrage trying from every possible angle with all his knowledge of mechanics, he tries to appeal to your vanity your tramp your wish to awaken and if you stay resolute,
    he can hardly contain his disgust with you.
    Then you can feel like a piece of shit that has somehow materialized in front of him. Then you feel the coldness the iciness. There is an old saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well one could re write it to …hell hath no fury like a queen in a large male body who is refused sex.


  66. Sexual Predator, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

    (Concerning the story of Brian Sisler)

    I (Ames) went to nursing school, and caught TB from a patient. I couldn’t work as a nurse, we got into financial trouble, and moved to Sacramento. During our time there, we were told that Brian had been stabbed and was in hospital. The official story, given by the center director, was that he had been stabbed 44 times, that this was a signal from C-Influence, and that he had been ‘released’ from the Fellowship, and had returned to his family in the mid-west.

    I found out that the 44 stab wounds were mythological, invented by Burton. There had in fact been five.

    About six months ago, I heard the rumors that he was dead. I checked around, and they appeared to be true.

    This is what I can piece together, but I stress I have no first–hand information. I hear he went to the FoF gatehouse, and asked to see Burton. Burton refused to see him. He made his way down to Marysville, checked into a motel, and hanged himself.

    She describes their deep friendship and his emotional and physical pain as Burton brutalized him, how he lay groaning on the floor of the Blake Cottage for hours after a session with him. This went on for years. She had first–hand knowledge, her job was to clean the Blake Cottage around the comings and goings of Burton, —and to clean the soiled underwear. She recalls the perfuming of Burton and the air around to cover the sordid smells.

    My understanding is that Brian was a schizophrenic. The “higher being” that is Burton took ruthless advantage of his weaknesses and used him as his personal property, to do with as he wished. There was no compassion, no love, no understanding, Brian was just an object for his gratification. And when things became too uncomfortable, he was thrown away, like a soiled tissue, and with as much compunction. Compost. I channel my anger about this and other things that have happened as best as I can, right now mainly through the blog, and hopefully in a constructive way. There are many other stories yet to be told, by many, many people; they are slowly being revealed, and Burton will be shown, once and for all, for the horror that he is. That is my hope.


  67. Fraud, Enticement of a Parent, Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Supervision, Discrimination, Invasion of Privacy, Sexual Predator

    I loved James G. my first boyfriend in the fof, mid-70’s. We lived in a teepee up the hill with a red couch and carpets. James was a poet, a sweet gentle man who went head to head with Robert. I remember my confusion when I realized I was competing with my teacher for the affection of my boyfriend. Confusion, sadness, anger, uncomprehending shock. James left the group and I regret that I cannot access more clearly what happened. There is so much shame mixed in with the excitement of having found a “school of evolution”. I’m sure I did not talk about the shameful parts and just moved on with the “evolution” parts.

    Being a female “second class citizen”, I settled for “second-best” closeness to rb, by getting involved with Thomas E. There was a big triangular struggle going on there, too, but again, the shame shrouding the situation did not allow us to talk openly about it and I remember just being very confused. Thomas and I fought often about it and eventually moved farther and farther apart. I remember calling him from the pay phone in the Lodge while he was traveling with rb to tell him I was pregnant and him telling me to just take care of it. I knew it wasn’t wanted, by him, by me, by Robert, so was shortly thereafter driven to Yuba City by Fran for an abortion. I know I’m leaving out the next chapter, but one step at a time.

    I had permission to play the piano in the Goethe Academy during lunch when no one was there. It was one of the happiest hours of my days. When Robert would come smilingly back after lunch in the company of those from his entourage, his face would fall upon seeing me, and although it is not exactly the reptilian conversion Cyclops referred to in his powerful post above, that look of revulsion, disappointment, annoyance was one that I and many other women were on the receiving end on many occasions.

    One other memory from my days of a woman in the company of men around the Blake Cottage/Goethe Academy was sadly watching while RB walked around and around the outside perimeter of the lawn trying to convince one of his wonderful young men that he and his lovely girlfriend/or wife, can’t remember the timing, must not have a child, and that in fact they must have an abortion. I had an opportunity to see this sad childless couple years later (when I was “out” and they still “in” thus we didn’t converse) and my heart has always gone out to them.

    My tears are for you, Whalerider, Cyclops, THAT GIRL, Joseph G., Richard M, Elena, and many others who lost faith in themselves, were deceived, coerced, had abortions, gave their children away, shared their husbands with another, for all the suffering you experienced. They are for me, for the teenager I once was, for the world I’m leaving to my children. May tears of joy fall once again on us all.

    16/447/If Memory Serves

  68. Fraud, Discrimination

    Dear Susan.
    The moment of him seeing a woman in the academy that I was most shocked by, was when one day Mildred who normally came by and set out amazing floral arrangements was replaced by a younger perhaps more attractive young lady. His comment and the shocking vehemence out of proportion to the event is what I remember to this day it was ” who let that woman in here.”
    Try to envision Clint Eastwood as dirty harry on amphetamine saying it and you will be closer to the energy of the situation. The poor girl was completely stunned.
    Its shocking how we could let stuff like this just run of our feathers.


  69. Fraud

    I just talked with a friend who came after “his night on duty” from Robert. I heard in his voice zero complaints and a lot of endurance, embracing of suffering. He said: “How else you are going to awaken? This pain is necessary for transformation and awakening. What else did you expect from an esoteric school?”

    Later he added that he understands prostitutes, that they are the closest people to the God on Earth…

    The pain factory which makes me so angry is a preferred influence for him. What could I say? I don’t know…


  70. Fraud, Misrepresentation, Favortism

    I thought it was real interesting the way your friend tried to justify his sexual submission to RB. You quote him as saying, “How else you are going to awaken? This pain is necessary for transformation and awakening. What else did you expect from an esoteric school?”

    By that line of reasoning everybody in the FOF should be forced to have sex with Robert because they need all that pain so that they can transform it and awaken. What about all the unfortunate ones (most of the school) who don’t get this special “opportunity to transform suffering”? Isn’t Robert neglecting them? What a load of crap!

    16/468/David B

  71. Green-card-Fraud, Connivance (on part of the parents)

    Crouching Tiger, thank you for your information. So it seems true that Asaf’s present marriage is indeed a sham designed to get a Green Card. I wonder how the current fiancée (who used to be really good friends with my daughter) and her parents ‘buffer’ that.

    16/483/Ames Gilbert

  72. Fraud

    Yesterday I could not help my fellow RB’s boy to see what is wrong with his thinking. He was so deep in that world of suffering, “service”, using the pain etc., that it almost made me worried that I do not suffer. He was so convinced that if he will escape this painful “service” – he will fall asleep, fall in chaos, lose an amazing opportunity to be close to such an evil and powerful guy.


  73. Fraud, Misrepresentation

    If prospective students were told that they are about to join Robert’s school (and not the 4th way school), who is a very powerful person and a perverted gay with love to luxury; that they are going to pay not 10% of their income but much more, they will have to spend a fortune on teaching payments, events, auctions, gifts, to support his lavish appetites; that if they are young handsome looking men they will be asked to serve Robert’s sexual needs regardless of their relationships, that they will be demanded to give up their will for the will of Robert and give up their common sense and morality, their careers, families, children, love and more. Then people still will join, but at least they will know what they are signing up for!


  74. Fraud, Misrepresentation, Misdescription

    But the distinct preference for the epigram rather than the long quotation or story, ’soundbites’ if you like… the juggling or omission of contexts, the ’short thinking’ and straightforward reversals of meaning – irritating at first – became difficult obstacles to surmount. The negative reason that kept me going was Vanity – vanity at hearing one’s research being used by RB as a central quote at an event. But the veneer wears thin with misuse.

    16/494/Crouching Tiger

  75. Conspiracy to Defraud, Favoritism, Fraud, Discrimination

    I did not hate him for that and worked with it but as I look back what I realize is that the management of individuality in the fellowship works. In as much as each student is required to work only on himself, respond for himself, we all develop a certain strength in our self trust that is then completely mined by the fact that at the same time, no individual is given any authentic, lawful, participation in what happens in the fellowship.

    Yes, there is Girard and Steven and Grant and Linda and all the rest who have a bite in the pie but it is only a bite of a nothingness, only a bite in as much as they can be used. Not a bite for their own worth or sake.

    It is an amazingly clever mechanism because while it powerfully strengthens the sense of “I managed to make something of myself, put myself in good householder, control my emotions to a certain extent”, it at the same time takes away anything one can do with the strength, beauty or understanding that one has amassed by taking away the possibility of fully participating in the community, school or society that one belongs to.


  76. Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Supervision, Discrimination (and later Defamation)

    In relation to Brian Sisler’s story it would not surprise me in the least that Robert denied to see him and Nick is lying, so would any one of them protecting Robert.

    In a similar desperate situation I called Robert twice from Colombia and wrote him a letter.

    One of his assistants at the time called me back and told me Robert sent the message not to talk to him again for two years.


  77. Fraud, Sexual Predator

    (In relation to having a sexual role to ‘the teacher’ Robert Burton.)

    Here’s my take. Your friend has truly been “brainwashed”. First, he is has accepted Burton’s subtle but far–reaching reinterpretation of the “Principle of Payment”. Secondly he has overlaid a layer of lunacy over his misunderstanding, by extrapolating payment to the infinite horizon. He imagines that consciousness is priceless in the material sense; this is spiritual materialism. Thirdly, he has been persuaded to abandon his “common sense”, given to protect him against exactly this kind of harm.


  78. Sexual Predator

    To young or even youngish men preparing to visit I’s I’s.
    If you upon arriving are met by a group of young men, half of whom appear to be quite effeminite, be advised that your reactions to homosexuality are being probed.
    Once you get to the property…..
    If you are invited to stay behind after any function to meet “the Teacher” Be forewarned that it will more than likely end with him trying to get hold of your meat.
    If you are invited to an intimate dinner, or any small gathering for that matter be advised that the same as above is likely.
    If you are asked if you would like to do security work at night in the galleria….yep same eventuality.
    If you are asked if you would like to take a tour anywhere even to a local restaurant, with “the Teacher” never mind abroad, then again be advised that you will be expected to pay in kind and if you refuse you will be shuttled back immediately and replaced.
    After arriving back you might find yourself being demoted to working with some “octave” that you are less fond of.
    If you find yourself in discussion with any “students” who have been there for a much longer time and it seems that they are trying to find out how you would react if you were to be propositioned by “the teacher” they probably are and you have probably been discussed much more than this before arriving.

    Unless you actually wish to have sex with him then it is best to not get into any situation where you will be alone together.
    It is best to politely refuse and to keep doing this every time, that way you can enjoy the company of your friends without the risk of compromising your own standards or being forced into a situation where you have to leave.


  79. Fraud

    Robert has failed on both counts. He has failed. It’s that simple. He has lied about every silly historical connection to support the magnitude of the sequence as an esoteric tool, and he has barely made an effort to actually teach his students how this tool really leads them to raised levels of consciousness. Moreover, and much much worse as has been dramatically demonstrated on this blog, even / especially during the past few days, he has knowingly caused severe psychological damage to many of his students over many many years, and has absolutely no compunction about continuing along this cruel path.

    16/511/Joseph G


    I remember the mixed emotional messages I always got from Molly M., Frank A. and many more of the more upstanding and self contained citizens of the fof from that era who ALL KNEW FULL WELL WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH ROBERT! ‘Mature’, ‘responsible’ center directors/traveling teachers types WHO WERE SELF CONTROLLED ENOUGH TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT IT. They appeared to be your garden variety upper/middle, middle class people , the perfect poster children who looked like they would be OUTRAGED if indeed they knew such information about our leader! In retrospect it was a little club within the club. I wish more of them would speak on the blog.

    When I married Thomas in 1981 I had no idea he had lived this nightmare. Non of my ‘girlfriends’ enlightened me and he never spoke about it. I saw only a hard working super energetic young man.

    So, blogging on it all now I am more and more amazed at the silence. I already wrote about how I Linda T. enlightened me about RB in ‘82.

    16/515/Shelley M

  81. Fraud, Discrimination

    Robert sent a message asking me to apply for a religious visa and to move to Isis, because he predicted that the apocalyptic event of 2006 would actually occur at some point later that month. When called by a friend at Isis about an application I explained that it would be impossible for me to move so quickly. I had a child and no means to do so.

    I sent Robert a note thanking him for his attention and received back the message from him that my King of Clubs and Lower Self were holding me back… and I cared too much about my child and my apartment in Amsterdam. Robert’s diagnosis was not particularly shocking or mortifying to me. I considered what he said and tried to find the truth in it. Yes for sure I was in my Lower Self most of the time, and yes I didn’t hold my work in great esteem, but on the other hand I didn’t feel especially pre-occupied with lower things; I was immersed in the three lines of work and had never given any energy to the acquisition of material property.

    At that moment I couldn’t in all honesty find a way to agree with his diagnosis; if I was going to be struck by the magnitude of his insights that would happen later. In the meantime I trusted that he would forgive any temporary lapse on my part.

    During one such conversation a student MJ (who incidentally is very reserved and disarmingly beautiful) told us about a photograph that Robert had given her. She used to wash dishes in the Academy kitchen as often as possible so as to be closer to the heart of things. Her husband (who incidentally was an overtly sensual and extrovert type) saw her struggling through the task and massaged her shoulders in passing. Robert happened to walk through the kitchen, and a few moments later sent back a message to her stating that she was extremely lustful and that he did not want her to work in the Academy anymore.

    Her story was well stunning. We sat there silenced for a moment; we did not allow ourselves to say his photograph was untrue, because we wanted him so much to be meaningful, yet we knew his diagnosis to be impossible, and his treatment of her so unfair.

    I asked myself “Does Robert really know her? Does he really know me?” Quite suddenly a quiet space inside me had opened up in which it was possible to admit that Robert could not see things as they really were; that he could be wrong.

    Cycling home one day MJ called saying that Charles and Angela Taylor had been asked to leave. Charles was a good friend, we had both joined in London, we had directed the centre in Hungary together. When I made my annual pilgrimage to Isis I would always seek him out, we would wrestle with the ideas and try to come to terms with aspects of Robert’s teachings which seemed obscure. He really wanted to understand, and his mental precision, his integrity, individuality and commitment had always been inspiring.

    I called him immediately. He told me he had been called on Robert’s behalf because he had been attending meetings led by an Advaita teacher named Adyashanti who according to Robert was a “B influence virus” and Charles was asked to either stop seeing him or leave. Charles answered that he did not want to stop and was expelled.

    I knew a fair amount about the ‘behind the scenes Robert’ because I had been in relationships with people in his entourage. Apparently in the 80’s and nineties he had been frequently depressed and negative, his energy was often very heavy. His state had dramatically changed when ‘the Russians’ joined his entourage; he had become electrified and invigorated and emerged from seclusion to begin teaching and travelling on a tremendous scale.

    At the same time more and more items were arriving from my past and placing themselves in the foreground. First hand reports of his anger and his jealousy, his irrational rages, and punishments and banishments, orgies with young men who did not want them… Birthday treats of 60 men… and so on; they all arrived and settled in full view. The first time I heard these things I had not flinched; I had simply admitted that I did not understand them and re-focussed on ‘my own’ Work so as not to be pulled down by possible unpleasantness. But this time I did not change the subject…

    It wasn’t that I was reveling in indignation or anything, in fact at the time, there was only one emerging memory that really hurt. It was the fact that Robert had said that he did not enjoy the meetings and the teaching events, and that he only did them so that he could be with the boys…

    I saw people talking about their verifications and knew that they, as I had, were actually talking about their beliefs. I saw students quoting poetry from Conscious Beings instead of expressing their own beings, I heard them using work language to fortify frailties and inconsistencies in their own limited understanding, but I couldn’t say anything. I saw them using classifications such as Body Types and Centre of Gravity to avoid experiencing more fully the wholeness that was before them. I saw all these things in myself of course too, but bit by bit these tendencies were dropping away in me, not because of any new found virtuousness or strength, but because I didn’t want them anymore. I had seen my lies and it was repulsive to reproduce them.

    In January a friend in the Council called on behalf of Asaf. He had heard rumours about TH and wanted to make sure that there was no danger of the Fellowship being sued. I reassured him, but was struck by the implicit assumption that I would not find this question tasteless and cold. For Theo’s parents his apparent madness was a tragedy akin to death: their beloved son who had been musical, bright, self-disciplined, energetic and with a wealth of potentials ahead of him had been reduced to a silent almost vegetable existence.

    In February I received two messages from Robert. In the first he said that it was my King of Clubs and my Lower Self that were resisting the Sequence (this was a similar message to the one he had sent when he heard that it was painful for me that he was having sex with my husband). In the second message he sent me his love.

    Is Robert interested in me? I asked myself, or is he simply attempting to align me, with the minimum possible personal involvement.

    A farewell
    Just before the end of the month I stopped all payments to the Fellowship. I could not bear to pay Robert another penny.

    I did not feel anger towards him; I did not know who he was really. It was as if he had been some type of mirage. My teacher had been a dream, the sum the sum of my projections, my hopes and hopefulness.

    I knew that he was not awake, but could not imagine him to be particularly malevolent: deluded seemed to be a better word, and hadn’t we all supported him in his delusion?

    On May 28th I finally read the Sheik’s first report on the Fellowship. On May 29th I left.


  82. End of Postings from Part 16

    If anyone would like to take a Part; please let me know or
    just go for it… If I see postings from Part 15 or any other, I will assume you’ve taken it upon yourself to do similarly what I have done here… You can copy, paste and Google the terms (headings) if need be…

    Love to you all.

  83. False Impersonation, False Pretenses, Wanton Misconduct

    AG is the FOF lawyer. That’s it. You can make of it what you want, including an epic, if that’s your thing.

    Otherwise, as long as he is in that position, there is no reason for his invitation to GF. Business is business. It’s conflict of interest. Period.

    He himself said, you are right to ban me.

    The exact quote from the correspondence” with William was:

    “I asked Abraham if he could say something that would help people be less afraid of him. He did not say something like “I am here ONLY for personal reasons” or “Don’t worry, I have only good intentions for the group”. His honest answer was that it was wise to ban him.”

    27 & 28/15/Bruce

  84. Sexual Harassment, Hostile-environment sexual harassment, Quid pro quo sexual Harassment, Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses and Misdescription

    In the name of Religion ~ Church leader’s sexual trysts cause membership defections / The San Diego Union-Tribune/March, 1995 / By Gordon Smith – Staff Writer


    Psychological trauma
    Philosophy supports sex drive
    Taken advantage of
    Members nervous around leader
    Departures create financial bind

    OREGON HOUSE, Yuba County- Five months after he had a sexual encounter with Robert Burton, the founder and leader of the Fellowship of Friends, Richard Laurel wrote an open letter to his fellow members in the group.

    The letter explained that Burton had asked Laurel to become a night guard at his chateaulike home at the Fellowship’s headquarters, called Apollo, here in the tiny foothill community of Oregon House. Among the duties of the guards, Laurel said, was to give Burton massages.

    Like most members of the Fellowship, Laurel went on to say, he considered Burton to be practically a god, and someone whom he “could fully trust in every regard.”

    So it surprised and shocked him, Laurel said, when during a massage, Burton pulled down his (Laurel’s) pants and, without a word, performed oral sex on him.

    “I felt betrayed and used by the man who I thought was my spiritual father,” wrote Laurel, who prefers to be identified by the surname he used while in the Fellowship.

    It bothered him even more when he found out that many other members, including his teen-age son, had been pursued for sex by Burton for years, added Laurel, who is married.

    Laurel’s letter led to a wave of resignations and expulsions of longtime members of the group. The resulting loss of as much as $500,000 in annual dues may have in turn sparked a financial crisis, according to some former members.

    But a spokesman for Fellowship denied that it’s in financial trouble.

    And Abraham Goldman, Burton’s attorney, insisted that the sexual encounter between Burton and Laurel was consensual.

    “It was not the only time they had physical affection with each other,” Goldman added. “Mr. Laurel’s letter doesn’t tell the full story.”

    It did, however, lead some longtime members to question Burton s behavior-partly because Laurel’s complaint echoed charges made against Burton and the Fellowship in a lawsuit by former member Samuel Sanders in 1984.

    Sanders claimed he felt betrayed when he discovered that Burton made a habit of having sex with rank-and-file members, most of them heterosexual males and many of them married.

    38/15/Refresh your memory

  85. Sexual Harassment, Hostile-environment sexual harassment, Quid pro quo sexual Harassment, Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses and Misdescription

    Philosophy supports sex drive

    But he gradually came to believe that the philosophy was being used to support Burton’s personal desires for control and sex.

    “I was needy for spiritual guidance, and I guess if you’re needy, you re willing to take certain things for granted more than you would if you’re not quite as gullible,” said Van Gaal. He began resisting Burton’s advances after getting married in 1990, and left the Fellowship last October, he said.

    Attorney Goldman said Burton had a consensual sexual relationship with Van Gaal.

    “I can’t say how long it lasted or how often it occurred. But there were times when Mr. (Van Gaal) initiated the meetings.” Goldman said. He pointed out that laws vary from state to state regarding whether sex between a religious leader and a disciple-or a doctor and patient, for that matter-is illegal.

    “Mr. Burton has never abused his position of power or trust with a member, either involving a sexual relationship or any other aspect of his teaching,” Goldman added. A current Fellowship member who said he became one of Burton’s Lovers for a time while separated from his wife agreed.

    “Robert’s in a position of power being the founder of the Fellowship… but I don’t think he misuses that position”, said the man, who asked to remain anonymous. “I’ve refused Robert sex,” he said, “If someone feels pressure to give in it’s basically their imagination.

    “One thing that rules most of our lives is what people think of us,” he went on, “I feel I took a big step in the direction of being free from that” through having sex with Burton.

    However Carl Mautz, a former lawyer for the Fellowship who helped defend the group during Sander’s lawsuit, said Burton’s sexual relationships with members are “an obvious abuse of power.” Like many other former members of the group, Mautz said he wasn’t offended by Burton’s homosexuality, but by the inherently domineering aspects of a leader having sex with his followers.

    Taken advantage of

    Not all members of the Fellowship are approached for sex by Burton, Mautz noted. But Johan Van Gaal “was completely taken advantage of.”

    Goldman insisted Burton did not seduce Laurel or Van Gaal, “Sexual relations can arise from mutual attraction,” he said.

    However the member who is currently Burton’s lover spoke of originally turning Burton down “when he first approached me,” and added, “It is always up to the person he, Burton, is propositioning to say no.”

    The Fellowship is no exception.

    Members are taught that Burton is a higher being with understanding they do not have, said Mautz. “People in the Fellowship who aren’t close to Robert act around him the way your ordinary 14-year-old would act around Michael Jordan,” Mautz said.

    Members nervous around leader

    “They’re nervous. They fumble for words. It’s a totally uneven playing field.” Joel Friedlander, a former spokesman and board member for the Fellowship who resigned last year, agreed.

    “One of the teachings of the Fellowship is that doubts come from the false part of yourself. That’s an effective control mechanism,” he said. Cynthia Hill, the Fellowship’s director of public relations, insisted that while members strive not to express negative emotions, any topic can be discussed as long as it’s in “a neutral tone of voice.”

    And longtime member Colin Lambert said the Fellowship has a teacher-student relationship that is based on established spiritual tradition and is difficult for many Americans, schooled in democratic principles, to understand.

    “We do not believe that a teacher has to explain himself to his students,” Lambert said. “But you voluntarily enter this relationship, and take responsibility.”

    Such ideas support Burton’s continued leadership and lifestyle. But as Lambert acknowledged, only those who trust the teacher stay in the group. Those who don’t, leave.
    Charles Randall, the Fellowship’s former business manager, left last October in the wake of Laurel’s letter.
    After 21 years in the group, he said, he came to believe Burton was effectively manipulating the minds as well as the bodies of members through a self-serving philosophy.

    “I’m kind of humiliated by the whole thing,” said Randall.
    “I thought it was the one true way, but as it turns out, it was just a cult.” He’s among about 100 members who resigned or were expelled in the aftermath of Laurel’s letter, according to Mautz.

    Departures create financial bind

    The changes could put financial pressure on the group, Mautz said.“That’s a huge amount of money” to lose in the form of annual dues, he explained (most members give 10 percent of their income to the group).

    In fact, the Fellowship is in default on most of its 1994 property taxes, and owes more than $415,000 in ‘94-’95 taxes, penalties and interest. The 1,300 acres owned by the group are valued at nearly $21 million, said a spokesman for the Yuba County assessor’s office.

    Hill said the Fellowship will initiate a payment plan later this year to cover taxes in arrears. “This situation is not unusual for businesses,” she said. “As often occurs with young wineries in particular, cash-flow difficulties may arise as production and sales become equalized.”

    Others say that whatever the group’s finances, Burton’s predictions of a catastrophic earthquake followed by nuclear holocaust could lead to a crisis down the road.

    Friedlander said he doesn’t think the Fellowship’s doomsday scenario will lead that far. “But you can’t rule it out,” he said. “‘The Fellowship certainly has the idea of gathering the faithful for the coming holocaust, of creating a self-contained community, and believing that former members are out to get them.”

    Randall believes the Fellowship will almost certainly endure, as it did after the lawsuit by Samuel Sanders. Burton is unlikely to destroy the vehicle that enables him to indulge his whims, Randall said. And as doubters leave and loyalists stay. he pointed out, the group becomes more cohesive than ever.

    39/15/More refreshment needed?


    So, why aren’t we all jumping out? Well, many have built their lives around the fof. Until recently it was a very rich experience up here in the hills. Much of our lives here revolved around the arts, in one form or another, and for a musician, painter or actor to be able to actively pursue their passion, well, that is a little like the searchers I mentioned earlier finally finding a group. Those of us who aren’t ‘artists’ (not many of us are really that great, but there are many who are competent) had a lot to do going to all the concerts, watching the plays, building the amphitheater, building the vineyard, etc. All of this was done with the hopeful goal of ‘awakening’ — that it was possible to have a rich life yet still achieve a spiritual goal. There were lots of other reasons for all we did, mostly added on by an Armageddon type of prophecy from the leader. As many took it seriously as didn’t just so you don’t think we’re all loopy. :)

    Finally, a further reason why many hesitate to leave is because for a long time there has been a requirement of sorts (taken seriously by many) to not have contact with those who leave. This was not an invention of the fof — it was a requirement in Gurdjieff’s group. It had a purpose, and many (most?) of the current and former members now think it is no longer useful. This is yet another reason why the exodus is quite large now.


  87. FRAUD

    When I entered the fof I was in many ways a damaged person and running away from that. Damaged by….who knows…an incomplete essence….basic stupidity…some really bad crap from childhood…not being able to deal with it….attracting situations that reflected that bad crap which could help me. It helped me to come to a rejection of the horridness of the ‘leader’ …the ‘teacher’ and the thinking that was pervasive. For me, it was a way into first escaping, and then addressing some (some) of that bad crap.

    After I left the fof I was so ashamed of ever being associated with a group such as that. And, I moved to Oregon where the criminal group of Rashnish had been located who actually tried to poison neighbors at a salad bar. Gross. Horrible. In spades.

    That shame stayed with me for a year, then two then …..then…..then…. Now it has been 22 years since I left and the shame had become like background muzak and I never even noticed it – just didn’t “”””””share””””””” any of my life before moving here and being a ‘good person’. I was born just 17 and 1/2 years ago (hahahahahaha)

    I wanted SO MUCH to be a ‘normal person’ (meaning I wanted to **feel** normal and good inside) and I have spent so much energy and time with it. That meant denying my real deep interests in these ideas and most of all, these folks —-this community. When I got connected with the noble Sheik’s blog – about two months ago – things started to unloose in me and frozen parts started to thaw. And, funny thing, it has been the ‘normal people’ like you both and all the wonderful breathing folks in my life who have shown me deep compassion. It is partly thru your accepting words that that I am able to start to not be ashamed of my life and of ever being in the fof. Thank you so much!


  88. Sexual Harassment, Hostile-environment sexual harassment, Quid pro quo sexual Harassment, Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses, Misdescription, Connivance, Fraud, Blackmail

    I’m putting an excerpt from Zanymystic’s description of his life in the Fellowship of Friends, taken from his website. It is taken out of context; visit the link Tim Campion gave for the whole story, which I personally find rather remarkable.


    Life at “the Ranch” was a constant wonderland. One might go from pulling weeds to peeling carrots, to dressing in suit and tie to dine in the most magnificent room in California, the “Meissen Room”. Of course, that was over 27 years ago, and I suspect these descriptions are long outdated. Robert was truly “King” of this Empire, and everyone emulated his “self-effacing, humble walk”.

    Tall, broad shouldered, he carried himself as if he was but a lowly servant, slightly hunched down with a peasant’s shuffle. Of course, he wore silk suits and magnificent rings, not unlike Liberace, but a tad more elegant and “discreet” about his obvious penchant for the Divine Feminine. His Queen was safely tucked away inside, for private consumption only. With student donations pouring in, and “special donations” ranging from $400.00 and up, the man raked it in. By now, he must be a billionaire several times over.

    A day later, I was told “the Teacher wants to see you at the Lincoln Lodge”. Somewhat excited, yet apprehensive, I sat next to him in an overstuffed chair. He told me that my architect friend had asked if it was okay to have sex with another male and had spilled his guts. Bad idea. We were both given “the task” of not ever having sex with other males. Robert said, with a sweeping gesture in the air, “Can’t you see… there’s so much more…” and that was that. You didn’t argue with the Teacher. Period. Depressed, I felt that the school was be-coming “too restrictive”. Slowly, like a society that is being modified and controlled, it goes largely unnoticed – until it’s too late. I felt the school was turning into, or already was, a cult. I couldn’t see why being homosexual should limit my spiritual advancement. Not only that, I was one horny male, after years of celibacy. I told Randolph that I was going to leave. He hated to see me go, but understood completely. We embraced and said goodbye. It seemed “logical” to make my escape to San Francisco, a doomed failure and raging alcoholic.

    Dealing with leaving a school, believing one is basically doomed, is a dark shadow from which to emerge. Many other students either left at that time, or were asked to leave, especially if they “knew too much”.

    My good friends, Stella and Harold, who had opened a center in Amsterdam, were asked to leave, having disobeyed the “no smoking” rule. Several years later I got in touch with Stella, and the truth came out.

    Robert had been blackmailing the straight male students, and their underage boys, into having sex with him. They were told point blank if they didn’t comply, they’d be out of the school. This had been going on from the beginning. Robert’s “inner circle” had nothing to do with level of consciousness. It had to do with who could do his bidding and keep their mouths shut. Those were the ones who ended up in “special positions” either traveling with him, sitting next to him at enormous meetings, or taking on “executive duties”.

    One fellow was used as his “boy toy”, which left indelible scars. He worked through it to eventually become a well–known artist. Those at the top seemed a bunch of arrogant scoundrels. One of the men who sat in front was a Doctor, who I bumped into at the San Francisco baths one night. He cringed and left upon seeing me. I was delighted to have left the school on my own terms, having taken what I needed. “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” says Auntie Mame.

    Stella, in the meantime, began a support group assisting those who left or were asked to leave. Many folks were suicidal. I joined the group, and more sordid details of Robert’s sexual machinations were revealed, including a class action lawsuit that ended up settling “out of court”.


  89. Fraud, Discrimination, False pretenses, Fraudulent misrepresentation, Favortism

    Which could be one reason I languished in the outer circle. Of course, other reasons might be the Lower Self, the King of Clubs, lack of valuation, poor householder, believing the ‘I’s, negative attitude, lack of refinement, lack of effort, using the wrong triad, wrong thinking, lack of being, lack of understanding, and basically just wrong everything. Bad, wrong, negative, weak, and so on.


  90. Fraud, Wrongful Discharge, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Discrimination

    I never met “the teacher” but did see him on stage with Stella at a large meeting at a Masonic Hall in San Francisco. And, I believe to this day that it was the original students and their influence that created the school and “the teacher”. His stuff I have since found out (unverified) was a lie.

    I believe in the 4th Way reading material it states plainly that lying to “the teacher” is not good. Well, “the teacher” lying to the students is not good either.

    I got the boot from FOF by a double lie. I didn’t spend a quarter century in it, but I did spend a quarter century in a mental state of unrest because of being booted.

    When I first went “on-line” I searched for Gurdjieff and began finding “awful stuff” about FOF. I even went to the Stella Wirk site and saw a picture of her in her death bed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and reading.

    Then I found this blog in March or April and began reading with my mouth open. Jesus, did G. Haven do me a favor or not?


  91. Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation (FoF), Connivance (?)

    I am still a Fellowship member. Even though I am sick of the sequences and Robert’s criminal activity, of dysfunctional, delusional folks, alcoholics, “high society princesses” etc. – it is hard to leave now because:

    1. my friends are my family, and the only family (I left my real family for the school many years ago)

    2. I am a bankrupt ( due to practicing of “being in the moment” and going to the Robert’s events on my credit cards) and can not rent an apartment “in life” because they check your credit history.

    3. I abandoned my career to move to Isis “to build the School” and I can’t find a reasonable job in the area – I don’t want to work in Starbucks in Marysville. I don’t fit with Marysville people…

    4. I have a nostalgic feelings for Apollo d’Oro, when people could have a great time there – laugh, love and be in essence… plus

    5. I feel responsible for people I love and care for – how can I leave them in this situation…


  92. Connivance, ‘Joint Negligence’

    I´m learning how to be present more and more, and that is because I have a Teacher, that exist only for to help to wake up his students.

    many of you are confusing many Ideas,
    the work is simple, to try to be present one and another time, be carefull and don´t get lost with complicating and confusing to the people who is starting to learn.
    If you does not want to make this work, why you dont move to the next thing?
    Move to where you consider there is some oportunity to evolve “do something” instead to spend all your time in criticism, judge, expresing negative emotions,
    Look for a school that you think is the right, and start to work.

    352/15/Simple Truth

  93. Fraud, False Pretenses, Misdescription

    The single greatest force RB utilized whilst creating the fof was synchronicity. A force that, according to Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Alice Miller, Dr. M. Scott Peck and Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, increases proportionally in frequency and depth according to a person’s desire to risk exploring the truth about their life and the relationships/people who influenced their becoming who they are.


  94. Fraud, Tax Fraud, Collusion (Possible application to Hearsay)

    Rumored word has it from inside sources that several individuals close to Robert Burton get very high salaries (somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 – $50.000 a year, in monthly increments). This money is not kept by the individual, but is cashed, and the cash given to Robert Burton for his use.

    The taxes , on this amount ,are then paid for by the Fellowship of Friends on the individuals behalf (so they do not incur any added expenses for their increase in income).

    This is another method that re-directs money (made through teaching payments, or events) to Roberts pocket.
    Of course, Robert makes good use of it, by, in turn paying young men who perform for him.

    396/15/Howeird Carter

  95. Fraud, Desecration

    Founder: Robert Earl Burton
    History: Founded as a non-profit church in 1971 by a former elementary school teacher and S.J. State alum, FoF members believe their leader is “an angel in a man’s body,” whose spiritual authority is trumped only by Jesus Christ. Followers also believe that Burton has the ability to speak with up to 44 other angels, including Benjamin Franklin. Burton is renowned for his strange rules (no swimming, smoking or jokes are allowed – and homosexuality was banned until 1993, despite Burton’s allegedly renowned appetite for men) and even stranger predictions (though he was wrong about predicting a 1998 earthquake that would destroy California, he sticks by his claim that a nuclear holocaust will ruin the earth in ’06 and only FoF members will be spared). More than 600 FoF members live on their infamous Y. County vineyard known as Apollo, where they produce up to 40,000 cases of wine per year under the R.V.W vineyard and Emery labels. Their award-winning wine is so respected in the industry that it has been served to the P. of Wales, former president G.H.W.B, at one of R.R’s birthday parties, and the Ritz-Carlton in S.F. sells the RVW Cabernet 1996 for $10 a glass.
    Sex scandal: Though the church is more noted for tax evasion (they’re currently paying off more than $2 million in back taxes), the FoF was slapped with a $5 million lawsuit in 1996 by a former member who claimed he was brainwashed and sexually abused by Burton. The suit stated the church was a front for Burton’s “voracious appetite for perverted sexual pleasure and elegant lifestyle.” The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

    400/15/Newspaper Article

  96. Connivance, Collusion

    For along time I thought that those who chose to remain in the school were simply misguided, wasting time and in denial about being complicit in something verging on the criminal. It seems that it may be much worse than that. I have been struck by how closed, furtive and disturbed a number of the older members (the major zealots and enablers) seem when I have encountered them out in public. These people are indeed struggling against conscience and it occurred to me recently that they were in danger of losing all possibilities for spiritual growth and development. It was a chilling perception and I felt a moment of genuine concern. How ironic when that is the very fate the Fellowship claims to befall those who find their way out of the madness.


  97. Discrimination, Favoritism, Fraud

    The play was such that I ended up becoming involved with one of Robert’s boys. Only then did the Teacher take center stage in my personal theater, and I was appalled at what I saw. This coincidentally happened at the same time as the Troy scandal, so I was outta there pretty fast.


  98. Fraud, Tax Fraud, Collusion, Civil Wrong

    “Rumored word has it from inside sources that several individuals close to Robert Burton get very high salaries (somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 – $50.000 a year, in monthly increments). This money is not kept by the individual, but is cashed, and the cash given to Robert Burton for his use.”

    As I recall, this procedure has been happening for over 25 years to varying degrees of currency amount. Also, cash collected in European centers was often held until RB’s visits, so he would have spending money for his “ministerial duties”, such as buying mink fur-lined raincoats, gaudy trinkets, etc. I’m sure some of the former members who ran the financial & accounting part of FOF and were the center directors could elaborate further.

    I remember years ago, when the collection of Meissen dish ware was being “sold” to various centers, where students had to cover to the cost, a cheeky Irish student asked RB if he thought it odd that students were asked to pay for something they had already paid for. I believe the answer was a simple “no.”

    458/15/Dick Moron

  99. Misrepresentation, Fraud

    A teacher who creates a cult of personality has lost his way, and is no fit guide, is in fact the most danger to your internal work that you can have the misfortune to encounter. Any person who claims he is a necessary intermediary between you and your divine Self is a mere priest, a fraud and a thief.

    459/15/Ames Gilbert

  100. Collusion, Connivance

    Looking beyond the current vintage, Beinstock says, “Our vision at Renaissance is to be amongst the leaders in the California wine world for wines that are truly uniquely expressive of their terroir. That is what I am proud of.”

    “There is an endless amount of fine tuning to bring more balance and expression of the terroir,” says Beinstock, and he and fellow wine makers in the appellation appear up to the task.


    Meanwhile, there’s no mention whatsover of the elephant in the room.

    461/15/More Propaganda

  101. Joint Negligence, Wrongful Discharge, Negligent infliction of emotional distress, Fraud, Malconduct in office, False Pretenses, Violation of Fiduciary Duty

    For money you can always go back in. That’s the key to the door—money.

    I needed something to push me not out but in. An incident happened Mr. Haven called me for a meeting and gave me 24 hours to leave. I didn’t because I had to make arrangements.
    The push came and it was out. But, he did say for $2,500.00 I could have another meeting.

    The next day the phone rang and it was Mr. Haven. I answered the phone because I was the only one in the house.
    He said, “are you still here” and he chuckled.

    I finally had everything prepared and had Ameila drive me in a borrowed Volkswagen to the Greyhound bus station.


  102. Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, Falsity, Discrimination, Favoritism

    If I had had a hint in these and directions, I would not have joined. I would not have lived a lie for so long….this hurts…to instead of supporting a spiritual community working towards consciousness, conscience, I supported a man to gratify his lusts. So many lies Prospect students are recruited. Young men’s pictures taken and send to Robert with or without measurements. That is what I want to stop, stop, stop and I feel powerless and again angry at myself…

    Yes I am still angry, now I think of it…of many more things, the way women and men were treated in the fellowship. Elena was right that women were treated like second rate citizen. How we were exploited and our money taken from us in the name of building a civilization ( Where? in the bedroom). For the children who were often second or third choice and will never feel like they were worth the love of their parents. The parents were busy, surviving, working to make ends meet, ooo I can go on, but I will stop.

    473/15/Another Name

  103. Fraud, Collusion, Connivance, Desecration

    There should be nothing to hide in a conscious school. A fourth way conscious school, should have been able to make all the effort of its participants return to them with creativity, solidarity and great love and it made of us nothing but people to be discarded, people willing to discard each other with the motto that IT IS ROBERT´S SCHOOL, my husband’s favorite sentence. That is why it is so difficult to leave, because we were indoctrinated to feel that we were discard-able, that if we lost the fellowship and stood on our own, we were not good enough, that we failed because we did not become conscious, because Robert did not give us a diploma of recognition, that nothing that we did was worth more than a grain of insignificant sand in Robert´s golden beach.

    I struggle every day with the Is that think I am not good enough and am much tempted to try banning myself from the planet as I did before I joined the fellowship but I also struggle every day to make an effort that will connect me with the rest of a world that I can appreciate in its simple generosities. What is wonderful about not being in the fellowship, is not having to pay anyone for the right to not participate and realize that participation is free. Free to work, free to be, free to fight, free to die, free to suffer and acknowledge how far we are from being human or conscious beings and still feel the beauty of the sunset.

    I am glad a few people are still thinking of suing because the fellowship is a FRAUD and there is no legitimate reason for it to continue.
    There is nothing legitimate in sexual and economic abuse of people. If it goes down because of the taxes, may that level of matter stand up for the rest of us and those lucky ones that will not have to go through it for any number of years.
    What you are asking from the rest of us, is the freedom to continue exploiting people emotionally, intellectually, sexually and economically and you cannot have that. NO, you cannot have that. You´ve already exploited too much of that from us but WE ARE STILL HERE at just the right distance from your power. The few of you that have enough money to support the game at nobody else´s cost can go and play where ever you like, run, but as long as it is at any one´s cost you are sick and corrupt inhuman beings and it is at your cost as long as you are paying for Robert to stand above your own being.


  104. FRAUD

    No one is seeking perfection…but let’s have a look at “verification”.

    If you indeed went to the Ouspensky Office and asked to look at the books, and if indeed you were shown them, and if indeed you have at least done Accounting 101 at college and know what double entry book-keeping means, and were given and took the time to sit down with a calculator and check the arithmetic—I’d be very surprised.

    If you then took the next step and looked at all the bank records, income statements, cash flow reports, credit card expenses of both the FoF and the vineyard/winery, and did your own trial balances to check, I’d be even more surprised.

    If you did all this with a forensic accountant at your side, someone with the knowledge and authority to look at true copies of wage stubs, interview the FoF accountants and recipients of those wages separately, look at the bank account, credit card accounts, tax returns and financial activities of those receiving wages (including Burton) from both organizations, and then look through all the hard drives, backups through the years, searching specifically for evidence of a second set of books, then I’d agree you are on the road to verification.

    If you continued and explored the financial connections of the companies that are “privatized” spin-offs from the two entities, such as Hans–Michael H’s marketing operation and the various others, with all their financial records (including loans and startup costs), reports and tax returns, together with the all relationships to Burton’s financial records including all bank accounts domestic and foreign—still under the guidance of the forensic accountant—then I would agree, you have verified the finances of the FoF.

    If after all this, you could now look at the setup, both generally and specifically, of the FoF as a non–profit organization, at the FoF canons, and can tell me how Burton lives the lifestyle he does, spends as he does, and can still say with a straight face that the FoF is managed very efficiently, using standard financial terms such as “Rate of return on investment”, then we are indeed living in quite different realities here on the planet. I mean, $85 million or so input, assets $5 million at the most… But, I’m prepared to be surprised.

    Look, here’s just one example. We know about Roger Greene’s estate, how he carefully and intentionally and in full generosity liquidated all his assets as his death approached in London. How he got together the quarter million dollars in cash. How he planned his gift, so the FoF could build a decent place to stay for visiting students. How he was led on, making plans for the building, playing “what ifs”, taking joy in the expectation that he was solving a practical problem, how he could express his love for his fellow students. How he made his farewells, how his son helped turn his wishes into reality at his death. How the cash was smuggled into the States against the law and brought to Renaissance—and how Burton spent most of it at the Toyota dealership on cars for the boys within two weeks, and the rest within the month. Do you know all this? Did you find out sleuthing through the books? Did the FoF CFO or Treasurer tell you?


  105. Fraud, Desecration, False Pretenses, Collusion, Connivance, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of trust, Breach/Violation of contract, Misappropriation of Funds, Negligence

    (Re-Posted for separate examination & a double take.)

    Look, here’s just one example. We know about Roger Greene’s estate, how he carefully and intentionally and in full generosity liquidated all his assets as his death approached in London. How he got together the quarter million dollars in cash. How he planned his gift, so the FoF could build a decent place to stay for visiting students. How he was led on, making plans for the building, playing “what ifs”, taking joy in the expectation that he was solving a practical problem, how he could express his love for his fellow students. How he made his farewells, how his son helped turn his wishes into reality at his death. How the cash was smuggled into the States against the law and brought to Renaissance—and how Burton spent most of it at the Toyota dealership on cars for the boys within two weeks, and the rest within the month. Do you know all this? Did you find out sleuthing through the books? Did the FoF CFO or Treasurer tell you?

  106. HERESAY *b

    Since RVW has ceased being of interest to RB (soon after Karl W. death), and since it has been run by Gideon B, it is no longer a source of propaganda. If anything, RVW suffers from the negative publiciity FOF receives. It is run by a very small group of students, with very limited means and virtually no direct help (financial, volunteer or otherwise) from FOF. The vineyard has been considerably reduced in size to become more manageable and to allow specializing in the varietals that seem to do best locally. Student body no longer receives significant discounts and very few can afford the high prices that RVW has placed on its wines (by necessity), many of them very good. I have a lot of admiration for Gideon B. for what he is trying to accomplish, pretty much all by himself. Member of the inner circle, he certainly is not.

    510/15/Opus 111


    *b I am posting this because it may either be ‘hearsay’ or a Fellowship of Friends corruption of fact; being that the RVW vineyards are an intimate ‘part’ of ISIS (Robert Burton’s School); it is my opinion, any student or ‘person’ involved in harvesting from said ‘Burton area’, knowing the stories and facts contained in this ‘Res Ipsa Loquitur’ data and the Fellowship of Friends Blog at large, and continues to do so is in ‘spiritual collusion’ with Robert Burton, The Fellowship of Friends and all that it stands for, does and proceeding results of such actions.

  107. End of Postings from Part 15

    Love to you all.

  108. Fraud, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses

    There is no justification under the sun for what Robert has done and continues to do to naive, young men and women who come with their hearts and minds open trying to find their truths.

    5/14/Wake up little suzy wake up

  109. Negligence per se ~ Breach of the Duty

    “Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, has done “whatever it can to fill the cups of justice” for families of the victims.

    No family members of the victims attended the plea hearing and sentencing, which was scheduled on short notice. ”


  110. Fraud

    It is a crime for a human being to place himself in a position of a God and have another human being to be his subject. It is not a liberation, it is enslavement.

    This puts all of of his “students”(subjects) in an inferior position (self-pity) out of which it is impossible to get out as long as one remains in this relationship of Student-Master.

    It is very obvious after all these years many of us have experienced in the School that the Robert has no interest in our freedom. He is more interested in all the benefits he gets: sexual slaves, power, luxury, comfort, etc..

    It is very easy to see the negative results of this corruption: the lack of common human

    external consideration. A lot of students have given so much to Robert that they have no provided for they own basic needs.

    Robert has no concern for this, however his personal desires and sick fantasies are fulfilled to extreme levels.

    95/14/Normal Human Being

  111. Fraud, Sexual Predator, Negligence, False Pretenses

    Dear Howard Carter

    I appreciate your postings. I like how you are keeping your line consistently and “in the kings”. I would sleep better if you were right and not the “rest of the blog”. All these “negative people”… But any time I think that for 38 years (and right now and will continue) RB is screwing the guys, my friends, damaging their essences, causing this never ending craze, FEAR. How he confuses them by lying to them, manipulating them, uses them and throws away – I can’t sleep anymore. I have a child and I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. I don’t want him to know about what is going on in this organization, were his mom belongs. I can hear the question of the child: “Why is Robert having sex with all these men?”
    So, WHY? They don’t want it. They hate it. But they do it. Tonight is someone’s “visit time” after the dinner. And tomorrow. Can anyone, anything STOP THIS CRIME???


  112. Fraud, Misdescription, Falsity, Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    That is fine, but has nothing to do with the Fourth Way, which demands that you verify everything for yourself. You yourself have abandoned the Fourth Way and taken up the way of religion, which requires faith in the priest class. Good for you, but don’t pretend otherwise. In your Church of Robert Burton, the high priest has explicitly claimed that he is vital to your future spiritual welfare, and that any progress is due to his intercession. And it is noticeable that the self–appointed intermediaries do quite well for themselves in this lifetime, accumulating power, authority and often (and especially in the case of Burton) wealth. Why not, it’s a good gig, if you’re into that.

    I have not verified that there are future lifetimes, so to put any energy at all into that idea, to alter my present life one jot to accommodate such a possibility, especially as some kind of spiritual ‘insurance policy’, as you and your co-religionists do, is completely wrong work for me, not to mention a waste of my time, the only capital I truly have. I studied the Fourth Way precisely because I could not make all the ‘leaps of faith’ required by the ordinary religions. You did not; from the beginning you must have mistaken the Fourth Way for some kind of new religion, because otherwise a simple comparison with your aims when you joined and the aims you have now would show you that you have deviated so much that you are now traveling in exactly the opposite direction.

    126/14/Ames Gilbert

  113. Fraud, Misdescription, Falsity, Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    Burton is restricting your freedom in every direction; you may be happy with that, you may enjoy having your life managed, but the extra will you imagined might be possible (in a previous post) will remain out of reach, and also all the territory beyond the fence Burton has created for you. Above all, it places you in the peculiar situation where you simultaneously work very hard, yet are easily satisfied. You work in areas determined important by Burton, at things determined by Burton, for as long as Burton wants. At the same time, because whatever efforts you make are never enough in this lifetime (Burton says you’ll need the next lifetime or more to achieve your aims), you remain satisfied that the direction and amount of your efforts are enough to get you to the next lifetime, and even, and this is important, Howard, that these “efforts” are necessary at all.

    126/14/Ames Gilbert

  114. Fraud

    On the other hand, he says some things which I cannot follow without becoming identified and losing hope. This is a problem, because I feel like I am going against him if I disagree with him. Furthermore, I feel like I am doing something wrong if I exist for myself rather than for him.

    I want more to exist for what I know is right, rather than for a man. But that possibility is not a guarantee. I want to serve higher forces, to be sure, but it cannot always be on the basis of what someone else has told me. This sounds childish as I write it, but it will become large in the coming years. Eventually I have to exist on my own understanding of right and wrong.

    I can see the effect of not doing so. It is eating me up, literally. If I compare my state now with the one I experienced before I inner-considered Robert, it is obvious that it is much worse now. Interesting that I wrote inner-considering so lightly. That is exactly what it was.

    Is it right to look up to someone? I am beginning to think not. I think a person should only look up to God and not to any other man. Certainly it is not incorrect to admire greatness, but how so? It is very harmful to believe someone simply because he says something.

    What do higher forces want from me is the question. And what do I want from myself. What I want from myself is to not live any lies — of any kind. I appreciate everything Robert has done, but somehow I feel he wants something from me — like he wants me to like, respect, or adore him. Rather, my ‘I’s want me to place him above me, to limit myself somehow. They want to exist for him, rather than for myself.

    It must return to this my friend. You are born to this planet. You live among people. You try your hardest to determine what is right. You cannot know what is true about another person. It is blatantly obvious that the school is a real school, blatantly. This much you can know.

    But you must pose this question to yourself. Can you expect to evolve and hold on to inner-considering, or, in other words, can you evolve if you compromise yourself based on what you experience being the reality that other people experience. You must live in the reality that you feel is closest to reality, even if this means not being understood.

    128/14/From Rourke’s Journal

  115. Fraud, Sexual Predator

    There have been real schools that taught the use of physical sex in spiritual development. The Fellowship of Friends is not one. Robert Burton is not only addicted to the physical act of sexually violating read Raping his students but the negative emotional energy and shame that accompanies such an activity. Robert knows little about healthy sex and this which should be at the core of a real teaching is proof of his failure to achieve the consciousness he claims.

    144/14/A Former Student

  116. Undue Influence, Invasion of Privacy, Connivance, Collusion

    To ask Howard Carter
    GOlb (if they are truly
    current students)
    to discontinue posting to the blog.

    Since my many efforts to find who they were had failed,
    using the Shiek as a private go-between off the blog
    itself, was the next step…….until seeing my name today….
    My thoughts are these:

    Dear Howard, Siddiq, and GOlb:
    Please consider not participating in the blog….
    Rodney Collin said that giving knowledge and attention
    to issues esoteric, when someone is not asking for them,
    violates the principles of esoteric transmission.

    Robert has asked not to have discussion amongst
    ourselves, about students who have left…This helps
    to “leave their space clean.”

    Robert has also asked that we avoid “unnecessary”
    association with friends who have chosen to leave.

    So, if you would consider that no one has been officially
    asked to participate on the blog except probably the
    legal people, and that considerable energy has gone
    from you, into the blog that is confrontational and
    provocative, maybe…. could you find it beneficial
    to stand down?

    Also, from the view that the blog may offer a doorway
    to a place of peace and healing for pain and suffering
    that you may consider real or imaginary, this is their
    process, not yours. Give them their space. Generally,
    people consult with those they trust before
    making big decisions. If there were any confusions,
    misgivings, or questions….they usually ask before
    making choices……please consider “Hafiz, step
    aside…It is you who are in the way.”

    Also……Howard, Siddiq, and GOlb,
    If you feel that the blog is a neutral space for discourse,
    you may be naive…..
    in addition to offering a doorway to peace and healing, it also
    seems to offer another doorway to a “War Room” where
    sincere and heartfelt plans for action are being made.

    This truly being my first and last post……

    229/14/N. Spaulding

  117. Fraud

    If a sufficient number complain to the government agencies like the office of the state attorney general or the United States atone for the Northern Ca. region then there can be a criminal investigation. If there is sufficient cause for an indictment and a trail then that material becomes available for a civil suit.
    What grounds. Fraud, making false representations, violations of immigration laws, soliciting prostitution, embezzlement of funds, Falsifying financial records, conspiracy to defraud, make the whole board of directors libel.
    The Fellowship is even a school of relative awakening. Robert Burton if he crystallized at all is a hasnamuss individual. The Fellowship still has devoted “students” whose whole life is centered on the belief in the divine consciousness of Robert Burton.

    236/14/A former student

  118. Collusion, Fraud

    Saw Asaf in YC… Got me thinking…
    What does that nice, talented & sincere young man tell his mother and father about his life? What a quantity of deception must be necessary. Asaf is not much older than my own son. What a terrible grief I would feel if Asaf’s play were his, and I lost my son to Robert, in the way that Asaf’s family must have lost him. What indescribably rage I would feel towards Robert, if my son were used as Asaf is used by Robert. Involvement with Robert necessarily separates parents and child: the need for lies and disconnection is absolute. Robert deliberately usurps the parental role, explicitly denigrates familial relations, engages his “boys” in a corrupting lifestyle that burdens them with the need for secrecy and falseness, effectively separating them from all, excepting those in the same predicament. What a f**king sad mad pathetic tragedy is going on here, embodied for me in the sight of that nice young man, Asaf.
    I feel outraged now for all the parents that are “bereaved” of their sons…every boy that Robert consumes is somebody’s dear son — subject to debasement, emasculation, degradation, and other subtler psychic damage.
    Those young men believe they do not need help – reminiscent of the syndrome in which victims eventually willingly collude with and protect their abusers – but their resistance only increases the pathos.
    I wish I had known more, earlier. Would have left much earlier had the “school” maintained the proper transparency. Perhaps – like so many – I am guilty of intentional ignorance.


  119. Sexual Predator, Fraud, Sexual Harassment, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Intentional infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Joint Negligence (Robert and Dorian)

    Hello Nicholas ~

    You wrote ~

    “If there were any confusions,
    misgivings, or questions….they usually ask before
    making choices……please consider “Hafiz, step
    aside…It is you who are in the way.”


    It’s very emotional for me to have started reading your first few paragraphs, then a profound shock at the end; I want to share this ’shock’ with you, because I think it will be useful, similar to my ‘Rumi post’ some days ago.

    The Hafiz quote you quoted ~

    That is the very exact quote Robert Burton used on a young man after he said ‘no’ to Robert’s wish to sodomize him.

    He said, “Feelings? No, those are not yours; Hafiz said, ”
    step aside (let me sodomize you)..It’s you Hafiz who are in the way.”

    We are all saints and beggars in our disclosure of words.


  120. Collusion, Connivance, Joint Negligence, Fraud

    ∞ Sounds nice. But when I asked hard questions of “older students”, I was lied to by commission or omission, judged, reported to Burton, or given yet another ‘official angle’ that discouraged valid exploration and encouraged alignment with the institution—that is, sleep. This is useless or actively harmful for a genuine truth–seeker. Like KA, I wish I’d had something like this blog to consult.
    The Hafiz quote is out of context. The FoF appears to specialize in quotes taken out of their original context, and put in a new context to suit official purposes; and, almost all are taken from dead authors who are not around to protest their misuse. In #14-306, Unoanimo gives a truly hideous example of this. The best interpretation I can put on this subject is that deliberate misuse is tantamount to a lie, and in Unianimo’s example, is high crime.

    316/14/Ames Gilbert


    The intentional misuse of b-influence quotes to further one’s perversions…high crime as you say, Ames….sure feels like a ‘spiritual crime’ to me…yup, offending the spirit(s) of the quote…using it to abuse and manipulate someone in such a vulnerable state, your young ‘student’ follower (for goodness sake!) is a total desecration of the intent behind the poem!

    By supporting the organization of the Fellowship of Friends, members are complicit in this play of crime. You pay, you play. There’s no middle ground, I am sorry to say.

    You guys…its kinda like paying for an insane insurance policy that’s on acid…and the twisted nightmare is that you end up in servitude to freakin’ insurance agent…even having to pay to see or talk with him after you’ve signed your whole damn life off to him…and the trip just gets weirder and weirder…and you keep working harder and harder and paying more and more in hopes of building up some kind of credit in the ‘afterlife’ each time the light bulb of presence goes off in your head??? Which you realize way into it that it is a great deal for Robert, because he doesn’t have to pay out your policy until after you are dead…when you presumably…hook up with him or something?…in some other ‘limbo’ plane to get your credits?…or maybe he’s going to be there to vouch for you or something…but that’s starting to seem a little suspect since c-influence doesn’t appear to have a very high regard for him…cuz they kept showing him all those wrong ‘signs’ about everything…and you are really not sure one way or the other what’s going to happen in the end until it happens…

    Well, sounds fishy to me…still does after 22 years.


  122. Tax Fraud, Fraud, Violation of Fiduciary Duty

    I think the majority of posters ‘in or out’ feel the FOF is a church based ‘loosely’ upon fourth way ideas. Those ‘in’ have to make the church argument to preserve the IRS non-profit status. Churches are for religions, are they not? Those who resent the direction that the FOF has taken over the years also claim it is now a religion, not a fourth way school, based on the definitions of the fourth way authors. So nobody is “deciding” anything here.

    The issue is: there are no viable checks and balances in the FOF organization for Robert’s ‘activities’ because of fear of being excommunicated. Robert believes his ‘celestial’ morality trumps civilized society’s mundane morality; that is unethical, and in the case of sex with minors, unlawful. I don’t believe Robert is entitled to make such a distinction using the buffer (and lie) ‘‘the lower cannot see the higher’, no matter how exalted he claims to be.


  123. Conspiracy to Defraud, Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, Misapplication of Funds, Misappropriation, Official misconduct, Corruption in Office, Collusion, Connivance, Desecration, False-association claim, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, False Impersonation, Contractual Fault, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Trust.

    It may not be easy but I will tell you rather than feeling bad, taking action against an injustice feels great. Its can be hard, take time and commitment and can leave you open to reprisals but not acting is worse. The best action those who are displeased with Robert Burton’s corruption, venality and arrogant abuse of his position is to take legal action. This does not need to be a lawsuit but can be in the form of complaints to the state and federal attorney’s as well as the IRS.

    -Robert Burton is a criminal and those who support him are part of a criminal conspiracy to defraud. It might be possible for a federal prosecutor to use legislation designed for organized crime to investigate and prosecute an interstate conspiracy to defraud. If the Fellowship has not informed all prospective and present students of the Canons it is fraud. Advertising as a 4th way school and operating as a religion is fraud. Not revealing the true cost of membership is also fraud. Members should be able to make the minimum donations and have full rights other wise it is extortion. Members should be able to vote on the board members and major decisions. There should be a yearly report with a full and accurate accounting of all funds donated to the fellowship. There should be no separate funds available to Robert Burton. This is illegal.

    To not seek legal action for the reasons you state is wrong. It indicates a lack of character a lack of conscience. These are characteristic of a Fellowship member. It is a form of institutionalization. Obviously leaving the Fellowship is not sufficient to free oneself from the programming.

    354/14/A Former Student


    If anyone really loved their Teacher they would have the courage to face him and say that his behavior is not acceptable.

    354/14/A Former Student

  125. Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Intensional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    Here is what Gurdjieff has to say about black magic:
    “Black magic may be quite altruistic, may strive after the good of humanity or after the salvation of humanity from real or imaginary evils. But what can be called black magic has always one definite characteristic. This characteristic is the tendency to use people for some, even the best of aims, without their knowledge and understanding, either by producing in them faith and infatuation or by acting upon them through fear. ”

    Here is what Gurdjieff has to say about a Hasnamus:
    “One of the first things about a ‘Hasnamuss’ is that he never hesitates to sacrifice people or to create an enormous amount of suffering, just for his own personal ambitions. How a ‘Hasnamuss’ is created is another question. It begins with formatory thinking, with being a tramp and a lunatic at the same time. Another definition of a ‘Hasnamuss’ is that he is crystallized in the wrong hydrogens.”

    359/14/Bass Ackwards

  126. DESECRATION, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    #359 ‘So a real guru will encourage you to discover your own Conscience and will never estrange you from it.’

    I have repeated it here because I think it is the key to understanding what is missing in the Fellowship under the direction of Mr. Burton, et al.

    361/14/Wake up little suzy wake up

  127. Sexual Predator, Desecration, Negligence, Fraud

    Robert has to have sex with people and tell them he’s an angel at that moment to crystallize the thought in them. Then the victim is faced with a choice: believe that Robert is an angel or face the stark reality that they have been manipulated as a dehumanized object into fulfilling Robert’s perversions and satyriasis. Which would you chose?

    So from one idiot to another…this is what I would have wanted someone to tell me back when I was lined up at Robert’s door.


  128. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Fraud

    I stopped believing in the dream of anybody’s “permanent consciousness” long, long ago. I stayed for emotional and instinctive bonds, just as did many others. I didn’t join for a guru; I didn’t leave because of the guru (though he certainly helped!) – I left because my life in the FoF stifled me to the point of withering away to almost nothing, and my own hypocrisy in my silence about my perceptions of RB finally became too painful.


  129. Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Material Misrepresentation, Conspiracy to Defraud, Misdescription, ‘Wiseacring-Apollinaire’

    Robert has pointed out that the task of our school is to gather all the expressions of the system historically, and that we have now come to the earliest expressions of the system in prehistoric times, before Egypt. He requested that the following message with accompanying images and quotations be sent to the School:

    Although the prehistoric school did not use written language to transmit their knowledge, we can understand their images with the help of the writings of other traditions. In particular, our understanding of the Egyptian School is now serving as a bridge to help us understand the Prehistoric Tradition, as pre-dynastic Egypt is essentially the end of the Prehistoric Tradition. Below are three examples of Prehistoric images with accompanying quotes that help explain their keys:

    369/14/Purchasing Awakening

  130. Collusion, Connivance

    The Fellowship is organized, unified under the command of RB, while those that in many cases bitterly oppose what is happening in the FoF are divided individually into their own subjective sense of reality that precludes the possibility of making any practical efforts to take responsibility for their convictions. Having dinner parties does not diminish the criminal activity of the FoF. Talking and complaining does not hurt the FoF, the marginal members might be drained off at first but then the hardcore Burton followers will become even more resolute and even more active at increasing their numbers through the seduction of new recruits from all over the world.


  131. Desecration, Collusion, Connivance

    There is no conscience in a play of crime. All who support the criminal Burton are criminals. All those who earn a living off the Fellowship are vampires sucking the life force out of genuine seekers. The real crime of the Fellowship is the harvesting and abuse of magnetic centers.

    Sure that’s one way to defend the Fellowship’s Criminal activities this apologist turns the tables so that victims who speak up become perpetrators on the poor innocents who might suffer.

    391/14/A Former Student

  132. SPECIFICATION (Fourth Way) *c

    Gurdjieff on the First Initiation (and the real principle of payment):

    You will see that in life you get back exactly what you put in. Your life is the mirror of what you are, it is your image. You are passive, blind, demanding. You take all, you accept all, without ever feeling indebted. Your attitude towards the world and towards life is the attitude of one who has the right to demand and take. Of one who doesn’t need to pay or gain. You believe that all things are due to you, only because it’s you! All your blindness is there. It doesn’t catch your attention. It is however what, in you, separates one world from another.

    You have no measure to measure yourself with. You live only between ‘I like it’ and ‘I don’t like it’. Which means that you have appreciation only for yourself. You do not allow for anything above you – theoretically or logically maybe, but not in reality. This is why you are demanding and keep on thinking that everything should be cheap, and you can afford to pay for anything you want. You don’t recognize anything above yourself, or outside yourself or inside yourself. This is why, I repeat, you have no measure and live only to satisfy your whims.

    Yes, your ’self appreciation’ makes you blind! It is the biggest obstacle to a new life. One has to be able to pass this obstacle, this threshold, before one can go further. It is the test that separates the ‘chaff’ from the ‘wheat’ in people. No matter how intelligent, how endowed, how brilliant a man is, if he doesn’t change his opinion about himself, he will be lost for inner development, for the work based on self-knowledge, for a real evolution. He will stay as he is all his life.

    The first demand, the first condition, the first test for he who wants to work on himself is to change his appreciation of himself. He cannot just imagine, or simply believe or think, but actually see things in himself that he did not see before, really see them. Never will his opinion about himself change as long as he will not see inside himself. And in order to see, he has to learn to see: it is the first initiation of man into self-knowledge.

    Before anything else, he has to know what to look for. Once he knows it, he has to make efforts, focus his attention, look constantly, with tenacity. By maintaining his attention on it, by not forgetting about looking, one day he may see. If he sees once, he can see a second time, and if this is repeated he cannot ignore seeing. This is the state to look for in our observation; it is from this that the true desire, the desire to evolve, will be born; from cold we’re becoming hot, vibrating; we will be deeply touched by our reality.

    Today we have only the illusion of what we are. We overestimate ourselves. We do not respect ourselves. To respect myself, I have to have recognized in me a part which is higher than the other parts, and to which I show respect by the attitude I have towards it. In this way I will respect myself. And my relationships with others will be ruled by the same respect.

    We have to understand that all other measuring units, talent, erudition, culture, genius, are changing units, units of detail. The only true measure, never changing, objective, the only real one, it is the measure of inner vision. ‘I’ see – ‘I’ see myself – and you have measured. With a higher, real part, you have measured a lower one, also real. And this measure, defining by itself the respective roles of each part, will bring you to self-respect. But you will find it is not easy. And it is not a bargain. One has to pay a lot. For the bad payers, the lazy, the losers, no chance. One must pay, pay a lot, pay immediately and pay in advance. Pay from oneself. With sincere efforts, wholeheartedly, without expectations.

    The more you will be willing to pay without reticence, without cheating, without falsity, the more you will receive. And from then on, you will meet your true nature. And you will see all the tricks, all the dishonesty it goes to in order to avoid paying cash. Because you have to pay with all the gratuitous theories, all the deeply rooted convictions, all the prejudice, all conventions, all ‘I like it’ and ‘I don’t like it’. Without bargaining, honestly, not just make believe; trying to see while using fake money.

    Try for a moment to accept the idea that you are not what you think you are, that you overestimate yourself, therefore that you lie to yourself. That you lie to yourself always, every moment, all day long, your whole life. That the lie rules you to the extent that you cannot control it anymore. You are its victim. You lie everywhere. Your relationships with others, lies. The education you’ re giving, your petty conventions, lies. Your learning, lies. Your theories, your art, lies. Your social life, your family life, all lies. And what you think of yourself, lies too.

    But you don’t stop from what you’re doing or from what you’re saying, because you believe in you. You have to stop inside and observe. Observe without prejudice. While accepting for a time this idea of lies. And if you observe in this manner, paying of yourself, without self-pity, by giving all your false riches for one moment of reality, maybe someday you’ll see all of a sudden something you have never seen in you before.

    You will see you are someone else from what you thought you were. You will see that you are two. One that is not, but takes the place and plays the other’s role. And the one that is, but so weak, so inconsistent, that just brought forth it disappears immediately. It cannot stand the lies. The smallest lie kills it. It doesn’t fight, it does not resist, it is vanquished in advance.

    Learn to look until you have observed the difference between your two natures, until you have seen the lies, the impostor in you. When you can see your two natures, that day, in you, the truth will be born.

    Intro to a meeting from September, 1941: Premiere Initiation, par G.I. Gurdjieff Question de Gurdjieff (no 50) ed. Albin Michel, 1989, p.34-35,/i>

    402/14/Truth is Where You Find It


    *c I am posting this quote as a sort of ‘stew ingredient’, not for a traditional theological comparison; rather, something to read and consider as your own, as if you wrote it in a trance and later ‘woke up’ to find it in front of you, then to consider the Fellowship of Friends, your own the same way; to sit awhile and let things brew around and see what happens. To me, if there was ever a Fourth Way Constitution, not about automatic & obvious liberties, rather pointing to The Work, this would be near the front of the back of the bus.

  133. Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, False Impersonation

    Part of my waking up and leaving the Fellowship was due to the palm octave. I recognized, not long after Robert had begun collecting palms, that I was noticing palms everywhere – Yuba City, Grass Valley – and they obviously had always been there, I just hadn’t seen them.

    Having my attention managed by my guru made me notice something I had never seen before. Sitting atop a Chicago skyscraper as Apollo burned, I decided, through an appropriate ritual of liberation, to manage my own attention and direct it towards my own aims.

    Startling what one can see, when one takes responsibility for one’s own attention. I began to see how much of Robert’s “charisma” was under my own power. The recent maligning of Robert as instinctively centered or as a criminal is a buffer to the realization that we, each of his “students”, were/are the ones providing the energy for his consciousness, charisma and power.

    Of course he willingly accepted it, and took more if he could. Normal primate behavior, whether a priest, crook, or politician.

    426/14/Walter Tanner

  134. Connivance (depending on entire facts known & avoided)

    WT: The recent maligning of Robert as instinctively centered or as a criminal is a buffer to the realization that we, each of his “students”, were/are the ones providing the energy for his consciousness, charisma and power.

    Yes. On the other hand, it’s been much more common for all of us to avoid the notion that Robert is a criminal. And we also tend to avoid criticizing him in any way. That’s what we were taught in the Fellowship, and many of us (myself included) carried that into our time away from the Fellowship… “He’s really not that bad. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone.” and so on. Any criticisms of the School or Robert were almost always met with disapproval unless they were expressed in private settings.

    Now, that’s a buffer.

    However, I still really like your comment… It focuses the attention to something within our control — i.e., our own reactions. So, in this case, we obviously don’t have control over Robert’s behavior, but if we put more energy into our own response, something healthy can grow out of this.


  135. Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    anyone who says ‘no’ to Robert Burton does get the “brunt”, though its a very subtle ‘conscious’ brunt and as cold as ‘The March of the Penguins.’

    After hearing ‘no’ there’s lot’s of wiseacring from Robert Burton about loosing the possibility to have a relationship with a conscious being (not that 44 isn’t enough all ready),

    statistical mish-mash concerning the mechanical-ness of being a heterosexual (ah, all homosexuals have real will and can do?),

    lot’s of maternal (”Oh, is it a woman you’re with?!) disdain,

    reminders of what you’ll be missing, i.e., complimentary galleria meetings, events, trinkets, etc.,

    reminders of your non-existent (futile) feelings,

    intonations of self-justifying “You don’t have to do me, you know.” talk…

    He’s a real Man #4 when he hears ‘no’ and (for lack of a better word or maybe not) smears the student with it, then calls for his ‘emergency backups’ from the Slave Pit, to take the ‘No’s’ place as a ‘Yes’ ace…


  136. Desecration

    The issue of negative emotions in the fellowship is one that merits looking into carefully and I think much relates to Sharon’s “being too darned polite”.

    It is easy to become “too darned polite” if the indoctrinating “form” is to not express discontent faced with the abuse and the consistent control inside the fellowship. Not expressing negative emotions has been artfully used by Robert to do whatever he wants without being questioned.

    Presently I don’t think there’s any need to express negative emotions no matter how often I fail to do that, but that does not mean that one has to stop feeling horrified by what is abominable. Expressing that horror is not a negative emotion but an affirmation of what one wishes to live by.

    “There’s no justice in the world” may be in the system but it is interpreted and used in the fellowship against students when they question anything abusive. It may be true that one cannot understand a great deal of injustice unless one connects it to karmic conditionings but to use such an idea to justify the abuses in the fellowship, is abhorrent.

    One of the difficulties in the fellowship is that for many years it sunk, into at least me, that everything negative that I felt should be transformed and when unable to do that there was guilt or self discontent. This is also an aspect of indoctrination and idolatry. It weakens people by turning the difficulty they are observing against themselves and not the object of discontent, be it a person or situation.

    Wishing to live by anything different to Robert’s forms in the fellowship is questioned by thoughts such as, “what makes you think you are right and not the many of us that wish things to be just as Robert puts them?”

    The more we look, the clearer the different forms of indoctrination become.


  137. False Association claim, Material Misrepresentation, Fraud

    From the email about the Tuesday meeting led by Peter Ingle “Peter explains the topic as follows: “The sequence comes to us as the objective science of awakening from schools of the past. Using it in the present, however, is a conscious art that must become deeply personal and practical.”

    It is amazing to hear students talk about sequence as “the objective science from the past schools”.

    3 meetings earlier Carlos Ca _ _ncho gave a following angle: “I asked Robert, why is that Asaf made up a sequence and we all have to do it? Robert replied: “You love me too much to blame ME for it?”

    Isn’t it strange?



    It still creates ‘awe’ in me to wrap my spirit around the idea that C. goes around quoting ‘let downs’ given to him and his family by ‘his teacher’ all the while carrying a sort of tongue in cheek smile, a sort of squirmy poor me sorta demeanor…


    For me, I have verified that features are ‘real’, at least in their objective I-creator position in the mind; Robert Burton plays both sides of your card, i.e., Non-existence, Self Pity and the Vanity that’s created having had your strings played… I love you and your family with all my heart, your children are truly ‘gifts from the gods’… Please, get a grip, tear the strings from your harp and use it to plow a field, plant something all your own and stop letting M. watch Robert’s meeting videos, what happened to Pokemon? Geez.

  138. Fraud, Conspiracy to Defraud

    This is what I have been alluding to when I suggest that the FOF keeps one out of balance, forever doubting oneself, and never able to attain complete consciousness or higher centers (that which is already there anyway). One is kept striving for the unobtainable. That’s the narcissism that the FOF attracts in its followers. The level of ‘conscience’ that is ‘cult-ivated’ in the FOF follower is a foreboding feeling that one is inadequate, is not present enough and Robert always is. Robert just provides the unobtainable goals. Hence, one can only succeed in the ‘next lifetime’

    It takes self respect to leave the FOF.


  139. Fraud, Violation of Fiduciary duty, False Pretenses, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Corruption in Office, Fraud in the Factum

    I spent many years observing that Burton learns nothing from his students, except in a low, cunning way, how to control them or fleece them the better. You can tell this for yourself by following the “conversation” (read, “monotonous disjointed dialog”) at one of his dinners, or by studying the form of his pronouncements in publications such as “Thoughts from the Teacher”, or by his tens of thousands of arbitrary decisions made in order to control the lives of his followers in the minutest detail. Every one of these decisions is made to close down possibilities, to reduce his surroundings to always simpler terms that he can better monitor and control for deviance, and to satisfy his untrammeled desires.

    See him raise the license plate in a meeting, purposing to draw admiration from the audience or transmit fear to it. See the members of the audience trying hard to get just the right sappy look on their faces, and at the same time memorizing gems like, “We are playing the master game, and C-Influence has chosen us all here in this room to be winners”. That is the source of your wiseacring, Eva, not your experience, not your being. How can I tell? Because there is nothing personal in your post, nothing to indicate the angle is yours, or how you made it so, or that you live it.

    In a ‘win-win’ or co-operative situation, a teacher lights a fuse, and is delighted when the explosion of new possibilities in the student lights up the sky, including his own (the teacher’s) spiritual firmament. In contrast, the only movement allowed by Burton in the FoF is if it supports, glorifies, or magnifies his own position. Look at Girard, declared the sole fruit of 38 years of unremitting work by ‘44 conscious beings’ plus Burton himself, allowed to be a ‘man #5’ under the condition he stays the eternal student of Burton, subservient and obedient to the last, all his accomplishments and work dedicated to the glory of Burton, his whole being twisted to be merely a reflector of Burton’s supposed superhumanity. Burton has literally eaten him, negated all his potential (and that of many others)—a new Caligula. Look, I mean really look, at the rest of the high muckety-mucks; paler, bloodless versions of the same. This is your idea of a good game, Eva?

    Trick indeed, he is the trickster and you are the tricked; he is the joker and the joke is on you.

    462/14/Ames Gilbert

  140. Fraud, Violation of Fiduciary duty, False Pretenses, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Corruption in Office, Fraud in the Factum, Collusion, Connivance

    The reason most people join the FOF is because they are interested in the Fourth Way ideas of Gurdjieff / Ouspensky. The FOF claims (or at least did until recently) to teach these ideas. Robert used the prestige of the Fourth Way to lure unsuspecting people and create his own cult. He claimed to be a highly evolved master of this way. It’s not so easy to prove or disprove that claim, especially when you might not even see him for a few years until after you join and all your information about him is filtered through center directors, etc. In the mean time, you’re meeting with other people – most of them quite intelligent and well-meaning, and you’re studying these ideas together and sharing your experiences with them. That part was usually okay. For myself, there was always an issue of differentiating between the teachings of Gurdjieff /Ouspensky, which, for me at least, were quite substantial and legitimate, and Robert’s own stuff, which was flaky and weird. Eventually most people reach the conclusion that there is something wrong with Robert and leave.

    Why do people stay? Of course the vast majority don’t, but it takes a while to verify that Robert is fraudulent, especially if you don’t live close to him where you are privy to some of the weirdest of the weird stuff. Furthermore, any kind of scrutiny of Robert is totally frowned upon. If you persist in doubting and probing into the truth about Robert you will be alienated by the others and maybe even kicked out. In the meantime there are lots of interesting distractions, people you become involved with, ballets, operas, plays, etc. and you tend to buffer your doubts about Robert because of those other things. And you’re told things like: ‘those are just ‘I’s, don’t be identified, that’s negativity, etc.’. Basically distorting Work ideas to create an uncritical atmosphere.

    But the good news is that, by means of this blog, Robert’s deceitful ways are coming to light and hopefully there will be fewer and fewer new members.

    466/14/David B.

  141. Conspiracy to Defraud

    When Robert first mentioned how HE uses the sequence, I was very confused. Everyone I knew in the school talked about when Robert crystallized there was a bolt of lightning at the Academy or some such nonsense (whenever I hear stories like that I usually shut down right away. It does not compute) and I assumed that this guy was on such a different level- he was ALWAYS conscious. No need for no stinkin’ sequence. I mean how is it, that for 37 years everything BUT the sequence was the way to awakening. It wan’t that long ago that he had us counting how many times a day we “remembered ourselves”. Students all over the place were running around with those “clickers” that they use to count patrons as they enter a concert and keeping tabs on the number of times they remembered themselves. The goal was 100 times a day. Suddenly, one day the exercise disappeared.

    487/14/Steve Lang

  142. Fraud, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Wrongful Discharge *d

    “Robert said: The school never has lost a true student.
    It `s that simple, C-influence has taken away their understanding, so they forget completely their own divine verifications, which have kept them all the years in the school.”

    The greater question is: Is this a true school?

    This once Fourth Way school, that said “religion was the sleep of the masses” is a now a center for “esoteric Christianity” .

    And why, is the IRS/INS breathing so hotly on the Galleria, that Hallelujah we’ve all found religion?

    The spinners keep spinning. Reinventing, rewriting with every succession to the pretender’s throne. Changing direction more times than a weather vane.

    Extreme makeover indeed.

    And why keep using the Fellowship of Friends? Why not be “true” The Fellowship of the Pretty, Full Pocketed and Those Still Able to do a Full Turn at the Plow.

    Fellowship of Friends indeed.

    Banishes its own when they become an unpleasant impression. Raises $62,000 for a garden expansion and leaves true students to raise money for medical treatment through private appeal.

    And as far as C-influence goes, it seems far more beneficent, less vindictive that we were ever lead to believe.

    When you walk out those gates every divine verification you every had walks right out with you.

    488/14/Cake Please



    This ‘wrongful discharge’ relates to the deeper picture of such lines as “Banishes its own when they become an unpleasant impression.”

    For instance ~

    Take the S. Milton situation; here’s a guy who has a legally classified ‘eye disease’, had been working outside for a large part of the day, went to one of Robert Burton’s lunches the same day, was facing the hot sun and had the need to close his eyes from time to time in order to rest them from the strain of looking with bright sunlight in his face…

    Later, he was asked to leave the Fellowship of Friends for ‘sleeping’ or ‘dozing off’…

    I believe you can thank Asaf or some ‘boy’ for that hawk-eyed, un-conscience-able perception of S. Milton…

    Who brought it to Robert Burton’s ‘attention’ is hearsay, yet, the fact of his dismissal on these grounds is not… stay tuned for the REST OF THE STORY; on a train coming to your neighborhood soon.

    And, no, Steven D., your part won’t be left out of this story…stay tuned for a conscience near you.

  143. Fraud, Fraud in the Inducement

    Besides, do you know what puts you among the “chosen” in this case? No, not C-influence. It’s your monthly teaching payments, dude. Skip a month – and there goes your imaginary superiority and unconditional love of your teacher.

    494/14/No person

  144. False association-claim, Material Misrepresentation, Falsity, Negligent Misrepresentation, Fraud

    More Sacred mad teachings by the most Beloved Teacher ever!
    The funniest of them all by far!
    Excerpts from few teaching events:

    6 POOPS

    A cave painting from Lascaux, dating from 15,000-13,000 BP, depicts a rhinoceros hunt. It represents the sequence being intoned in imagination by the rhinoceros—the lower self. The steward is lying on his back, and rather than having five fingers on each hand, he has only four fingers. This means that he is taking the four wordless breaths in imagination. The six stools represent the sequence in imagination. Everything is in imagination. “You will see fantasies rather than the truth.”

    The rhinoceros, which is defecating, represents the sequence in imagination.

    A cave painting in Lascaux, dating to 15,000-13,000 BP, depicts a rhinoceros defecating. The six stools represent the sequence in imagination. The steward has been thrown down, and has four fingers in place of five, signifying that the four wordless breaths are not in prolonged presence, but in prolonged imagination. He has attempted to slay the bison—another symbol of the lower self—but rather than piercing him in the heart, he has pierced him in the intestines, which are coming out. Nevertheless, the lower self still had the strength to overthrow the steward and to destroy the sequence.

    495/14/Purchasing Awakening


    Reckless Wiseacring (I had to post this one; this will go down in history as the final dung ball that broke the camels back or the Rhino’s, you choose.)

  145. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Inhuman Treatment,
    Indignity, ‘Cruelty to the Dying’, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Duty, Breach of Trust, Invasion of Privacy


    Sharole Manering
    Philadelphia Centre

    Dear Sharole,

    As you requested, herein are the angles the Teacher offered to you.

    “Tell Sharole hello for me. And tell her to remember that she is working with Influence C and that she needs to be a good businesswoman with them. Tell her that she has held on this long and that there is no reason that she cannot hold on eternally; that is, until she becomes an angel. Remind her that this is C influence speaking directly with her through me. Remind her that this is their way of warning her and that she has to become current with her donations now or she will have to leave the Fellowship. Tell her that the only other place to go is hell.”

    Those are his words, Sharole. Good luck to you.



    496/14/Veronicapoe (From a link embedded in the blog)

    This message was sent to Sharole while she lay dying of terminal cancer.

    I would also add CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY

  146. Fraud, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Collusion

    IMO, people exposed to the FOF get stuck in feeling that they cannot possibly live up to the level they imagine that Robert is and the institutional manipulation of what they don’t talk about reinforces being mired in the beginning stages of work, which is the realization that most of the time we lack the will to believe in ourselves. By abdicating our higher centers to Robert, we get to be included in his group, and bask in the non-existence of ‘otium indignatis’.

    At some point, hopefully you wake up (or grow up) to the fact that you have higher centers too, (whether you use the sequence or not), and you begin to see the truth of the situation in stark contrast to the backdrop of all the insanity that is being spewed out of the FOF these days.

    IMO spiritual evolution is not about higher vs. lower; it’s about integration and wholeness. IMO the FOF is leading people away from integration and toward separation and compartmentalization within its followers in order to put up with Robert’s crap, and it’s not healthy. We have Robert as a prime example of the result of inner compartmentalization, and his cowering, spineless followers are partly to blame for his illness.



    Dear Parent and other Parents,

    I suspect that as a parent, you would be sick to your stomach if you found out that your handsome young son of 21 was called by Robert and was drawn into his perverted circle of young ment. Like “Parent” you would probably want to kill the SOB.

    Soooo, I have to ask the question. What about the parents that have gorgeous young daughters ages18-25 that are getting into relationships and marriage with some of Roberts closest ‘consorts ‘ or ‘prostitutes’? Young girls, naive, who only want attention and love from ‘big daddy’ or because their boyfriends are in the ‘inner harem circle’. And that gives them some kind of ’status’ from the onlookers. Doesn’t that make you twitch? Aren’t you worried that they may come down with HIV because of the dozens going through the portals of Roberts bedroom? Aren’t you concerned that their lives are getting screwed up before they even begin? That these young girls have been conditioned to believe that sharing their boyfriends/husbands with Robert Burton at any time of day or night is NORMAL?

    As a parent, if you think this is normal and fine, well, all I can ask is ” what ever has happened to your conscience and your common sense of parenting’?

    526/14/Flying Free

  148. Collusion, Connivance, ‘Fraudulent Representation’

    When Abraham Goldman subpoenaed me in 1996 to get documents relating to the Troy Buzbee case, I enclosed this letter with the material he requested.

    21 October 1996

    One final appeal to your conscience. As the person best equipped in the Fellowship to bring the reign of madness of Burton to an end, you must act to do so. You are the only one with complete access to the information, to all the evidence accumulated through the years, and you have been Burton’s confidante for all these many years.

    Please think back to when you joined the Fellowship. Surely, if you had by a miracle been given the knowledge of knowing then what you know now, you would have turned away. It cannot have been your ambition to end up catering to a charlatan and a pervert, covering for his mistakes and predations, wearying yourself to the bone with lies to cover his omissions and commissions? Surely you imagined a life of openness, not lies? Surely you imagined a life among true friends into whose eyes you could look with joy and honesty, knowing they could see the same in yours? Surely you did not imagine a life where your final defense against your own conscience would be, “I was only following orders”? Please, wake up and follow your conscience. Do not be afraid. There is so much love and help and forgiveness—if you wish. Face up to your responsibility. You could help so many people by telling the truth, now. You could save so many people so much heartache in the future. But, best of all, you could be helping yourself. You must have lain awake many nights struggling with the latest revelations of the day about Burton, and your heart must have ached to be in a place where none of this had anything to do with you. Such a place exists, both psychologically and physically. Look within. Act and forgive yourself, as all others with a good heart already have. Nothing can take away your responsibility for your past actions; you must face up to them yourself, but there is all the help you need if you ask for it.

    You can make your life exactly as you wish it. You have done so until now, and will do so in the future. It is your gift from God, to do with as you please. If you wish to continue as you have done—thy will be done. If you wish to break away from this mess—thy will be done. It is up to you.

    Know, that even if I personally am sometimes angry about the situation, I am not angry with you. You have your lessons to learn, and you have chosen your path. But, know that I believe you are strong enough to create joyful changes, if you wish. I send you loving wishes and encouragement. (signed) Ames Gilbert

    577/14/Ames Gilbert

  149. Fraud, Desecration

    You wrote:
    “how did you tell yourself it was okay for people to talk to others that way?”

    Well, you have to understand that this is just the kind of stuff that FOF members say to each other to convince themselves that they are right for staying and the people who leave are making a mistake. While I was in the FOF, I often doubted the truth of such statements but would only say so to a few close friends who I knew I could trust and who probably shared my doubts. If you were to express doubt or criticism of these kinds of statements publicly you would risk becoming a pariah.

    Although I’m sure many students have doubts about Robert and his teachings, very few have the courage to give voice to those doubts and risk being ostracized, especially when they have severed all their ties to the outside world and have nowhere else to go. I remember in the days right before I left the FOF, I wanted to confront the other members at a meeting (that was back when they still had meetings) and stand up and challenge them all on some of these things. I thought it would be good to stir things up and at least get people talking, and what did I have to lose, right?

    I had already made up my mind to leave. But somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was just too uncomfortable and, perhaps even frightening, being only one person against all the others. I suppose I was just still too close to it all and wasn’t sure enough about it. I certainly hope that those who are currently poised to leave will consider not going quietly. You will be amazed how many others are also having doubts about the emperor’s clothes.

    The camaraderie was a big part of it for me. I wanted to be in a community of people who were dedicated to working on themselves and I was willing to tolerate a lot of Robert’s weird crap in order to have that. I remember wishing that Robert would just die or something so we could get rid of the weirdness and have a ‘normal fourth way school’. I have spoken with others who shared those sentiments. Of course that was naive and knowing what I know now I would never rejoin the FOF even if Robert were no longer there.

    One other thing. In your post you refer to the “intelligent, spiritually motivated people” in the Fellowship. I think that is attributable to the quality of the fourth way teaching, not so much Robert. Probably most of the truly sincere and intelligent ones are there in spite of Robert, not because of him, and they will eventually leave when they figure it out.

    579/14/David B.

  150. FRAUD

    While I agree that there are some mean voices on the blog from time to time (not all of them ex-students!), I think you are missing the point: most people are actually trying to help each other more than anything. (The blog has provided some unexpected healing for me.) Moreover, some people feel there is a grave danger within the dogma of the FOF (just read the “hell” letter for a hint of it) that needs to be confronted and eradicated, if not in the organization, then in the minds and hearts of people we’d still like to call friends. You can say that that was a long time ago or that you –or others– don’t believe that stuff but it’s undeniably there until officially acknowledged and revised by RB and/or the FOF that members are led to believe they will lose their soul/c-influence/chances at evolving, etc., if they leave the school. Using fear to psychologically entrap members is one definition of a cult.

    You cite religious freedom along with freedom of expression in response to the charges of RB’s repeated sexual entanglements, to put it mildly (–the judges presiding in the several court cases about this issue in the past have no doubt used other language). Robert has a great deal of power over the men with whom he has sexual relations and to purport that it’s simply their choice to concede or leave is unconscionable. I ask you, is it not beholden for a “conscious being,” or to use less loaded language, a leader of a religious group, to not flagrantly use his powers –real or imagined– to meet his sexual needs with so many men, some of whom have been undeniably damaged by it?

    593/14/Dare To Dream

  151. End of postings from Part 14


  152. Material Misrepresentation *e

    It should be added that membership fees consist of 10% of income, two extra payments each year and payments for dinners, talks and presentations. The Fellowship of Friends is not a cheap business.


    In other words it could be 25%-33% of your net income.



    *e This also follows that most (if not all) students prior to joining the Fellowship of Friends are not shown the church’s canons; some who have been in the ‘school’ for 10+ years do not even know that such canons exist… Rules and Regulations change without a consensus and monies are misappropriated on a large scale… There is no sharing of the Financial Statements, expenditures, etc., as to what the 2000+ members millions of dollars a month goes towards, no legal contracts, no legal fund raising forms, no legal papers binding the church and the ‘required to donate’ church goers, to pay, pay, pay; although the church holds the exclusive right to terminate the membership of anyone who cannot pay or refuses to ‘donate’ based on any set of critical circumstances, i.e., personal disagreements or questions of conscience going unanswered or treatment by the church towards a spouse or other member.


    I wonder what REB would say about a license plate that read ‘501c3′ that was on a car that sped off down the road and disappeared into the glow of the sunset and vanished forever?

    U.S. Internal Revenue Code
    501(c)(3) Exemption Requirements:

    To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and NONE OF ITS EARNINGS MAY INURE TO ANY PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER OR INDIVIDUAL. In addition, it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.

    Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are commonly referred to as charitable organizations. Organizations described in section 501(c)(3), other than testing for public safety organizations, are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170.

    The exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3) are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, and the preventing cruelty to children or animals. The term charitable is used in its generally accepted legal sense and includes relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancement of religion; advancement of education or science; erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments, or works; lessening the burdens of government; lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

    To be organized exclusively for a charitable purpose, the organization must be a corporation, community chest, fund, or foundation. A charitable trust is a fund or foundation and will qualify. However, AN INDIVIDUAL WILL NOT QUALIFY. The organizing documents must limit the organization’s purposes to exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3) and must not expressly empower it to engage, other than as an insubstantial part of its activities, in activities that are not in furtherance of one or more of those purposes. This requirement may be met if the purposes stated in the organizing documents are limited in some way by reference to section 501(c)(3). In addition, an organization’s assets must be permanently dedicated to an exempt purpose. This means that if an organization dissolves, its assets must be distributed for an exempt purpose, to the federal government, or to a state or local government for a public purpose. To establish that an organization’s assets will be permanently dedicated to an exempt purpose, its organizing documents should contain a provision insuring their distribution for an exempt purpose in the event of dissolution. Although reliance may be placed upon state law to establish permanent dedication of assets for exempt purposes, an organization’s application can be processed by the IRS more rapidly if its organizing documents include a provision insuring permanent dedication of assets for exempt purposes. For examples of provisions that meet these requirements, see Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization.

    An organization will be regarded as operated exclusively for one or more exempt purposes only if it engages primarily in activities that accomplish exempt purposes specified in section 501(c)(3). AN ORGANIZATION WILL NOT BE SO REGARDED IF MORE THAN AN INSUBSTANTIAL PART OF ITS ACTIVITIES DOES NOT FURTHER AN EXEMPT PURPOSE. For more information concerning types of charitable organizations and their activities, see Publication 557.

    The organization MUST NOT BE ORGANIZED OR OPERATED FOR THE BENEFIT OF PRIVATE INTERESTS, SUCH AS THE CREATOR or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. NO PART OF A SECTION 501(c)(3) ORGANIZATION’S NET EARNINGS MAY INURE TO THE BENEFIT OF ANY PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER OR INDIVIDUAL. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization. If the organization engages in an excess benefit transaction with a person having substantial influence over the organization, an excise tax may be imposed on the person and any organization managers agreeing to the transaction.


    ****** ****

    Rumor has it that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS – part of Homeland Security) is privately and individually interviewing fellowship members holding religious visas and/or ministerial status to find out exactly what it is that they do with their time and how they fulfill the above mentioned charitable and/or religious functions in service to humanity. Are they doing traditional and customary activities for those privileges? Seems the INS believes the Fellowship of Friends could be a bogus religion in service to a despot.

    26/13/Eyes Wide Shut

  154. DISPARAGEMENT, ‘Spiritual Fraud’

    1. It is easier to have an independent, non-conformist and evolving relationship with the “School” when living at a distance from Isis. At Isis, at least when attending events, one is confronted repeatedly by conversations where you have to bite your tongue in response to “blissed out” (as Dara used to say) remarks, or risk some pretty heavy, uncomfortable energy. Just a small, unloaded example: I got quite a few sharp, appraising glances (as in “she must be leaving”) when I would admit that I didn’t enjoy the circus/ballet extravaganzas at the Theatron. Also, many students at Isis are quite insulated from ideas outside of the mainstream of Robert’s current “teaching”. Usually, one can only have more radical discussions in private.

    2. An attitude that is prevalent at Isis, and encouraged by Robert, is that one need not have a responsible, caring, truthful level of integrity in regards to other people, friends (including other students), family, community, etc. – only the “School” matters. Which often means, only what Robert wants today matters. So if you have a business arrangement, or partnership, or contract, or appointment, or confidence, etc., it takes a low priority if Robert should want something that is even slightly at odds with that relationship. This encourages a certain sociopathic growth of callousness to all others. Many try to emulate Robert in his callousness – they call it “practical” or “intentional insincerity”, or the “aim is more important”, blah, blah. I do not think that it is possible to progress as a School community without a lot of deep work on our level of integrity towards each other. I don’t think many of the “inner circle” care to do that, or even admit the possibility. While I’m pretty sure that you, for example, do have a such a high level of integrity, there are lots of students one just can’t trust, even minimally. So what do we do with them in the improved school?


  155. Misdescription, Negligent Misrepresentation,
    Fraud in the Inducement, ‘Spiritual Fraud’

    One thing that you have not mentioned but which has become important to me is Robert’s division of almost everything into good and bad (good impressions vs bad impressions; lower self vs steward; 9 of hearts vs king of clubs etc.). For Robert, (I have heard him say this) anything that does not lead to presence is the lower self. Perhaps he does not intend it, but the overall impression from the current teachings is to view the sequence as good and most other manifestations as bad or some sort of wasted moment.

    I notice that when I am present (in a higher state) the division between good and bad disappears. Everything reflects the miraculous creation.

    Presence is not about ignoring, fighting against or suppressing the impressions that we don’t like (including our own suffering, feelings of wrongdoing and negativity) but about being present to them.

    When we start to see everything that is not feeding presence as bad (lower self) we foster a simplistic morality. The division into good and bad leads to a split in our personality (good OldFish vs bad OldFish) which leads to hypocrisy and diminishes conscience. In one moment I am the good OldFish and I am proud of myself. I forget about the other side. In another moment I am the bad OldFish and I cannot see the good side and I go towards self deprecation.

    Conscience is the part in us that can see all sides at once. The division into good and bad tends to make only one side visible at a time. This kind of thinking is dangerous.

    41/13/Old Fish In The Sea

  156. Narcissism prevents one from acknowledging others due to an overwhelming ego deficit. This is why RB seems like a black hole. This deficit makes him more inhuman or insincere. It is not intentional nor a conscious choice. He uses the work language to rationalize his illness. His ego deficit creates an insatiable vortex, requiring new impressions, multiple sex partners, and complete adoration to sustain his feeble ego. As we all know, he is no intellectual giant. He silences his competition (anyone else’s intellect) with the rigid emphasis on being present to one’s surroundings, effectively stopping thoughts and blunting development of the higher intellect in his students. The sequence is yet another manifestation of this dominance. It is the higher centers that make one independent of the group, something he cannot tolerate. The functioning higher centers make one a virtuoso mystic who can sustain oneself in any environment.

    For me to successfully leave the FOF I had to make a conscious choice to pursue a profession that required me to be more in the moment. As I stated in my prior posts, that’s what I took away from being close to RB. I perceived that it was his role as a ‘teacher’ that kept him relatively dialed in and present. But he needs to be a teacher with a constant supply of students to keep him going. You cannot graduate from his school or he’s screwed. I had to find my own path without entertaining the idea that I had to duplicate what RB duplicated from Alex Horn. In RB’s perverted world, there are only four types of people, dead life people, ex-students, students, and himself as a teacher. So that leaves his students who want to evolve with only one choice, to become a teacher like him. And what a role model! That’s how he holds his students captive, along with the ‘lifetime’ trap.

    So in my opinion, in order to evolve out of the FOF, you must abandon the FOF group format and create your own circumstances in your life to sustain your work, always keeping your aim in view. Trust that you will be helped in ways you cannot foresee.

  157. 156 Is from 97/14/Whalerider


  158. FRAUD

    Bass Ackwards, post 82, states:

    ” Our spiritual poverty exists in the Teacher not using his time to explain to us where we are going by using it, what it should feel like, how it feels to him in terms of states, inspiring us with his own profound understanding, etc…

    This reminds me of something that always puzzled me in the school. In one of the journals once there was a quote by Robert, something to the effect that “I do not have time to explain myself.” I found this curious, as he always seemed to have plenty of time to do just about anything he wanted — eat, drink, play golf/tennis, watch football, travel the world, get everyone else to tend to his every need — essentially live a life of ease. But he didn’t have time to explain his actions … hmmm.


  159. Connivance, Desecration, Joint Negligence, FRAUD

    Still, I truly believe that when you say things like:

    “Some people know the difference between the things they are capable of knowing and the things they cannot know”

    and inappropriately apply these wise words to justify your Beloved Teacher’s despicable and very earth-bound behavior, you are causing our Lord Sovereign Endlessness to suffer some very verifiable pain. It’s really a bit of a blasphemy.

    I am really thrown off by what Sharon referred to in a recent post as the “callousness” of your school’s group think. See, by labeling them “same old stories”, you seem to be allowing yourself to dismiss former students’ (and possibly old friends’) very human disclosures about Robert’s constant abuse of power, money, sex and glory, so that you don’t even have to try to delve for one moment of your precious life into the pain that each of these stories contains.

    At least consider the possibility of listening to these tales more openly, as if they had nothing to do with your personal life, maybe read them aloud like stories you would tell at night to your grandchildren. Try not to label, buffer, judge. Try to feel.

    Maybe Robert’s so-called consciousness, the “high” he emanates, is just the vibratory result of all the sex energy he constantly sucks in from all the lambs slaughtered on his altar.


  160. Fraud in the Inducement

    What you are offering about non-duality and advaita has uncovered a deeper understanding for me of why I was inherently dissatisfied with RB’s teaching: he is identified with his self-ascribed role as teacher and identified with the expression of his sexuality and that limits his consciousness and being.

    It would be a conflict for the narcissistic personality to give up its attachment to the sense of itself (or its inflated self-importance), which is why RB continues to be so indulgent in his sexual behavior and consistently refuses to enable his students to graduate. Why should he? Narcissism values the accumulation of money for its own sake more than what the money can provide. And there can never be enough of those narcissistic tools or objects, the need is insatiable. This identification with his role and his sexual bodily functions keeps him from experiencing the non-duality and selflessness that exists in the fourth state, objective awareness. He acts as though his selflessness is determined by how many blowjobs he gives!

    Thus, in my opinion, RB’s prior legacy of overemphasizing the third state of self-remembering illustrates the limitations of his consciousness and being. Self-remembering is only one step of the staircase, as one poster put it. That’s where he camped out for decades. He rarely, if ever talks about his experiences of the fourth state. Could he have mistaken an experience of the fourth state for his so-called ‘crystallization’?

    To me, this is what advaita reveals: RB lacks being in the fourth state. The ultimate goal is not just the third state of ‘self’ remembering, but more being in the fourth state where the self does not exist. Thus, in my opinion, the fourth way is not lacking in the non-duality concept; it is RB’s teaching and being that is lacking. Does that coincide with your current understanding as well?


  161. Fraud, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

    REB is the expert at the fourth line of work (work ON other people) whilst all the time pretending to work on himself. He really believes that the sex burden he endures is his particular ‘intentional suffering’ visited upon him by the gods against his will. So, in turn, he does not hesitate to inflict his will upon others in like manner – hence the name Robert Earl Burden. [Ready to foist any kind of burden on anybody for fun, pleasure, and/or purpose.] All must endure this affliction and be unified in crime.

    Criminals do it regularly: initiate their subordinates into ‘the life’ of criminal behavior so that they can join the ‘club’ (read: clubs, as in instinctive centered activity). This way all are loyal to the criminal way-of-life and have nowhere else to turn to due to shame, etc., and the fact that they can no longer function in ordinary life. Any criminologists out there who would like to comment? Some day the FBI will study REB as a classic example of certain type of criminal behavior…

    “The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” WS

    166/13/Prophet is a profit

  162. Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    In the new Fellowship of Friends website is written:
    “Throughout the years, Robert’s spiritual teaching has never strayed from focusing on the practical moment-by-moment efforts necessary to awaken from sleep. He has taught the same message at all Fellowship gatherings, and has striven to be personally accessible to each member of the Fellowship. He has tirelessly sought new inspiration, introducing fresher approaches to each member’s internal efforts, and always providing loving guidance and support”

    The biggest lie of all: “and has striven to be personally accessible to each member of the Fellowship”

    189/13/The pearl of Great price

  163. Conspiracy to Defraud, Collusion

    Here’s my take on the re-vamped Fellowship of Friends website. As background, I managed a non-profit for some time and worked closely with the lawyers to make sure the website communicated the purpose of the organization such that no one could contest the tax exemption. There are many different ways to say the same thing. So I know of what I speak.

    It’s clear to me that the Fellowship of Friends website is strongly aligning the organization with other “legitimate” churches and religions – raises a lot fewer questions than being a Gurdjieff-Ouspensky conscious school. Now, some may say that this is truly the direction the Fellowship of Friends “as it continues to evolve” but the timing of such dramatic changes is sure curious in light of the recent discussions and revelations on the blog, don’t you think?


  164. Enticement of Parent, Invasion of Privacy, Negligence,
    Child Endangerment

    If memory serves, Mervyn Brady was in the London center in the early 1980s. An ambitious (power feature) youngish man clearly scavenging for some means to make himself into a guru. The Havens suggested that he and his wife (Melanie I think?) give up their 9 year old son for adoption because the boy was pretty out of control during meetings and a constant interruption to any adult conversation. (not kidding). I believe Melanie was from Spain and hardly spoke English so she couldn’t tell what was really going on. I was appalled at the adoption suggestion of the Havens and remember speaking to Melanie about what to do. This was around the same time the Anne Rodney articles came out in the London newspapers.

    203/13/Shelley M.

  165. They have given up their spiritual life to truthiness rather than exposing it to investigation and critical review. In fact, the attitude has only been reinforced by the Fellowship and by Robert Burton. Students at this stage go around saying things like “None of what the Teacher said made sense, but it was a beautiful experience anyway” and “It doesn’t matter what your many I’s say because they are just ‘I’s, the main thing is that you remain positive and keep trying to apply what Robert teaches”, and “While on some literal level the Teacher may be ‘wrong’, none of that is important as long as you are doing the sequence and being present – and anyway, it is emotional to think that ancient schools left messages for us”, and “It may seem like it’s not awakening me but that’s only because I’m not making enough effort, so I must learn to be more passionate about the sequence”. Rationality is beyond the ceiling of most of the Fellowship today. The school is about believing, uncritically accepting revealed truths so that you may be saved by doing the one right thing that will bring you the desired immortality.

    The problem which arises is that in my feeling, nowadays there are many, many FoF students – those not completely trapped in the wheels of the political machinery and their public roles – who are eager to move beyond what they feel to be a spiritual kindergarten. Yet, since for years they have been programmed to believe that Robert is the highest ideal of conscious man, they consciously or subconsciously keep looking to Robert for permission, and when none is given, they unhappily strive to emulate him and to make his teaching compatible with their own understanding that sometimes far exceeds that of the Teacher. If I observed correctly, this is even true of Girard. Robert is stalling everybody…


  166. 165

    Sometimes it’s helpful to give ‘quotes’ to illustrate the ‘effects’ of the ’causes’…

  167. FRAUD

    Anyhow, let us accept your premise that RB is conscious, has a view of the truth unseeable from our perspective because he lives in a permanently higher state and we live in a lower state. This viewpoint reinforces the inbuilt desire in us as humans to follow an authority, rather than to rely on ourselves and look within ourselves and use our innate intelligence for finding the truth. Look around you and see that this is the human condition, everyone seeking outside themselves for someone, some group or religion or organization to align with and follow.

    So RB is a higher being, he points the way by providing tools for students to use to reach higher states of prescence; do this exercise, stop imagination, practice the sequence, self remember…sometimes this seems to work in that moments of ‘prescence’ appear, at other times maybe not. All pretty benign and positive so far.

    He also requests large monetary payments, lives like a king, has sex with many of his followers, and excommunicates followers who leave the organization, unless they wish to return in which case further large fees are demanded. He also reinforces the dependency that followers begin to form on the organization, by convincing them that this is a unique organization, and encouraging social and other forms of reliance on it. How can this be explained by the argument that he is a higher being? Does not your innate inner intelligence indicate to you that there is some discrepancy here?

    Surely a genuine higher being would encourage you to find the higher in yourself, guiding you to more self reliance and true freedom, to a state where there is no conflict or battle, but a realization of what is true and right from the place which is within us all, but covered by layers of ‘thought’, ‘conditioning’ and ‘belief’.

    Should a devoted follower admit the possibility that RB may be a charlatan, then they will naturally undergo a great deal of inner conflict, confusion and fear. It requires one to see that ones previously held beliefs or assumptions are flawed. As we invest our identity in our beliefs, this is naturally quite traumatic. However, continuing to rely on that which is beneath all thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, fears, concerns; our underlying innate being and intelligence, our awareness that we are, just as everyone and everything else is, allows us to let this go, and the scales that covered our eyes regarding the FOF fall away.

    227/13/Lust for Life

  168. EFFECT (Fraud in the Inducement)

    Conversely, if your concept of ‘Influence C’ was mistaken, and Robert was indeed a deluded sociopath, then yes, the ranks of the school would be filled with those of lesser logic, correct? Isn’t that one of the main arguments from many on this blog? Once the lower self accepts a belief it will tend to deny all evidence to the contrary. This is lesser or irrational logic. At one time I accepted the belief that Robert had conscious being, yet once I experienced him up close and personal, my conscience would not let deny the mounting evidence to the contrary. I either had to sublimate my conscience to his will or take the hard road of leaving him with my conscience intact. Obviously, I chose the later, and I am eternally grateful that I did.


  169. REFERENCE (Fraud)

    In 1981 there was an exposé in one of the large London newspapers about RB’s homosexual behavior with students and the Fellowship as a cult. There was a connection between the article and the highly influential parents of a London student named Anne R. This article came out shortly after the article in the S.F. Chronicle. It caused a wave of “oh mys” in the London center, where Girard and Barbara were directors.

    Linda T.R.K. visited London around that time and we went out to a pub together for a drink. I was telling her how horrible I thought the press was being and how absurd it was that ANYONE would accuse RB of deceiving us. She took pity on me and told me that everything in the article was TRUE. A chasm opened up from under my feet at that moment (wowie wooie, third state!) and the conflict between my experience with synchronicity, my friendships in the fof and the politics of the fof was born.

    249/13/Shelley M

  170. Fraud in the Inducement, Negligence, False Pretenses

    I have a small example that illustrates the truth of the above two quotes from your post. About a year ago I was sitting with two very devoted students. One of them made the frequently heard comment that we are so lucky to be in the school because people in life are not interested in awakening. I very gently mentioned that there are, in fact, many people in the world now who are very interested in spiritual development and awakening. I pointed out that many in the school are unaware of this development and of all the wonderful resources that support spiritual growth because we refuse to acknowledge anything outside the Fellowship.

    The student commented, “Well, that is not what Robert tells us and I intend to align my thinking with Robert’s.” Then the heavy silence that comes when someone questions or casts any doubt on RB or FOF enveloped us and I knew it was pointless to say anything else.


  171. Collusion, False Pretences

    It’s an interesting study to see how The FOF governing body makes it’s decisions. Governing body, of course, with RB in the CEO’s chair.

    This realization first struck me back when the smoking exercise was first instituted. I was pretty close to the fire at the time and my “informed sources” said the idea came to fruition when RB was given an estimate of the amount of money spent by students each month on cigs, at the same time they were in a money crunch (which is pretty much all the time) and special donations were rising and coming more often.


  172. Fraud, Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent misrepresentation, False pretenses

    You are buffering the fact that we clearly understand what is going there:

    Foolofit) #595 Page 11

    “The only thing you need to know is the R. does what he does and definetely doesn’t care if the student can actually digest or process the experience. Some of the guys that went with him were at their first experience with a man or a woman! R. was the first experience for them.

    “Many of the young people left the school because it was the only way for them to stop traveling with R. I know the fof’ers will say that it was their choice. But then try to be a young solar-lunar(sorry for the language!) and resist your super-dominant teacher, very experienced in bending (figuratevely) people will …..

    “As he said to someone (still traveling with him now) 13 years ago, that was trying to stop traveling after I stopped: “You are a gift from Influence C to me, don’t ever ask me again to stop, take a week off and come back”. His choice of course, but with a lot of manipulation”

    “You are a gift…” He is telling this guy that he owns his body and can take it at will and the guy believes it. Anyone else see something more than sick in this “conscious” relationship.

    All this talk of the higher ideals of “school” is obscene in the light of what goes on in the backrooms of “a conscious teaching.” Your teacher is a ruthlessly selfish cult dictator and the people around him are the weak-willed, weak-minded types that fall under the dominion of spiritual criminals, they only escape when all innocence within them has been destroyed. See…this is the reason they are not happy about their experiences once they get away. Only then do they completely realize that they were used with less than nothing in return.


  173. Joint Negligence, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    “For your information, Robert has not read a single line of this blog and it is unlikely he will. He has not tried to dissuade anyone from leaving and will not do so. More important there is no judgment from him about it, or about the students–he is simply not even thinking about it or about former students. This may seem different from years ago (and it is)–a sign of evolution, as I see it.” Siddiq



    “Finally, Robert Burton relished destroying anyone who had the temerity to leave FOF. He had his assistant call me after I had left to inform me that, in his words “I had died”.”

    The theory is that Robert Burton is actually evolving, now he doesn’t bother to order a boy to call and inform you of your death when you leave.


  174. Fraud, Desecration *f

    But, what has changed? In the last years there has been an increasing emphasis upon an almost compulsory attendance to Events along with their attendant high cost. While the Teaching itself grew less and less personally interesting, the image of ‘Our Beloved Teacher’ seemed to increase in importance. These and many other impressions have served to make the School a currently psychologically unpleasant and uninteresting experience for many students.

    Another idea relative to the existence of a School is that it exists for it’s own purposes, that is, to fill some need for humanity. From that angle it can be seen as to be guided by someone who is clued in to Higher Centers and thus knows what is needed. Robert has always maintained that the Fellowship serves as an Ark for Humanity, guided (through him) by Influence C. It still may be that, which is how the Sequence and the Keys have emerged into a new formulation of our School’s Mission on Earth. To fully accept that mission means to accept that Robert is fully Conscious, that his Higher Centers are accurately reading the signs from Influence C and that Influence C is best revealed to students through understanding the Keys and the Sequence.

    325/13/Bass Ackwards



    It is interesting to note that although Robert Burton considers and portrays the Fellowship of Friends to The Fellowship of Friends as an “ark for humanity”, he, simultaneously builds this ark on the premise that everything else ‘in life’ (humanity at large), not referential to what he is doing in the Fellowship of Friends, is “worthless, pitiful, moon-food, etc.”
    I ask the Fellowship of Friends ~ How is it that you have an ark “for Humanity” built with nails labeled “Contempt for Humanity”, not to mention Robert Burton’s total lack of humane treatment of the dying, the ones who say ‘no’ to his (possibly diseased and hiding it) sexual predatory attempts, wives of his ‘be available on my demand, no matter what your wife or child needs in the moment’ ‘boys’, ?
    Yet, further up on my list is the question above even those concerning Robert Burton, after all, he’s simply ‘one’, how is it that a thousand people can support such a movie projection being played upon their inner-screen?

    You guys must have some pretty funky popcorn to go along with this show.

  175. Joint Negligence, DESECRATION, Collusion, Misapplication of Funds, False Advertising, False Pretenses, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Conspiracy to Defraud, Fraud

    Hi everyone,
    I was looking through my old e-mails from 2004 and 2005 and was shocked to see that I was actually getting 1 to 3 solicitation e-mails from Fellowship EVERY DAY prompting me to buy something. Bookmarks, ruffle tickets, trips with Beloved Teacher, dinners, “Thoughts” publications, items for auctions etc etc. Buy, buy, buy! Log on on Propylaia NOW!!!
    I recall someone said on this blog (long ago) that there is no pressure in the school to buy things or events, or something like that. Boy, I wish this person looked in my mailbox! I don’t get as much commercial spam from anyone else… I think even used car dealerships pale in comparison with agressive sales tactics used in FOF…
    Is there ever enough? How much money does one need to extract from his students in exchange for his teaching? What are we paying for? Where all this money go?

    Here’s some excerpts from solicitation e-mails :

    Christmas Day is approaching…..the day Robert is to announce the CHOSEN ONE.
    We had 290 Students today receive gift certificates to Robert’s “Premiere $25,000 Holiday Dinner”
    We need 710 more responses by FRIDAY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! 1000 X $25 = $25,000
    Go to Propylaia NOW!
    500 Gift Certificates were sold since our announcement at the meeting yesterday. How wonderful for Robert and for us. World 12……. Let us sell the next 500 by Christmas Eve.
    You must ask for what you really want!
    Method of payment: Send a dollars check made out to FOF to PO BOX 100, Oregon House, CA 95962.
    Enter your credit card information on our web site.
    Everything you see around you will one day disappear, except Love, which lasts forever. Hafiz
    Remember I love you, now and forever. Robert
    WE ARE NOW AT $85,000! This leaves only $55,000 to be raised for Robert’s Crystallization Gift, so if you did not have time to contribute last week you can go to https://www.propylaia.org now to enter your gift amount.
    On May 12 it will be Robert’s Birthday! This is our Precious gift to him for this year 2005 – with love! 30 diamonds – 30 work I’s – $30,000 to be raised by May 12th! “God will ask at the ressurection: Did ou bring me a present? Did you forget? Did you think you wouldn’t see me?” Rumi
    Better late than never! Some of you perhaps missed the email about Robert’s Birthday Present!
    Go to propylaia and let’s surprise him with more birthday gifts before he leaves Apollo next week!
    The price for this special holiday dinner is $1000.,
    or $500 plus four full-day vouchers.
    “Now is the time to take what the Gods allow.” Robert
    There are still 2 more days to contribute!
    Purchase a $44 or $12 bookmark and we will enter you in the Prize Drawing.
    Have you bought your tickets for the Holiday Prize Drawing? We have only raised $5000 by now!
    Looking forward to see you at the Live Auction,
    Apollo Auction Team
    Dear Friends, Did you know that 80 students have already purchased a Birthday bookmark, which automatically enters them in the Birthday Prize Drawing? We still need another 280 purchases to reach our goal of $17,000. Have you bought your bookmark? Have you considered purchasing another one?
    Maharajah Tent Inaugural Dinner – $300/ $150
    The Imperishable Stars Dinner – $250
    Turkish Tea in the Oasis – $150
    Sunrise Breakfast with Robert – $250
    High Tea at your home with Robert – $4,400
    Reception at your home with Robert – $4,400
    Breakfast at your home with Robert – $4,400
    Dinner at your home with Robert – $8,800
    Family photo with Robert – $150
    Apollo D’Oro Parking Space – $750/ $400
    Galleria Parking Space – $650/ $400
    Our Beloved Teacher will move with presence across the globe once again this time in September to Tel Aviv, Florence and London. Please see Propylaia for Early Reservation and Couples Discount until September 1st.
    38 years of meeting C Influence, 38 years of dedication.
    Would you all like to add a $38.00 contribution to your card, it would then become a gift in a Love message?

    403/13/Purchasing Awakening

  176. TAX FRAUD, ‘501 Fraud/Violations’

    The month before I left, a Burton cell phone bill from one of his cars was over $4,000, and the FoF couldn’t pay it; so Burton just called around and had students put it on their credit card. How does an accountant deal with this? What column in the books does this go on? I’d guess that much of the accounting of the FoF is fraudulent to bypass the requirements of the canons and the intent of non-profit organizations (that they are specifically required to avoid benefit to the organizers). There may be even two sets of books… But to answer in terms of the broad picture, say ten percent for necessary overhead, ten percent for salaries, and the rest to indulging Burton’s every whim and fantasy. Just the costs of maintaining and transporting the on-demand sperm bank has to be over a million a year.

    The new FoF website has made it crystal clear that it is now officially “The Church of Robert Burton”, complete with new religion. There is the hook of the Fourth Way link when doing a Google search, in that there are redirects to the new organization; too valuable to abandon.

    420/13/Ames Gilbert

  177. Conspiracy to Defraud, Coercion, Collusion, Negligence

    Thanks for taking the time to present the ugly facts.
    Contrary to false claims by Siddiq that FOF members are not reading the blog, well, they are and whats more many are still being slowly awakened to the reality of the FOF and Burton by continued exposure to it.
    Some recent changes that can be directly attributed to it’s influence are the relaxing of the no fraternizing with ex members ‘Rule’ , the freedom to explore other ‘Teachings’ without being thrown out for it and as a measure of how desperate the FOf is becoming at the loss of members/revenue, many students who were backing out of the Fof by saying they cannot afford the donations are being given huge ‘Discounts’ and having there outstanding back payments waived just to keep them in. Also the unprecedented step has been taken of actually calling members who have left recently ( those that just let their subscription expire without any formal departure) to entice them to rejoin again with the dropping of outstanding back payments.


  178. Joint Negligence, DESECRATION, Collusion, Misapplication of Funds, False Advertising, False Pretenses, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Conspiracy to Defraud, Fraud

    “BUY! BUY! BUY! More effort! More effort!” – that should be true FOF slogan…
    Here’s some more e-mails for your reading pleasure. (2004-2005). This kind of stuff comes to our mail boxes every day, often 2-3 a day… Notice the last message from RVW – it speaks of interesting separation between “Robert’s funds” and the rest of the funds… Which Robert’s funds? It’s all the funds he makes from his dinners, meetings, travels, breakfasts and teas… That’s “his personal money”. These days it means mostly 2 events a day, 2 meetings a week… That adds up to a nice personal fund!
    But wait a second… I thought the orgnization was NON PROFIT… So which personal fund are we talking about? And I bet he doesn’t pay any taxes on his personal funds… Hmmm…

    We raised $11,000 in the Crystallization 2004
    Jewelry Prize Drawing! Please see winners below:
    You can pay in up to FIVE TIME PAYMENTS. This is on the website when you “check out” – it gives you the opportunity to sign up for all of the events with the possibility to pay over 5 months. Robert has asked that each person try to sign up for at least two events. Remember – there is standing room!
    Do you see your name below?
    Do you see your friend’s name?
    Wouldn’t you like to go to to Vienna and be with your friends and your teacher?
    There are 206 students that live less than 1000 km from Vienna. 71 are signed up to go.
    Why don’t the rest of you get on a bus and go! Sign up on Propylaia….
    1,000 Tickets To The Vienna Opera House
    With Only 72 Left For Sale…Not Bad…Want One?
    Did you know that we bought over 1,000 tickets
    to fill the Vienna Opera House with students
    for Robert’s arrival June 7 – June 14?
    Let’s finish this octave…72 tickets to go…
    We (RVW) face a large payment of $290,000 due at the end of this month – our line of credit that must be repaid in full at the end of June. This year our aim has been to raise the full amount through our own efforts and to pay the loan
    off permanently. We have already paid off one half of this amount and are trying to raise the remaining $145,000 over the next two weeks. We are within $30,000 of our goal. If we are short, the Fellowship will need to pay this on our behalf.
    12 DAYS to raise $30,000 in sales from the Apollo community…
    Every order brings us closer to our goal of meeting our own needs without drawing on the energy and resources of our Teacher.
    So an RVW wine purchase not only helps build Apollo today by not diverting Robert’s funds – it also helps build Apollo in the future by improving our credit rating!
    425/13/Purchasing Awakening

  179. FRAUD, Wrongful Discharge

    He has been given enough benefit of the doubt, the time has been far more than adequate, the experiment that has used up half of some people’s lives is fraudulent, the man behind the curtains is a sham. One declaration relayed to me by Peter Bishop, by Burton’s specific request, “Conscience is just a collection of “I”s; anyone accumulating too much material there should leave the school”, tells it all (Note: I have the tape, literally; I recorded the conversation. Advice to all people in the FOF interested in graduation: carry recorders—discreetly, of course— so you can review important conversations and “meetings” later, in a more objective mode, outside the prevailing “belief field”).

    So, he feeds and thrives on the power of his students. Gurdjieff called this power, haverno, the power of kingship.

    429/13/Ames Gilbert

  180. When we join a school we are asked to give up the illusion that we own our bodies. We find our way into a school looking for awakening, but we are unaware of the payment. When the payment is presented to us, some balk at
    the ultimate cost. This is why awakening is called the Pearl of Great Price.

    And why shouldn’t it be costly if it guarantees us eternity? All pay differently but all pay the same; they are asked to give up their particular illusions; one of the main ones being that we own our bodies.
    EFFECT (Quote from current Fellowship of Friends Member)

    It is all grace or the opposite of grace, often both; but the choice is not ours. Conscious Beings are the only ones who are qualified to serve as a go between for Influence C for those who are not awake. This applies to the FoF
    and its students; and Influence C, as I know them, do not miss the mark. They, after all, invented the mark.

    The methods used in our school to remove the illusions of students do not come from any person, teacher included, but from Influence C. People have every right to leave a school and resume the illusion that they own their bodies.

    But if they want to remain in and influence C is intent on lifting that veil, it’s a conflict they won’t win. I’m sorry if these statements offend anyone; it’s a reality that many have verified in our school, as well as in previous ones.


  181. 180

    Data info glitch (coincidence?)

    Title is ~

    EFFECT (Quote from current Fellowship of Friends Member)

  182. Connivance, Fraud, False Pretences, Willful Misconduct *g

    I have learned how to self remember from Robert, as well a number of other important tools for waking up. This has changed my life and is changing it still. This is deeply empowering the right part of ourself. As has been said many times over, no one needs to participate in what you call the pathological parts of the school–rather this is where character is built or lost.




    Many hundreds in the Fellowship of Friends are under this impression, that one can ‘pay for’ the “empowering” part, while not supporting the “pathological” part; this is simply untrue, especially when considering the Conspiracy to Defraud students who are lead to believe that they’re in a spiritual fourth way school whose funds are equally dispersed according to their collected needs and wills; again, this is simply untrue and has been for 37+ years under the subjective and reckless greed of Robert Burton.

    The attitude above is one of the major ‘buffers’ which keep hundreds of students tuned into imagining Robert Burton’s characteristics and qualities; yet, like the facts concerning the Misappropriation of Funds and Violations of Fiduciary Duties, they are assuming all of the time; very little of the adulation given outwards to Robert Burton from his students is based on Conscience and Essence-verifications, common sense quality of life and humane treatment assessments of the organization as a whole and it’s leader… it is simply ‘wishful thinking’, ‘hope’ projected upon ‘a leader’ who smiles, having practiced to do so, and who uses the name of ‘C-Influence or The God’s’ to coerce and Intentionally Inflict Emotional Distress upon sex candidates who initially say ‘no’ to his advances, so to coerce them into complying, through fear of the gods, their social reputation in close-knit community of friends, their ‘immortal’ souls going to the moon and so on.

  183. Collusion, Connivance, Sexual Predator, Joint Negligence, Conspiracy to Defraud, Negligent misrepresentation

    In regards to ~ Howard Carter #433 wrote ~

    “We don’t own our bodies; that’s one of the biggest myths mankind perpetrates on itself. Influence C owns them.”

    This is one of the biggest myths the FOF perpetrates upon its members and is an example of institutional complicity in Robert’s sexual predatory behavior. Anyone who promotes this belief supports the play of crime. The fourth way literature is quite clear on the origin of ‘c-influence’, influences derived from person to person contact with a living, breathing conscious being.


  184. Conspiracy to Defraud, Collusion, Connivance

    There seem to be a number of central, recurring themes on this blog. One of them is the willful disregarding of the evidence on every level, physical and psychological, internal and external. So, you “turned it off”; that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. When you bury your head in the sand, the world above the sand still goes on regardless. Hiding your eyes with your hands whenever you come across uncomfortable dichotomies and chanting “nah-nah-na-na-nah” doesn’t bring you knowledge, let alone wisdom. You say there is much that seems to go on fine without you, but you are still involved, still responsible; saying “no” to a small aspect does not absolve you of complicity in the rest.

    Members of the board of the Fellowship of Friends, take note: Ignorance (especially willful) is no defense, so too “just following orders” is no defense.

    Hey, someone should pass on this blog to a PhD candidate in psychology who is looking for a thesis… such rich material!

    469/13/Ames Gilbert

  185. Fraud, Corruption in Office *h

    Question from current Fellowship of Friends member ~

    “Whalerider and all who think that remaining in the school is the equivalent of and condones the “play of crime” etc., does this also mean leaving the USA for some other country when we see Bush commit his atrocities in the world? Can we do something about all the injustice everywhere, all at the same time? Or is there room to make the world a better place, one moment at the time?”


    Answer from Fellowship of Friends Ex-member ~

    Bush is not the god of this country like Burton is the god of the fellowship of friends. But, yes we are culpable in the practices of our leaders and if we choose we can try to get rid of Bush, Cheney and the lot and replace with better leaders. Can you do that in the fellowship of friends?

    *h There are no ‘checks & balances’ in this ‘official church of California’; no methods of putting their leader Robert Burton under any level of personal accountability or call for change; every change is seen as ‘official’ and not through personal cause & effect; leaving those with concerns no clear picture as to whether their ‘issues’ are being addressed or even considered… One such student, E., who had issue with the ‘teacher’ (Robert Burton) called him, spoke to one of his ‘boys’ and was later called back to be told not to speak concerning such areas of concern for the next two years… Robert Burton is both Plaintiff, Defendant, Judge, Jury, Guard and stenographer in his office with the Fellowship of Friends: if such things do occur that may hinder his illegal access to funds, like RVW becoming a separate legal entity from the Fellowship of Friends, Robert Burton simply ratchets up fund raisers, special donations, finds ‘needy issues’ (like the need to re-construct the fire damaged restaurant on Fellowship property) within this small, intimate organization to call for aggressive fund raisers, whose proceeds are not applied to said fund raiser cause.

  186. 185

    472/473/13/Siddiq & KA

  187. Discrimination, Desecration, Disparent Treatment, Fraud, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Favortism

    (This is about a CHOSEN ONE).

    1. What is the Premiere $25,000 dinner?
    C Influence will choose one student in the entire school to have a wine cellar dinner with Robert and Asaf for the Holidays.
    Black tie. Candlelight.
    The dinner will be a three course Galleria gourmet dinner accompanied by three wines from Robert&rsquos personal reserve.
    Thank you to everyone who participated – we reached our goal of $25,000 …. $25, $25, $25, at a time….
    Yesterday, Robert called the winner, XXX at Apollo and let him know that the dinner would be that same night!…
    They were taken downstairs into the intimate wine cellar…
    Robert spoke about the valuation of the whole school in the raising of the 25,000 dollars, and about the way C influence manifested through this event. …
    Robert said that this dinner was worth doing because of the state we were sharing in the moment. …
    As the winners were leaving the Galleria, an owl in the cypress tree called to them, “who, who, ‘are you’” reminding them of the great help they have – the owl remained until Robert was called and then the owl flew off. Robert remembered that on New Year’s last year there was also a shock of the owl in the cypress tree.
    You are all winners.

    480/13/Purchasing Awakening

  188. EFFECT (Negligent Misrepresentation)


    Note: The same type of owl was later found floating in the Fellowship of Friends ‘Poseidon Fountain’, the largest fountain directly stationed in front of Robert Burton’s home, the Galleria; it had broken it’s neck, having flown into the metal statue the night prior …

    These sorts of omens rarely are ‘chosen by the teacher’ as they might upset his choosing which omens from the gods that put his ruling of the Fellowship of Friends in a divine light due to their positive affirmative tone (1/2 the picture he shows, the other half is kept on the dark side of the moon.)

    Conspiracy to Defraud

  189. DESECRATION, Conspiracy to Defraud

    I am still reeling from your post, Howard! I am glad you finally got that out in the open…maybe now you can separate from it and grasp what you are actually saying!

    “Conscious Beings are the only ones who are qualified to serve as a go between for Influence C for those who are not awake. This applies to the FoF and its students…”

    Where in the hell did you get that idea? Gurdjieff is rolling in his grave! There is no work book that states that! The fourth way is for the mystic, not sycophant sheep. The fourth way is about gaining self-determination and will through contact with a conscious being and a school for a specific purpose and for a set amount of time! Mystics don’t rely solely on others to change their state or commune with higher forces for them! The fourth way is about personal evolution…creating one’s own connection with the conscious aspect of the Ray of Creation through development of the higher centers in oneself. IN THIS LIFETIME!! Robert only ‘qualifies’ himself; he is a self-proclaimed conscious being and self-appointed dictator of the FOF. Robert was only ‘qualified’ to teach grade school and tennis!

    With your statement you separate the Fellowship of Friends from the fourth way tradition and relegate the FOF to a religion! Is this for the good of the members or to preserve your tax-exempt status and keep the money rolling in? For thousands of years religions have created a corrupt priest class who are the authoritative ‘middlemen’ for God and the ignorant believers. That’s NOT the fourth way, that’s the Catholic Church!

    Yet you have only one high priest of your religion. He claims that his God commands him to have sex with his younger male students in order to be humbled and to help them in their evolution. Any other religion would ex-communicate a priest who performs his ‘duty’ in that manner. That is not the fourth way! Oh, I get it now…it must be the new fifth way!

    BTW, stop lying to yourself and us. The reason you are so hip on obedience is because it is necessary for your own job security that you follow RB’s orders without question and not out of some ‘virtue’. You obey him to cover your own ass and keep your salary; you expect everyone else to do the same so nobody upsets the applecart and you can stay in business.


  190. False Pretenses, False Advertising, Material Misrepresentation, Invasion of Privacy (no unsubscribe)

    And apparently you missed the year 2006!!! The top has been raised, believe me… Thank you for your postings, I left just 4 months ago but I really needed this remainder! Unfortunately, I deleted them from my computer, otherwise I would paste some of them here.
    I feel a kind of pain that it is still there…

    Unsubscribing the mailing list was impossible (as No Person says, I suppose that there should be an “Unsubscribe” option, but in this case, you know, it was a “divine marketing”…), so the only option you had was buffering or marking the messages as spamming. Furthermore, the marketing messages were often coming from different senders, so you could not filter them in one single operation.
    And one day before I left, a friend of mine who still in the Fellowship, told me that “the events do not cost anything…” Buffers?

    504/13/Gabriella F.

  191. Joint Negligence, Collusion, Connivance, Fraud in the Inducement, Fraud

    What is really blowing my mind about this is that, yes, I used to receive these emails and, yes, I used to skim and delete them, and, no, they didn’t push me immediately out of the FOF – another verification of the deep hypnotism I was under. I still believed RB was a “conscious being” and separated that from the ghastly fund raising, which I blamed on Alison.

    Fortunately the hypnotism gradually fell away and I started to see the FOF the way it actually is. You can’t separate RB from Alison’s activities, or any of their other absurdities. He encourages these things, he sets the tone, he’s directly responsible. Siddiq’s compartmentalizing is just another form of lying.

    511/13/Rhino Neal


    I must confess that I was probably buffering too when I was getting these solicitations years ago. I was quickly deleting them without thinking much about it. Sometimes I even donated money being crushed by ‘feminine dominance’ and ‘peer pressure’….
    It was so shocking to see all these solicitations piled up in my Deleted items box. Now I can simply see it all for what it is: shameless money-squeezing scam designed to pay for a excessive life style of one greedy individual. Look they would sell anything – dinners, breakfasts, his published ‘thoughts’, his videos, tours, even pictures taken with him, even book signing! Every day there is a pressure to buy, buy, buy… What for?? And we fools were buying… And smiling… and going deeper and deeper in credit card debt…and declaring bankruptcy…and blaming c-influence… Could I be so gullible?
    It’s humbling to see this now.
    It’s amazing to see how much money these events were raising… Where did it all go? They say “Apollo belongs to all of us”. So what happened to ‘my part’ of it when I left?….

    OK here’s more excerpts from 2004. Gabriella is right – things got worse in 2006… May be i’ll get to it too since I stilll have some from 2006. But let’s read some examples of ‘divine marteking’ of 2004 first…
    Enjoy. (And YES it’s all real. I only copy and paste and shortened it a little to save space. Also I took out names and phone ## but I haven’t added a word.)

    We have to raise $4,000 more to meet our $12,000 target.
    So far, all tickets have been sold within Apollo. We’d like outlying centers to
    purchase at least $2,000 for this auction.
    There are 2 more days to enter the 4 July Prize Drawing!
    You can be the winner of one of the pieces of jewelry or a trip to Apollo/ Athens. We have raised $8750 by now and
    we have to raise $3250 more to meet our goal.
    Touch the Gods with our Teacher in Greece. (2004)
    The ATHENA Tour with Robert – $2600 euros.
    The POSEIDON Tour with Robert’s teachings – $650 euros.
    Reception with Robert -35 euros
    Lunch with Robert – 220 euros (seated)
    Breakfast with Robert – 220 euros (seated)
    Dinner with Robert – 300 euros (seated)
    International meeting with Robert – 180 euros(first row), 150 euros (second row), 90 euros (general seating)
    Buffet reception with Robert – 20 euros
    Tea with Robert – 200 euros (seated)
    Credit cards accepted
    When should I book a ticket for Greece? RIGHT NOW!
    Let us return again and again to the state of effort, to the miraculous present! The glorious gifts of the gods are not to be cast aside. Homer
    New prizes selected by our dear Teacher!
    Please visit our website and go to the Jewelry Prize Drawing
    and enter the drawing by purchasing a bookmark.
    Price is $44 (36 euro).
    One of us could join Robert in his journey to Russia, October 9-13! Any of us can have a chance for only $10.
    95 students have already entered and we look forward for the next 85 entries. To enter: Reply in this moment to …
    Contact the raffle coordinator in your center or your regional raffle coordinator if you are in a center. Call … or email right now to … if you are in Apollo.
    Dear Friends,
    The present moment can even bring you thoughts about
    the Jewelry Prize Drawing.
    Presence please.
    Visit our web site:
    and go to the Jewelry Prize Drawing to find out about the Special Prize.
    Presence please. The bookmark price is $44 (36 euro).
    Because the Drawing for the Buenos Aires trip will take place this Sunday, November 7 at the Galleria before the meeting, you will need to buy your ticket now! Reply now to …
    This year’s Holiday “Remembrance” Auction already started with the Thanksgiving Prize Drawing (have you bought your bookmark yet?) to be drawn on November 25th. Robert is offering more Holiday gifts that will be included on the Christmas Prize Drawing to be launched right after the Thanksgiving.
    Dining with Robert – Here is Robert’s schedule:
    Monday 22:Goethe Room-Breakfast-8:30 a.m.-$150.
    Tuesday 23:Goethe Room-Dinner-7:00 p.m.-$200.
    Thursday 25:Thanksgiving Breakfast-8:30 a.m.-$200.
    Thanksgiving Dinner-3:30 p.m.-$350.
    Friday 26:Goethe Room-Breakfast-8:30 a.m.-$150.
    Saturday 27:Goethe Room-Breakfast-8:30 a.m.-$150.
    Goethe Room-Dinner-7:00 p.m.-$200.
    Sunday 28:Goethe Room lunch for 20 at 12:00 p.m. after meeting- $250-at table/$200 with partner/$100 standing
    Monday 29:Goethe Room-Bon Voyage Breakfast-6:30 a.m. $150.
    Can you help us reach the goal?
    Robert’s goal for the Holiday Prize Drawing is $18000 and we have raised $2600 so far. Please purchase a $44 or $12 bookmark now and we will enter you in the Prize Drawing. The first 5 Holiday Prize Drawing winners will be chosen at the Live Auction on December 12!
    Only 3 more days to enter!
    Have you bought your tickets yet?
    How wonderful to see so many students from all over the world visiting Apollo! Robert is teaching more than ever having THREE teaching events VERY DAY!
    A group of students in Apollo have produced at Robert’s request video recordings of what he considers highest moments of his teaching. Keep up to date with Robert’s conscious teaching and take the opportunity to purchase a video! Have one of your friends visiting here bring it back to you!Purchase your favorite video by visiting our web site by login into propylaia and click on the Apollo Auction link.
    Dear Friends,
    Here’s a wonderful New Year’s Resolution for sustaining the New Man within you: Create or add to a personal Video Library of Robert’s Teaching Events.
    This collection will provide nourishment for your higher centers for many years to come as well as help the School to grow by contributing much needed monies to our Projects Fund. It’s a win-win situation!
    We offer you the following sale items to begin, or add to, your collection: Select 3 items for $100 or EU75
    Select 4 items for $130 or EU100
    Select 5 items for $150 or EU115
    CD’s: Travelling with Robert – volume 1, 2, 3, Dinner with Robert – volume 1, 2, 3, Meeting with the Teacher – volume 1, 2, 3. Select 3 items for $44 of EU35
    Dear Companions,
    As Robert has the first teaching events in Madrid this weekend,
    Tel Aviv raffle, London raffle and another Milan Raffle are open for your entries from around the world!
    New prices!
    1 ticket $10.
    3 tickets $20
    6 tickets $30
    12 tickets $40
    24 tickets $50.
    “When one gains, we all gain”. Love, Robert
    Dear Companions,
    The table of Love is the table of the magician.
    We have seen enough of the lower centers, it is time to see world twelve. Join us this weekend and the coming weekend at the Teaching Events with Robert!
    Dear friends traveling to Milan,
    Robert is offering to seat with you and sign a volume of a book chosen by you at the reception after the meeting in Milan.
    If you would like to purchase a volume of “Best Thoughts” or “Thoughts from the Teacher”, please contact X in Milan. You can also purchase a volume at the Apollo Media Products table after the meeting. If you would like to bring your own volume of a precious book, please do so and contact X.
    Book signing: EU 50
    Dedication: EU 100.

    513/13/Purchasing Awakening

  193. DESECRATION, Fraud, Violation of Fiduciary Duty

    This is very true for most of those on salary. But there is also something else more insidious and unhealthy that keeps things going. Many of the men close to Robert (not necessarily the young lovers but the roles do overlap) spent years groveling and ingratiating themselves to get there. They seem to have a desperate need for approval and exalt over any little crumb of attention thrown their way. It was embarrassing to observe. There is something very childlike and immature in this behavior and to see grown men behave this way is sad. Howard Carter is one of these. I could name a dozen others but most people here know the members that I am referring to.

    It is also true of some of the women who have maneuvered their way to positions near RB but the dynamic is a little different. It doesn’t seem quite so pathetic.


  194. Fraud, Collusion, Connivance

    To Rhino Neal 510: I still believed RB was a “conscious being” and separated that from the ghastly fund raising, which I blamed on Alison.
    Yes, me too! I believed in ‘kind loving Robert’ for long time…
    But think: who is behind all this relentless pushing for money, who selects all the trinkets, fountains, lamps and other ‘projects’, luxuriously travels the world to see ballets and to cruise the Nile and forces community to pay for all this? Do you really think it’s those salaried students who are so eager to collect your money and therefore keep sending you up to 3 stupid solicitations per day? Do you think it’s their ‘initiative’??? Of course not.

    It’s Robert himself all day long and his insatiable greed for money. He orders people to do what hey do… And they do…

    519/13/Purchasing Awakening

  195. Sexual Predator

    (Whalerider wrote to Vena) Vena #512 wrote ~

    “They seem to have a desperate need for approval…”

    That hit home! I have to admit that was me too, 25 years ago. I was a young neophyte seeker, quite vulnerable and spiritually immature. I was understood that to become more spiritually aware I must relinquish my false personality or ego and place my trust in a teacher. But Robert used this to his sexual advantage to satisfy his own personal desires at my expense like a film director uses his ‘casting couch’.

    The spell wore off when I realized I was not the only one sharing my sex energy with Robert and he started pulling my strings and arbitrarily playing me like a trout. I would not let myself become emotionally dependent upon him. I didn’t join a school to play the role of a teacher’s sexual satellite.

    Only when you respect yourself can you gain the respect of others.


  196. FRAUD, Conspiracy to Defraud, Collusion, Connivance, Disparagement, Misapplication of Funds, Favoritism

    I had enough of all the unpleasant reactions to the constant emails. My reactions that is. They were unpleasant because they were correct insights into a corrupt organization that I could not buffer sufficiently. All the Hard sells, lies etc.

    For example, for Robert Burton’s birthday in 2005 we were offered the opportunity to contribute to purchasing a lovely humming bird broach for him. The broach was already part of his extensive multi-million dollar jewelry collection. It turned my stomach to have such a blatant lie in a ‘real school’.

    You cannot believe emails that come out from the corrupt people who run the institution of the Fellowship of Friends. There is no integrity, only manipulation and deceit. If they are honest it is because they need to be somewhat honest in order to continue to retain power.

    It is not because they are sincerely honest from within. It is all power and politics. This is normal and would not be a surprise in a ‘life organization’ where one at least has laws to keep criminality somewhat in check. However in what purports to be an esoteric school of Christianity with a conscious teacher it is unacceptable.

    Remember Gurdieff made a sheep conscious? When asked what he did with the sheep he said they ate it as that is what one does with sheep.

    I suspect that we have been domesticated and are being farmed as relatively awakened sheep who have become dependent on the farm, farm laborers and of course the top of the food chain – the farmer, who milks his inner circle lamb sausages as well as shearing all.

    The only way to survive in the school is to separate from reason and discrimination and go with the attitudes that you have created to allow you to stay. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a form of sleep. Even if it feels good and holy and you feel part of something big and important.
    Time to leave for me.


  197. Discrimination, Favoritism, Disparent Treatment

    Well, the Powers That Be soon caught wind of my flippant love of my fellow student, and total disregard of all that should be. I was demoted and my religious visa application questioned. But was I good student? Not in their eyes, but oh yes I was. Truly.

    527/13/Cake Please

  198. Fraud in the Inducement

    Dear Siddiq,
    with thousands of dollars I used to contibute each year basically to pay for R.’s entertainment, travels, gardens and statues around his house – the question “was it worth it?’ – heck, NO!
    With 1-2 brief visits to Isis per year these are damn expensive “impressions” for those who don’t live there (and for those who live there too!)…
    There is a national park 10 minutes from my house, amazingly beautiful, with lakes and mountains and admission is free… Metropolitan museum in New York is also basically free – you pay what you want, often just a quarter… It’s unforgettable, too.
    There is just something called “GREED”. Incurable insatiable greed that people refuse to see in their “Beloved Teacher”.

    Voluntary fund raising? Dear friend, have you ever been aggressively approached and lectured by authority figures why you MUST contribute? Often it is done in front of others (who already did). It is intimidating, humiliating and very pushy. One feels cornered. No, I would not call it “voluntary”.
    One is under heavy pressure, constant never ending very heavy pressure to donate and buy.
    You are lying if you deny this.
    RB is so busy preparing his “Teaching events” because that’s what brings him money – lots of money. He is searching for stuff to sell to you, silly stories and unverifiable interpretations – and hypnotized people are eager to pay for this utter BS and call it a “teaching”!
    When are you going to finally see? Wake up already.

    528/13/No Person

  199. Favoritism, Fraud, Misapplication of Funds

    In relation to the pseudo teachers excesses, it wasn’t the big things that made me begin to doubt, it was small personal incidents. Like one day being told to go with the secretary and buy some new trousers. When I protested that I didn’t need new trousers and that I didn’t want to use the money that some poor student had scraped together to buy something I didn’t need, I was over ruled.

    It occurred to me later that RB liked gift wrapping on his gifts from C inf, that the wrapping enhanced the pleasure.
    Another time he and I went shopping alone and I saw how totally unused he was to someone saying no to him, when an old queen antique dealer, refused point blank to haggle with him he was completely helpless he became completely tongue tied and flustered. His lack of ability to separate from it got me thinking.
    It is amazing how much I was able to internally readjust in order to accommodate these kind of things and it helps me understand the mental gymnastics and bending over backward that poor current students must go through. Cy.


  200. Desecration, Fraud, Discrimination, Disparagement

    Bruce, I wish you could see the interior of the Galleria now. You would hoot with disbelief. The ceilings have grotesque murals (technically well painted but artistically and esthetically impoverished) of nude students posing as mythological characters, even Julian Hart, completely recognizable, with an erection in the entry way. The back ground color of the mural sin the main salon is pepto-bismol pink. I am not exaggerating.


  201. TAX FRAUD

    As many here have expressed, a “church” that publicly lavishes its leader with extravagant gifts, vacations and travel, while creating a community dependent upon public welfare for health support may arguably be in violation of its IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

    It is a moral, if not legal abuse of the non-profit classification, and reflects a general lack of conscience within the Fellowship of Friends leadership.

    Perhaps the next Greater Fellowship gathering should include a very public, and media-covered vigil outside the gates of Isis. After all, tax-exemption merely redistributes the tax burden throughout society.

    In other words, we all pay for Robert’s indulgences.

    546/13/Tim Campion

  202. CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD, Joint Negligence, Collusion, Connivance, Fraud in the Inducement, False Pretenses

    More ‘Divine marketing’ from FOF:

    The Abundance Fountain (Feb. 2005)
    It will be a gift to our Dear Teacher as a combined celebration of Valentine’s Day and his Crystallization. The cost of the Fountain is $140,000. In order to purchase the fountain for our city, Apollo, we need to raise $70,000 by next week. It means that we may have to go above and beyond what our instinctive centers would “allow” us to do. To meet this aim we established minimum “gift levels” of $50 for salaried students to $2500 for the rest of the school (these are only a minimum, so please be extremely generous).

    Clarification of Per Student Gift Levels: $50 / $100/ $250 / $500 / $1000 / $2500 (Make up to four payments) Please make your contribution before February 14th, Midnight
    To make your contribution go to Propylaia – ROBERT’S GIFT.
    Dear Friends,
    Would you like to support Robert’s aim of growing even more palm trees for Apollo? You can help by enjoying the Apollo palm jam from the last harvest.
    We will also be there with the Apollo Media Products and welcome your generous donation of beautiful objects for the coming Auction.
    TEACHING EVENTS IN CAIRO – April 3rd 2005
    5:30pm PHOTOS WITH ROBERT with Pyramids view
    5:30pm PHOTOS WITH ROBERT with Nile view
    6:00pm RECEPTION WITH ROBERT LUXOR – April 6th
    8:30am BREAKFAST WITH ROBERT LUXOR – April 7th
    6:30pm DINNER WITH ROBERT LUXOR – April 8th
    10:00am MEETING WITH ROBERT followed by reception
    PHOTOS WITH ROBERT in the Garden
    3:00pm TEA WITH ROBERT
    NILE CRUISE – April 9th-12th
    events on board (to be determined)
    Dear Friends,
    The Teacher would like students throughout the School to know his travel plans for the coming year. (2005)
    At Apollo :
    April 20th – May 23rd
    June 15th – July 25th
    August 17th – September 26th
    October 19th – November 28th
    December 14th – January 9th

    Traveling :
    March 28th – April 20th
    May 23rd – June 15th
    July 25th – August 17th
    September 26th – October 19th
    November 28th – December 14th
    We have prepared a wonderful picture of Robert to celebrate his birthday and mark the beginning of our School’s study of the Egyptian mysteries. This picture shows Robert standing before the Nile River. The river appears in the background like a horizon, with our beloved Teacher appearing above it. Our Teacher will be sitting with you, before the Birthday Celebration dinner at Apollo d’Oro on Saturday May 14th, to sign your photo of him, allowing you to spend a few moments with him on this special day. Pictures without signature are also available. This photo is his way of contributing to the building of Apollo. Shall we join him? Please enter the Apollo Auction through Propylaia or contact us at 692-xxxx.

    547/13/Purchasing Awakening

  203. Conspiracy to Defraud, Connivance, Misapplication of Funds

    As far as I can see, half his ‘working day’ seems to consist of phoning Alison or whoever, mentioning another ludicrous sum, dressing up the request with some gobbledygook about crystallization, “C-influence requests…” or whatever. Then off she goes to set the machinery in motion…

    And this is imaged as a kind of private hobby—so he gets to keep all the gross proceeds and fob off fund raising expenses on the FoF. I’m sure the project is sold as him relieving some the burden of the cost of his lifestyle from the poor students—but they get to pay anyway, don’t they? I’d bet there is some tax dodge going on, as well, like transfers to students with lower tax brackets, payment of taxes at the lower rate, then a quick ‘gift’ back to the source. Hey Siddiq, could you do some research and tell me if I’m right or wrong?

    553/13/Ames Gilbert

  204. Fraud, Favoritism, Discrimination, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy, Collusion, Connivance, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Disparagement

    My tipping point.

    Kind of slinky-like ring by ring, until there is no going back.

    Relatively fast compared with some.
    Somewhere between Journey Forth by Day, Bible Keys and Thirty Stars it began.

    I was a dilettante working one day a week with the palm octave. It some how made no sense. These gentle women working in the most extreme conditions: mud to your ankles or 100 degrees in the shade to fulfill the will (whim) of the Teacher.

    Did it really matter to him that this devoted student was still struggling to get legal status for her husband? So difficult because she did not make enough money on salary to support one of them, two was out of the question.

    Or that the sweet Mexican student who suddenly disappeared. Catapulted to Europe because she and Robert loved the same man. And no one would say a word. They closed their eyes and shook their head. The will of the Gods. Please.

    Something was definitely amiss.

    But still last November, there I was at a small Intervention Dinner for a friend, who for all appearances headed out. Girard was the ringer, he was open and honest. But in the end it all went pie shaped.

    My friend had more reasons to leave than most, but still he stayed, trying to make sense of it all.

    Then he sent me the first links: one for Kiran, the other for the blog.

    This is all so negative, and what are they talking about. Too late for me. I had already bitten the apple.

    Question after question, my friends laughing in amazement that I was so clueless. So if ignorance is bliss, knowledge can be hell. But in the end it is the ultimate freedom.

    So my tipping point, those I loved. And you, WhaleRider and those who took the courageous first step for all of us, the fearful and hesitant. Saying in the most gentle way, Wake up, fool your life is waiting for you.

    And my com padre WhaleRider, I know it is so true

    Still haven”t touched down

    555/13/Cake Please

  205. Fraud in the Inducement, Collusion, Connivance

    As of nine months ago, when I left, Girard was doing the occasional fund raising dinner when RB was away. He had been pretty much marginalized. Asaf is the heir designate – he too leads fund raising dinners, and meetings, much more popular events than Girard’s.

    I was a Girard supporter, being appreciative of his honesty, and would attend his events. It was generally the same small group of rather sorry people who couldn’t quite fit in with RB’s faith-based direction. Girard’s events chiefly consisted of him talking at length about obscure topics in a semi-comprehensible way, but it fulfilled some kind of need.

    There was none of the excitement or glitz of RB events. For example, dinner service was usually a mess, the flowers would not have been changed since RB’s event a couple of days ago, and so on.

    My last lunch at Apollo d’Oro was hosted by Girard. I asked him if he felt any of us were going to awaken in this lifetime. He said that if we made enough efforts we might awaken in our next lifetime. I said that this formulation seemed absurd to me and that I believed waking up in this lifetime was perfectly possible. He looked at me quizzically and changed the subject. I got up and left.

    571/13/Rhino Neal

  206. 205

    ‘EFFECT’ is something I would like to add to this example.

    Personally (somehow) I simply do not believe those are Girard’s words; so to speak, albeit he said them, they truly belong to the smoke stacks of the Robert Burton war-ship…(my opinion)

  207. Fraud, Sexual Predator

    About surrendering my will to Reb, I tried it and from trying it for a long time finally came to the conclusion that it was a mistake. He is not C influence, he is just someone so abnormal that he has you in awe for now.
    His misuse of the trust of those young men who put themselves in his trust is an abomination and most definitely the process of crime. Please explain to me in detail how his interaction with them makes for any higher triad.



    More stuff from 2005 marketing campaign:

    This is the first in a series of bulletins that will be sent worldwide on the Journey Forth by Day events in August. (2005)
    All of you have received a Journey Forth by Day kit. If this envelope is buried in a stack of papers on your desk, or sitting on the back seat of your car, now is the time to pull it out and use it – this is your Journey Forth workbook; it is very “user-friendly”. If you have put your poster on the wall, please take it down and look at the calendar. The little wallet-size card has all of Robert’s dining events on it. There are several very good reasons to register now: (reasons listed)
    The revenue from our registrations will cover all the expenses for the 10 days, including 5 ballet performances. Which means that for the first time, Robert does not need to raise the funds himself.
    At his Bon Voyage breakfast on Tuesday, Robert said simply that, after Paradise, Apollo was the most fortunate place to be in the Universe.
    We are here to announce a new Journey, a new quest for keys and understanding.
    This coming November Robert will re-turn to Egypt.
    We can follow him and witness the uncovering of great esoteric secrets.
    “The Golden Pyramid Press is grateful for the opportunity to publish for the Fellowship ‘The Thirty Traditional Stars’ – a publication of the Thirty Precious Work ‘I’s which lead us to the Divine Present.
    The prices are:
    – $50 – regular copy;
    – $100 – copy signed by Robert;
    – $150 – copy dedicated by Robert.
    Taste of Turkey!
    1 TICKET $10
    4 TICKETS $30
    Winner drawn by Girard at the Sunday Meeting so enter Now!
    Last Chance!
    Florence has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
    Enter the raffle and you could be there with Robert beginning September 30th.
    The winner will receive a return flight, accomodation and a seat at Robert’s meeting.
    1 ticket $10
    4 tickets $30
    Dear Friends,
    We invite you to consider the extraordinary possibility of traveling with our Teacher in Egypt this coming November; not only during the seven days in Cairo and Luxor, but especially during the magical three days that will follow on board
    a luxury ship sailing the Nile from Aswan to Luxor.
    This experience is more than we can describe.
    Our valuation is there. Our desire grows stronger each day.
    At each Auction, we renew our efforts to sponsor even more changes in the
    future. We are aiming for $70K for the Project Fund at the Live Auction next
    Sunday, October 9th.
    Waver no more, think only of the Beloved. – Kabir
    “I highly encourage students to purchase this package (Item #44) as it will surely be a keepsake that will continue to give back year after year. Not only is there the video of the Golden Moments, but also the July 4th Ballet, the final installment of the Robert in Egypt video, and the Theatron Meeting with Robert on the 30 Work ‘I’s. The price of the package is less than if you were to buy each video individually.” Linda T.
    Thank you to everyone who generously contributed to our Abundance Auction.
    We raised $56k, which helps us to continue building the beautiful Park of Abundance.
    We still need $24k more to reach our goal of $80k, however.
    Won’t you consider purchasing one of
    the following outstanding items that are available? Please take this precious moment to purchase at least one item. You can contribute for as little as $25.
    Last chance!
    Tomorrow at Robert’s meeting, we will draw another winner for the 7 day package!
    We will have another drawing for the 11 day package, as soon as possible, after that.
    So please try your chances again !
    Dear Travellers to Egypt,
    Do you remember Robert’s idea, initiated in 2001, to ‘Give a Gift and Buy a Gift’ to help build Isis by supporting the Auction?
    Would you consider buying a quality item in Egypt and donating it to the Holiday Auction Faire that will be held daily at Apollo d’Oro starting on December 10?

    590/13/Purchasing Awakening


    Cite the fourth way book that states one has to permanently give up one’s will to awaken. The only thing I recall one has to give up permanently is one’s false sense of oneself. The lower self has fractured wills and no main will other than self-preservation. Having an aim is what changes all that. (Basic fourth way.) I am not talking about the aim to be a good student the rest of one’s life. It is the aim to know thyself, to be true to thyself.

    The main point we disagree on is the idea of giving up one’s will permanently and allowing Robert being the permanent guide. Do we need to be force fed our shocks or can we eventually learn to be self-sufficient and get our shocks from everyday life, our daily bread? To be or to follow (not to be), that is the question!

    IN THE BEGINNING of work on oneself…it is necessary to give up one’s will. How is giving up your will and doing what you are told to do by a ‘higher will’ for fear of ex-communication more conscious living, especially if doing what you are told eventually goes against your conscience? (Remember that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach?) When one is dependent upon another it creates a decidedly ungrounded, unbalanced state of mind. Don’t you think?

    The REAL question, Howard, or whomever you are, is do you experience your higher centers or do you defer yours to Robert? I have been talking about mine for weeks now like a babe crying in the wilderness and nobody else seems to have the balls to talk about theirs. Can you?

    BTW ‘c-influence’ doesn’t own our bodies, the Earth does. We just rent them.


  210. TAX FRAUD, Disparent Treatment, Collusion, Connivance, Favoritism, Discrimination, Misapplication of Funds, Fraud

    Purchasing awakening…

    If what you posted is true, oh my god, RB is acting like a prostitute!
    He seems to have a relentless creativity for getting money…

    Here is a little true story:

    Years ago RB was giving to some of the students in Renaissance his used luxury clothing items like shoes etc.
    In the meantime these students had to re-pay RB back for the value of their gifts. How? A sum of 50 dollars was added to the already meager salary for a few months until the value of the gifts were repaid by the students themselves who had to write a check back to RB.
    A way to make extra cash…. Obsessive compulsive disorder for sure.

    RB’s defendants, please find a good excuse for this.


  211. 210

    Another example of ‘subtle negativity’… Besides the obvious points in this story; there’s also the fact that his students paid for the gifts in the first place: so they paid for them twice. In essence Robert Burton is asking TWICE for the same gift’s measure of intent…

    Conscious Being…? Cheez Whiz!

  212. DESECRATION, Misapplication of Funds

    “Better late than never! Some of you perhaps missed the email about Robert’s Birthday Present!
    Go to propylaia and let’s surprise him with more birthday gifts before he leaves Apollo next week!”

    This one got my attention. Ha! The man never tolerated, much less, appreciated surprise gifts. Do you really think he would allow students to spend $30,000 on “surprise” birthday gifts the HE DIDN’T CHOOSE??

    The concept of a gift as a symbolic gesture of affection and respect was not present in RB, as far as I could observe. He was a pure shopper in the mode of the character “Elle” in the movie “Clueless”. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills sickens me to this day.
    Looking at recent photos of RB, it would appear he shops at the “Super fly” boutique on Rodeo Drive. Who’s dat pimp??

    602/13/Dick Moron

  213. Fraud, Desecration

    Howard Carter, Siddiq, et al, the Teacher you serve does things that hurt the Essence of other people, even or especially his students. He has no Conscience. And yes, a Teacher has all the right and necessity to destroy Personality (both False and True), and Nisargadatta was a master at it, but no, not Essence. Essence is where we start from, where we grow from. Only a damaged essence with no Conscience would think otherwise. Howard, I suggest you take a little time out and read some of Nisargadatta, he is the future of our School, if there is one to be had.

    608/13/Bass Ackwards

  214. Tim – the funniest thing about ‘gambling for enlightenment’ is that Robert himself issued an exercise ‘not to gamble’ few years ago.
    You can’t gamble ‘in life” but please gamble away in the school! Every day there is some kind of raffle.
    Don’t waste your money out there – bring it to me! We are all winners, remember? And I love you, now and forever…

    What a joke…

    619/13/Purchasing Awakening


    Thousands of dollars are spent each month at a chance for 1 or 2 people to have a ‘teaching dinner’ with Robert Burton; of course the ‘drawing’ is never ‘televised’… It would be a pity for some ‘not-so-good looking’ or ‘an outer circle member’ to win; it would be the India airport in miniature and at the galleria at that. (Hearsay? Go figure…)

  215. 214

    False Advertising, False Pretenses, Favoritism, Discrimination

    ! I just counted the initial list of culpable ‘offenses’ at the top of the page and by golly they equal 44 or $$… Well, now of course no one will ever believe that I didn’t plan that one, albeit I did not… Gives me a whole new (sorta new) idea of the meaning of 44 (I mean outside the $$ meaning)…

    Let’s hear it for coincidences beyond Oregon House…

  216. Conspiracy to Defraud, Sexual Predator

    Let’s just say we will stick to spiritual laws for the sake of carrying on a discussion here…since sex with a minor is technically against the ‘other’ law… and technically a criminal offense. So anyone within the Fellowship at the time of the, shall we say, ‘Troy incident’ (excluding myself, gratefully) is complicit in that little play of crime due to your support of the institutional manipulation (i.e. form of the school, including the gossip exercise) that kept members in the dark about Robert’s predatory sexual behavior. I believe that very manipulation style was outlined in the civil complaint, making the board of Directors named in the suit culpable. One could argue that’s technically a conspiracy that includes anyone who ‘materially’ supported the FOF as well.

    So why don’t you and I (and anyone else whom cares to) contemplate on what some spiritual laws are (that we could agree upon) and come up with some long thoughts about crime in that sense?


  217. Conspiracy to Defraud, Material Misrepresentation, Misappropriation of Funds, Collusion, Connivance, Fraud in the Inducement, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, False Pretenses

    He is paid to teach why not minimize his control over all aspects of Fellowship Life? Why not make him learn to work with a budget? Why not demand a say in “your school”. Has there ever been a vote on anything. Do you even know who is on the board. What difference if the condition for membership is Robert’s approval? Robert Burton has proven he is unable to prophesize anything. What will it take to gain a little common sense?

    How much is spent on debt service monthly? Is there a yearly financial statement? Do you have access to the books? Why not? Shouldn’t an esoteric school have a sufficient level of being to be financially transparent or at least legal?

    Have you seen the Canons? Do you know this is a legal contract that you agree to as a condition of membership? Do a search read the Canon’s Robert planned to control the Fellowship from the beginning and has driven out the real teachers like Miles Barth, Stella Wirk, Donald MacDonald and who knows how many others.

    What Does Robert teach or do to help students understand the experience of higher centers? Shouldn’t this be one of the primary tasks for a conscious teacher-helping his students achieve a transition to man #4. He doesn’t do it because he doesn’t know how. He never reached the level of man #5 he has unresolved contradictions. This is not possible in a man#5. Man #5 is conscious of them selves. There is no way Robert did not know he was a predatory homosexual and to hide this from his followers is a crime.

    To defend a crime is to be an accomplice. Being a fool is not a defense to this. The closer to Robert, the more one knows about his activities the more of an accomplice one is. Some who support the cocksucker for so many years with full knowledge like Linda Kaplan-whatever have no soul or possibility of developing one.

    Those who truly want to develop have to find their own conscience and act on it. There is nothing to lose. What ever is real is yours forever. What ever is false is not worth clinging to. Robert had failed his followers in life what good will he be in death?

    628/13/A Former Student


    There is no authoritative body of persons above Robert Burton’s subjective, personalized will; it is his will that manipulates the taxes paid, the properties given to his ‘favorites’, the special financial gifts and loans to his ‘boys’, the illegal constructions, the illegal religious visa, the illegal green card marriages, the illegal discrimination of bringing ‘certain male students’ to ISIS free of charge while others are not ‘brought’ or (bought) to experience ISIS and there’s always the ‘payback price’, in which Robert Burton uses the fact that he brought so and so over, etc., in order to lean on them a sort of ‘abliged to return the favor’ deed/service.

    There is no checking of the books, not financial statements; any inquiry into these official ‘concerns’, first result in a warning, secondly a leave of absence (resulting in a re-entry fee of $1500 – $2500 dollars) or complete exile from Oregon House and the Fellowship of Friends.

    There is no such thing as demanding from Robert Burton; he is under the sway of an insatiable greed feature (redundant) and unlimited resources and power attached to his followers insatiable need to keep his ‘conscious-affirmative-impression’ seeming spotless, free, shinning and unlimited in it’s power to do anything he wishes, i.e., being ‘fully conscious’ means to the Fellowship of Friends, being fully able to use anyone and any set of circumstances for his will ‘not to be defeated’…

    It is a notorious ‘crime’ at ISIS to defeat or imply defeating ‘the teacher’s will’, no matter what level of self-loathing or legal risk (Abraham G. being debarred for 6 months due to ‘not being formatory with Robert Burton’s needs) a person is implied to take; it also results in an inner panic and expression of impatience and a vehement negativity in the person asking on behalf of Robert Burton for you to please allow him to sodomize or do whatever he feels ‘he, as an angel in a man’s body’ has the ‘conscious right’ to do to you, regardless of your feelings, your wife’s feelings or that person’s asking on behalf of Robert Burton.

    It is routine for Robert Burton (during weekly ’52 a year’) receptions to send out his ‘boys of the inner circle’ into the crowd of new visitors and familiar faces to recruit them for the ‘after reception-reception’… This results in some pretty bizarre confrontations with unsuspecting peoples… another book in the making. _

  218. Sexual Predator

    I had at least expected one of you to tell us that such behavior as tearing the trousers off of students and performing fellatio upon them is a consciously chosen shock to help them to separate from their physical attachment to their body and their sexuality. That Robert takes no pleasure in it and suffers it and the consequences of it in a selfless way for the benefit of his beloved students. That he just couldn’t come up with any other way of creating shocks for them. Its a HARD job but someone has to do it. Oh and by the way, you do realize that according to the idea of ladders Everyone including you will eventually have to play that role! So get practicing!!!


  219. EFFECT (Collusion, Connivance, Joint Negligence)

    Most current members are too busy with real work on themselves to be busy reading the canons but since all that stuff is posted here, knock yourself out and keep repeating the same old insulting language. It is very arrogant for you to think you can determine the work of someone else, and beyond that, why do you think anyone should care about your anonymous opinion?


  220. EFFECT (Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress)

    I remember, while a student at my deepest level of commitment, developing a strange feeling of personal persecution by the “gods.” If something difficult was happening and I happened to see a 44, for example, I felt certain I was being singled out for suffering by Rilke or Queen Elizabeth. Surely this is a pathological state of mind, and one I have been glad to relinquish. But it is the inevitable state one arrives at when believing in the Fellowship’s peculiar world view.


  221. 220

    It may seem that I am ‘grasping for straws’ on this one; yet, to me ‘friction’ is not something to be connected to being a ‘victim’ or ‘target’ of a god or by default ‘being one of Robert Burton’s students’… It is a deeply personal realm, untouchable by ego (although ego celebrates the effects of suffering) and truly inaccessible by others ‘objectively put’ definitions and say so concerning its origin and point of departure.

    Robert Burton’s greed and dominance has even made it’s way into defining the origin and meanings of one’s suffering, from people dying for having broken the jazz-dance exercise to determining suicides by quadriplegics as ‘spiritual crime’, a crime against the gods, the school, etc., with no relative description of the person’s circumstances, only a cult-bomb of contempt for the suicide event, as though it were an insult to his dominance that someone did something without his permission…

    Certainly, in my opinion suicide is a ‘spiritual something’, though exactly what, when the body and role of a soul is truly of very little relativity so far as it’s continued existence after the suicide; as all crimes seem to imply (excepting the ignorance of applying the dead sentence to the flesh and only crystallizing an aggravating aspect into the spirit even more so, upon its release) there is a chance of redemption;
    there is no sense of redemption in Robert Burton’s school (excepting paying $1500-$2500 dollars to get back in, that is if he does not have an account with you; remember Paula’s story?) only suspended animation in paradise or digestible morsels for the moon, aka HELL.

  222. EFFECT (Fraud, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress)

    I remember when RB and I were at odds over his advances he’d drop shit like “George Gurdjieff is working personally with you” to make his repulsive overtures seem like a gift. Even now, thinking about it, the hairs on my neck stand up.


  223. REFERENCE (The Fellowship of Friends is a Fraudulent Spiritual ‘school’, posing as a Fourth Way organization.) One of the original three main contributors to the Fourth Way establishment in the West is Rodney Collin, the author of the article below ~

    Excerpts from The Theory of Celestial Influence


    THE PROCESS OF CORRUPTION OR DISEASE ARISES WHEN FORM, breaking loose from its proper function, overcomes life, and reduces the whole to inertia and dead matter. The order of the creative agents in this fourth process is, form, life, matter…

    To understand the corruptive process, we have to understand the idea of poison in a much wider sense than we are accustomed. There are physical poisons, intellectual poisons, emotional poisons. There are poisonous drugs, poisonous insects and poisonous men.

    One may suffer from a poisoned finger, a poisoned mind or a poisoned society. And in every case the nature of the poison is that it undermines the unity of the organism, cuts off the part from the life-flow of the whole and leaves it to fester helplessly on its own.

    In the world of men the process of corruption appears as crime. And its understanding provides a test by which different social conceptions of crime may be objectively judged. Real crime will be that in which knowledge, skill, understanding or forethought (form) are used to destroy higher possibilities (life) leaving the situation of the victim at a lower level than before (matter).

    By this criterion society is right in regarding murder -in which man takes thought to deprive another of life, leaving only the inert matter of his corpse, as the classical crime. Intentional stealing, by which the victim is stripped of goods, savings, or possibilities, is also crime. But so too is wilful lying which leaves a situation corrupted, and others -previously open-hearted -now full of malice, suspicion, envy or distrust…

    …forethought (form) are used to destroy higher possibilities (life) leaving the situation of the victim at a lower level than before (matter). By this criterion society is right in regarding murder -in which man takes thought to deprive another of life, leaving only the inert matter of his corpse, as the classical crime.

    Intentional stealing, by which the victim is stripped of goods, savings, or possibilities, is also crime. But so too is willful lying which leaves a situation corrupted, and others -previously open-hearted -now full of malice, suspicion, envy or distrust.

    Sometimes it is objected that stealing depends on the nature of our society, that if there were ample goods freely distributed there would be no stealing. This argument misses the chief characteristic of stealing, which is an attempt to get something for nothing.

    Since it is a universal law that nothing can be had for nothing, that everything must sooner or later be paid for in one way or another, such an attempt must always be at someone else’s expense. In this sense robbery of money or goods, plagiarism of ideas, even the stealing of souls, are all of the same nature.

    Whether it takes place in a back-street or in paradise, stealing is not innocent.

    In this way, much that society regards as criminal is not really criminal at all, but at worst inadvisable or merely foolish. While on the other hand many things which society itself supports and justifies as ‘patriotism’, ‘loyalty’, ‘freedom’, ‘duty’, ‘responsibility’ and so on, may contain a strong criminal tendency.

    To what other process, for example, can belong propaganda, which -ingeniously using the skill of the artist, the experience of the psychologist, and the technique of the scientist endeavors to put to sleep or destroy natural living judgment and replace it with a single standardized attitude, temporarily expedient from the point of view of a single policy, a single government or a single advertiser? In the modern world, the deliberate and often

    official killing of individual judgment and conscience constitutes crime on such a large scale that it becomes invisible,

    and men can not even imagine living under any other conditions. For in this way, the chief possibility of all -that of conscious development -may be destroyed for thousands and even millions of people.

    Such people, who no longer possess individual judgment, individual conscience, individual remorse, or the power of reacting as living individuals to the circumstances and demands of life, may continue to the end of their days…

    the process of corruption on the contrary results in the reduction of the living itself to inertia and to death.

    659/13/A Former Student


    This whole description applies to the affirmative deeds of Robert Burton and The Fellowship of Friends.

  224. CAUSE

    I could do an analysis of the ideas in Collin’s description of crime but do a little thinking for your selfs. Robert’s actions clearly fir the definition of objective crime. His is the greatest of crimes to steal potential souls. He has become a “hasnamus” He attacks essence to take the highest potential of a human being and twist it and warp it through his own weaknesses. To tell a devoted student that he is a divine being sent to suck his cock is an absurdity so ridiculous we would not believe it possible yet it is true, even Robert admits it.

    661/13/A Former Student


    During auction events Robert Burton’s ‘discards’, ‘throw backs’, ‘doesn’t fit anymore’, clothes, ties, cuff links, etc., are up for sale ‘under the auction tent’, quiet like, though out in the open, (including shirts that he bought for the boys; having bought a few extra for the auction (making a profit off students), shirts for anyone who they happen to fit that its luster bit (a hook perhaps?)

    Now, there’s some crazy stuff, his own students buying back (he making a profit) what they themselves purchased in the first place… whew! What a ride…

    Who needs Disney Land in the off season? Putt putt in Oregon House… I think it’s a Par 1 from the entrance to the Galleria entrance.


  226. FRAUD, False Pretenses, False Advertising, False Impersonation, Negligent Misrepresentation

    Dear FOF,

    thank you for removing the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky-Center pages from the net like I requested on the 10th of May. See my post:


    Remember to also stop advertising your organization as Gurdjieff-Ouspensky-Centers in the internet.
    There are people who own the right to use Gurdjieffs name for their business, but the FOF does not have that right.

    I ask you to please stop your Adwords campaign until July 15th.

    675/13/A Friendtrademarker

  227. REFERENCE (The Fellowship of Friends is a Fraudulent Spiritual ’school’, posing as a Fourth Way organization.) One of the original three main contributors to the Fourth Way establishment in the West is Rodney Collin, the author of the article below ~

    From Rodney Collin, The Theory of Celestial Influence, pg. 239-240

    “There is however a fourth way…this way consists in mastering instinctive, emotional and intellectual functions at the same time, in transmuting pain, fear, and thought into their higher counterparts of will, love, and understanding simultaneously…. And he (the student) tries to harmonize the work of these functions, to make them help each other, and serve the same aim…. (one’s own, not someone else’s) The fourth way is carried out in the conditions of ordinary life…The man going by this way has to carry out all his experiments and efforts in his usual surroundings, and all these experiments-apart from the inner results for which he works-must also yield external results which are reasonable and beneficial from an ordinary point of view.

    For him, consciousness will not be dependent on special associations, but will be that which accompanies him always, fasting or drinking wine alone or in a crowd, laboring or meditating. It will be that which lights up all that happens….the fourth way (student) must learn to be brave, good, and wise at once. And if he fails to aspire to any one of these qualities, his work and development is help up precisely at that point.”

    The fourth way is precisely what has helped me ‘yield external results’ that have benefited both me and my family. When I left Renaissance, I left with nothing more than a suitcase and my understandings for which I paid dearly. I strongly believe that the fourth way, when practiced in the manner in which it was intended can make you better at what you do. It must be practical for you or you are on the wrong path. The most important requirement: you need to believe in yourself.

    The sooner those of you still ‘in’ take action based upon your understanding, exercise courage, love yourself, (including your ‘lower self’) get out and on your own, the sooner your development will commence.

    Robert is where he is due to the role he created for himself. He has borrowed from others and looks for his validation outside himself in the form of ‘signs’ and synchronicities because deep down he is running on empty. I can tell you this based upon first hand experience, unless you are a ‘professional’, it is only safe to love a sociopath and pathological liar from a distance. They will eat you alive.

    Robert would have you be stuck and dependent on the institution of the FOF for THE REST OF YOUR LIVES while he indulges himself at your expense. That’s the ‘fucking, sucking’ truth.

    Your fate cries out…


  228. REFERENCE (A Letter of Conscience) Concerning the Fellowship of Friends Conspiracy to Defraud

    When Abraham Goldman subpoenaed me in 1996 to get documents relating to the Troy Buzbee case, I enclosed this letter with the material he requested.

    21 October 1996

    One final appeal to your conscience. As the person best equipped in the Fellowship to bring the reign of madness of Burton to an end, you must act to do so. You are the only one with complete access to the information, to all the evidence accumulated through the years, and you have been Burton’s confidante for all these many years.

    Please think back to when you joined the Fellowship. Surely, if you had by a miracle been given the knowledge of knowing then what you know now, you would have turned away. It cannot have been your ambition to end up catering to a charlatan and a pervert, covering for his mistakes and predations, wearying yourself to the bone with lies to cover his omissions and commissions? Surely you imagined a life of openness, not lies? Surely you imagined a life among true friends into whose eyes you could look with joy and honesty, knowing they could see the same in yours? Surely you did not imagine a life where your final defense against your own conscience would be, “I was only following orders”? Please, wake up and follows your conscience. D not be afraid. There is so much love and help and forgiveness—if you wish. Face up to your responsibility. You could help so many people by telling the truth, now. You could save so many people so much heartache in the future. But, best of all, you could be helping yourself. You must have lain awake many nights struggling with the latest revelations of the day about Burton, and your heart must have ached to be in a place where none of this had anything to do with you. Such a place exists, both psychologically and physically. Look within. Act and forgive yourself, as all others with a good heart already have. Nothing can take away your responsibility for your past actions; you must face up to them yourself, but there is all the help you need if you ask for it.

    You can make your life exactly as you wish it. You have done so until now, and will do so in the future. It is your gift from God, to do with as you please. If you wish to continue as you have done—thy will be done. If you wish to break away from this mess—thy will be done. It is up to you.

    Know, that even if I personally am sometimes angry about the situation, I am not angry with you. You have your lessons to learn, and you have chosen your path. But, know that I believe you are strong enough to create joyful changes, if you wish. I send you loving wishes and encouragement.

    Ames Gilbert

    I’ve reproduced this letter because I want to dedicate the ‘feeling tone’ of this letter to Girard Haven. Of all the sorry list of petrified “higher ups” in the FoF, I get the sense that you are in the most turmoil, and so have the most possibilities. Girard, if you left the FoF, and you should, all your work and efforts are still counted, they are not wasted. The goal you have sought for so long is attainable, it is literally a heart–beat away. There are guides available who are interested only in helping you make that one internal step from prison to freedom. Make the decision—leave now.

    678/13/Ames Gilbert

  229. EFFECT

    Ames: “Girard, I’ve heard a vile rumor that you are calling yourself a man number five.”

    Girard (after a long pause): “Well, yes, I’ve received certain indications there are changes that show that is a possibility.”

    Ames: “Ohhh, Girard! If you become a mini-Robert, you’re digging a dark pit you’ll have great difficulty climbing out of.”

    Girard: (!!)
    (He looked pretty shocked, and I turned and walked away…)

    685/13/Living the Questions

  230. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud)

    I hope Girard is able to hear and consider your sincere wish for him. He will have alot of illusions to give up. He has had a role that required him to use his mechanics to explain anything that
    Robert dreamed up. And he was always on que. His formatory apparatus was perfect for finding a way, no matter how illogical, to explain and justify Robert’s bizarre claims and actions. Unfortunately he seems to believe his own propaganda.
    His book is a good example of this kind of reasoning. Almost every paragraph begins with something like “Thus we see”, “Therefore”, Consequently”, So it follows”, etc.

    To Crouching Tiger #676:

    ‘I guess it comes down to how you see Robert’s connection to C Influence’.

    It occurred to me years go that if he ever had such a thing it must be pretty faulty. Nothing that he has indicated that they have communicated to him has been correct. I was always amazed that he kept using this ploy and even more amazed that students kept buying it and even worse that some are still buying it. I once tactfully asked a student close to him if all the failed predictions didn’t make Robert question this alleged connection. The student was slightly taken aback that I would even suggest such a thing and the subject was dropped. Actually he uses Ouspensky’s idea of C Influence like a “boogie man” to keep students in line.



    Robert requires those monetary contributions and is fully responsible for all tacky solicitations. He is the ultimate authority and, despite all his snobby aspirations, resorts to begging for cash from beleaguered suckers.

    (It would be interesting to know what “class” he was born in to. Probably middle class.)

    Even if you have cut yourself off from the incessant solicitations, you are still beholden to them because it is an intrinsic part of acquiring consciousness under the rules of your school.

    I remember all the twisted reasoning about making extra contributions and most times the extras were certainly NOT voluntary.

    There is no doubt that the pressure and the members’ subsequent “willingness” to contribute was relative to the possibility of reaping the benefits of consciousness or not. There was no separation and there was an intrinsic threat that if one did NOT contribute, their goals toward consciousness would suffer.

    There was always some sense of measurement of one’s commitment to the school and/or level of being and/or desire for consciousness in his or her willingness to eat Top Ramen for a few weeks in order to cough up the grocery money in exchange for gaining “consciousness”.

    Any meeting I ever attended included the dreaded announcement about contributing for some statue or piece of art that the spoiled man desired and those requests increased over time. They did not mention these extras in the prospective student meetings.

    I was, in no way, shape or form able to afford anything above and beyond the monthly payment. (I was young, living in NYC as an artist.) Still, I was told that most of the extras were mandatory, not voluntary.

    Robert is a highly dubious figurehead, who requires cash in exchange for something that is free to anyone, anytime.

    For heaven’s sake, I gave that man my pitiful coins, which probably payed for an occasional, but elaborate martini at a fine restaurant in Egypt. Sheer folly.

    I no longer have any patience for anyone’s inability to see the contradictions. I can’t bear the pathetic, pitiful justifications. They entirely lack intelligence and reflect emptiness and desolation.

    Siddiq, that now includes your stated awareness of the horrific nature of those incessant solicitations by virtue of the fact that you block them. Nevertheless, you are unable to see the crystal clear implication in those greedy, pathetic solicitations of corruption in your school and its teacher.


    700/13/Laughing Love

  232. REFERENCE – companion to 231

    Whoever told you the “extras” were mandatory and not voluntary lied to you. We consistently and successfully resisted nearly every solicitation for extra donations – we simply said “no, thank you”. Never gave RB a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, a crystalization gift, never had my picture taken with him, wouldn’t buy a French gas street light, never bought raffle tickets after the first year or so (we don’t gamble, after all), and in the past 3 or 4 years, we went to maybe 1 event per year (they made me so depressed and disillusioned).

    That said, we did have to say “no thanks” over and over and over and over…… and I wish that I’d had the courage to tell the fund raising crew to not bother us when we were having a conversation over potager lunch. Maybe wear a sign that said “No soliciting, please”. Ask if we could get on a “do not call” list. But that would have been subversive, “expressing negativity”.



    To Sharon (690)

    I agree that all requests were not mandatory. It would also appear the the solicitations have increased ten-fold in the years since I departed.

    Still, at the time in which I was a member, there were certain extra contributions that were mandatory and no one was lying. Of course the lines were blurred to further confuse and manipulate members.

    More importantly and, as I tried to express in my post, there was a certain implication that one’s willingness to contribute monetarily was intrinsically related to one’s desire and willingness to work for consciousness.

    That was my main point.

    The idea of needing to sacrifice monetarily for consciousness was clear. Frankly, I don’t remember the language that was used, but it was manipulative and was clearly used to intertwine the desire for consciousness and the wilingness to open one’s bank account freely, irregardless of how plentiful a person’s means were.

    In addition, and without a doubt, there is a hierarchy relative to economic status and an individual’s generosity or lack thereof.

    Further, the implication is that a strong monetary contributor is a good student on a very happy path to the elusive goals.

    Lastly, I had one experience in which I simply could not afford to make a DEFINITELY mandatory extra contribution for some faggy statue, and in my discussions with other students, they easily “photographed” my reluctance as a lack of commitment to my quest for consciousness.

    (Sorry to use the word “faggy”. It is derogative, but somehow apt at the moment.)

    Back in reality, I was simply a poor, young artist living in Manhattan. I wanted to create my own statues! I also really wanted to pay my rent and eat some food that would feed my tiny soul.

    Best, LL

    706/13/Laughing Love


    Sorry, LL, I was not clear with you – I did not mean to imply that there was not a lot of manipulation and that it might feel like these extra payments were mandatory. Your point is very well taken. But, I’m pretty sure that we did not contribute to any statues. Maybe I misremember. Or, someone in your center might have been lying to you – I really wouldn’t be surprised – perhaps they wanted to be able to say that there was a 100% contribution level from the NY center, or wherever. Or Alison leaned on them to squeeze as much out of you all as possible.

    Robert once made a comment at a Wordsworth room dinner that I took kind of personally, about “stingy Lunars” – yep! I’m quite stingy where superfluous trashy acquisitions, white elephant unusable huge Theatrons, flashy circus “ballet” galas and gaudy trips down the Nile are concerned. And yes, I got a lot of “photographs” from other, more devoted, students. Maybe it’s lucky for me that Robert’s taste is so different from mine – I might have been tempted to empty our pockets for a nice concert hall with excellent acoustics and decent backstage and practice rooms. (And then where would we have been when my husband lost his job partially due to his new boss reading so much about RB’s shenanigans on the internet. Declaring bankruptcy like some others?)

    Anyway, we are really coming from a similar place, LL.



    To Sharon (701)

    Are there reports of bankruptcies due to the expense of being a member?

    I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’m curious.

    Yes, perhaps I was lied to, or at best, pressed vigorously for a contribution.

    I only know that I was constantly uncomfortable and felt that almost anything I did was wrong and certainly not right.

    I was vulnerable, weak, strange and at odds with everything and everyone, most importantly, myself.

    That was true despite the fact that I had heard of the pedophilia charges.

    Pedophilia, from my perspective, is one of the most heinous acts any can engage in. It ruins the victim’s life.

    One of my best friends was a victim of pedophilia and he can barely breathe, though his spirit is strong.

    Sexuality is so complicated and beautiful. The idea of violating a youth’s privacy is abhorrent.

    It’s strange that I felt guilty about not contributing to the purchase of a statue for a man who was violating at least one youth’s absolute essence.

    I write on this discussion board because I know deeply in my heart that Robert Burton is not only a false authority, but a deeply disturbed human being.

    I was deeply disturbed to believe in his circus and I deeply encourage any who is still involved to depart and find freedom from what is, clearly, tyranny. LL

    715/13/Laughing Love

  236. EFFECT (Misapplication of Funds, Collusion, Connivance)

    Many students went bankrupt a few years ago. It was even fashionable. People would buy a new car and went to several events and then would sign for bankruptcy. I wish I would have made a list…
    Maybe people can come forward ….There were more then two.

    And I am sure there are many more…
    Interestingly enough many of them were Americans…
    What about medical care and insurance….many students had a play of needing medical care and were not able to pay. Several of them probably went bankrupt, one time or another. I know one person went bankrupt twice. Could be more.
    Maybe some ex members dare to admit that they went bankrupt. The people who I mentioned above are all still in.
    The roots of slavery are still silently noticeable and it is the “karma” of the US. It is what it is…we are all responsible from one point of view and yet we are not. Both is true.

    722/13/More History Needed?

  237. Fraud, Favoritism, Discrimination, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy, Collusion, Connivance, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Disparagement, Negligent & Fradulent Misrepresentation, False Pretenses

    “Howard Carter” and others have described Robert Burton as a “conscious being” and a conduit for “C-Influence”.

    I have come to a different conclusion: Robert Burton is a seducer.

    He is a seducer pursuing, first and foremost, his own instinctive gratification. The evidence overwhelmingly points to this simple conclusion.

    When I departed the Fellowship of Friends twenty years ago, Robert was, for me, an enigma. I left it at that.

    Only since being introduced to this blog several months ago have I been compelled to take up the subject of Robert once again and really consider it.

    I am just beginning to realize how indebted I am to all who have contributed – on all sides of the debate (and to the Sheik and the Knight. Don’t forget the “PayPal”, folks.)

    After thousands of comments, documents, exhibits, testimonials, and after reflecting upon my own experience, the above characterization is the only one I can logically arrive at.

    Are Robert’s actions motivated by “consciousness”, as he states, something that eludes definition and, according to Robert himself, is beyond our verification?

    Or, are they motivated by forces we can all readily recognize and identify? (I cannot allow the common “both are true” retort, since I’m questioning his overriding motivation.)

    We must each judge for ourselves, and this is my judgment (helped along by so many of you.)

    We all know about seduction and things that seduce. Beauty, power, wealth, fame and knowledge are glorified aspects of our popular culture, aphrodisiacs in a sense. Humans are drawn to pursue these ideals and to associate with those who possess such attributes. And Robert, of course, knows this.

    Who here has not witnessed their own psychology manipulated by these influences, and experienced such a seduction? It is likely every one of us has at one time or another succumbed and probably at times knowingly exploited this human weakness. (More importantly, who, knowing the power to seduce, has resisted the temptation to use these influences for one’s self-gratification? What stopped us?)

    Robert has surrounded himself by beauty (particularly youth), established his role as an omnipotent spiritual leader, presents himself in the image of one with substantial wealth and travels as few people can. He offers a mysterious system of “knowledge” that only he in his self-proclaimed consciousness and wisdom can fully comprehend and he surrounds himself with adoring “fans”.

    It certainly has the appearance of a seduction.

    And is there anyone here who does not recognize instinctive self-gratification? Is it not something that can be observed daily? Don’t we all seek instinctive comfort? Aren’t we all, in varying degrees, pursuing life’s instinctive pleasures?

    So, I assume that each of us, to some extent understands seduction and self-gratification, and can recognize it when we see it in others.

    From everything I have witnessed in this blog over the past four months, and from my own experience around Robert Burton, there is a consistent, dominant theme. It is not self-remembering, which is in effect a distraction. It is instinctive gratification. He is a slave to the very “brain” he derides as awakening’s foe.

    Is there any instinctive pleasure Robert denies himself? It has been years since I have been around him, but from accounts herein, little has changed, and he continues to lavish himself with the finest foods, wines, clothing, jewelry, luxurious accommodations and amenities, music, art, and in the evening surrounds himself with his sexual conquests.

    Robert remains the first and foremost beneficiary of the Fellowship’s wealth. Only to the extent others support his appetites are they welcome in his house.

    Those in the Fellowship who view Robert as a “conscious being” and conduit for “C-Influence” would have us believe that Robert is not motivated by instinctive greed, rather consciousness and the “will of C-Influence”.

    Apart from Robert’s personal claims, it is difficult to arrive at this conclusion when we cannot even define consciousness and C-Influence. Still, that does not seem to deter certain individuals.

    We “know” (from Robert, of course) that “consciousness is not functions”. But the products of consciousness are transmitted and translated through functions. Thus we read the works of “conscious beings”, view their art, listen to their music, etc.

    We talk about the hallmarks of consciousness or enlightenment. Consciousness may not be functions, but there are manifestations we attribute to an “enlightened” individual, if not a “conscious being”: love, conscience, compassion, selflessness, “external consideration”.

    Where is the evidence that Robert is operating above and beyond an instinctive self-interest? How does his “consciousness” manifest?

    Where are the observations, the testimonials to Robert’s manifestations of love for his fellow man, conscience, compassion, selflessness and “external consideration”?

    We might expect there to be many thousands of such testimonials, given the “2,000” current members and over 10,000 former members. Where is the evidence of consciousness guiding his conduct? (Certainly, more than a handful of current students are reading this?)

    And if in your search you should find something that might “look like consciousness”, ask yourself “is what I have observed merely an animal instinct in pursuit of its own gratification?”

    We are told (by Robert) that “44 Conscious Beings” preceded him, and we have studied their works. Some speak of the path to “salvation” or “enlightenment”. Robert tells us he is the current incarnation of this lineage, and is personally guided by their influence,

    Within the enormous body of work represented by these individuals, we might expect to find some hint, some suggestion, that through the indulgence of every instinctive desire, we shall thereby attain enlightenment and salvation.

    You might expect some of them to counsel “accrue to yourself all the power, wealth, beauty and instinctive pleasure you can. Surround yourself with dazed and impoverished servants. This is the way to consciousness.” But I have not seen such advice.

    The case for Robert’s enlightenment is expressed through Robert’s own words. The supporting evidence consists of Robert’s own words, with a bit of editorializing by such people as “Howard Carter”.

    But according to Robert, “Howard Carter’s” personal conclusion that Robert is a “conscious being” guided by “C-Influence” cannot be verified or even understood by any person on earth, save Robert Burton, because, as Robert informs us “the lower cannot see the higher”.

    In contrast, I suspect the conclusion I have come to can be understood by almost anyone reading this blog.

    In this very public trial (Robert would likely characterize it a “crucifixion”), I feel like a judge who has been on the bench for months, listening to endless testimony, occasionally throwing in my “two cents”. (Abraham would have long ago had me tossed out for conflict of interest.)

    But this is also my trial. I am the accused, the plaintiff, the judge and juror. I was a participant in the scheme, and it is a seduction.

    So, what is the consequence of my conclusion? If Robert has misrepresented himself, I think it highly likely he has also misrepresented the product he is peddling, that is his personal path to enlightenment.

    “Howard” once said that Robert very publicly made him the brunt of a joke. “Howard” realized later “the reason he did it was precisely because I was ‘mechanically’ devoted to him.”

    He was probably correct. For the seducer, it is disconcerting if the seduction is too easy.

    739/13/Tim Campion

  238. EFFECT

    A point brought up that I’d like to expand on is the one of ‘evidence’ as taken in the form of the lasting legacy and influence that a truly enlightened or ‘conscious’ being would leave upon the world at large. There are many examples of individuals who have been a huge benefit to their fellow man just by the way they conducted their lives. The notorious ‘44 ‘beings of Burton’s mythology for a start. But also Gurdjieff.I mention him especially as he is generally credited with introducing the 4th way to the west and there are usually some rumors plus a few written accounts of his somewhat shady dealings.From my investigation most of the badmouthing of Mr G comes from he himself ! he paints himself as a kind of rogue, fleecing people of their money to finance his various schemes, in several of his books, but it does not take much research and reading to find that he is generally very well respected by most who knew him and was a truly compassionate man who helped many,many people often entirely at his own personal expense and regardless of whether or not they were able to ‘pay’. All agree that he certainly did not carve out a life of ease for himself and worked tirelessly up to his death to spread the 4th way teachings.

    Contrast that with the influence Robert Burton has had upon the world at large ,which by his own account he seems to despise.Even before the advent of this blog if one typed in Fellowship of Friends on the internet you would find nothing but dirt and scandals surrounding his name.Apart from the FOF’s own propaganda that is. Look how many of his former 10000 students have come forward to speak well of him here…

    Ye shall indeed ‘know them by their fruits’



    The lower cannot see the higher. Hmmm…(No, he didn’t coin the phrase, but uses it to make some serious coin, that’s for sure.)

    We all know this is Robert’s ace up his sleeve.

    Yet….if that were true, how would Robert know those particular 44 people had awakened before his own crystallization? Did anyone ever actually think about that? Would Robert not have had to attain a higher level first in order to make at least a lateral ‘being to being’ assessment of any of the 44’s level?

    So, presumably then the lower CAN see the higher by the trail of b-influence they leave behind. I should say, the quality of b-influence’, that is. Isn’t that how the ‘44′ were found?

    So can we know if Robert speaks the truth? Is he who he says he is?

    One might then ask, “What quality of b-influence is Robert leaving in his wake?” His book? The sequence? His apostles? An unfinished Renaissance/Apollo/Isis that long forgotten others built for him? His bank account(s)? The trail of tears? What actual impact has he had on civilization so far?

    Excuse my candor, but there is no mystery here for me.


  240. FRAUD (effect)

    In regards to 732 vera.mente
    right now the most workable approach is for currant or recently departed members to charge the Fellowship and Robert Burton with fraud. If you were not shown the canons and did not accept them upon joining but had them revealed and enforced after wards that is one aspect of fraud. A second is the constant abuse of Fellowship funds by Robert Burton for his personal use, what monies he pays out to the entourage , what he pays his lackies, his fund raising for his personal account, if he did not report this it is an IRS violation. The point here is that a relatively small action may be enough to get a county district attorney’s office , State Attorney generals office, federal attorney or the IRS to investigate. This should stir things up. If any of these go as far as discovery there may be material for a civil case. If any criminal case is pursued and is successful it becomes relatively easy to proceed with a civil case as conviction of a crime can be used as proof of damages.

    753/13/A Former Student

  241. UNDUE INFLUENCE, Fraud (FoF model in case)*2

    Almost twenty years ago in California, the Unification Church was held legally responsible for deceptively recruiting people into a thought reform environment. The person who sued was named Molko.

    Molko was recruited to get on a bus and go to Boonville to have dinner with a group at which politics, philosophy and other topical issues were to be discussed. Information was withheld from Molko about the group both at the time they were invited and for some time thereafter. Molko even asked whether the group was affiliated with a church and he was told no. When Molko got to Boonville he had dinner followed by other activities which lasted well into the night.

    After too little sleep Molko was awakened early and ushered into an intensive program of calisthenics, doctrinal study, work, etc. Recruitees, including Molko, were never alone. After three weeks of this program disclosure was finally made to Molko and his peers that the group was affiliated with the Unification Church. By this time Molko lacked the ability critically to evaluate the significance of the information.

    When people are lied to or deceived, and induced by specific and identifiable techniques to distrust their ability to think critically, they become unusually malleable. It is not just fraud; it is fraud combined with “undue influence.”

    That is what is so pernicious about thought reform environments. One who is defrauded into affiliating with a group, who learns of the fraud, indignantly denounces it and gets out. One who is defrauded and unduly influenced in the group may learn of the fraud, but is unable to appreciate its significance, because he cannot evaluate the information critically. He may try to do so, but his own mind, applying the “sacred science,” says “don’t go there. These ‘I’s come from a part of you which is less real.” That’s how thought reform works.



    Similarly, Fellowship of Friends ‘students’ when joining are not shown the ‘church canons’; some, even after being in the ‘fourth way school’ for 10+ years do not even know it’s a non-profit-church with certain rules and guidelines, established to keep hierarchies (to some degree) like the Fellowship of Friends in check; nor are they told how fragile their ‘in or out’ circumstances are if they speak out against certain dubious treatment and are soon coerced into believing that it’s ‘the god’s will’, similarly as it was the god’s will to have all of Robert Burton’s predictions fulfilled and fail; in a cult, the leader never fails, the followers do not allow this and the cult leader knows how to spin the failure into a successful martyrdom. Everything in the above article (in principle) is applicable to the Fellowship of Friends, their panel of Board Members, made up of ‘Favorites of Robert Burton’, down to the ‘School Police’ who both create their own form of hypocritical gossip and report on others committing the same acts as to appear self-righteous and responsible for the opposite demeanor, while, in fact they are adding to the allurement to break rules and get caught… Like a host who kills it’s own food supply and thus dies having done so.

    Examples ~ B.Y. & R.T.

  242. EFFECT

    “OK, so why stay in this corrupt money-making machine?”

    I speculate:

    Good student, on salary, many years. No marketable skills (doesn’t believe can earn living in the real world, doesn’t want to try). Owns no, or very little, personal property. No social/family connections outside FOF. Depends entirely on RB and the FOF for sense of self, life purpose, material sustenance. Severe cognitive dissonance–nay, TERROR!–arises at thought of abandoning this structure. Conscience atrophied. King of Clubs comfortably enthroned. Must stay until collapse forces hand. Hope s/he has Ace up sleeve.


  243. EFFECT (Savvy King of Clubs trumps Conscience)

    I am so glad that this area has been researched and this is also one of the areas in the fellowship of friends that has been subdued, by the fact of not expressing negative emotions.
    Not being able to express yourself is not healthy. In the fellowship of friends this has been out of balance and many friends/ students with the result of diminished health physical and psychological.

    Emotions are expressions of your inner being/ spirit/ conscience, your soul, etc If you are not able to feel those emotions you can not stay intone with your inner being. Result is you can become more negative and confused. The fellowship of friends calls confusion a higher state. We believed it for a long time. Now with so much excess to more information that helps you to be who you are and connect with you inner being and not be dependent on a teacher there is more air to breathe and more health and joy. It is so much more simple.

    The fellowship of friend has always discouraged meditation. To my understanding sitting down and be still (something that was undone in the fellowship of friends) is a path way to listen to your inner voice or called consciences. getting in contact with the spiritual path of yourself and makes me wonder what “damage ” Robert has evoke for many of us, by the exercises of not expressing negativity and discouraging meditation.

    Being able to sit and breathe brings you closer to the part in yourself that can come to right work of centers. The next step is to become more attuned to making the right decisions for yourself without being dependent on an authoritarian figure. The sincere written letter from Siddiq is probably an inability to take responsibility for your own life and enjoy instead of listening to an authoritarian….

    778/13/More History Needed?

  244. Sexual Predator, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment

    It seems you have misunderstood what I covertly referred to as first force. The question put more directly is have you ever had sex with REB? Have you ever had him SUDDENLY grab your zip and frantically try to get your penis out in such a manner that the only way to stop him would be to actually hit him?

    Can you try to explain what beneficial effect on a students evolution this might be expected to have? Where do you get your ideas on Celestial Morality from?

    Do you find rape to be acceptable? Do you believe that in higher realms this would be the norm? How about all of the conscious beings who awoke without school, were they assisted by conscious influence?


  245. EFFECT (Negligent Indoctrination based upon Fraudulent Misapplication of Spiritual Status as a Fourth Way School)*3

    “I can accept as a theory that my body is a gift from higher forces to my soul, so as it can do what it needs to awaken, but where does it say our body is to be sacrificed to our teacher to satisfy his needs, let alone advance our evolution?”

    Well, it doesn’t have to remain a theory (that our bodies/lives are a gift from Influence C) and to some it isn’t only a theory. And if it is a real teacher we are discussing your above statement and question does not represent
    two separate realities, but are one and the same thing – Influence C working in harmony with their appointed agent.

    A real teacher would not ask anything of a student that is detrimental to the student’s evolution. If this happens it simply means it was not a real teacher doing the asking.

    A real teacher can and will ask of their students things the student does not wish to do. How can it be otherwise? If it could be otherwise, the students would be the teacher and the teacher the student.

    There’s been a lot posted about “abuse of authority”.
    It is a fact that teachers have the ultimate authority over students, more than earthly authority, as the needs of the spirit supersede those of the body. It is also a fact that the body’s “needs” (in most cases “wants”), are often
    sacrificed for the spirit (including essence needs and wants, which are still part of the lower self).

    People by the millions are prepared make the ultimate earthly sacrifice, to give their lives for their nations (and many actually do). Seekers of truth are asked to give up their identifications with the body. This is elemental.

    Because real teachers know the situation and dilemmas they often place their students in regarding the ultimate authority they wield, they are very careful not to demand anything that would be against the student’s will.

    This is a firm law. They only ask, suggest, explain why something is required, etc., but do not force or coerce. This is the real bottom line that many FoF critics do not like to hear. It squarely places the responsibility in any “teacher request” on the student; as it must.

    Again, it bears repeating: a real teacher’s responsibility is to know precisely what it takes to further a particular aspirant’s journey. He/she cannot err in this regard, at least not to any significant degree. Influence C would not allow it.

    It is up to the student to know if the teacher is real or not. If the student cannot know for sure that presents many problems. But at any rate, if they (the student) cannot know for sure they then run the risk of giving up
    their will to a fraud. The other possibility is much more dire; that of not giving up one’s will to a real teacher.

    It’s my understanding that people are deluding themselves to believe that a real teacher would not ask of students the things it has been suggested RB has asked for. There is no esoteric basis whatsoever for this conclusion.

    It’s mistaking earthly morality for celestial morality, a very shortsighted approach.

    To Cyclops – 13 # 571

    “About surrendering my will to Reb, I tried it and from trying it for a long time finally came to the conclusion that it was a mistake.

    He is not C influence, he is just someone so abnormal that he has you in awe for now.

    His misuse of the trust of those young men who put themselves in his trust is an abomination and most definitely the process of crime.”

    “Also you have not answered the question if you have personally experienced his FIRST force or if it is only vicarious.”

    Your explanation is not the reality I am living.

    I’ve personally experienced REB as a first force, at least I think I know what you are asking. From the time I verified the school was real and Influence C was indeed working with it, I told myself I would try to carry out any request REB would make of me.

    Once he asked me to withdraw my energy from something that made me emotional and place it in another area I did not care about. I found myself answering him that I did not think it was possible for me to follow his request, my
    reason being I did not think I could harness my emotions enough to do it.

    He just smiled and never brought it up again. Later on he even acted as a third force to help me keep my energy flowing in the area I was emotional about.
    This was the only time I ever “went against” a personal suggestion of his. If this same thing happened today I would probably have enough will to “try on” what he suggested.

    I realize that this post just scratches the surface, as people’s motivations for doing what they do or thinking what they think are hidden deeply, mostly
    from themselves. But people cannot act without some justifiable “cause”. The causes exist within a multi-dimensional reality.

    Personally, I see the vast majority of posts lamenting the sex and money and abuse of power as a smoke screen, a pretext, whose real cause is more “forward” along the time line of events that lead to someone’s grand disconnection from REB/FoF. And those causes, in many cases, are wholly independent from the purported issues.



    *3 That ‘one liner’ is my opinion.

  246. Sexual Harassment, Hostile-environment sexual harassment, Quid pro quo sexual Harassment, Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses, Misdescription, Desecration

    To Howard Carter – Post 758
    In your post you wrote: “It’s my understanding that people are deluding themselves to believe that a real teacher would not ask of students the things it has been suggested RB has asked for… It’s mistaking earthly morality for celestial morality,.”

    Are you aware of the allegations against RB? I’m not sure what you mean by celestial morality and I’m not sure you do either. Is it supposed to be the way beings in heaven treat each other or something? I mean, I have a pretty open mind but I never thought of heaven as a place where the angels and gods and whoever would be giving each other blow jobs, golden showers, fisting, and smearing shit on each other, etc.

    And do you really think those boys are really all that “willing”. Have you read the statements made by those who experienced Robert’s so-called ‘teaching’ first-hand in his bedroom? Almost all of those young men were frightened, shocked, and disgusted. But they trusted him, probably because he made some outrageous claim such as his being a ‘goddess in a man’s body’ and they were too stunned to resist. After all, to resist your teacher (who presumably is acting in accordance with the will of C influence) would be wrong, of course! You wouldn’t have time in that moment to make all the necessary calculations (is he a real, conscious teacher?, what will he do if I push him away?, etc. )
    And now most of those who ‘experienced RB’s teaching’ revile him for what he did to them. So, did those acts help their evolution, as you seem to imply? Or was Robert merely abusing their trust to gratify himself sexually? Come on, Howard, please!!! You’re brainwashed, dude! Try to see it. We’ve all been there – making excuses for Robert, trying to convince ourselves and so forth.

    You should at least have the courage to confront Robert and the authorities at Isis about these allegations and see what the response is. I would think that would be enlightening. Good luck.

    789/13/Ray Vaughn

  247. Desecration, FRAUD, Collusion, Connivance, Negligence, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Misapplication of Funds, Undue Influence, Fraud in the Inducement, Coercion

    Yet, for the ‘conscious beings’ on Robert Burton’s list, we get the following deeds as wiseacred by Robert Burton, that ~

    “Ouspensky was responsible for the OJ Simpson murders

    and Rilke for the 911 Twin Towers falling.

    Wooooo… we are having fun in paradise!

    Yes, many took advantage of the 1998 prediction, in true “Fellowship of Friends of Robert Burton” form;

    numerous people borrowed far beyond their means, bought new cars thinking that the dealerships and loan agencies would be under water;

    built houses, etc.

    Even after this ‘failed prediction fruition’, many students had ‘educated’ their damaged essences in the American system of bankruptcy’, borrowing large sums of money, buying new cars, building houses, then ‘fixing’ things in such a way that they would not loose these ‘investments’ once bankruptcy was filled:

    the rules have changed for filing for Bankruptcy ~ Thanks in part to the version of non-formatory thinking by yours truly Robert Burton and Friends.

    Hey, the ‘School’ is a complete ‘cosmos’ why not?


  248. Joint Negligence, Collusion, Connivance, Undue Influence, Child Endangerment, Breach of Trust, Favoritism, False Pretenses, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Wanton Misconduct, Enticement of Parent, Desecration, Coercion

    and, wow, Marry R., I heard about your little sing-along performance for the newcomer-girls, daughters of students who recently joined the school, welcoming them into the Fellowship of Friends and many of them into the arms of Robert Burton’s boys: whew, the red paint just keeps oozing…


  249. EFFECT ‘Desecration of Friendship’, Invasion of Privacy

    One of the people I had spent the most time with when in charge of the New York group and afterwards was BenjaminY, and we became friendly. He attended one of the workshops that SandraC arranged to “experiment” with the “work ideas” and ideas from contemporary bodywork and psychology.

    Right at the end of the weekend, BenjaminY told me that he had reported me to the FoF “authorities” for breaking the rule to not fraternize with ex members. It seemed he had changed since moving to the FoF property and was now quite happy in the role he was playing and the opportunities it opened for him. I was aghast at being treated that way by someone I felt I had nurtured, taught, counseled, and enjoyed as a personal friend for years. My response was this letter:

    Benjamin, we have a deep connection going back almost 15 years, and through which I have learned to love you. In this instance I believe you were caught—as was often pointed out to you—between the sides of yourself that curry favor in the school, and the sides of you that relate to others purely as a warm, engaging and intelligent individual. It is this latter part that I love, but I fear it is the former that won out in this case. I do not reject you, the person whom I know and love, but this specific behavior. I sincerely hope you come to a different understanding of this incident. If you do, let me know.

    797/13/Joel F.

  250. EFFECT

    Thanks for sharing that letter in #770, Joel. How ironic and deeply saddening that an organization called the Fellowship of Friends actually teaches its members to betray their friends…

    “But at any rate, if they (the student) cannot know for sure they then run the risk of giving up their will to a fraud. The other possibility is much more dire: that of not giving up one’s will to a real teacher.” HC Quote

    Again you employ the double bind, which reveals your hidden agenda, which is to neutralize critical thinking in your membership to reinforce the status quo. There is no real choice in this argument…dammed if you do, damned if you don’t, so you might as well stay. I am starting to feel Robert lurking in the shadows…

    “Your explanation is not the reality I am living.”

    Your reality is that you are living in state of dependency and your reasoning is skewed by the dependence on the inflated importance RB bestows upon you. Step away from that façade and you truly face the abyss of your empty self. That is where the path to your real enlightenment will start: confronting that fear. I have been there. Here’s some insight that may help you one day, people do more damage to themselves and others by avoiding their true feelings, than by simply having them and moving on.

    The other reality we are living is that we understand that Robert needs fanatically devoted people like you to keep the show going. Ultimately that is all that will be left of the FOF, the calcified skeletal remains. Know yourself, Howard, you are the smoke screen of which you speak. He is using your critical mind to cover his ass, so to speak.

    “…a real teacher’s responsibility is to know precisely what it takes to further a particular aspirant’s journey. He/she cannot err in this regard, at least not to any significant degree. Influence C would not allow it.”

    Wow, you and the ardent followers and kool-aid dispensers of Jim Jones. Does the FOF still provide the free glass of wine at lunch? Are any comets due by in the immediate future? Your fanatical devotion spins all RB’s failed prophecy non-events into a rationalization that he can do no wrong. Only God is perfect in her imperfections, and RB is your God, Howard. Now that’s abnormal. And I am in awe.



    Benjamin reads the blog. Benjamin has been out of grace since the bible keys has been stopped. According to my info and maybe other people can confirm this because he was too much after women. This was already known in the time he was a Principal of the LCS. He would blatantly admit that he would like to have sex with every women he could get. He himself was very open about that. Obviously he has been surfing the web to go to swing parties. Maybe Benjamin can inform us, how many hours he spent on the web looking at certain sites? Benjamin has been treated for a severe illness in Germany. The illness has two ways of spreading (according to statistics): sexual transmitted and or sharing of needles. When Robert heard that Benjamin was sick and might not have a long live ahead of him Robert asked him to start with the bible keys and put him on salary.

    807/13/More History Needed?


    *3 In my opinion, it would be very naive for one to think that this man has not been influenced by Robert Burton’s ‘conscious’ subtle negativity and corresponding lifestyle…

    Benjamin, I saw you the other day, saw your eyes, your walk, your expressions…you. When you step from this world may you have achieved as much belonging to those parts of your heart that Robert Burton could not touch; the parts so essentially you that they simply didn’t come to mind to offer to him, upon his services, upon his opinion of or guidance thereon… you have a beautiful smile.

  252. EFFECT ‘Undue Anesthesia of Conscience’

    To Cyclops: # 760

    “Have you ever had him SUDDENLY grab your zip and frantically try to get your penis out in such a manner that the only way to stop him would be to actually hit him?”

    No. And on this anonymous board it cannot be proven that you have had this experience either. I’m sure you understand, being an intelligent individual, that this is not the forum to prove this even happened much less what it would mean in the spirit world.

    What we do know, as your words have told us, is that you have a very big account with REB and when someone has a big account with another person they tend not to speak well of them; maybe even resort to slanting the story to make themselves look more pure than they could take credit for. We are human after all and from the second state one actually cannot stop oneself from doing this because one doesn’t even know one does it.

    “Can you try to explain what beneficial effect on a students evolution this might be expected to have?”

    This, if it did happen, could have been the price of going further with your evolution.
    “Where do you get your ideas on Celestial Morality from?”

    From observing how Influence C governs and operates. It stands to reason one cannot identify with what one observes or else one will surely color it in a subjective way. But it’s all right out there to observe if one is inclined to see.

    “Do you find rape to be acceptable? Do you believe that in higher realms this would be the norm? ”

    I haven’t yet found a bad way to aquire a soul, and Influence C hasn’t yet created a bad way. At least not that I can tell.

    “We are both looking at things from particular standpoints, are you able really to at least try on mine?”

    Former students usually look at current supporters as laggards, but it is possible to see both sides and pick my side.

    “ultimately the real test of all of this will come when we die.”

    No truer words have been spoken on this board.

    I would add, if not at death surely immediately there after.

    “Oh yes and Howard what kind of a metaphysical force do you think the directed anger and resentment of a thousand people can have? so I guess thats nine questions. Cy.”

    That depends, I don’t really think anger and resentment carry much of a metaphysical force; they don’t reach that high.

    I think Blake also said – “Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night”.

    There is no justice on this level.


  253. End of Posts from Part 13

    May ‘Manoush’ NOT be with you; if you know what I mean.

  254. EFFECT

    There comes a time when we each need to take responsibility for how we spend our time. We need to develop our own principles and learn to live by them. The efforts of trying to be present, free from feminine dominance, and in good householder eventually lead one to see that supporting Robert’s ways is more denying force than 3rd force. How can we learn to take responsibility for what we think is right when we are putting so much time, effort and money into supporting that which is obviously in some ways jaded?

    13/12/Old Fish in The Sea

  255. Fraud, Conspiracy to Defraud, False Misrepresentation *8

    What made me leave was the cumulative build up of what seemed to me to be contradictions, restrictions and a lack of understanding of what Robert was trying to teach. I’ve also only been interested in “relative awakening”. I’m not going to end my relationship with my family, which I was “photographed” as doing by another member, for the sake of waking up in this lifetime.

    The thing that bothered me most, was recently, when members mentioned to Robert which work I’s they were using for the subject of the sequence (the 3rd and 5th steps) he advised against using many of their choices because he felt that as a subject, they were not going to allow for a completed sequence. I was so surprised that Robert would not have passed this info on previously. If he was already aware of which works I’s were most effective as subjects, why was he letting us practice this new technique in the wrong manner? That to me is not a good teacher. It may sound trite, but that’s how I view things. If I pay money for a good teacher, I want a good teacher. Add to the scenario the fact that I felt it was unacceptable to question anything regarding Robert, especially if it might be judgment I’s.

    16/12/Steve Lang


    *8 Robert Burton makes this stuff up as he goes; his idea of a ‘conscious teaching’ is consensus-reaction and feedback, not that which has ‘rightly’ been verified by a true spiritual teacher who sees his students objective ‘needs’ before seeing himself and his subjective needs…

    He teaches himself (what, I am not sure, so far as regarding their ‘role’ with his), not his students, this is one aspect of how things get mixed up… Nothing arrives as ‘pro-found’, objective and applicable to all foreseeable combinations of mechanics, denying forces and opposite ideas…

    They are Robert Burton’s subjective applications towards an objective phenomenon, i.e., the force of the desire that a group of people have to do The Work… He flippantly steers this ‘force’ hither and thither till he hits a brick wall, only to exclaim that the license plate on the car that caused him to swerve was BRK4REB…

    Thus, adoration for failure = subtle martyr and Relative Awakening emotions for such experimentation, with no change in level of being or method of school form based on said ‘failures’ common delivery of some sort of wisdom and common sense humanity for the sufferings of those making the same mistakes as one has seemingly already passed through…

    Robert Burton preys on weaknesses and contributes to their prolonged state of seeming to be un-reconcilable; going so far as to instill into the psyches of his followers the hypnotic ‘belief’ that ‘just one more’ (or more) lifetimes will be necessary to arrive at a conscious reconciling ‘power’ or ‘blessing’ from the gods so to be one… while he himself says that his contradictions are a task given to his students by the gods for them to transform…

    To me, the picture here is, Robert Burton cannot transform something very ‘vital’, therefore he has placed it into a mythological category, frozen it, like a popsickle for his students to entertain whenever ‘things get hot’; Robert Burton cannot take his students beyond the stage that they entered the Fellowship of Friends (after all, since his first lie, he has not gone ‘in principle’ beyond his ‘first day’) therefore he has assigned them to the future, to lifetimes, washed his hands of their calls for his now-help and loaded them onto tomorrow, which, according to thousands of years of esoteric school practices, namely the Sufi, does not exist.

    Ironically (and maybe not for this sort of ‘place’ as ISIS) anyone who has advanced from their experience of the Fellowship of Friends has only done so due to its DENYING FORCE, not it’s three lines of work or its first, second or third forces. (My Opinion; I know the word ‘anyone’ is strong, but hey, well, sometimes ‘personally’ it’s better to have accidentally put the hammer through the picture trying to hang it than to have something ‘up there’ for the sake of nail and not the picture itself.)

  256. Sexual Predator, FRAUD, Undue Influence, False Impersonation, False Pretenses, EFFECT (various forms of Collusion and Connivance), Desecration

    I had a friend in S.F., an Israeli who went by the name of J. B. (can’t use his name) and one day he told me an interesting story: he had visited an Israeli friend who was working as a psychiatrist in Los Angeles and during his visit he told this old friend who shared an interest in various spiritual ideas that he was a student in a school with a conscious teacher. In point of fact J. B. went to meet with this old friend to “introduce him to the school.”

    The psychiatrist asked for the name of the conscious teacher and when J. B. said Robert Burton the psychiatrist said sorry but your teacher is not conscious.

    Being as superstitious and we all once were J. B. was of course rather taken aback. Gathering some composure he asked his friend why he would say such a thing. Without disclosing the name of the client, of course, the psychiatrist told J. B. a story of a young man (barely 20 or so) who was in the FoF for just a few months who was allegedly sexually put upon by Robert Burton during a lengthy encounter while visiting the FoF property.

    He then left the organization with severe psychological problems. J. B. reported this meeting to Miles Barth forthwith and Miles requested that the psychiatrist ask his client to meet with Miles and tell his story, which then took place. One month or so later Miles Barth left the school without informing the rest of us why he had done so. What if we had all known, I mean all of us, way back then?

    Quote from Robert Burton ~

    [Nov. 3, 1982]

    “C-Influence will ensure that all that is left of culture will be taken to Renaissance [the Fellowship compound] for posterity.”
    “Florence, Venice, Siena will probably not be bombed. C-Influence has indicated to me that Naples (home of NATO), Rome, and Milan will be bombed. Neutron bombs may be used. (Neutron bombs destroy only humans.) ”
    [Nov. 4, 1982]
    “We are founding a new civilization.”
    “Armageddon has wrung a school out of the gods.”
    “The only error in Christ’s teaching was the statement “my yoke is mild.”
    [Nov. 9, 1982]
    “My role is to predict the fall of California and Armageddon.”
    “People must come to us for souls.”
    “Don’t put money into banks after Dec. 1983.”
    “The depression will work to our advantage, we will go through it unscathed. We are very well prepared for the coming depression in 1984.”
    “California is the artichoke capitol of the world…It means it will choke in 1998.”
    “Haley’s Comet is going to ruin it all, this whole decade is not a good decade.”
    [Nov. 11]
    “We are a very high school on earth, Rembrandt and Goethe are in a higher school. There are angels at this table right now.”
    “The 44th president of the US will be in office at the occurrence of Armageddon, 2006.”
    [Nov. 14, 1982]
    “After the year 2006, Genoa may be the port where art is taken by ship to the East Coast – from there by existing highways to Renaissance [now called Apollo].”
    [Nov. 12]
    “We are the greatest school since Christ’s.”

    Ex-boyfriends have threatened Burton’s life several times, he travels with an armed bodyguard. On one occasion, it was reported, a young man from Bakersfield showed up at the Fellowship dining lodge armed with a 22 rifle looking for Burton. He was tackled, disarmed and put on a bus.

    The police were not contacted. At one time guns were not allowed, but now almost every male member of the Fellowship living in Oregon House has a gun. There is an informal militia armed with shotguns, rifles and 44 magnum handguns in order to protect the ‘Teacher’ from the disgruntled ex-members who regret their sexual encounters with Burton.

    This is a direct quote from Robert Earl Burton (from an internal memo):

    “I am the Avatar, and I was born in 1939. I am not Christ, yet I am the Christ of the age…and I assume I prepare for him.
    “I would like you to take the idea simply. It simply means that of all the humans on the planet, I suffer consciously the most.”

    Girard Haven, “Creating A Soul”, page 62:

    “However, some things can be verified only by adopting the attitude that they are true. For example, to verify that this is a real School, it is necessary to act as if that had been verified and then see if it produces the desired results. This means that we need to adopt attitudes at will without prior verification.”

    From Girard Haven:

    “Strangely, the shock which bridged this interval for me was the ‘non-depression’ of 1984. On the one hand, it was no longer possible to believe the predictions, for the depression obviously had not occurred as predicted. At the same time, Robert was still my Teacher and I had no doubt that he was conscious, so how could I believe anything else? In particular, I refused to allow myself to disbelieve him, that is, to believe that what he said would not come true. Not only would this have been a denial of my teacher, but it would also be one of the most mechanical responses possible, based as it is on both opposite thinking and feminine dominance in the form of the desire to minimize friction. Being thus unable either to believe or disbelieve, I was left in a state which could best be described as non- or suspended belief.”

    From Girard Haven:

    Page 576, “Creating A ‘Soul’”:

    “In particular, if he [Robert Earl Burton] knows what he is doing and we don’t, we have no basis for judging or doubting him. Instead, we simply have to trust him, as a child trusts his parents, or dog trusts its master. If he asks us to do things which seem to have no connection to awakening–or even to be ‘wrong’–we have no choice but
    to do them anyway.”


  257. Fraud, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress *9

    I wonder about students caught in the ‘poverty trap’ of being on salary. Maybe this is history and does not apply any more – but I suspect not. The pattern being: an idealistic student comes to Isis to be near the teacher, goes ‘on salary’ (a subsistence allowance), becomes hooked, depletes savings, and now is stuck, The longer you stay, the more identified you become with your role and the necessity to retaining your position on salary – no matter how menial it is. The longer you stay, the more your skills for ‘getting a regular job’ diminish and the more dependent you become on the occasional dispensations of largesses from Robert. (Those medical bills do need to be paid).

    58/12/Chortle Mortal

    *9 The above not only outlines history; it still serves as ‘fact’ to this very day; while many students interpret to meager wages “subsistence allowance” as intentional suffering, such ‘spiritual form’, so highly ranked in the Fellowship of Friends as a spiritual tool, that it effects whole families and the community at large, the teacher, Robert Burton, within his entire 37 years has never used or practiced this ‘tool of intentional suffering’ that his students have made ‘theirs’, simply by giving the teacher Robert Burton what is termed ‘the benefit of the doubt’, that since he is conscious, he deserves the finest, after all, he is their ‘king’ and they his ‘serfs’ (?) It is far easier to rule a hierarchy when there are no in betweens. (my opinion)

  258. Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, Misbranding

    Quote from Robert Burton ~

    “I was only three days off in the prediction of my crystallization, which over a period of ten years is quite good, and I consider that prediction accurate. If a depression occurs in 1984, if California falls in 1998, if Armageddon occurs in 2006, then I was correct. All of which means, I am correct regarding the other information I have been speaking about.”

    “Actually, most of what I speak about is facts.”

    Robert Burton – June 11, 1979

    By the same logic, if those predictions don’t come to pass?

    61/12/Tim Campion

  259. Sexual Predator, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment, Fraud in the Inducement, Undue Influence, Violation of Fiduciary duty, False Pretenses, Negligent Misrepresentation, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Sexual Harassment, Coercion, Disparent Treatment

    The real amazing thing is how Robert has perverted the FOF so that many will serve as his apologists. He has so successfully isolated himself from any outside control that he is a law unto himself.

    Tell me Siddiq when were you shown the Canon of the FOF and asked to sign them as a contract with the Church? When did you agree as an article of faith that the “Teacher” was a divine messenger who’s will was unquestionable?
    AT what point were you informed of Robert’s divine status as a reincarnated Goddess in a mans Body who sucked young mens cocks as a source of higher hydrogens.
    How many cocks have you sucked to verify the truth of this yourself or is it an item of faith? You would not justify something you have not verified would you?

    To all those that try and justify Robert’s perversion of the FOF I challenge you to find 20 to 30 young men who will volunteer to have their cocks sucked to assist you in your quest for higher consciousness. If you cannot do this perhaps because it disgusts you or because you find that the young men will not “volunteer” without some payment or coercion then try to get over denying the facts.

    There is no voluntary positive sexual exchange occurring. There is no “private sex life” Robert manipulates poor naive youth’s into positions of weakness and preys upon them.There is merely an old fagot harvesting his crop of captive youth’s of what is more precious than there sperm their spirituality. This man has no shame-nor do his apologist’s. If you had any conscience you would be ashamed to justify this continued play of crime.

    63/12/A Former Student

  260. Fraud in The Inducement, Collusion, Connivance

    11/183 Old FOF

    At one point Robert Burton indicated that he had only three friends: Peter Bish_p, Miles and JoelF.

    Of course, Peter has passed. Miles departed the “Fellowship of Friends.” And JoelF is bloggersville.

    This sounds like fantasy, or coming from someone other than Burton. Peter was a longtime victim of Burton’s, and Miles and I were similarly used by him as good fronts and proficient proselytizers for his project. But “friends”? No.

    11/564 “Howard Carter”

    This was an excellent opportunity to see in just how many directions a “captive mind” can spin simultaneously. While errors and misjudgments are rife throughout this post, consider two things.

    While friend “Carter” expends much energy pointing out the lack of “credentials” of those in the anti-cult party, he never makes the next logical step, to ask what “credentials” are needed to start a “new religion/cult”.

    And how about this:
    FoF: in a much longer time of existence and with a much greater pool of members and much more scrutiny placed on the organization there is no indication of any violence, past, present or future.

    How anyone, even a Fof mind-slave, can have read the posts on this blog, seen the men who have been damaged by Burton, the non-stop coercion of young men into a kind of spiritual prostitution going back to the 1970s, the breaking up of families, the bankrupting of the gullible, can make this statement is just mind boggling to me. Violence has many forms, and I view the FoF as inherently, intrinsically, and spiritually violent, from day 1. Sad.

    70/12/Skeptical Optimist

  261. Fraud (CONFLICTING STORIES) *10

    Anyway, at the break of the meeting he came over to me and said he wanted to show me something private. In a hushed, conspiratorial voice, he showed me his driver’s license. He told me that he only weighed 140 (or something like that) pounds in the picture, that it was taken shortly after he had been in a car accident, requiring 144 stitches. The picture was rather grim.

    He did not mind the terrible suffering though, he said, because the accident had awakened him to becoming a Man #5. He went on, in that gravely serious way he sometimes adopted about how C influence uses difficult methods to awaken us, and so forth…

    He proceeded to rub ‘the third eye’ spot on my forehead, and I recall him telling me I would soon enough learn about “their methods” because I was “definitely on the way.” I had been in the FoF only about one month at the time. I left that night (at the ripe old age of 24) both flattered and weirded out by the entire episode.

    Former Fofer asks: “When did Robert claim to have crystallized as a man no5? Does anyone know? And did he ever describe that experience?”

    I have a story, probably from my entourage-time with Robert. He crystallized his higher emotional center in front of the fire on the deck at Nepenthe, Highway 1 in Big Sur. No date was given, but this was between the founding of the Fellowship and the crystallization of 1976.


    So, to remain the truth and nothing but the truth, the facts can be read like this ~

    ‘Robert Burton drove his car through a lodge, traveling across the dining room, crashed, then was ejected from the driver’s seat, landed on the deck, bounced, hit his head on the fireplace mantle, collapsing upon the hearth and while near passing out, starred into the fire and woke up, thus afterwards going unconscious.’


  262. 261

    65/12/Walter Tanner
    90/12/Sandra C

  263. Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Fraud in the Inducement

    BTW, this is the story I was told on how ‘c-influence’ indicated to Robert that Miles was going to become a man number five. When Robert first saw him, Miles was wearing a V-neck sweater, with the V in gold trim, signifying the number 5 as the Roman numeral V. Later the prediction was correlated I believe in Shakespeare’s sonnet #44 with the line … “miles when thou are gone”. This is a another good example of Robert’s ‘ideas of reference’, like ‘Union 76′. Also the high tech spy plane ‘SR-71′ which flew from an air force base near Renaissance was ’self-remembering 1971′ or when self-remembering came to the area in 1971.


  264. Collusion, Connivance, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Coercion

    Veronicapoe, thanks for your post!
    “If he asks us to do things which seem to have no connection to awakening–or even to be ‘wrong’–we have no choice but
    to do them anyway.”
    But when you get physically, emotionally or financially hurt by these things – it’s your problem, not your teacher’s. You’re on your own and he doesn’t care about your problems.
    Most things he asks students are NOT connected to anyone’s awakening – they are connected to Robert’s personal greed and power.
    Girard said it – just obey. I also heard quite a few devotees say pretty much the same. Don’t think, don’t question – just do what he asked from you, just follow the Teacher.
    With this obedience mentality – when do you stop? When do you start actually THINKING for yourself? When do you open your eyes?
    In Jonestown they trusted their leader till the very end. He finally ordered them to commit suicide and they did. And it was a very, very bad end for devotees.
    I wonder if Girard and Co would take his life (or lives of others) if that’s what his Teacher wants?…
    “we have no choice but to do it anyway.”

    109/12/No Person

  265. Fraud in the Inducement, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Misapplication of Funds, DESECRATION, Fraud

    Many people salaried people used to live in pretty bad places as well and wonder if RB had any idea what kind of sacrifices his students were making.
    With the meager salary, renting a place and paying the bills,the money went all there hardly covering basic expenses. We were often forced to look at a second job, hauling brushes for richer property owners or whatever we could do at the time.
    I suffered constant anxiety and cannot believe I was so frozen in place and did not move on sooner.
    I had spouse and child and was also in training with hope I would eventually make some regular money, this very fact kept me there I think.
    My huge efforts came to a halt with a serious health crisis.
    My body with profound illness gave me a new direction.
    I felt that being in the fof would make me deteriorate fast, I saw people who passed away before me having been elevated to hero or heroine status.
    I did not like at all that kind of play and started looking at alternatives…
    Illness became my guide and teacher…I did not want to become a glorified dead person!
    Obviously I had no health insurance, who could afford such thing…this very fact shaped my future, in order to have medical assistance from the county or the state you have to be under the poverty level and god forbid when your medical bills are bigger than your income, it is best to stay under the poverty limit so that one can continue “enjoy” the benefits. Better than nothing anyway!
    This happened a long time ago and I can tell it took forever to be able to stand on my own feet financially.
    Last night I was joking with my spouse the FOF should refund members for every year they were on salary!


  266. FRAUD (Note of ~ Jerry Brown, CA State Attorney General)

    In relation to post # 58 Chortle Mortal

    What you describe is called a Credit Union and any group is able to form one. It is like having ones own bank. If the FOF and Robert was not so geared to taking the FOF would have had one as well as medical coverage for both employee’s and students who wished to participate. These are services that many groups and Churches offer members.

    It is not an accident that Robert chose the legal form of a religion. He could have chosen to have the FOF as a co-op but then the members would have been owners and he could not take anything he wanted and force out those who had invested years in working for the school with less than nothing (Like Stella and others).

    If there is a conscious plan in Robert’s actions in forming the FOF it is to form a pyramid scheme in which as a legal religion he is isolated from prosecution. The idea of a doomsday cult is certainly not New. One weakness apparent in his scheme is that if the Canon’s are real and accurate and were not shown to and approved by each member but kept as a secret of the operating group than the FOF presentation of the group as a school is fraud.

    Their own web site is proof as there is no disclosure of the group as an actual religion in which the divinity of Robert Burton is accepted as a condition for membership and it is not stated that failure to accept or question this is cause to remove a member. That is why a members could sue and get their payments back.

    Fraud is also a crime and Jerry Brown is now state attorney general, He might be interested because for him this is a win-win, it cost’s him nothing and he might get good press.

    This means it may be possible to have the government take Robert to court. I personally would very much like to see him address a Jury of normal citizens and explain the sacred ritual required to maintain his godly status I.E.. Oral sex with numbers of young men.

    133/12/A Former Student


    To my mind, the place to observe our own School’s (and thus our Teacher’s) spiritual immaturity is in our “myths”, myths that come from Robert Burton’s interpretation of the Fourth Way. They surface here and there on this blog, but I’ll try to consolidate them now:
    • We, as members of this School, are the only ones on the planet who are gifted to know about Self-Remembering
    • The 8 billion other people on the planet are sleeping machines, doomed, without Self-Remembering, to a double death
    • Former students have thrown away their one chance in this lifetime to do something “conscious” with their life
    • Empathizing with the suffering of others can be Feminine Dominance, and is to be avoided
    • Influence C consists, among other things, of 44 angels who are dedicated to working with individual students to insure their “awakening” over the course of 9 lifetimes
    • The Lower Self is actively against Self-Remembering, and to be avoided as best as one can
    • All critical observations of the School or Teacher can be seen as examples of the Lower Self gaining precedence over one’s Work
    • Awakening occurs when an individual has accumulated enough Hydrogen 12 to become saturated, thereby enabling crystallization of Higher Centers
    • The Sequence has the power to awaken us if only we can do it passionately and often enough

    Could it be that the formatory understanding and application of these same “myths” has lead to our current spiritual malaise? Each point, needs to be understood with relativity to appreciate it’s own merit or de-. Thus, the contemplation of these same precepts from other recognized spiritual Masters may be able to reveal the depth of the misunderstanding guiding our School. It is not my aim now to counter each point with quotations from others. Let someone else do that? But let’s do it? Here, or on your own. Dig. Probe. Question. BE. Here is the challenge, as a School, can we grow up? Can we use the knowledge from other Schools to correct the course of our own?

    197/12/Bass Ackwards


    When I moved to Renaissance, two years later, I was surprised by how seriously some older students talked (or should I say wiseacred?) about the fall of California (remember the “peak of the pain?”), or the fact that angels were going magically protect the property from Armageddon (I remember something about the winery being used as a nuclear shelter), or about Gorbachev’s birthmark on his forehead signifying the USSR was going to be the first to be hit by nuclear bombs, and many other strange ideas most of you are very familiar with. I could never really get into all that. Still, I loved the work, the place and many of the people in it, so I kept going for another eight years, during which I tried to keep my mind open and separate the wheat from the chaff.

    The “obedient and compliant” attitude of the majority of the people is what ultimately allows any form of authoritarian control (religious or political to me it’s the same), to create such destruction. Obedience and compliance are taking place in Isis as we speak. People trusting their leader instead of their own inner voice. People renouncing to apply critical thinking and willing to believe any old nonsense. People holding on to a sense of belonging while at the same time creating fictitious enemies. People putting labels on other humans to avoid looking at them as equals. People leading secret lives for fear of being rejected. People trying to conform to a mold and being encouraged to avoid self expression. It does not matter if the external manifestations are not on the level of mass murder, the point being: inner corruption is a way of life in the FOF, and the ability to see this process and reverse it is crucial for everyone involved.



    I’m not sure if this is still true, but for a long time, there was a fraternity of irreverent members who enjoyed making negative remarks about Robert’s behavior, or about the predictions, or about the ark, or who enjoyed making fun of “good student acts”, and so on. For example, one guy would make the sign of the cross (with a little smile on his face) whenever someone mentioned Higher Forces. Of course, the sarcasm was limited to small, private gatherings or to one-on-one conversations. Usually not in mixed company.

    So, keeping in mind that the members of this fraternity are long-time fof students, and that they are STILL fof students, my question is…

    What are they thinking?

    Well, one thought is that “being critical” shows how serious they are about their inner work. It shows that they aren’t deterred by all of the problems in the Fellowship. Sure, many students are being fooled by all of this, but THEY aren’t. They know what’s going on. They are nobody’s fool. Despite all of the nonsense, they are strong, and they hold steadfast to their work. The denying force of the “school’s weirdness” does not stop them from pursuing their aim to awaken. They have passed the test.

    So I think that’s part of it… Part of the criticism is sincere. They’re confused; they’re concerned about the problems like all of us are. They know that something is seriously wrong. But an occasional critical comment presents a facade. And it creates the illusion that free speech is allowed. Or at least maybe that’s part of it.

    But so far, they remain in the group. So there’s a certain line they haven’t been unwilling to cross. In a way, that’s the ultimate criticism of the group — leaving.


    2b, What “test” does one pass while pursuing the aim to awaken and simultaneously, knowingly supporting an aim to crush the curiosity and forthrightness of an individual, budding conscious being wanting to understand the contradictions and spiritual hypocrisies occurring in the Fellowship of Friends and most of all Robert Burton; of which go against their very work to awaken… Not to mention that many of Robert Burton’s personal ‘tests’ have driven tens of thousands from his ‘school of love’, not on the premise of having not passed a test within themselves, but rather Robert Burton’s interpretation of ‘passing’ an external stimulus from himself? Is this conscious love; I sense not… Discrimination, Favortism, Desecration

  270. EFFECT Fraud in the Inducement

    The first time I accidentally discovered the money and sex situation of the Fellowship was after 8 or 9 months in the school. My world started spinning. What I believed to be the ultimate good, what had given me so much and had proven so true, was staring me in the face as corrupt at its core. I was not able to view the positive and negative aspects of the Fellowship as separate. I wanted to defend it all, and yet I was afraid I was supporting the wrong thing.

    I felt I needed to take the matter up with the older student who I was closest to at the time. He gave me no real answers but rather expressed dismay at why I was asking those questions. I went home and wrote all the I’s out on paper. Then I slept on it. And in a couple of days, I was able to revisit these I’s and see them all as “just negativity”, “only I’s”, “judgment”, “identification”, all these things I was taught not to have. It was a relief, I didn’t have to do anything. I concluded that if I had such an extreme reaction, it must be because there is some material there for me to work on myself, some identification to transform. External reality was to be neglected, internal reality was all that mattered. Especially because there were all these good people around me who knew all the same things, even joked about them, and yet they found it valuable to stay in the school. If they can, so can I. After all, where was I going to go to, back to life where people were strangers that I couldn’t relate to?

    When the next new student came along saying that she had “friction” with what people say about our school and about Robert, I found myself defending my choice as reasonable, by claiming how she can plainly see that all those people who have left the school and are complaining, are just negative and identified, and have lost the basic principles of the work. And she has found it useful to this day to resort to that attitude, and so we all proceeded to tacitly conspire that we would perform self-calming for years to come.

    I must have bought into this “conscious being” thing at some point. I remember first meeting the teacher after 2 years, being invited to a dinner with him – this was back when you still got invited and didn’t have to pay 200 dollars to attend. The whole charade with evening gowns and tuxedos and concert before the dinner and expensive china embarrassed me, it was not an environment I knew how to behave in. I spent the evening mostly ashamed that I could be so mechanical and instinctive to actually want to eat the nice food while the others were enjoying the teaching to the extent that food was irrelevant, all being in a higher state except me. Oh boy. I don’t remember anything that Robert said, but I remember trying to not have “mechanical reactions” to his I’s, and trying to stop thoughts and be awake. When I got back I was asked if I had verified that he was conscious, and I responded – “Is that a joke?” Though I did have my fears how, when he kissed my forehead, he would be able to see with his all-mighty God-like perception all the bad judgment I had about him. But mostly I felt guilty that I was not impressed by meeting Robert. So I spent the following years going to his events and hoping that one day I would get it, one day I would see how great and brilliant he was, thinking that it was just me and my sleep preventing me from seeing the truth and experiencing the wonderful states that everybody enters when they are around him. I actually envied those students who were able to say that they verified Robert was their teacher and what a high being he was and so forth. It made their life so much easier.

    Eventually I landed in the role of center director (as I believe Shelley likes to say, at the ripe old age of 24, wise beyond my years), and I got to tell other people what they should and should not do. Being the voice of the School for everybody, expressing opinions I did not hold, deep down, and delivering requests that made me cringe, but that was not important, I had to serve the school and fulfill my role. “They” knew better, and I was just an instrument. The best way to lie is to make yourself believe that you’re telling the truth. So I applied a thick paint of coat over my conscience and convinced myself that it was good. Here we were, all trying to make the best of the situation, to be creative within the framework of the material that was given to us. We needed to make the center come together and produce work. We had some good times and sharing, as long as we kept focusing on all that was positive about the school. And fortunately we were fairly relaxed as a center.

    I asked myself many times over the last few years what was keeping me in the school and always came to the conclusion that it was habit and fear of being alone. I knew it was not healthy. But I didn’t have the courage to turn my life upside down. I kept trying to find reasons why the Fellowship is useful, and hanging on to those. But the contradiction was making me sick. And it was making me depressed. I’m not surprised to hear how many people take anti-depressants in the Fellowship; depression happens when you freeze yourself from experiencing feelings and thoughts that you think you shouldn’t be having. Not wanting to look deeply at what’s wrong but continuing to pretend that everything is fine.

    I honestly tried to apply Robert’s dualistic good-and-evil teaching in an attempt to make it fit and find value in it. It’s hard when you force your own insights onto another man’s scaffolding, especially if he’s coming from a completely different place psychologically, and you don’t realize it. For a while I had my own work I’s that helped inspire me, based on what I knew about myself. I dropped them because I was told that Robert’s 30 work I’s are objective knowledge applicable to everyone. And then I struggled and kept believing in the 4th way maxim that struggle is good.

    This blog was the last stone pulled out of the dam that released the flood. We can all stop pretending now. The emperor is naked, and what a relief. No, you don’t have to be impressed by Robert, and no, you don’t have to believe that what he’s saying is objective knowledge. Yes, you can finally trust yourself. You’ve grown up and you have the authority to allow yourself to put away childish dependence on a divine leader. No need to keep looking over your shoulder when he will catch up with you. When the optical illusion reveals itself and you can see both the vase and the faces at one time, there is no going back.

    Still digesting and integrating the experience, as you can see, but meanwhile I’m packing my bags. Well, thanks for reading, if you did.

    Good luck


  271. Conspiracy to DEFRAUD

    Why bother with this? What does it have to do with the FOF. When I was a member of the FOF I believed that incorporating it as a religion was a convenient fiction. After reviewing the Canon’s and reading various stories of how “challenges” to Robert’s authority are dealth with it seems to me that Robert knew in advance of his intent to defraud the membership by posing as a celebrate spiritual Teacher. A general naiveté about Financial affairs also seems to be an aspect of the FOF.

    In an earlier post I questioned as to why the form of a co-op would not be more appropriate. If there are currant members reading this then this is a question for you. Why not a Co-op? Why not let members share in the ownership of what they build. Is it fair that anyone who is offended at Robert’s sexuality and makes it known be able to be forced to leave for questioning his divinity? In fact does the legal status of Robert as an unquestionable divine guide fit in with the ideas of the 4th way at all? How many of you members past and present understood that this was a contract that they were agreeing to when they joined. Have any of you seen a copy of the Canon’s that is a legal and binding contract with each member?

    226/12/A Former Student

  272. CAUSE (Nestles Endangerment, Moses Malconduct)

    Once when I was a waiter in the Gold Room at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel circa 1977 Robert came in with a group of 10 or so for breakfast. He had Corned Beef hash and Eggs. In one of his best “Moses on the mount” poses he explained to students that “fine hotels like this make everything from scratch.” He sent me to ask the chef for the recipe. I did and was told it was Nestles food service in a can. So I came back and told Robert in front of the group. He buffered and changed the subject. He later told me I should have told him privately and “externally consider my teacher”. What I wondered about my not inner considering at having been put in this position?

    236/12/A Former Student


    I had to… admittedly one of my favorite stories, which, consequentially, unlocked the flintstone-rap deep within me.

  273. FRAUD

    to Old Fish In The Sea Thank you for a very well written and clearly structured presentation. Although I left the FOF some 27 years ago I completely agree.
    My only cravat is take the time to read the Canon’s. Were you ever asked to agree to them? I personally wonder if Robert did not plan just the kind of situation that has developed in which a member no matter for how long and at what cost has no ownership in the FOF and no defense against being asked to leave if they challenge the morality of Robert’s sexuality or use of funds

    250/12/A Former Student

  274. EFFECT (Fraud in the Inducement)

    This once more raises the question to know “why people remain such a long time in the school”?
    This question often was recurrent, in a sarcastic way, in various posts.

    I spent myself more than 22 years in the school,although I had lost my naivety about it at least 10 years before departing.

    For a long time I had the feeling to be alone (except for some rare friends) with my interrogations and the contradictions provided by the school.
    Each time I exposed my points of view to others in the school, they did not accept them and returned them to me, photographing me to make more efforts, to have less personal points of view, “to do my work”….
    That led me finally to not expose my point of view anymore while feeling guilty not to make the efforts in the direction required by the school.
    R.Collins says that the greatest suffering of a man is not to be understood by others.
    Because of that, one can wait for years hoping to be understood and gratified by others.

    Another reason is that people remain in the school sometimes because they are depressed. This was not my case, but the case of several people around me. It is not even the fact of being depressed, but the fact of not realizing it, which prevents them from having the minimum of energy to decide to leave.
    As Traveler explained in its post #224 “depression happens when you freeze yourself from experiencing feelings and thoughts that you think you shouldn’t be having.”

    An other point evoked by Traveller “The best way to lie is to make yourself believe that you’ re telling the truth.” is also one of the points which can prevent someone to leave: by implicating someone personally to confirm publicly unverified things or unacceptable facts.
    I personally refused 3 times the role of centre’s director because I understood that nobody was ready to listen to I had to say.


    288/12/For the Best_1

  275. EFFECT

    This is probably true although if there was no arsenal in 1998 or whenever the nuclear war was to occur Robert did not read nearly enough science fiction. There was a time in the first year of the vineyard when there was a drought and it was not possible to keep deer and Rabbits away from the nice moist plants. There was a nightly crew who drove around with spotlights shooting Rabbit’s and Deer. There was a special permit for this.

    328/12/A Former Student


    A School of Love?

  276. CAUSE & EFFECT (Fraud)

    …it is probably from beginning 2005, during that time Robert announced the coming end of the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky period.


  277. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud) *4

    The author of this text is an imaginary person who doesn’t exist except in the minds of those who believe him to be real. Any similarity to real persons or events is pure coincidence.

    “The only way to get something from a School is by owning one”
    The Wizard of Iz

    There exists a kind of man who is destined to direct and dominate. Men that with just one look or a word, enforce their desires where others would need great effort and eloquence. Men who seem to find themselves in a place inaccessible to the rest of humanity, and possess something majestic and incomprehensible which distinguishes them from common men who submit hopelessly to them. Their arguments – when they speak – subjugate more than convince, and originate from a strong and magnetic character that seems more to give orders than present persuasive arguments. Even the strongest wills are subjugated, in a solid and secret bond to these men.

    Speaking simply and without hypocrisy, we can say that human society is divided between those few that dominate and the great majority that suffer domination. As you already know from experience, I belong to that select few that dominate.

    This simple truth has always been disguised particularly in religious and political realms. For centuries every kind of theory has been created which has tended to produce the illusion of “equality” in politics, or “divinity” in spirituality.
    In the political, where the people are really different, we try to make them believe they are equals.
    In the spiritual, where people really are equals, we try to make them believe they are different.

    Having established what seem to me these clear and natural principals of human existence, I’d like to comment on what it means to create and direct an organization like ours that – although small – has all the essential characteristics of any society.

    Any man intending to place himself over and above a group of followers must above all consider the problems of mind control, and the direction of the attention of his disciples.
    Alex was a great teacher of this art, and I learned from him the elementary rules that I would later develop for myself into an original form.
    In my last posting (3/156) I explained how – with the creation of an imaginary and fantastic world full of gods and supernatural events – I was able to imprison many minds and take them where I wanted. The secret is in the creation of an ample belief system that allows any visible contradiction to be resolved by ideas found within the system itself, thereby impeding all personal reflection.
    Due to the subtlety of my influence, and after a certain time, a kind of mind control – originating inside you – became possible. You began to manipulate yourselves internally, and in some cases went still farther than I myself could have hoped.
    It’s true that the essentials of mind control came principally from myself, and in this is I carefully refine that which renders a good result.

    All this has formed part of the Great Plan that has produced the masterpiece of mind control and domination that some students have ironically called “Masculine Dominance”. This concept is quite complex and involves many factors that perhaps I will speak of in another moment.
    For now we could reduce it to these three principle objectives:
    1) The invention of a fantastic world in which I made you live for all these years.
    2) The sexual possession of hundreds of young male students.
    3) The imposition of innumerable exercises that needed to be followed without exception.

    This time I want to speak particularly of this last point and of how these exercises work upon your psychology – you who have practiced them for many years. Exercises always serve more than one purpose, and their main purpose is to serve me. Through them I protected myself, I satisfied my most uncontrolled desires, strengthened the cohesion of the group, transmitted my subliminal messages over the five continents, and kept everyone’s attention directed towards myself.

    The first and most important exercise of all – and in this I consider myself a pioneer – is the Non-Expression of Negative Emotions.
    My predecessors investigated and wrote about this theme but nobody before me imposed their total non-expression. A bold move…
    This exercise is fundamental for controlling behavior. Since I’ve lived all my life in the outer limits of what people think is legal or moral, all animosity or criticism should be suppressed before it manifests. The main benefit is obviously my own protection. Non-expression of negativity towards me, my extravagant or immoral behavior, my desires and my orders.
    With this exercise, it’s as though we were fighting a duel, you and I, wherein before the action starts I have disarmed you — but not myself.
    The second helpful aspect of this task is to maintain the group’s integrity by the internal repression of any emotions that may tend to disperse the community. I’ve used the expression “transform negativity” but I don’t believe anybody knows exactly what this means and I must confess, me neither. Non-expression of negativity was very successfully combined with “not gossiping”, which given my lifestyle, is indispensable.
    Unfortunately this practice has become a type of internal poison for many individuals that we know here in Iz.
    Many members succumb to depression. Others suffer from chronic fatigue, hysteria, or insomnia. Some have contracted serious disorders of the nervous system, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and many have cancer and have died from it.
    Anyways, we can consider that all of this is within the necessary cost of any important business and it seems to me that it can be considered irrelevant.

    Second in importance was “The Sex Exercise” which lasted more than twenty years and which I rescinded in 1998 to compensate for the failure of the prediction of the fall of California into the Pacific. This exercise had more than one aim but its principal function was to maintain the sex energy of the young male students (that would be pent up inside them) to facilitate my seducing them. Depriving them of their sex life outside of marriage made them more vulnerable and desiring to alleviate themselves at almost any cost. I was able to relieve hundreds of them, who after having worked for me till exhaustion all day long, found themselves tired and with a very weakened will.
    The most precious moments of my life have occurred when I found myself facing a shocked child, trembling, full of sex energy, whom I had convinced was standing in front on an angel in human form and who didn’t understand exactly what was happening.
    Little by little, or perhaps suddenly, I would undermine him. Fear – combined with his nascent desire – or fear together with his moral convictions, are the source of my maximum pleasure. And a tyranny in my life…
    Energy liberated by fear is a fine consumable for beings like myself, who are not satisfied by the normal, and who seek the total submission of all others. It’s also the reason why the majority of my victims are passive, timid, usually small in stature, and don’t have a personal direction in their lives; they are easy to persuade and generally don’t speak about what happened to them.

    From this point of view I can say that the whole organization of the School has been conceived like a great spider’s web, spanning the whole world, who’s center is the Galeria and where I, the Golden Widow dressed in pink silk, find myself always waiting for fresh meat. I don’t believe there’s a man who has occupied an important role whom I haven’t sexually possessed. Of course I can’t say the same about the women working in key roles, but many of them are single, and they sublimate their loneliness for my sake.
    The second objective of this exercise was to reduce the promiscuity of the era of “free love”, helping avoid conflicts within the group, and to avoid the spreading of venereal diseases that may have affected me personally. I imposed stringent fines upon those that disobeyed and I leveraged the associated feelings of guilt that are so strong in our Christian society.

    I have used many and diverse exercises of lesser importance over the years, designed to keep group attention focused upon myself, and the organization; all gave good results.
    For example, the “name change” exercise that I used more than 25 years ago, and which I’ve used to a lesser extent more recently, is excellent for partially appropriating the identity of a student, and make him “belong” to the organization, and myself. The same can be said of the exercises around dress – it produces a feeling of group identity that serves my aims well.
    The “word exercise” was very appropriate for maintaining the cohesion of the group because it allowed students to “photograph” one another constantly in daily life, making them active participants in my game. The same can be said about the exercises around food and eating.

    One of the most extraordinary methods of group unification was the idea to observe the appearance of the number 44. In those times, almost nobody knew about the reality of synchronicity or about quantum physics, which demonstrate that our attention attracts what it seeks.

    Recently, when different languages multiplied substantially in Iz, it seemed right that I should impose English as the only mode of communication for several reasons: it was quite disagreeable to hear around me almost all unknown languages, which weakened my power over others. I also found it necessary that my acolytes of the inner circle could listen to and understand conversations in public places during the time I started the “new form”, which already attracted so much opposition. I learned of many subversive conversations in this way. Little by little however, the exercise was not respected and I was forced to rescind it before I started to look ridiculous.

    These days, with so many upset students who have left – or are about the leave – the School, I am finding a strong weakness in the exercise of “Not relating to Ex-Students” which I imposed from the start. This exercise limited the influence of those that had freed themselves over those still under my power. I had better find a quick solution to this disquieting problem.

    Recently a naïve and adorable student asked me if my way with others was a product of the fear I instilled or the love I inspired. I answered that the ideal is to have both fear and love.
    If it is not possible to have both, it is preferable and more reliable to be feared than loved. Human beings love in an unstable way, in accord with subjective circumstances. Fear can be objectively controlled at the whim of the dominator.
    Most important is to avoid being hated…whenever possible. Those that truly know human nature know that everything can change in this world and all is susceptible to rise and fall. A man like myself, who in diverse ways has taken great risks, and whom fortune has favored for a long time, must take measures to prevent the fall, and not wait for it to happen suddenly.
    Prosperity, if we can refer to it as a state, is nothing more than a passing state, and fortune – which appears to be of a feminine character since it has the inconstancy of that sex, can change at any time, and can let her chosen ones fall into sufferings in proportion to her favors. Therefore I think it more certain, when the moment indicates, to break with fortune suddenly, rather than being struck unexpectedly and precipitately from behind.
    The moment we find ourselves at the top of our career is the moment when fortune can take away everything, and before the storm comes, one needs to hurry to the nearest and most secure harbor.

    “I am what I am and sometimes worse”
    Love, The Wizard of Iz

    363/12/The Wizard of Iz


    *4 I wish to post this as an EFFECT sample of what Robert Burton and The Fellowship of Friends has ‘put’ into the temporary (thank god) psyches of certain ‘followers’ as to create such a deeply precise, yet, fictional rendition of what is being sold for millions of dollars as a genuine ‘Conscious School’, which, outside such ‘impressions’ inside one’s ‘temporary psyche’ is worth nothing due to its total fraudulent ‘inner circle’.

  278. EFFECT (Fraud in the Inducement)

    A Story that many of you might relate to.
    A FOF story of a deep awakening and then of a losing it…
    and years of suffering about it…
    “Why did it happen?”
    “What did it mean?”
    “Why can’t I change it?”
    Okay, now THERE are 3 good ways to suffer, and I practiced them all with great fervor…
    Okay, enough of this Prelude…

    I joined the FOF on Christmas Day of 1973, and by New Years 1975, I was living at Renaissance, sleeping on the floor of the Lincoln Lodge (as it was called then) I came to be the Maitre D’ in May of that year when the preceding one had a physical breakdown.. obviously Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…

    from the insane amount of work that he did.. so that role fell on me, and at the same time, the initial grape vines were being planted.. this was a very important time for the FOF, as this was the birth of the vinyards.. lots of people camped out that month, working long hours to get the vines planted.. and my job included asking them to volunteer to be a server at lunch or dinner. I also had to coordinate with the linen people, the flower arrangers, the people who selected the poetry and music and with RB about the wine and guest list for that night.. and of course,

    I had to make sure all the dishes were washed.. and there were no dish washers.. often it was just Tim Campion and me washing all the dishes, eating a bowl of oatmeal at 3am.. also had to coordinate things with the kitchen.. that month, I averaged less than 2 hours sleep a night. People often were pretty negative to me as I approached them during the day.. sometimes I just wanted to say hi, but many times a day, I received a rather terse “No” before I said a word.. sometimes people just walked away when they saw me. Of course, they were tired, and volunteering meant that they had to wait till the 2nd or 3rd serving to eat.. But to me, if felt pretty abrasive…But over the month, something started to happen.. I started feeling less and less negative about their reactions, and about the amount of work that I had to do..

    I started to feel happier and happier.. and this happiness was uncaused.. that is the most genuine kind.. happiness just because.. not because someone did something nice.. not because I got what I wanted.. but happiness for no reason at all! The one evening, I asked the chef what time dinner would be ready, and he exploded.. yelling at me.. I did not say a thing.. I felt in shock.. I just felt his words.. no response from me. I just felt the energy. I walked outside to the deck, all alone, and looked out over the baby vinyards… I felt all sorts of negative energy trying to respond.. It was time slowed down, and I almost physically saw these negative arrows being slung at me.. thoughts that wanted to judge him… thoughts that judged myself.. feelings of hopelessness as well.. yet, something seemed to deflect all these energetic arrows… there was something doing it.. it was obvious it was not me…

    Then there were the “daughters of Mara” who came as well.. thoughts like, “Hey, Spencer, you are really doing this well” or other thoughts like this.. and I saw that they were the same.. they were just fear in another disguise.. I saw that every thought was a diversion.. and I also saw that one cannot spend every moment of one’s life deflecting arrows.. that it was nice to happen now, but then I might drop my guard at some point.. and it was okay.. I was okay with anything happening.. so I went back inside, and the chef apologized.. and all was well…

    The next day, after lunch, I received a phone call from my mother, telling me that she had to have a hysterectomy the next week, and she wanted me to come home. I politely declined, telling her that I would come if there were any problems but that I was sure there would not be. I had never been so clear with her before.. just straight forward and honest.. I had always been dominated by her anger and by the guilt that she so masterfully applied to my whole family. This conversation was clean..
    Then I walked outside, and there was a revolution going on in my brain..

    One voice said, “You SHOULD go be with your mother.”
    and another one said, “No, you SHOULD stay here!”
    And I knew immediately that it was the same voice, disguised as the “good student”

    The voices continued for hours, expressing all their viewpoints, and I felt both totally unable to stop them, but at the same time I didn’t really care, because they were just voices.. they weren’t real. It was obvious what they were, and I just didn’t bite.. didn’t believe them at all.
    What had happened was that there was an increase in awakeness (not third state, but a degree of awakening) that had happened that whole month, and then a big third state experience the night before, full of shakti (vital energy) and profoundly insightful… but the highest awakening was that whole afternoon of bearing those voices. I just accepted what is.. that is all that happened.. what was happening was totally okay.. It was obvious that

    I was not connected to those inner voices.. they were what I then called false personality.. now I just use the word, ego. Ego is actually Latin for “I”, so it is a good word.. ego is really everything that is self referencing, which is just about every thought that we experience.

    That night, I got to bed pretty early.. around 2am.. and I slept on the living room floor in a sleeping bag.. I had an amazing dream, in which I was totally awakened, and Robert just realized it. “I didn’t know you were even close,” he said in the dream. I replied, “Well, obviously, I was, because here I am.”

    Oh, I forgot to mention, that I was not seeing him in the dream. It was a mind-to-mind communication.. (Hey, if you’re going to have an awakened dream, might as well pull out all the stops… the more mystical the better!) Suddenly, I woke from the dream. In front of me on the floor was another student’s alarm clock, with big red letters that read 4:44, and I tried to take a breath and couldn’t… had to really struggle to get any air at all into my lunge..

    I was rushed to the hospital, and was diagnosed with Bronchial Athsma… in other words, severe bronchitis.. caused by hay fever, alergic reation to grass polen, and the Lincoln Lodge was surrounded by rye grass, the worst one for me.. When I couldn’t breathe, I panicked, really.. and all I could think about was trying to stay alive..

    I went to Carmel and stayed there for a month.. then finally returned to Renaissance. I still felt weak, and decided to move out of the Lincoln Lodge.. and got a tent and prepared a site.. during the preparing, I would work hard, then would come to a point near the point of being exhausted, and would get terrified.. then back off..

    For 25 years, whenever I got really involved in something, and would start to approach that point of tiredness, and would back off.. I used to follow the suggestion that to know one’s limits, one had to occasionally exceed one’s limits.. well, I stopped well short for years.

    I was actually depressed about this.. I never again approached that level of awakening.. I felt that I had it and that I lost it.. that I was doomed to never have it again..
    Isn’t the ego just the funniest thing? It likes to turn everything into a tragedy.. or something that I did wrong.. That’s one way it keeps control.. each of us has his/her own pattern of how this works.. Mainly , I chastised myself for not being able to have that same zeal towards awakening.

    If any of you are going through similar things, let me know. Perhaps I can be of assistance. I have no idea what has gone on in the past few years, but I know that in the first at least 15 or 20 years of the FOF, nobody else awakened, at least according to RB… Has anyone supposedly awakened in the past 10 years or so? I find it odd that awakening can be the prize dangled in front of one for so many years, and yet nobody is awakening..Gee, why would someone want to stay with such a bad track record?

    378/12/Spencer St Clair

  279. EFFECT (Fraud in the Inducement)

    IMO, we have been duped into viewing ‘awakening’ in the context of the way of the monk. IMO, it is Robert’s self ascribed role as a teacher that he uses as a third force to keep him relatively dialed in and present. The way of the monk is based on strict obedience and is not the way of the householder. The way of the householder is to take place in life, not a sheltered compound away from public scrutiny.
    IMO awakening or having conscious being is not divorced from one’s role in life. It is my belief, (something that I cannot verify), that ordinary people in ordinary roles in life will not awaken. Where’s the need or the third force? There has to be some kind of larger aim involved as a third force other than one’s own self-aggrandizement. IMO, you know a conscious being by their work in life and the trail they leave behind. For Robert it was building an ark. But he is chasing windmills. He was fooled by his misinterpretation of synchronicity, magical thinking, and ideas of reference. He borrowed the idea of the ark. At the time the ‘school’ was being formed the cold war was in full swing. He exploited our fears of nuclear holocaust. He used to say during the early days that Russian submarines were patrolling the coast as we speak. IMO, you don’t have to become a teacher and lead a group to awaken, that’s the way of the monk. Monks have stay in the sheltered environment of a school permanently and work their way to the top. Your conscious role is then bestowed upon you, if you play your cards well.

    IMO, you join a fourth way school and work hard to learn what you need to create a conscious role for yourself, IN LIFE. Then you go out and use your will and being to create the circumstances for your self where it is more likely to happen. (That’s what RB did.) IMO, when you find your right livelihood, your conscious role, you are ‘in the flow’, and then at that point the work seems effortless and your energy is boundless! This is how I lead my life post-FOF.

    I decided 22 years ago that I was not going to hang around sucking dicks, giving up my will, waiting for someone to claim that I am awake. Nor do I think ‘crystallization’ comes as a lightening bolt. I believe it’s much more subtle than that.

    I have only my life and my work as my proof.


  280. Fraud, Misapplication of Funds, False Pretenses, TAX FRAUD

    OK folks, let us to do some math here:

    250 people X 10 years X 12 monts x lets say $600 p/months = 18 000 000
    18 mln dollars….
    Am I correct?

    S__t, I want my money back!

    390/12/Normal Human Beeng

  281. CAUSE & EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud)

    The disconnectedness of sexuality, marriage, social life is what allowed us to support Robert without questioning. We did not understand the connections and complied with the feminine dominance that states every man for himself, and then ended up supporting only Robert for himself at the cost of the rest of us.

    Is it not sobering to realize how infantile we are as a community? It doesn’t seem much surprising if what people were really going for was their own awakening. It does sound like this is the aim for many still. While I am happy to respect those if they wish the fakir or yogi path, I do not think there is much room for that in the fourth way.


  282. Negligent Misrepresentation, Desecration, Fraud, Material Misrepresentation, False pretenses, False-association claim

    This is today’s daily card:

    The lower self’s idea of beauty is not something
    divine, but something vulgar like itself.

    Love, Robert

    Rumi: Your image is in my eyes.Your beauty is not
    something to be hidden and forgotten.

    For God’s sake, Rumi is suffering in his grave for that….if only could he says something to RB……..



    Have you read the Canons of the Fellowship of Friends.
    Has Robert ever discussed publicly the ramifications of his legal status as divinely ordained spiritual leader.
    Is there any freedom to question Robert or is this an indication that someone has failed to “externally consider the Teacher” or “manifested from false personality”?

    One thing about the accuracy of the Blog is that it is a blog in which anyone can say almost anything.
    What about the accuracy of Robert’s divinely inspired predictions? Does the failure of these events to happen make him a false prophet? Did he even get a reduction in salary for not doing his job as a divine leader building an Ark to save civilization.. Has there been public discussions on these subjects. If not why not what is there to fear in allowing freedom of speech and thought? Isn’t conscience part of consciousness?
    Does Robert fear that if he allows free speech his students do not have sufficient being to continue accepting his will?

    469/12/A Former Student

  284. Immigration FRAUD, FALSIFYING A RECORD, Material misrepresentation, Conspiracy to Defraud (Changing the actual literal predictions for physical external events into ‘symbolic’, inner predictions.) *8

    In this respect the blog is far more trustworthy than Robert Burton or the Fellowship of Friends, whose lies have been so thoroughly and indisputably documented. Everything from covert illegal immigration to doctored “keys” graphics to changing hydrogen warfare predictions into a mere symbol of internal jihad. And what about the most pernicious lie: Roberts external vs. behind-closed-doors behavior? The man with the beaming face in the Youtube excerpt vs. Whale Rider’s worst (and ongoing?) nightmare?

    475/12/Joseph G



    Regardless of the ‘face’ the Fellowship of Friends places on the predictions via their Wikipedia page, during 1996-1997 and throughout up till the last week before the prediction of California’s Fall, the Fellowship of Friends (members) paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on heavy equipment, tracker and trailers, generators, food supplies, cars, houses, students built house prior to the prediction time, families moved from the bay area, people took long vacations or simply quit their jobs, people spent thousands traveling overseas to be at ISIS during the prediction time, etc. Robert Burton’s predictions have never been ‘esoteric’ symbols for the ‘inner-man’, these were predictions solely pointing to physical events, whereas the Fellowship of Friends had spent real money for Robert Burton’s ‘pipe dreams’.

  285. EFFECT (Fraud)

    The interesting thing to me is that many/most of us are not leaving because of the sex scandals – many of us weathered those already, though we may be revisiting the meaning of them now. Many of us are leaving because of the teaching (rather, lack thereof); the lack of judgment, love and just plain sense from Robert; and, perhaps most striking, what we experience as a withering of our lives and souls in the domineering context of Robert Burton’s group. The corruption of the “inner circle” contributes also.


  286. EFFECT (Process Note: fact vs assumption)

    481, wake up little suzy wake up

    “The experience I think many people have in leaving the Fellowship is it’s a process. It doesn’t typically happen that one day someone reads a blog and decides to leave the school. ”

    This was my experience. It probably took me a year to leave, and I didn’t make the decision until a week before when an event happened that left me with no choice. It wasn’t something new coming from the Fellowship, it came from within me.

    In the meantime, I maintained my good student act (for the most part), and I was told that people were shocked when G and I left. That surprised me because I was sure the inner turmoil must be leaking out on occasion. You just never know.

    484/12/Was KathleenW

  287. EFFECT (Undue Influence, False Pretenses) *9

    Hi ~ as some day ago I loaded “The Plate”, today I received the following message from YouTube:
    Dear Member:
    This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Fellowship of Friends, Inc. claiming that this material is infringing:

    The plate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7oBJ6sTKAg

    Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to avoid future strikes against your account, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others

    489/12/Sunny Day

    *9 The video itself presented no false claims or derogatory remarks or symbols… So far as the Fellowship of Friends Marketing strategy (my opinion) it would only be a matter of time before they would have dared to include Robert Burton’s ‘conscious videos’ amongst other esoteric ‘teachers’ videos (both dead and alive)… It was only in context to this blog site and the corresponding revelations posted herein showing/demonstrating fraudulent practices within the teaching of Robert Burton, these videos showing the fraud outright, that the Fellowship of Friends approached YouTube and claimed ‘copyright infringement’…

    It’s like trying to melt an iceberg with a hairdryer… good luck FoF…

  288. Conspiracy to Defraud, Misrepresentation, Connivance

    In my case it would be silly to say that Robert Burton was ever my teacher, I had one dinner with him with twelve other people in a period of ten years. This is probably not all that uncommon, when Fellowship ’students’ in the outlying provinces have no direct connection with the self-appointed “conscious being” then they are in imagination about being in a school because they are really nothing more than outer circle mules helping to haul money to the forbidden city of greed. The inspirational propaganda shipped out to them is more designed to keep them in harness than to wake them up to their real position.


  289. SEXUAL PREDATOR, Disparent Treatment, Undue Influence, Coercion, Invasion of Privacy, Discrimination, Favoritism, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Violation of Fiduciary Duty

    What I was referring to was that this was a secret in the 1970’s. I was a student from 1973-1980. I knew Robert and spent time with him and his “entourage” Peter Bishop, Thomas Easely , others. There were those who lived and traveled with him. The common belief was that Robert had these young men around him because as a celibate straight male he needed to insulate himself from too much effeminate sex energy. This was a lie. I now believe he was already being sexual with his students in the 1970’s. This is almost 20 years before he publicly acknowledged this.

    My point is in regard to the enneagram and how the 7th note is connected to the 3rd. Many aspects of the decision process that impacted many lives were based on this lie. I know of many relationships in which he encouraged or commanded married couples to split up. When I went to Phoenix in 1976 he ordered a very beautiful young Solar woman to go and had her husband stay with him.
    This was one of many incidents over the years.
    When regarded from this prospective he becomes not a Sun radiating and supporting those around him but a black hole that through its invisible yet massive gravitational force sucks all mass into itself until it actually warps time, space and gravity.

    536/12/A Former Student


    Payment is a principle: This piece of FoF dogma tells us that everything must be paid for, especially FoF events (sometimes twice), and everybody has his price (eg Robert’s entourage). Gambling is spiritually bad, unless organized by the FoF in the form of lotteries. Despite this, I personally made some money from students by wagering that the earth would not end in November 2006. Few were willing to put their money where their mouth is, but there were enough to make it worthwhile. More predictions, please!

    547/12/Devil’s Dictionary

  291. DESECRATION , ‘Crime against Humanity/Spirituality’

    I think it’s a shame though that many may have gotten turned off to the Fourth Way work because Robert co-opted it and distorted it for his own sick ends. In some ways I think that may be even a bigger ’sin’ than all the fisting and such.

    551/12/David B

  292. EFFECT (sexual predator, i.e., RB)

    BTW- I was married for five years to the Alpha of this strange Alphabet of men that RB is typing his unfinished childhood business on. He will not ever appear on this blog I assure you. What was he like? Wounded Mars-Solar army of one, which is
    what I found so sexy about him. I think I rehabilitated him pretty good not knowing what a nightmare he’d just come out of when we married. He had a beard and believe it or not I never saw his face; which can be taken as a metaphor of sorts. As I said on my first post, RB did indeed apologize to him.

    568/12/Shelley M

  293. Undue Influence, Discrimination, Violation of Fiduciary Duty

    I actually got an email a few weeks ago from someone who was told not to speak to me at a fof event in Bolzano in 1991 because I was ‘bad’. I was breast feeding my daughter at the time. A really dangerous person don’t ya think? Feminine Dominance to the max! When I heard that RB renamed Renaissance ISIS- goddess of fertility -I can only assume that the great teacher I once knew was indirectly trying to help those students he loves to vamoose before he really went crackers.

    568/12/Shelley M


    I for long thought that RB had no clue at all about so called “objective art” and that such thing actually doesn’t exist. Maybe G. had the material for understanding this idea, but we for sure lost the thread.

    This completely warped “the impression octave” making it a limiting judgmental process about our surroundings.

    I rather witnessed this aspect of the FOF as instinctive gratification: i.e. surrounding oneself with pleasant artifacts.

    Somewhere G. said that esoteric knowledge can only appear once you are saturated with ordinary knowledge about a subject. RB completely skipped that step of immersion into past civilization (Egypt, caves,…) and just made them fit his current “weltanschauung”.

    569/12/for the Best_2

  295. Fraud in the Inducement, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Collusion, Connivance, Undue Influence, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, False Pretenses, Discrimination, Favoritism

    “School Of Love”: A description applied to the FoF by its members, meaning that the Teacher loves his students and that they love him and each other. Everyone else, including family members, is excluded because they are “life”.

    The Teacher shares his love with his entourage in the unusual ways described by Simon, Whale Rider and others above. He loves his other students by inventing weird, nonsensical theories for them to believe and by asking for more money.

    Love is shown to former students by pretending they don’t exist, thus encouraging them to return to the School.

    Older single women often have a particularly strong emotional connection with their Beloved Teacher. This is demonstrated externally by for example having a car number plate saying “I LOVE RB” or by pushing other students aside at meetings so that one can stand at the front and grin continuously at the Beloved Teacher in an “inviting” fashion. Drooling is discouraged, however.

    582/12/Devil’s Dictionary

  296. FRAUD in the Inducement, Negligent Hiring

    Some fresh data. About 430 people left in the last 18 months. (This number may be off by 10% in either direction.) See my previous comment about the kind of members leaving – 10 years or more). Although the total fof count may be similar to that of the last 25 years – an assertion which I very much doubt – the most established students (American and Western European) now constitute an ever increasing percentage of those leaving, which is unprecedented.

    Most new members are from Eastern Europe and Latin America; and this is useful to the fof for all kinds of reasons. They have fewer English skills, forming a kind of protective barrier from negative information about the group.

    In addition many of these new students are allowed to pay a pittance – even in their own currency – to be members, and whose primary motive is to secure work visas and green cards. No wonder RB found fund raising to be of such value; it brought new income – which was incidentally easier to hide than teaching payments.

    In addition, vouchers keep all those visitors from abroad working to maintain the property saving the fof thousands (notice however their are no new buildings, improvements which cost real money). Finally the newer and younger the students, the easier they will swallow the new religion.

    Established members can plainly see that the teaching has been completely subverted by materialistic motives and RBs personal agenda.
    It’s word games for money at this point.

    587/12/Red Rain

  297. ‘Reckless and Illegal Investment of Member Funds’,
    FRAUD, Misapplication of Funds, Misapplication of Property, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Material Misrepresentation, False Pretenses, Collusion, Connivance, Breach of Trust

    Red Rain # 585

    Most of your post rings correct to me, with the exception of: “(notice however their [sic] are no new buildings, improvements which cost real money)”.

    I would guess that the Theatron cost as much as if not more than any building at Isis. And will continue to cost, since it was not built completely to code and will have to have more money poured into it in order to be able to use it. Quite a white elephant – terrible acoustics, one season usage only, and very uncomfortable, but oh, so lovely to look at.


  298. FRAUD, Disparent Treatment, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Misapplication of Funds

    593 Was KathleenW
    “I wonder if students on salary are provided with health insurance… Does anyone know?”

    During the 80s and 90s, definitely not. I would be extremely surprised if members on salary today are provided health insurance. But I’ll repeat Kathleen’s question… anyone know?

    No health insurance. Even workman’s compensation was axed about two years ago.Everyone on ’salary’ was asked to sign a disclaimer stating that their wages were actually ‘compensation’ for voluntary services so as not to be covered by insurance laws…..


  299. Negligence, Fraud, Desecration

    603 Mole

    “No health insurance. Even workmans compensation was axed about two years ago.Everyone on ’salary’ was asked to sign a disclaimer stating that their wages were actually ‘compensation’ for voluntary services so as not to be covered by insurance laws…..”


    The buildings, landscaping and art seem to be valued more than the well-being of the students who build, maintain and care take them. Interesting set of priorities.

    608/12/Was KathleenW

  300. EFFECT (Companion to 298/299, ‘Limited Effect’)

    #593 Kathleen, #603 Mole

    Although there is no health insurance plan that is sponsored by FOF, there are still a number of students on salary covered by CA workman’s compensation plan (for work-related illnesses/accidents), and the fellowship is paying for that coverage. There are a number of students who are not, and it is unclear (to me) what criteria are in place to determine who is and who is not covered. There was also, at one time, an agreement between the local clinic (run by a FOF doc) and FOF to provide first visit for general screening and treatment of uncomplicated ailments. I do not know whether that agreement still exists. For most care that include specialized opinion or treatment/X-Ray or lab work, salaried students need to go to nearby towns. Most of them, given their low income, will qualify for the state-sponsored insurance coverage “Medical”.


  301. TAX FRAUD, Misapplication of Funds

    That’s how it was when I was on salary. In addition, when the government made them pay minimum wage we had to give back any excess over what our “salaries” were supposed to be. We were also asked to give back any tax refunds we received from the govt.
    Medical- so WE are paying for the health care of the salaried students. That sure cheers me up.


  302. ‘Reckless BBQ’, Fraud in the Buttering, False Drip Pretense

    For all currant members
    of the Fellowship of Friends and their divine Teacher Robert Earl Burton
    when was the last time you had BBQ dripping sauce and Corn on the cob?
    Do you truly believe that it is not possible to eat BBQ and be present or pick up a piece of corn all covered with butter and remember yourself?

    Creating an artificial environment is all well and good to create experiences but the 4th way is about living ones life in life. No matter where you are and what you’re doing.

    614/12/A Former Student

  303. EFFECT (Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress)

    On the subject of health care, here’s a quaint story from olden days.
    We were in the crunch to finish the Town Hall. Robert had given one of his unrealistic opening dates and booked the music. There were several crews working around the clock trying to meet the deadline. We were all working outrageous shifts. Robert would occasionally show up to help with angles like “Goodness, lets tear that wall down and move it over two inches or so”. Or that kind of bullshit.
    I had been working for weeks. We were basically not allowed to leave the property if we were on salary. I noticed some pain in a tooth and asked RB to go to the local dentist who was treating most of the salaried workers because he took medical and he knew the system enough that he would be able to treat an emergency without having to go to Marysville and screw with the red tape.
    Robert said no, I couldn’t leave. So I continued to work. Over the next few days my face started to swell on one side, and was constantly hot. RB said I could go when the Town Hall was finished. Long story short, I couldn’t eat due to the pain. The swelling continued. The day of the opening RB said I could go. I went. The dentist, who knew the whole story, said “What the hell’s wrong with that guy”? He told me a story that a student had been sent to have a little chip in front veneered so it would look nice, and he could travel occasionally with RB. As a gift for working hard RB told the student he would pay for it. So he went and the dentist said the kids whole mouth was a mess and he’d be losing teeth. He said putting a veneer on that tooth, in light of what he saw, was like gluing a diamond on top of skin cancer so it would look nice. He was pretty red in the face by then.
    So he gave me some antibiotics and told me the choices were to have it pulled or have a three tooth bridge. I told him I would have to ask RB.
    RB said have it pulled, that’s what he’d pay for. I was in pain and in no position to argue.
    Here’s the clincher. RB then had the balls to come up to me and say “Goodness, I want you to know that I paid for the dentist out of my coffer, my personal coffer”. I’ll never forget that moment.
    Here’s to the second coming of Christ’s conscience, consciousness, will, compassion of all the rest of his horse shit.

    And yes, I should have had my f*****g head examined while I was at it.


  304. CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD, Desecration

    INFLUENCE C: Conscious Influence, described by Gurdjieff as obtainable by direct contact with a living “conscious being” (defined in 11/555). Expanded by Burton to include dead conscious beings, who we are told live in the city of Paradise (near Chico) and start to help FoF students with their evolution as soon as their first donation is received.

    It’s important in the FoF to “verify C Influence”. Burton often says “We in this room have all verified C influence”, meaning we’re all spiritually advanced. The exclusive help given by C influence to the FoF is cited as the main reason why the FoF is a “real school” as opposed to a “group” (all other spiritual organizations). Examples of how this belief works abound on this blog, eg Howard Carter’s statement that the FoF is invulnerable because it’s protected by angels.

    C influence is verified by experiencing “a series of coincidences too numerous to ascribe to chance”, otherwise known as “shocks” (see 11/555). In the past these typically involved frequent sightings of the number 44 on auto number plates and elsewhere. These days seeing pyramids or the number 6 is viewed as more significant (ideally one would see six pyramids). In other words, everyday synchronicity as described by C.G.Jung and The Police, among others, is cleverly used to prove something with which it has no connection whatsoever.

    Burton would sometime describe a student as being “on the ladder” of a particular conscious being. Noone seemed to have a clear idea about what this meant, though the implication was that the student and conscious being were in some way similar and that the student would reincarnate as the conscious being in his/her next lifetime, which brings us neatly to…..

    According to Burton, successful students are “on the way”, meaning that they are in a series of lifetimes which will culminate in a “conscious play” in their ninth lifetime, meaning they will then become a “conscious being” and move to Paradise (near Chico). At FoF events, Burton will typically say “Most of you are in your eighth lifetimes”. But sometimes when a less devoted student died he would say “He/she was on their sixth (or even fifth) lifetime”. This has been compared to coming second to last in a three-legged race.

    Students prefer not to think too deeply about the implications of all this, but it’s worth observing that until someone is told they are on their ninth lifetime, which doesn’t happen, this doctrine means that no student will become conscious in this lifetime – good news for the donations dept., but not such good news for the student. Many students reassure themselves by believing they will make it next time around. But what does this mean? I, Devil’s Dictionary, will come back as, say, Elizabeth 1st. So in some sense I will be aware that I am in fact DD while I inhabit Elizabeth’s body. How else could “I” be Elizabeth 1st? Admittedly this seems unlikely, but if I don’t know I’m actually DD, what’s the point of being Elizabeth?

    In any case, the recent changes in the teaching have rendered this doctrine even more opaque, although it’s been suggested that students in their 8th lifetimes, if they perform the Sequence (see 11/555) sufficiently vigorously, might come back as prehistoric rhino droppings. Better than not coming back at all, I suppose!

    617/12/Devil’s Dictionary

  305. Correction to 303

    I was incorrect about the choices the dentist gave me. They were to have it pulled or have a root canal and crown. Robert wouldn’t spring for it, so he paid the $60.00 or so to have it pulled. The tooth was pretty much near the front.


  306. EFFECT (‘Deliberate Deception’), Wanton Misconduct

    Bruce. I get your agony, your fury. I get it.

    Nobody put me into a situation that required my teeth be pulled. However, my identity was fucked with. Delusion was an element of it, but so was deliberate deception. And that you don’t forget, even if you come back to yourself.


  307. NO WORDS

    On the subject of health care, here’s a quaint story from olden days.


    Here’s another construction story. This is one of the strangest events that I have ever witnessed. Everyone involved had been in the “school” remembering themselves for at least ten years, except me and I’d only been around for four or five years, this is sometime in the mid-ish 80’s. The “octave leader” comes onto the construction site and notices two “students” cutting ten foot long redwood boards (very light wood) on a heavy duty radial arm saw that is meant to cut oak or walnut, very hard wood. It is an oversized piece of equipment especially for that application. The “octave leader” insists that this activity is a one man job and sends the student that was controlling the rear end of the ten foot boards off to do something else and the very next cut the student operating the saw cuts his finger off. He is holding his bleeding hand with his good hand up to his face and is screaming in pain and shock. The “octave leader,” who up until now was acting like a distant, cold, power-feature prick, suddenly goes into a psychotic break. He walks over to the bleeding, screaming student (remember these are “men number four”) who is for some reason shouting the “octave leader’s” name over and over, and picks up the finger and is trying to put it back on. I’m in a conscious state at this point taking every split-second into my permanent memory. The finger falls onto the ground and the “octave leader” picks it up again and puts it back onto the bleeding stump, the bleeding student is screaming and watching, while kind of holding his hand still in what appears to be an effort to help. When the finger stays in place for a second the “octave leader” kind of shrugs as if to say, “Look I fixed it.” Meanwhile the injured student is still screaming the guy’s name again and again. The injured party was carted off to the emergency room and the “octave leader,” ashen, shaken and inner considering about his bizarre lunatic reaction, disappeared off the site. Another one of those slow-motion scenes that tend to destroy the atmosphere of vanity that permeates the fake perception that “students” are somehow above the mechanical reactions of “life.”


  308. Negligence, False Pretenses *6

    Hi Discussion

    To be fair many Americans do not have standard Health Insurance. It is more or less a privilege of the rich, or your company pays.
    Even if you have health insurance you still have to pay just like paying Teaching Payments and then still having to pay for meetings with Robert.

    In fof they do fund raisers for the sick and wounded.
    Recently they did one for a girl who broke her arm.

    If you are from other countries on salary then you take a risk, but the reward is a possibility for a green card.

    Some students live in shacks (mobile homes) that are difficult to insulate from the harsh weather.

    Many older students are not able to afford a house mainly due to bad credit.

    624/12/Health Insurance

    *6 Fund raisers for personal injuries in the Fellowship of Friends is unheard of; my opinion is, that this ‘girl’ had broken her arm under some dubious or questionable circumstance or while employed or working for a voucher on ISIS property (Fellowship of Friends Property) and the ‘officials’ quickly covered their bases before a possible lawsuit… Yes, this is hearsay; yet, again, this is unheard of on a ongoing basis and is not a part of the Fellowship of Friends ‘form’.

  309. EFFECT (Desecration)

    There was just this teensy problem – he was the “teacher” of the “conscious school” of which I was a “student”. I must now put those things in quotes as their reality for me has become tenuous at best. So it was up to me to figure out why nearly everyone else seemed to think he was the bees’ knees. For years, the experiences I had either in my personal work or while interacting with students was sufficiently rewarding to keep me in the organization. I assumed RB was primarily using the tool of “intentional insincerity” to keep people off-balance, using obvious nonsense and myths to force students back upon themselves, to keep them verifying and acting only upon their own most indisputable personal truths. Also for years, the concept of “C-influence” meant little to me as a concrete reality. For good or for ill, the FOF does tend to change peoples’ concepts of reality. First, years of increasingly bizarre and inexplicable experiences, synchronicities etc. finally overwhelmed my cynicism and I had to yield to the reality of some kind of external intelligence operant invisibly in daily reality. The routine bits, the 44’s, the wonder of hearing a passer-by by giving me “answers” to questions but yet half-formulated etc. – all these things could be written off as selectively emphasized coincidences, (for 2 months once, I looked for “22” in my environment and it was everywhere) yet the sheer preponderance and intensity of these things kept rocking my reality, setting me up for various experiences that simply could not be explained away.
    Later, after more exposure to Robert, I became convinced that he really believed what he was saying. I could not find the slightest glimmer of private whimsy or “2-ness” in anything he said; he was utterly convinced, which, of course, was the source of much of his personal power and charisma. Christ, he is a total nut job. Now what does that mean?
    From that point, I began to feel like the Salieri character in “Amadeus”, who was driven mad by his perception that God had chosen Mozart, “that obscene child”, as his instrument for creating beauty on Earth. If a creative intelligence beyond humans helped to shape the events of the world and had a keen, though probably not exclusive, interest in this organization, which seemed very likely, why did it put, or allow, this psycho at the helm of the organization?
    The years rolled on and the accumulation of experiences with RB led irrefutably to the yanking out of the remaining leg of the tripod I sat on in the first years of the school: without exception, every time I was exposed to him, I had those types of experiences that I had long since labeled “higher states”. It is perhaps worth noting that I never lived with him, traveled with him or had sex with him. This constantly reinforced association: experiencing Robert = experiencing higher states, eventually led to another, very grudging, “verification”: it makes no sense at any level whatsoever, but this psycho must be a conscious being. Even though I still, on a personal level, continued to dislike him, I found myself respecting him and viewing him as “my teacher” in a very literal sense. The only way to live with this seeming impossibility was to put the blame on myself and my limited reality, to blame my intransigent hope that logic could somehow be made a part of this “higher reality”, to embrace the whole hydra-headed enigma of the school as it was and march forward, consistently discarding logic in favour of anything that seemed more directly related to these, so beloved, so carrot-like, “higher states”.

    So, to your wish to discuss:
    We, as members of this School, are the only ones on the planet who are gifted to know about Self-Remembering
    • The 80 billion other people on the planet are sleeping machines, doomed, without Self-Remembering, to a double death
    • Former students have thrown away their one chance in this lifetime to do something “conscious” with their life
    • Empathizing with the suffering of others can be Feminine Dominance, and is to be avoided
    • Influence C consists, among other things, of 44 angels who are dedicated to working with individual students to insure their “awakening” over the course of 9 lifetimes
    • The Lower Self is actively against Self-Remembering, and to be avoided as best as one can
    • All critical observations of the School or Teacher can be seen as examples of the Lower Self gaining precedence over one’s Work
    • Awakening occurs when an individual has accumulated enough Hydrogen 12 to become saturated, thereby enabling crystallization of Higher Centers
    • The Sequence has the power to awaken us if only we can do it passionately and often enough

    From these, the following are concepts that, for me, are either partly or entirely imaginary: School, sleeping machines, Self-Remembering, double death, one chance in this lifetime to do something “conscious”, Feminine Dominance, Influence C, awakening, 9 lifetimes, Lower Self, Teacher, one’s Work, Hydrogen 12, crystallization, Higher Centers, The Sequence, us.

    Once those are extracted from the questions, what is left of them? Once RB is extracted from the myth of the Fellowship, what is left of it?
    A sense of scale is real helpful. The system is a conceptual construct which can, used well, free one of some other, more hidden, more limiting concepts. Some of these concepts I cannot relate to on any scale e.g. The Sequence, 9 lifetimes. Others, like feminine dominance, or the king of hearts, are provisional tags which can help describe observed phenomena, help organize them for a time. Once that period of effective organization is over, the concepts must be dropped. This is a personal process than cannot be compared to anyone else’s. I cannot demand anyone else drop a concept any more than another can demand I retain an outgrown one. Yet if I see ripe fruit being held in place with scotch tape and chewing gum, I might be inclined to point that out. So, on one scale, the question, “Can we extract the Teacher and save the School?” is much like Ouspensky’s famous question “Will I exist forever?” to which the answer was “you don’t exist now”

    What is “the school”? What would you save? How do you envision it? Many people are ending their formal association with the Fellowship of Friends now. Some of them stay in contact with a small circle of friends, trying to understand reality as best and honestly as they can; others form larger networks via email and websites; others dedicate themselves formally to another “school”, others meet with or study under various people they find helpful or “spiritually advanced” for special occasions but are not formally students of anyone etc. I have heard some schemes for “saving the school” that envision simply ousting Mr. Burton and continuing “on our own”. The feasibility of that may well be tested, as he is 67 years old and nature may do the ousting. He could kick off next month, or live another 10 years. No way to know, but imagine what you think might happen if he did just give up his concept of his body tomorrow night. Do you imagine a fairly decent and civil transfer of control to either Asaf or Girard? Do you imagine the bulk of the current students just shrugging and going on with the sequence, the donations, the $200 dinners, the restrictions on what they may think, what they may do, who they may associate with, generally ignoring the lack of 6 feet of psycho pressed into a pink suit?

    I am not trying to taunt you. You raise good, valid questions that I suspect many current students are asking themselves also. You seem to be sincerely asking yourself these questions in an attempt at formulating a reality less objectionable than the status quo of the FOF. I merely point out that the current form of the school is a house of cards that exists solely due to habit and the belief in the special place/fate/ role for or powers of Earl the Pearl Burton. Without that linchpin of a concept, all other concepts come under immediate scrutiny – what makes a loose association of people into a “conscious school”- if everyone currently associated left tomorrow and 2000 new people replaced them, would it still be a “conscious school” and why or why not?

    What is “out there”? Literally hundreds of posts from ex-members have described similar stories – that they too were “afraid of losing the golden thread” but found that to be all imaginary fear. If their truths have any real value, they continue quite unperturbed by the lack of FOF certification. Some had lost all interest in pursuing spiritual growth before departing and their life became very normal again in every sense. Nothing lost there in leaving that was not already lost. Others, very many others, found that truth was no more limited to an organization than consciousness is limited to the body.

    To me, your “third choice, that of staying and disbelieving the myth” is a contradiction in terms, at best a putting off of unpleasantness. The FOF is Robert Burton; accept the whole package, prescient bison poop, satyriasis, sequence and all or let it go. Letting go of course has nothing to do with your efforts, what you find helpful or not helpful or with whom you choose to share your spiritual journey. You may find that many people in your center do want to continue to be in association somehow and find a way forward together. Perhaps that way forward for you and them closely resembles the current form of the school, perhaps not. Great! Go for it. But those who, in the absence of Robert, would fall away themselves, must seriously ask themselves how real their bond is now.

    Someone remarkably similar to the form typing this wrote “Essentially the Fellowship was only a place where people occasionally gave each other permission to exist for reasons of spiritual growth.” So – keep giving each other permission, keep honoring what is highest in each other. That is independent of form.

    626/12/Joe Average


    I forgot who asked about health insurance in the fof.
    In my times, early 90’s, there was no coverage for anyone on salary, we could not afford to pay for a premium, are we kidding?
    When serious illness stroke and got the first 500 dollars bill from the ER we soon realized we needed to do some hefty paper work and apply for the county medical services.
    MediCal came later, a much more comprehensive coverage throughout the state of California, but in order to obtain that one has to prove a disability, more paper work, more monthly reports of income.
    The fof did put a tremendous strain on the county because the pay roll were at a even lower level of what is considered poverty.
    Occasionally RB would help in some situations, I forgot which student he helped when the guy hurt himself during a game, in my case he even offered to cover a very expensive procedure in the event it was needed. (100-150 thousands dollars)
    In this instance I felt he was speaking from his heart and he was caring.

    But I just cannot believe the general level of TRAMP, excuse me for the work language! the level of tramp in the fof towards his workers!
    Talk about living and working at a considerable risk for your own future. When you are young and reasonably energetic and healthy, you do not think of disaster awaiting for you especially on the health front.
    If you get sick the county will take care of you, not the fellowship of friends.


  311. EFFECT (Fraud)

    I still find it hard to grasp that anyone would join the Fellowship of Friends or that having joined not verified the existence of self remembering as a separate state from Robert Burton. Why put up with any of the crap for any other reason then what you can personally gain. this sounds foolish. Are you saying you are a fool and that it was foolish to be a member ? I valued Robert as a teacher although I did not particularly enjoy his company. I am very angry at his lies about his sexuality because they had profound personal impacts on my life. I am grateful for the conditions that he and the other students created that allowed me to take in knowledge, make efforts, work with others and experience essence. I experience self remembering before I joined the Fellowship of Friends while in the Fellowship of Friends and now many years later independently of the outside third force of The Fellowship, other students or Robert.

    644/12/A Former Student

  312. End of Posts for PART 12

    Fraud, not Freud. (Well, maybe a little.)

  313. False Pretenses, FRAUD, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, False Advertising, False news, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Misdescription

    You brought up the subject of prophecy. And I understand from your tone about the prophet Jonah that your are justifying Burton’s spectacular (no lesser word will do) failures at prophecy.

    Because his prophecies are central to the FOF story (whether he makes similar claims as of today or not), central to the way he used them to inculcate both fear and infatuation in his followers, Burton’s claims to be able to foretell the future led me to study prophecy in general and Burton’s being in this area in particular.

    First, let’s get this clear. Burton’s claims were literal, not metaphorical. The Wiki entries as of 2007 are lies in that they are trying to cast doubt on this, trying to muddy the waters and alter people’s clear memories. Not only that, Burton claimed that they were literal, in my hearing, and also claimed, after the failure of the depression of 1984 had failed to materialize, that he had never been wrong, again in my hearing (at a dinner in 1991). When people make affirmations of Burton’s consciousness, they are lying, because they cannot know. When people defend Burton by re-interpreting Burton’s prophecies, they are also lying, because they are trying to bring darkness to areas that were previously well–lit.

    2/11/Ames Gilbert

  314. Fraud in the Inducement, Misapplication of Funds

    “It should be added that membership fees consist of 10% of income, two extra payments each year and payments for dinners, talks and presentations. The Fellowship of Friends is not a cheap business.”

    Yes, in addition to the 10% fee, “special donations” of $255 are required each month, as well as Spring and Fall donations of $775 each, and a December donation of $100. Attending dinners, talks, and presentations usually costs a few hundred dollars each month.

    3/11/Big Bucks

  315. Collusion, Connivance, Joint Negligence, Misinformation

    The FOF Wikipedia site has been reduced in size which is a good thing. Initially, it mirrored the FOF official site. Lately, it has been shredded and the one remaining sentence on school payments has been removed. There is no mention of having to leave the school if you cannot make the payments or cannot follow new school rules. Also, there is no mention of shunning students who have left the school.

    6/11/Long Ago Member

  316. Conspiracy to Defraud, Favoritism, Desecration

    The tremendous error of Robert Burton’s teaching is precisely in the fact that he became fixed in the idea of self remembering as his only effort and that of his students and was unable to move ahead with it to second and third line, both in himself and in his school.

    Interestingly, influence A (money) became everything personal the students had to give up, but there was never a question of why Robert did not give up his own influence A or personal life and on the contrary, fully adapted it to the work and the school, making every student support it totally. We are two thousand people supporting one man’s greed.

    The emotional and intellectual center have been replaced by an indoctrination on what students should read, think and feel and the instinctive center has been condemmed to support the fellowship without participating in what is done with the money they invest. All this separations of the centers from the I do not strengthen but weaken consciousness. It is not work on non identification what is being practiced, it is dismemberment. Work on non identification is the presence of consciousness in the functions not the absence of it.



    As defenders of the FOF faith, we will attempt to see the blog variously as crime, negativity, a waste of precious time, and so forth. These descriptors are from a belief system that resolves contradictions by using formulations that originate from within the group itself. What the blog has introduced is the possibility for arguments originating from outside, providing a much widened set of parameters that subject the group to a more far reaching set of checks and balances. As a very long-time member I would say don’t believe everything you read here. Believe about 80% of it. That’s plenty to get the idea.

    We’ve been trained for years “look here, don’t look there”, and from inside the box, this idea is reasonable. Unfortunately the leader – and by extension the group – has found every possible way in which to take a simple work idea that might have a useful context within the work of an individual, and re-apply it to external phenomena and behavior of the group, tightly sealing the box against all interrogation. As evidenced within this blog, the FOF methods for keeping the box sealed go well beyond group belief, but those beliefs – once entrenched in the individual psychology – are far and away the most reliable way of maintaining support.

    The concept that we are “luckier than everyone” is a signature that has been thoroughly documented by modern psychology for over a hundred years. Not surprisingly many of us have managed to ignore or selectively interpret that signature, for all our years as members.

    10/11/Breathing Again

  318. Fraud in the Inducement

    Burton’s vision of himself as a benign and loving person softened the edges of his rampant greed, in public at least, and helped create an atmosphere of external beauty. The “system” as Burton presented it was largely accidental in its origin, confused and creative in its application. Within the mosaic of the organization, very different goals and possibilities discordantly co-existed, both among the various students and within the psychology of their teacher. What made the Fellowship a place of spiritual growth was never its “teacher”, nor its power structures, nor any “higher influences”, nor even the core philosophies and techniques. When it worked, it worked by mutual consent and students found fulfilment in consensual validation and in the synergy of their explorations. A large group of people agreed to experiment together toward an ill-defined aim that seemed better than what mainstream life experiences seemed to offer. The external form allowed that mutual experiment to blossom. As long as students were sincere and open, personal growth and discovery were possible. Essentially the Fellowship was only a place where people occasionally gave each other permission to exist for reasons of spiritual growth. The sincerity of its students was always its greatest strength. The fact that its head, as passionate in his darkness as in his light, created an atmosphere of such relentless deception and predation as to eventually force all sincere students who looked it full in the face to leave, was always its greatest weakness.
    Understanding this need not be depressing or frightening, but empowering. If it was your sincere wish to grow and experience truth that created the Fellowship, then that cannot be taken from you. You cannot be “released” from that by others, you will not be punished on any plane of reality other than within your own concepts, you cannot “lose the School”. If you still have that wish, you take it with you wherever and however you experience your life. If you no longer have that wish, well, $6000 to $20,000 a year in dues and side costs for a social club seems a bit steep, so please enjoy yourself.

    14/11/Joe Average

  319. FRAUD, Collusion, Connivance, Joint Negligence, Falsity

    A quote from a current member of the Fellowship of Friends

    This one is hard to explain, but one part of this is based on the idea that people should not have a lot of sex if they want to (surely not by hurting other people), and morality prohibits this kind of misbehavior. And second one is based on the idea that a teacher or a conscious being has no rights for human desires (again, not through hurting other people). If one has experienced love and consciousness through having sex with the teacher, and even if the teacher has sex with many other people, then I see nothing wrong with this.
    We put too much attention on the subject of sex. Because it is taboo in many puritan countries. Many people lack a decent sexual education, and are afraid of anything “abnormal”. I think living in the darkness of illiteracy is creating ones own “sexual predator”.
    But you may thing differently and I respect that.


  320. Misapplication of Funds, FRAUD, Falsity, Connivance

    If the predictions were to be taken symbolically, maybe the skirt exercise is symbolically?
    Maybe the teaching payments are to be taken symbolically —-Try it out, nice experiment.
    Maybe the 20 or more generators rented in 1998, costing thousands of dollars were to be taken symbolically?
    Maybe the wit exercise is symbolically…hurray we can have fun again and laugh at the Apollo d’Oro.
    Maybe the- not- talking- to- ex students exercise has to be taken symbolically, yahooo…

    26/11/Another Name

  321. NOTICE: MICKEY BUCKLE calling for communication from bloggers… send him your support.

    Mickey Buckle

    Well Esoteric Sheik,

    This is quite a revealing forum you have here. Read it for the first time today.

    As someone who grew up unattached to the FOF but with a birds eye view to the black, white and greys of the group it has been a new layer to my understanding to the spiritual chemistry involved.

    As an independent journalist myself it would be of mutual interest if you were to offer up your email address that seems to be cloaked in this good but somewhat chaotic forum. (i.e. It’s like some blasted customer service link from hell with a constant loop of no contact).

    – A fellow Spiritual Chronicler of the Times

    36/11/Mickey Buckle


    Cs: What happens to someone who awakens in the school? Is he asked to stay or go away?
    We know of the No Person case (Post 1-60).
    He/She was asked to take a leave of abscense. It showes that that the aim is at list not to keep students who have reached awakening.


  323. Fraud in the Inducement, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Negligent Misrepresentation, Misdescription, False Impersonation, Favoritism, Coercion, False Pretenses

    Moving on. You didn’t answer the question, “What has ‘HE’ gained from repeated failing predictions in the long run?” The answer is, on the surface, “nothing”. That is the one you are fishing for. But I think there is a more subtle answer. Burton used the prediction to reinforce his image as a higher being/god, because prophecy (windows into the future) is one of the attributes or powers he thinks a higher being should have. Then he invited his followers to enter that fantasy with him. This was a step–by–step process, incremental. The objective was to gain power over his followers, because if they suspend their own judgment and ability to discriminate in favor of his version of reality, they become more dependent on him. A personal example: in 1993, Burton came up to me, pointed at his forehead and said, “Dear, do you see an eye here, looking out at you?”. I replied, “Do you mean literally, a third physical eye where your pineal gland is?”. He said, “Yes, I am looking out at you through a third eye, the eye of an angel. Do you see it?”. I asked again, “Do you mean literally a third eye, physically the same as your other eyes?”. He said, “Yes”. I replied, “No, Robert, I don’t see a literal third eye, all I can see is your forehead.” He said, “Well, I am an angel, there is a third eye looking out at you. Are you sure you can’t see it?”. I said, “I’m sorry, Robert, I don’t see it”. Then he turned away.
    I saw this as a clear invitation to enter his fantasy. It’s only a guess, but I’d say that many students would have gone with him into his fantasy, and said that they did see a literal third eye. I say this, because I watched others do exactly that on many occasions, either by actively accepting his invitation, or by silently acquiescing or not protesting; this happened very often at dinners, as he described his fantasies out loud in his monologues. Depending on the subject, the fantasy evoked either fear or infatuation, (either will send followers to sleep, but both are inimical to awakening and individuation).

    When the predictions fail, a student has at least two types of choices. They can follow Burton deeper into the fantasy (C-Influence has used this to humiliate me), make affirmations for him, like Golb and others in this blog, which just deepen the hypnosis, or buffer it completely, maybe with self-calming phrases like, “I’ll just record this as a theory”. Another set of choices might include re-evaluating the whole sorry mess, recognizing the weaknesses that led one to accept the fantasy, and backing out.

    So, to answer your final question, Golb, “Who has gained anything from them?”, I answer, “Robert Burton”. He has you fast, you think you are more real because you have adopted his fantasies, you are a good little follower who is blessed, you have a great collection of affirmations you trot out to help keep your fellows asleep on his behalf, and sayings for every occasion. He has your money and your adoration. He may even have the use of your body, for all I know. Multiply by 1900 or so. Sweet deal. For once, you’re certainly right, Burton is not a ‘stupid’—on that level.

    42/11/Ames Gilbert

  324. FRAUD, JOINT NEGLIGENCE, Collusion, Connivance

    In the intimacy of our marriage there was love. Like in any marriage. We both tried our best. I have no problem acknowledging that, it is precious. What I am exposing is the fact that there is no coherence between Robert or Girard’s first, second or third line with consciousness and if it is the case that they are as sleep as anybody else, they are pretending that they have verified each other’s so that another bunch of fools like the fourteen thousand of us, continue supporting their illusion for the rest of their lives. That to me is fraud, that is what I am questioning.


  325. EFFECT (Discrimination, Favoritism)

    Would you please expand on the nature of your friendship with Robert? I’ve seen that he is not even a friend to his promised to be second conscious being on the planet, so what service are you doing to him that makes you more acceptable? Has he ever sat with you without any agenda?

    Around here when people are not counting money they are counting time and never have time for friendship. It is all a convenient interchange of services.

    Friendship, second line, is out of time, that is why it never developed consciously in the fellowship. Men serve Robert for twenty years, thirty and he discards them equally. That is not friendship.


  326. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Undue Influence

    I am still hoping to hear from the spin doctors of the FOF Wikipedia entry’s.

    To say that the predictions were only symbolic is shamelessly insulting to the followers who kept the TASK of quiting their jobs to move to Oregon House for three months prior to Burton’s prediction of the fall of California. I personally know of several people who lost good jobs and are still paying off huge debts because of this. The alternative to keeping this task was to be asked to leave the group. There was one person who managed to stay in the school and not keep this task and it was only because he was too wealthy to risk losing.

    When it was timidly mentioned to him by one person that it had taken ten years to pay off the debt incurred by keeping this exercise, RB was outraged at the implication that he might have some responsibility for this burden.

    How do you justify claiming that these “predictions” and the actions and tasks issuing from them were symbolic? This is fast talking at it’s best.


  327. MORAL TURPITUDE, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Predator, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment, Coercion

    But here is what the real issue is, the Dictator of Isis (Robert Burton) gets a non-gay male alone (usually drunk and often in a foreign country) and subtly threatens him about what it is going to be like when he is no longer in the “inner circle” if he refuses to submit to being spiritually-sexually molested. This is spiritual cannibalism. Look here:

    “After a few weeks of living at Renaissance, following a heavy drinking ’symposium’, Robert took me inside of one of the Academy rooms and wanted to have sex with me.

    “When I told him that I did not want this because I had no homosexual feelings, nor did I want to see myself assume those practices, Robert dismissed my arguments by saying that I should externally consider him as my teacher.

    “Partly out of fear for this ‘all powerful’ being, partly not to want to feel guilty or judged, but largely because of the energy with which Robert approached me, I was left with the feeling I had no choice.

    “While Robert went about his business of trying to stimulate an orgasm from me which he was going to receive orally I pointed out to him that I was covering my face with my hands out of shame. Robert retorted that this was a good opportunity for work for me.

    “This was the beginning of my functioning as a sexual servant which lasted for several years.”

    66/11/The King of Clubs

  328. Collusion, Connivance, Conspiracy to Defraud, Misinformation, False Pretenses, Fraud

    Robert Burton and his enablers have one “advantage” in any attempt to communicate with them: They don’t tell people what they are thinking; instead, they tell people what they want them to believe they are thinking.

    The reason? Their intent is not to inform but to misinform and obfuscate. Why? Because the spread of information does not work to their advantage. Disinformation and misinformation, meanwhile, do work to their advantage. Lack of genuine, honest communication is not an error — it’s a strategy. And it’s a strategy for preventing change that could affect their wealth, power, and way of life.

    No true or meaningful communication can take place between two people when one or both parties are trying to hide the truth. It simply goes in circles.

    This also explains why Fellowship wikipedia editors would suggest that Robert Burton’s predictions were only “symbolic” (see post 59 by Vena).

    Why would they make such an absurd contention? Well, because the truth is damaging to their agenda — an agenda to present the Fellowship of Friends as positively as possible, and to distract everyone from issues that may present the Fellowship of Friends negatively. Robert Burton predicted a worldwide depression would occur in 1984, the “fall of California” would occur in 1998, and World War III would occur in 2006. To put it mildly, these predictions reflect a weakness on Burton’s part (as well as a type of mental illness, which some of us have shared or continue to share with him, by the way), but these predictions also focus the discussion on how Robert Burton has had negative effects on the lives of many FOF members. So, in an attempt to distract people from these facts, the fof Wikipedia editors called it a metaphor.


  329. Conspiracy to Defraud, False Pretenses, Undue Influence *09

    Predictions may have been “theories”, they were in no way theoretical or symbolic. They were practical, with very practical implications for members, most amongst them those living in California before 1998. The tone of prophecies changed dramatically after 1998 and a couple of failed repeats. After that, they were mentioned rarely, and “the greatest of them all”, Armageddon 2006, passed un-noticed like a wet firecracker.


    *09 The last statement is ‘misrepresented’ here; as of August 7, 2007 Robert Burton still uses the ‘Armageddon 2006’ prediction as a ‘buffer-zone’ for students worried about certain ‘things’ they have done, that go to Robert Burton for ‘conscious advice’ concerning real time tortious offenses; Robert Burton has ‘moved up’ this prediction time and tells many of his ‘boys’ not to worry, that after the prediction has fulfilled itself, this or that law will not be applicable to their offenses.

  330. EFFECT (Negligent Tort)

    It can be seen that Robert’s mistaken focus on “individual awakening” or “personal immortality” inevitably promotes such things as competition, judgment and comparison between his students. Division breeds division. Despite of all the beautiful talk that there cannot be competition in personal work, all are equal in this and what one gains we all gain – judgment and comparison are going on, more fueled by unnecessary and untrue remarks about “life times” that students are supposedly on… A friend told me once about the overall spirit in Russian centers : ” to over-self remember others and make sure your efforts are noticed.” I found it to be so funny.

    So much tension and suffering occurs because of Robert’s own misunderstanding! Awakening is seen and taught in FOF as some kind of “personal” attainment, something special, rare, that “promotes” a person to a “higher level”… It is so distorted and misleading!

    85/11/No Person

  331. NOTE~ James Randazzo, Jim and Carolyn Kuziak *Ad

    Interesting material about “legacy” of FOF. The same words…
    I wonder if Robert even knows these people. James Randazzo and Jim and Carolyn Kuziak
    And I am really curious if Alex Horn knows about Robert! What would he say about him if he was asked directly. Does anyone knows Alex’s phone number – I want to call him!
    I heard that at first years of FOF people who were Alex Horn’s students at the same time as RB were not allowed to join FOF!



    *Ad The Randazzo story is on PART 17 near Post 429

  332. NOTE on students of Robert Burton’s teacher ALEX HORN, etc. (See link in PART 11, near the 90’s) *9+

    Re:#90 Stoned Leprechauns

    This is amazing. I am deeply touched and shaken by the beauty, truth and sincerity of the former members of Sharon Gans and Alex Horn. I hope everyone reading this blog will visit the website posted on #90 and that somehow every current member of the FOF could also be informed about this. The parallels are unbelievable.

    91 Stoned Leprechauns

    for #86 -> http://www.esotericfreedom.com/Properties.html


    The coincidence of both groups having teachers named ‘Robert’ give me the willies and a few stevies too.

  333. FRAUD

    The Fellowship is not now nor was ever a fourth way school. It does not now and never did have any connection to Ouspensky or Gurdjieff. Ouspensky and Gurdjieff are the bait in the Fellowship “Bait and Switch” spiritual program. The Fellowship is Robert Burtonism plain and simple. Always has been. The ideas of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky have been distorted beyond reasonable recognition.
    Robert Burton was in a pseudo school conducted by Alex Horn who was never in a school himself. His wife was a student of John Bennett, I don’t know for how long. Alex Horn was not ever in any kind of Gurdjieff work. We were led to believe that Horn had come through the Gurdjieff Work, ie, some connection to the Foundation. He was, I was told, acquainted with Lord Pentland but never participated in group work. This info was given to me by a woman in the Gurdjieff work who had been a movements teacher for 20 years and a group leader for many years after that. She had known Horn through a friend who had dated him briefly in the 50’s or 60’s. She was also close to Lord Pentland so I trust her opinion on this.
    Robert Burton was in a pseudo school where the teacher, Alex Horn, made things up as he went along. Using In Search of the Miraculous as his guideline. According to Dave Archer, Horn never read anything by Gurdjieff. Burton was in this school for sometime over a year and was kicked out for overt homosexual predatory behavior. This according to Pat Patterson. Alex Horn had an anti-homosexual rule in his school. Again see Dave Archer’s website.
    So we have a guy who never really studied with anyone who understood the ideas of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff, started his own school using ideas that he did not really understand and any time he came across a question he couldn’t deal with either made something up or deferred to “higher forces”. A con is a con is a con. A cult is a cult is a cult. And each and every one of us fell for it in some way or other.
    source (#126) March 16th, 2007

    From ‘esotericfreedom.com

  334. FRAUD

    I first met Robert Burton at Red Mountain Ranch in Sonoma County, 48
    miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in California in 1969.

    He was a ‘tennis bum’ at the time and when he saw how much money
    Alexander Francis Horn was racking in from gullible people who knew
    their lives were crap, he became a ‘work bum’.

    And he was very successful until some of his male students started
    questioning getting anal sex as spiritual enlightenment. There were many
    stories in major newspapers about him molesting the young boys of his

    Alex Horn used to have him beaten up regularly as Alex was very
    homophobic. Of course most of what Alex called his students got beaten
    up regularly.

    There is another “work” website claiming that Lord Pentland and John
    Bennett were Alex Horns teachers, allowing Burton People to claim a
    legitimate connection to the ‘fourth-way’ for Burton. It is true that in
    the late 50’s Alex did attend an open meeting with Lord Pentland, and he
    actually shook John Bennett’s hand in England as he was about to marry
    and take to American one of Bennett’s students of a few months, Anne.


    From ‘esotericfreedom.com

  335. FRAUD

    Though Burton claimed to be a Fourth Way teacher, he himself never had an authentic Fourth Way teacher. The level of his understanding of the teaching was based on what he could pick up from Fourth Way books and from his one-time teacher, the actor-director Alexander Francis Horn. Horn, himself a faux-Gurdjieffian without any real connection to the Fourth Way, had based his own understanding on books and on that of his first wife Carol, a student of John Bennett’s ten month experimental program – an eclectic melding of the Fourth Way with other teachings and practices. Horn first taught in New York and later in San Francisco where he created the Theater of All Possibilities, a theater which purported to double as a Fourth Way school. Horn financially exploited his students, manipulated their lives, often physically brutalizing them – all in the name of the teaching. The thirty-one-year-old Burton, dismissed by Horn for not “staying on task” apparently picked up enough from Horn to start his own teaching.

    From ‘esotericfreedom.com’

  336. Fraud

    Alexander Francis Horn. Not much is known about Horn, but, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, his dinner theater “Fourth Way School” operation, known as the Theater of all Possibilities (the name taken from the Herman Hesse novel, Steppenwolf), had an income of $40,000 per month or some $500,000 a year. Of this, $20,000 was from student dues and $20,000 from the sale of theater tickets. Students, required to sell tickets to the weekly productions, were harangued and physically beaten if ticket quotas were not met. At Horn’s instigation, all-night drinking marathons culminating in fist fights were common occurrences, all in the name of the teaching. Punishment, in many forms was a feature of Horn’s teaching. A local drama critic wrote, after sitting through three hours and leaving at the end of Act II of Horn’s three-act play, The Fantastic Arising of Padraic Clancy Muldoon – “In more than ten years of reporting on the local theater scene, I remember no more punishing experience.” Burton had long before been dismissed from the group, but this gives a portrait of Horn’s psychology and his approach.

    Burton never had a genuine Fourth Way teacher. Burton’s only teacher was Alex Horn who was never in the Gurdjieff Work. A martial arts expert and actor-director with a dramatic flair, Horn learned of the Fourth Way teaching through his second wife who spent a number of months in J. G. Bennett’s International Academy for Continuous Education at Sherbourne, England. For information on Alex Horn see “Theater Group: Cult or Stage?” by Jack Brooks, San Francisco Progress, December 22, 1978. Horn is criticized for financially exploiting his students and subjecting them to psychological abuse, even beatings. See also “Real-Life Drama in a S.F. Theater Group,” by Michael Taylor and Bernard Weiner, San Francisco Chronicle, December 23, 1978. The story focuses on allegations of “beatings, child neglect and a student fee structure that yielded high revenues.”

    From: Taking with the Left Hand by William Patrick Patterson

    From ‘esotericfreedom.com’

  337. FRAUD

    While this was going on, Robert Burton was applying his entrepreneurial energies and his limited knowledge of the system in another way with even more commercial success. Taking his cue from his sometime teacher Alex Horn, a notorious untrained “faux-Gurdjieffian,” he organized “Gurdjieff-Ouspensky Centres” in many large cities across America and Europe, offering a Utopian vision of the work which was, in reality, a great pyramid scheme. Enormous amounts of money were taken from innocent seekers. One of his trademark devices was the use of bookmarks with contact numbers for potential students to call. His students would place these bookmarks in books on Gurdjieff and his Work, sitting on the shelves of bookstores and libraries. This gave the impression that Burton’s organization was somehow “official,” legitimatized by the authors who often really were in the direct line of transmission from Gurdjieff. -Peter Breeden source

    From ‘esotericfreedom.com’


    Burton: A “Budding Man Number Five”

    One of Horn’s students in the early 1970s was a tall, handsome young man with an Arkansas accent, Robert Earl Burton. After a year or so, Horn asked Burton to leave because he could not “stay on task.” The task was not to chase the other young men. Unabashed, Burton presented himself as a “budding man number five,” according to one of his earliest students. Burton had picked up from Horn the knack of spotting and pointing out the weaknesses of others. This power of observation, along with his quiet and contained manner, and his promise to start The Fellowship of Friends, a ‘Fourth Way School,’ attracted students.

    Understanding the idealism that perpetuates many seekers’ search, Burton refocused the teaching’s challenge to self-love and vanity to a stress on living like a person of the Renaissance, cultivating impressions of beauty, the arts, music, poetry and fine living. Apparently influenced by Warren Miller’s best-selling book of the time, Canticle for Liebowitz. depicting a ravaged world after the world catastrophe, Burton made a number of prophecies, one of which was that California would fall into the sea on April 12, 1998 at 11 A.M. Those with him, being the elect of Christianity, would not perish. Like Liebowitz in the book, eight years after starting his school and now known as “The Teacher,” Burton stopped teaching to travel the globe to amass – he would no doubt say “salvage” – a large collection of art work as a kind of cultural ark in the coming Armageddon. (A recent auction of Burton’s collection of rare antique Chinese furniture at Christie’s in New York City brought in $11.2 million.). When the day passed for California to fall into the sea, Burton explained it with, “The Higher Powers [he claims to speak to 44 discarnate beings] have humiliated me.”
    A Knack for Merchandising

    Going Horn one better, Burton warned of “female dominance” and moved to the country, where he bought property he named Renaissance, now known as Apollo, created a vineyard, built a theater and a museum to house his various collections. Having caught the crest of the great wave of spiritual interest of the 1970s, Burton built a spiritual empire of sorts that is now worldwide.

    Though a fourth grade school teacher by profession, Burton had a knack for merchandising. Recognizing that every reader of a Fourth Way book was a potential student, he had his students insert bookmarks in the books advertising his “Gurdjieff-Ouspensky Centres.” When the film Meetings with Remarkable Men was launched, Burton’s students stood outside theaters handing out pamphlets and recruiting people for his school. The ethics of Burton and his ‘school’ having nothing to do with the books or the film wasn’t of concern.

    Rumors kept surfacing over the years of Burton having sexual relations with his male students, all necessarily heterosexual (from the first he had outlawed homosexuals as members, probably to keep his own interests hidden and to have no rivals). His students’ reluctance and repulsion he countered by telling them “I promise you I am an angel in a man’s body” and declaring that he represented C Influence. Overwhelmed with lawsuits in the 1990s, Burton finally admitted his homosexuality. Following this admission and charges of sexual and financial exploitation, the Fellowship lost a great many American students, but its membership is said to be growing quickly in South America, Japan and Russia. A number of offshoots led by former Burton students have sprung up, such as The New American Wing.

    Having made the crucial discrimination between authentic and faux Fourth Way groups, let’s examine the issues that arose out of Rosie’s reaction. African Americans, or any other people, are not barred from the Fourth Way and never have been. At the very beginning of Gurdjieff’s introduction of the teaching to America in 1924, the celebrated African American novelist Jean Toomer was a member. He worked closely with Gurdjieff and A.R. Orage, Gurdjieff’s chief deputy in America. Toomer organized and led groups in Harlem and later was appointed to found and lead groups in the Midwest.

    Gurdjieff, as a Greek-Armenian born and raised in the Caucasus, understood first-hand the perils of discrimination, as his beloved father was killed defending his home against the Turks during the infamous Armenian massacres. Thus, any group barring African Americans – or any racial or ethnic group – would certainly not be in line with Gurdjieff’s thinking. He was also strongly opposed to caste systems of any kind.


    From rickross.com

  339. NOTE ~ Mention of Christopher Billings *7y

    1) Christopher Billings. My main connection to Christopher was when he was center director in Munich in the mid-80’s. I was in Frankfurt at roughly the same time. But I often travelled to Munich and stayed with him and his wonderful wife Maria. I liked going to the Bavarian State Opera.

    101/11/Demi Moaned


    After Christopher’s death Robert Burton used it to end the Fellowship of Friends ‘sex exercise’, he spun it thus ~

    Paraphrased from what Robert Burton announced concerning the death of Christopher Billings ~

    ‘Christopher was the first of my students to be fined and given a task due to breaking the sex exercise… C-Influence has given us this omen as a message that we have paid enough, so I am resending the sex exercise on this day of Christopher’s death, etc.’ RB

    Robert Burton has no majesty with this…

  340. EFFECT

    About predictions: The day that “the 6 students”, were released in November on a Tuesday…”That was the day that California or The world would fall in the Ocean”. This was said by Robert Burton of the fellowship of friends in Egypt and was heard by Mrs T who was on the trip with him. So he seems to still “predict” for the fellowship of friends in a smaller circle but if you read the above details, it seems not to be taken to serious..6 people leaving the fellowship of friends, or the fall of California or the world…?

    Robert’s tendencies do not disappear obviously.

    Last year, around his birthday there was a gossip: Robert had given 100 people a blow job on that day. I thought this was not possible and discarded the idea. This year the same story appears, with a slight variation he did not reach the 100….? Can anybody give us more confirmation about this issue or is it only “gossip”? People who were part of it, or were called to come and join the 15 minute line?

    109/11/More History Needed?


    It seems that the feminine dominance used in the Fellowship of Friends to avoid questioning each other is the same lack of feminine dominance that we could use to “look” at each other without questioning each other. Looking without judgment but with discrimination. As long as we could hold the divine at the other end of the inhuman, we would be able to tune the inhuman into the human. But we’ll never come even close if we continue to treat the inhuman as if it were human, which is what the Fellowship pretends to do when it condones Robert’s abuse of young men and still holds him as a conscious being.


  342. DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE, EFFECT (Collusion, Connivance)

    So what has Robert gained? A great deal in my view, the School would not be what it is, if he had not gone through this phase (and he went whole heartedly throughout the process)–it takes living in a new way to understand why our plays are necessary at all. It may sound circular, but if we did not have to go through what we have gone through there would not be a need at all to live. Some of the external “gathering and preparing” has become an internal effort.


  343. Conspiracy to Defraud, Misappropriation of Funds, FRAUD

    Fellow Travelers,

    If it is true that Fellowship officials are trying to re-cast Robert’s failed prophecies as somehow metaphorical, then they are truly the hypocritical cronies some make them out to be.

    I was living at Apollo Spring-Summer 1998 when California was to fall into the Sea. Most students who could stored up food, installed water tanks, bought generators…the guy I lived with even got a hydraulic jack in case his house (on a hill) collapsed! I personally knew one individual who nearly bankrupted his family with his “preparations.” Luckily his wife had a good job.

    Students in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles got “out of town” for a particular two-week period–I don’t recall the exact dates–that Robert said were the most likely times. At the company where I worked (in Oregon House), sales trips were also canceled at this time.

    It was a level of madness, but hey, there are earthquakes in California and it never hurts to have some food stored away. So I contributed to the house food fund, but the only other “preparation” I made was to buy a nice combo mountain-touring bike.

    When it didn’t happen Robert was just confused as to why C influence would trick him in this manner. The most sophisticated Fellowship theologians (I consider myself in the category) said it was obviously some divinely given “suffering” for Robert’s higher centers to transform.

    So no more talk that anything was taken metaphorical. Maybe privately by certain folks, but everyone’s public face was making “preparations.”


    PS: There are different “generations” within the Fellowship. Of all those people in the memorial weekend photos, I only know one. As I learned when I was a student myself in the 90’s, the 70’s and 80’s were a lot more uptight and “cultish,” and Robert’s exploits a bit more creative (There used to be “Symposiums,” I understand, with ridiculous amounts of wine. Sorry to have missed that.)

    I came in as the homosexuality exercise was lifted, and I left after all traces of any sex exercise were lifted. (I traveled to Paris, Nice, Italy and Slovenia and was able to announce the lifting of the sex exercise in my role as “traveling teacher.” Didn’t get laid, though)

    So what I’m basically saying is that by my time things were a lot groovier, there was no “hell” language, the Fellowship had kind-of grown up. A lot of the hostility, which may be absolutely legitimate, does come from the “first” generations of the Fellowship, and I think to identify to closely with their arguments will blind one to the fact the Fellowship has changed in the past and could absolutely do so in the future.

    130/11/Walter Tanner

  344. NOTE ~ Companion to 343 (Discrimination, WRONGFUL DISCHARGE)

    Walter Tanner #130/11

    “So what I’m basically saying is that by my time things were a lot groovier, there was no “hell” language, the Fellowship had kind-of grown up. A lot of the hostility, which may be absolutely legitimate, does come from the “first” generations of the Fellowship, and I think to identify to closely with their arguments will blind one to the fact the Fellowship has changed in the past and could absolutely do so in the future.”

    And yet on this blog there are reports of women getting kicked out because of their sexual activities (a three-way), people being kicked out because of “vulgar” notes to Burton (explaining sexual activity) and people getting kicked out because they have been “infested with B influence viruses.” It is the same old control-freak nonsense. This is not a “conscious teaching” it is a cult completely under the law of accident while generally directed by Burton’s sexual drives, his greed, his mental illness and his B influence imaginations. He is not conscious.

    136/11/The King of Clubs

  345. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress *8z

    I’ll never forget the skinny, blond, solar-saturnine, gay older student (he joined in the 70’s) named Phillip or Phillipe, forget his last name. He died of AIDS in the nineties and his final scenes with the school were not pretty (he got dementia and Robert never really liked him because of the competition, I think he got thrown out in the end when he was terminally ill). Anyway, if someone remembers his full name, he should be digitally remembered in this forum.

    144/11/Walter Tanner


    I knew this man, sweet, yet a bit touchy, who wouldn’t be if you were on your deathbed, dying of a sexually transmitted disease, exiled by Robert Burton, judged by Robert Burton for having ‘promiscuous sex’, against Robert Burton’s will… He was called a ‘Tramp’, etc. Yet, thank the gods for Hanna M., she lived next door to him and took gentle and conscious care of his demoralized by Robert Burton-essence.

    I cannot think of a worse judge of promiscuousness than the Fellowship of Friends ‘conscious being’ Robert Burton.

    Yet, hey, maybe he was just going against Feminine Dominance and changing his level of being in Moral Turpitude with the dying and dead.

  346. NOTE ~ Companion to 345

    Rest well, Philip McGuire, move freely.

  347. NOTE ~ Companion to 346 (Wow, ok, I can roll with it!)

    I think the rumors of the demise of PMG, the tall fellow you remembered, may be “greatly exaggerated”. I have it from another source that he still alive and apparently well (as in much better). The rest of the story is the way I remember it, too.

    In Memoriam Phillipe McGuire.

    That one made me weep (got me a *big* photograph from RB on the phone (in person, for a change, made me feel terribly important) ). Phillipe often made my heart smile.

    Opus 111 – if Phillipe is still alive, that’s cause for rejoicing. I hope so.

    I think you are speaking of Philip McGuire. He came back to Paris after being thrown out.

    To my knowledge he was seen 3 o r 4 years ago by a fellow friend here in this same city….. on a bicycle.

    150-154/11/Opus 111, Sharon, for the Best, Walter Tanner

  348. Sexual Predator, Sexual Harassment, Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

    Are you standing uncomfortably and sort of taken up by something or other?
    First to those of you who doubt rb,s (Robert Burton’s) excesses.

    This purported teacher at this time begged me, i mean begged me to “whiz” in his mouth, now this was definitely not for my evolution, by the way for those unfamiliar with the term whiz it means to pee or piss. I think that one has to experience something like that in order to know the truth of what is taking place, in order to feel the emotional truth of it, whether its something done for another’s benefit or just instinctive greed. Another detail comes to mind while traveling, in another country his suggesting that we could buy two very young prostitutes a young boy for him and a young girl for me. Now again for the full truth of it you would have to have been there, yes it did shock me but it didn’t enhance my presence or my work in any way and sorry but i don’t believe that it was intentional teaching to help me overcome mechanical morality or any such drivel.


  349. ‘Fraud in the Inducement of a Silly Question’

    Why can’t the Fellowship ideas exist alongside any other theories, quests or questions peacefully?

    188/11/Laughing Love


    Because we don’t live underground in a graveyard.

  350. EFFECT (Negligent Misrepresentation)

    Next, it makes a terrific difference whether you choose to act from your highest level of understanding, or from what you imagine are “instruction of Influence C”, because they are not one and the same. If you believe that Influence C is external to you (and you must, if you accept Burton’s claims that he is the exclusive intermediary between you and Influence C), then you are merely completing the betrayal of your true self when you make this claim. On the other hand, if I have misunderstood you, then you have no business with Burton as an instructor or mediator, your obligation is to act from your highest level of understanding, not his. But I don’t think I have misunderstood, because you continue on from there to make further affirmations for him (“wholeheartedly going through the process”) that you cannot know. You have entered his fantasy.

    199/11/Ames Gilbert

  351. Sexual Predator

    “So, given your description of friendship, would you say that Robert was being a friend to Whale Rider, Troy Buzbee and other such naïve young men when he sexually used them for his personal gratification?”

    What part of the question are you living? The being a friend part or the being sexually used for personal gratification?


  352. WRONGFUL DISCHARGE, FRAUD, Moral Turpitude

    To Walter 144 and others regarding Phillipp McGuire

    I am still in touch with Phillipp and he is doing fine and is still alive :-)

    He was left alone and kick out by the FOF when he was sick. The sisters of the order of Mother Theresa took care of him in San Francisco.

    His story is more than shocking, but it is up to him to tell it.

    I remember Roberts comments about the mechanically of Mother Theresa. But here was a man in need and his people were not willing to help, but the women from India did it. So much to the value of ‘friendship’ of the fellows in the school of ‘love’.

    211/11/Martin from Berlin

  353. Sexual Predator, Coercion, False Pretenses

    Since you are obviously a man that has traveled with Robert and we all know the price of that for no one travels with him for free, and the price is payed in specimen or semen if you prefer, then I can well believe that at some point you all have to sit down and rest without that meaning that there isn’t an agenda.


  354. Conspiracy to Defraud, ‘Hypocrisy’ *0

    Once he asked what I thought about another student’s suggestion that the Fellowship of Friends invest in a scheme that seemed to me ‘too good to be true.’ I responded ‘I think it would just be gambling.’

    He thought a few moments and replied ‘Then let’s not do it. You know, I have never been attracted to gambling. After all, we are already gambling everything.’

    215/11/We were There


    Including the raffles people pay an exorbiant ‘collective’ amount for so to have a chance at dinner with Robert Burton.

  355. Sexual Predator

    But let’s say I’m wrong, and you are buffering. Would you be concerned if say, “hypothetically”, you learned that Robert Burton was using his position as “teacher” to have sex with as many men as possible? Would that change your thinking about him?


  356. NEGLIGENT INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, ‘Affirmative Wiseacring of the Affirmative’

    to student # 217

    “Of course few students ever thought this things will happen, but it was taken as an exercise to focus on something.” Wow, are you ever buffering!

    Most students who chose to work with the prediction at all, took it as an exercise to work with the Teacher’s will, regardless of their own opinions. We had plenty to “focus on”, building the school and making enough money to make teaching payments. And there were plenty to truly believed (or pretended to believe) that the predictions would actually occur.

    In our case, we tried to avoid the subject at the time, it was really kind of embarrassing. We reluctantly attended a few ‘neighborhood meetings’. We bought an extra case of tuna and some medical supplies that we should have had on hand anyway.

    But many students ran up huge debt because Robert told them “the banks will be under water, and you won’t have to pay off the debt, dear” – indeed I believe the Fellowship itself is still paying off debt incurred before April 1998. The greed was sickening.

    Then there were the students who, in following the task, gave up good jobs to move to Oregon House. I had a good friend who, after much agonizing, decided to “trust Robert and C Influence”, took early retirement from her satisfying and secure professorship, giving up excellent benefits and good money. Following Robert’s advice/request, she built a house in Oregon House, going into more debt than she could afford as a retiree. The resulting stress of trying to make ends meet, running around doing pick-up work, perhaps contributed to her death last summer of metastasized breast cancer.

    Dont call that “an exercise to focus on something.”

    That’s insulting.


  357. 356



    Dear “Student” – you wrote:

    “Also after all the postings of the scale of Roberts misbehavior, why are their so few first hand descriptions considering that the school has still 2000 members and almost 10000 former members.”

    With due respect, you are saying because you don’t know about the extent of it, it must not be true. Try asking the right questions to the right people – a crime according to the fellowship – then, when the same answers inevitably come out, you will be unable to hold to that opinion.
    The answer above all, is the “Code of Silence” – but also playing into this is servitude to “influence C”, and finally, belief, fear, belief, fear, belief, fear.

    231/11/Red Rain

  359. Cause & Effect

    Robert has lunches at the Apollo d’Oro with his entourage. Shining like the sun. The group walks down the hill to the cars and goes – you know where to do what.

    At the reception after the dinner Robert stands up and walks away with his entourage – sometimes 20 guys! You know where to do what.

    One can love the Teacher, be inspired by the hydrogens and enjoy his energy. One can believe that Robert is conscious being helping his students to become conscious. One can mind one’s own business…

    But these scenes bother me.


  360. EFFECT (Sexual Predator)

    Why not more people have come out is a question to me. I asked a student who has been very close to Robert for years and he gave me a “beautiful ” story. Robert Burton of the fellowship of friends, said when he refused that it would not harm his evolution. I told this story to a 30 year ex- student and he said The student had told him that he had sex with Robert and had been Robert’s lover. I was puzzled and knew that somebody was lying???

    What does this tell you?

    1. Shame, embarrassed

    2. Ask the Russian students, who are now around Robert. They have a hard time working in the gardens and the life around Robert seems preferable….They have a different back ground and according to my point of view a lack of conscience.

    3. For some people sex is a good to barter for. Everybody his choice.

    4. Some people around Robert have a tendency for bi-sexuality. Fits this aspect.

    5. Some people are depended on their visa and green card bartering with sex (as said before.)

    6. Some people believe the story that Robert needs hydrogen 12…precious semen. Sorry, it is unbelievable to me so do not react to me about this issue.

    7. Power issues…Do not forget that certain people are more interested in politics/ power…that is their nature.

    8. Many have promised to be silent. No gossip or what ever and how they can silence their conscience.

    9. Many other reasons which I can not think about.

    There are so many people if you dare to ask and many will not be able to share the true although many blog pages ago I am not sure if it was “confused” who ran to her Russian friends who told her that the part of the sex was true.
    Many of our friends call this homosexuality. I doubt if this is homo sexuality. When you want to have sex with so many men and they are not homo sexual but preferable hetero- sexuality I see an element of power. Elements of power lead to abuse.
    Do you want this for yourself or children or grand children?
    Do you want one of your daughters or grand daughters in a relationship with one of Robert’s boys?

    Think ahead of time!

    244/11/More History Needed?

  361. NOTE ~ Mention of Douglas Guthormson, Lawyer (local)

    The lawyer friend from Brownsville’s name is Douglas Guthormson.


  362. CAUSE, EFFECT (Fraud in The Inducement)

    I guess I have to mention the misappropriation of quotations that has been staring everyone in the face for years but has been justified as a means to a valid end. Robert wants to show us something valuable, so he uses quotes to make his point.

    Okay, he may tailor the quotes (and pictures) a bit to suit his needs, but the point is still fair, we say. Don’t you see what’s happening? He’s using anything he can get his hands on from any past authority to support his own fantasy, and we are asked to play along in the interest of a greater good.

    He is exploiting magical thinking in students who unconsciously believe in “greatness by association” – by placing himself in the same context with Kabir, Rumi, Whitman, or other people that you have found inspiring, he takes credit for your inspiration and will now reinterpret it for you so that you will understand it “correctly”.

    He creates these people in his own image. Some students are actually literally believing that the sequence has been known for 30,000 years and used by Buddha, Christ, Lao-Tze and the rest of them! (Other students who don’t believe it, live in a split personality.) Because we agreed to play along. Because it’s intended to make us more emotional. We allow the first step, we close one eye when he kind of doesn’t make sense, and it’s all downhill from there.

    “2006 was the year of the sequence, and what we accomplished in understanding the system exceeded all of our expectations.” –Robert

    In the Fellowship, you are repeatedly told what you (we) are thinking and feeling and what state you (we) are in. I know all the arguments, it is only for our own good, and even if it’s not true yet, it’s to encourage us to really think and feel that way, to induce us to really manifest that higher state. Doesn’t that strike you as eerily similar to The Secret?

    Doesn’t it seem like a hypnotic technique? Maybe you think that’s really useful, but I find it incredibly manipulative and naïve on the part of the students. It works for producing obedient malleable smiling content people, and to me that’s a particularly high evolutionary achievement.

    “Safeguarding the nine of hearts from drifting into imagination for fifteen seconds after you have completed the sequence is the greatest achievement in the universe.” –Robert, Jan 5, 2007

    Once upon a time, we were told not to express ourselves in absolutes, because it would be lying. Robert, however, is not being grandiose, he is being conscious, so he really knows what he is talking about when he says “greatest achievement in the universe”. If our reason accidentally kicks in, we explain him away, and we say, well, he didn’t mean it that way, he has to speak like that to shake us out of our sleep, it’s supposed to be emotional and evocative. Right. Just like he didn’t really literally mean

    “To make the machine conscious and immortal is the ultimate task, and to achieve this, everything is asked from us.” – Robert, May 17, 2007

    Nowadays Robert doesn’t talk about predictions much publicly any more. He doesn’t have to. The core of his students have internalized the idea that the Fellowship is the last conscious school on Earth at the end of this civilization. Robert only needs to hint at it.

    “The beautiful Egyptian artworks are sacred messages from the first school to the last school.” – Robert, January 2, 2007

    Note the emotions contained in the “sacred messages” and “the last school”. It could make one cry. No wonder people become so attached to the Fellowship if it gives their life such a deep purpose in God’s grand scheme of things.

    ‘The sequence has the incredible privilege of associating with divine presence. By transforming the lower self we produce the pearl of great price – divine presence. Stay away from ‘I’s unrelated to your precious sequence; fast from lifeless, unconscious thoughts. When third eye is doing everything it can to escape from the tentacles of imagination and the diabolical control of the lower self, it does so with ‘Be’. What a mercy it was when they delivered the sequence to us; we can all be conscious beings now. All schools teach us the same thing – how to begin and complete sequences. It is critical to begin a new sequence as soon as the old one is exhausted.’ -Robert

    Again, little actual informative content, mostly loaded phrases evoking imagery of a great, formidable, noble and epic battle between good and evil, spanning countless centuries, delivered fresh to your inbox every day for you to feel special about: “incredible privilege”, “divine presence”, “pearl of great price”, “precious sequence”, “lifeless thoughts”, “tentacles of imagination”, “diabolical control”, “delivered the sequence”, “conscious beings”, “all schools”…

    But you have seen that presence is everything, and you insist that this is all about presence.

    If that is so, dear Friends, please enjoy your wonderful and inspirational teaching events and intimate buffets for 30 with our Beloved Teacher, dining at cozy tables with special friends in gentle conversation, followed by charming concerts. Afterwards, you might wish to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to take a beautiful photograph with our Beloved Teacher. Group discounts (up to 3 people) will be available. Cash and checks accepted. I also invite you to take part in the 2nd auction this year to resume construction of the Theatron – please help raise tens of thousands of dollars so we can share more moments of presence in this very special place. Purchase your tickets online. You will also have the pleasure of experiencing our newest dining venue at the Nile Garden Terrace. Treat yourself to a wonderful teaching event ($150 sitting, $75 standing) and enjoy the spectacular view (look with presence) before the event. Please move with presence on the Path of Presence as you walk up to the dining event with our Beloved Teacher.


  363. Desecration, Discrimination, Favoritism, ‘Robert Burtonism’

    Last time I personally heard of another California earthquake warning was as recent as December 2006, I think the dates were 26 or 27 but I don’t recall exactly. It was delivered to me by a devoted “inner circle” student, and he said this news were intended for inner circle only… (Thanks for including me, by the way!)

    252/11/No Person

  364. CAUSE (Fraud, Undue Influence)

    Thank you so much for putting into words my exact feeling towards the Fellowship and the reason I left a few weeks ago.
    I went to too many events where Robert told me what state I was in, and he was wrong. I scratched my head too many times trying to understand “Thoughts From The Teacher”, etc.

    262/11/Steve Lang

  365. Material Misrepresentation, Falsity or ‘Fellowship of Friends Police Kool-Aid tear gas breath-spritz ‘

    Dear moderator:

    Posts by ‘cyclops’ (Ex: 77) and others contain clear racist material that is completely irrelevant to any subject matter or context of this blog. Those who are posting such material are turning this blog into a platform for spreading anti-Semitism.

    Since these posts are repetitive, it is clear that they are being approved by you as a moderator and they are regarded by you as a legitimate public material.

    I am personally offended by these posts.

    After getting legal counseling on this matter I would like to inform you the legality of such posts is questionable. Legally, in relation to publishing racism, this blog is no different from any printed newspaper or any other media and as a moderator you role here is no different than of a newspaper editor who is subject to lawsuits.

    270/11/To the moderator

  366. NOTE for 365

    Dear ‘To the moderator’ ~

    Yes, and don;t forget what Robert Burton said ~

    “The Holocaust was the Jews punishment for crucifying Christ.”

  367. Joint Negligence, Collusion, Fraud in the Inducement *:.)

    Asaf has been pivotal in helping Robert establish the new teaching. Rumor is that he is conscious, but like Girard in days of old he denies it for now.

    275/11/Moon Angel


    Hummm… a guy who denies he’s conscious helping another guy who denies that he’s not, establish a new religion based on denying others that they are not so long as they are not without them denying that they aren’t while with them, sounds just right to me…

    CULT ON Asaf!


    During this period the teaching became more arcane and dogmatic. Everything was related to presence, or the sequence. The teacher is constantly is telling everyone we are present, and the school has been a money making frenzy for the last few years pushing students to give as much as possible and buy raffle tickets, auction items etc. The property was developed to a large extent during this period as well and the teacher become more inaccessible except during paying teaching events. Several prominent students also died during this time. The property was renamed to Isis and many world class ballets were performed in a newly made Greek theatron. The winery is no longer a focus.

    Basically if you are not using the sequence…(prayer)…you are sinful..(in imagination)…and therefore possessed by your lower self..(the devil)…if you do not become present…(in a redeemed state…heaven)…you will forever be asleep…(in hell).

    275/11/Moon Angel

  369. Malicious Intent, ‘Breach of Worthy Syllables’ *8u


    You might pay attention to this post. This may be a preliminary warning to a legal challenge by the FOF.



    Hey Einstein, aren’t all warnings preliminary? Is that you Howy?

  370. Sexual Predator, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    It dawned on me that Robert might prefer (or in the past preferred) straight, young, male paying members of his religious community because they are less likely to talk about it later out of shame, guilt, or embarrassment. It took me 22 years to be able to discuss the subject as openly as I have and break the code of silence. The experiences make a lasting imprint, as others in servitude will agree.



    To Bruce
    you misunderstood me if you thought I was justifying Robert’s behavior. He is a criminal. I was refering to judging the whole FOF as criminal because of his actions. I read through the Canon’s of the FOF and it seems obvious, at least to my perception, that he intentionally used the form of a religion because of the special status given to freedom of religion in the U.S.

    The Canon clearly states that it is an element of faith in the FOF that Robert is a conscious man defined as “The Teacher” with a unique status. He cannot be removed. In this sense it is no different than Christian’s recognizing Christ and the Pope as God’s voice on Earth., Robert simply had the for thought to understand how much better this was in term’s of control and personal freedom for him than a corporation. And he got it in a written contract.

    Disagreement or questioning of this is cause for dismissal from the group. It seems like he copied much from the Mormon’s. I also feel rather strongly that the people who agreed to this document and structure would not have done so if Robert had let it be known that he was gay and intended to engage in promiscuous activity.

    Almost all of the early students who achieved a level of individual development were chased out. Robert is a master bureaucrat. His dominance feature controls every aspect of his environment. I spent a good bit of time around him. Observe him for a while from the point of view of features, type, alchemy, center of gravity. Is there anything not mechanical.

    Has any one ever seen him do something mechanically uncomfortable? Rub dirt on his face? wear old sneakers? volunteer to eat at a food kitchen just for the consciousness? While I was on the Farm David Guido had a compost pile, I never saw Robert helping there. Someone said he would spill a glass of water to illustrate mechanicality did any one ever see him spill wine on a Hermes tie to illustrate non-identification?

    311/11/A Former Student



    Very, very few students ever see the Fellowship of Friends Canons; this document is only relative and applicable to a student’s experience in the Fellowship of Friends when there is a legal challenge as to Fraud by the Fellowship of Friends… I have asked people who have been in the Fellowship of Friends who have told me that they have never seen or heard the canons presented to the entire ‘church body’ for 15+ years… The Fellowship of Friends religious canons are fraudulent in their applicability to the member joining or agreeing to ‘the terms’, for no terms are implied during ‘The Fellowship of Friends Prospective Meeting’, save one, PAYMENT (nor ever implied, for the Fellowship of Friends absolutely does not function as a legal church, business of the people or co-op organization, it is a hierarchy, period.)

  372. EFFECT

    If the fellowship is a conscious school, it is one of denial.
    It is not a school of love.
    Whatever is being taught there, needs to be turned around carefully.

    It was very painful for me to stay all those years with my eyes open.
    I knew that something was off, something was fishy.
    I started practicing presence (what an expression!) daily.
    I was obsessed with it. I realized how foreign it was to me. I needed support, but the support the students gave me was not working. Most of them were like parrots repeating from a book. And the teacher seemed to be in his own bubble doing his thing.
    The most powerful guidance happened when I starting bringing myself present to the deep pain that I was feeling for being an outcast in the school. I felt like a cyst or a tumor sometimes in the body of the school.
    But it became simpler and simpler. Slowly, I learned not to condition the state of presence. That means, no expecting anything out of it. It was not easy as you can imagine.

    It requires to be connected with my body, with its feelings and sensations. In my experience, to be present is to be as authentic as I can. If I feel sad, I feel sad. If I feel angry, I feel angry. No story. No shoulds or shouldn’ts. It’s what is.
    End of the story.

    Students in the fellowship: It is possible to live like this. It requires to stop believing what my little head is telling me. And what other little heads are telling me too! including Robert’s!

    I realized that Robert attracts very special people. Like myself full of naiveté and arrogance. Dangerous combination!
    Naiveté and arrogance, the chief feature of the FOF.
    If you have enough of both in your genetics, you are a good candidate for Robert’s school.


  373. EFFECT

    I was recently asked by a long time Oregon House resident, a man that the Fellowship would describe as a “good householder”, if I was a member of the Fellowship. I was very happy and relieved to be able to say, “No, I was, but I recently left because there are things in the Fellowship that I no longer want to support or be associated with.”

    I didn’t need to say anymore. He said, “You mean things that would make you sick at your stomach.” He then went on to say that he thought there were some decent people in the Fellowship but that there was a large bunch that should be taken out and horse whipped.

    Members of the Fellowship are mistaken if they think that they are invisible in this community. Thanks to this blog local people know what is going on and the ugly secrets are no longer secrets. Members stand out like “sore thumbs” at the post office, the grocery and video stores because of their oblivious and arrogant attitudes. Continued affiliation suggests to everyone that members are people without conscience or decency. With the information about the Fellowship now public and available, members, no matter how well-dressed, polite and refined, are increasingly regarded as sick people who are supporting a sick leader and his sick organization.

    What healthy citizens would want such corruption and depravity in their midst? Many people are just waiting for the whole pack of lies to self destruct.


  374. EFFECT

    I also thought that “I have arrived”; “this is the place”; some time after joining the FOF, to realize almost 8 years later that I was off in my perception and that the school was just a small and necessary stepping stone in my soul journey.

    It took my ego some time to swallow all the evidence and the humbling experience of accepting that I have not arrived anywhere yet, and that there was still some more work that needed to be done. The most important one.

    Later on I realized that this may be one of the reasons why for some of us, takes so much to decide to leave the school. I realized that my self image has been fed with ideas like
    : “I made it”, “I’m done”, ” I am a chosen one”, “this is the ultimate place for me”, “I am going to die in the school”; etc. etc.

    It was a very painful process for me to dismantle all that structure. It was glued together with one of the most powerful energies that us human beings are able to create in our regular state of consciousness. And that is the emotional energy of what we call; friendship.

    One morning was very liberating to realize that the most important friendship I needed to honor was the one I had with myself. There I was watching through those eyes, breathing through this nose, being alive in a body and dismissing myself completely. Distracted by fairytales, or biting upon myself for not being enough or incomplete or deficient.

    Shocking was the realization that all the relationships in my life known or to come, would pass sooner or later, including those that I loved so much, but the one with myself was for ever.

    I noticed that I could feel betrayed by someone I trusted or I may betray them: but the pain of self betrayal went much deeper and it was far more painful than any other type of pain.

    That day I became aware of a very simple thing that supported me up to this day.

    I like it or not, I am my eternal roommate!

    How do I want to live in this relationship?
    What my life would be like if I treat myself in the way I treat someone I love very-very much?

    These questions still help me today.

    Breath with me please…


  375. EFFECT

    For those not much in touch with how the blog is affecting the FOF

    ‘The blog is the worst thing that ever happened to the Fellowship’

    Linda T. May 2007.

    I personally know of at least a dozen people who began by denouncing the blog when it first started to gather steam but now are planning to leave FOF in the near future…..


    The blog is a terrible thing for Linda T too, it would have to be. She has spent her entire adult life–from her late teens now well into her fifties–under the moral suasion, if you want to call it that, of a profoundly mentally ill individual. Can you imagine having to confront that reality?


  376. EFFECT

    NOTE ~ The Narcissism of The Fellowship of Friends

    It is an element of narcissism within a person that holds them to an inhuman, unattainable standard. Being unable to attain the standard leaves one unsatisfied and unfulfilled with an inner deficit that makes one vulnerable to depressed moods, addictions, and chronic irritability. This clouds the reason. It is essential to marry mental clarity with conscience…i.e., a clear conscience. You cannot be compassionate without a conscience.


  377. EFFECT (Sexual Predator)

    The neighbors are very concerned in Oregon House.
    They are trying to organize a meeting soon.

    My neighbor has two daughters and she is scared.
    she is afraid of all these guys from other countries that are being abused and are taking part in orgies!

    “The sexually abused victim easily becomes the predator.”
    I understand her concern but i don’t agree with her…

    431/11/Oregon House Concerned

  378. CAUSE (Conspiracy to Defraud)

    Oregon House concerned:

    I hope your neighbor knows about this part, too, the guy in charge who’s running the show and doing all that stuff believes he’s the second coming of Christ and above the law.

    That’s what he’s teaching “all those guys from other countries.”


  379. Sexual Predator, Collusion, Connivance, Coercion, Joint Negligence, Sexual Harassment, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses, Fraud, Desecration, Malicious Intent, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment

    444 Oregon House concerned

    What really allowed Robert to do what he is been doing for 3 decades, is the silent complicity of all the men that not only never talked about it (because of shame, ego trips, fear, etc) but also attracted other young men into the “kings bedroom”.

    How about giving the names of those WE KNOW were Robert’s OBJECTS so that everybody knows them?
    Then those that have any doubts and don’t believe about it, can go and ask them their version.

    I will start: Carlos Labbate, Argentinean student that would travel the centers convincing young men to move to the community. Even though he hated being with Robert and having sex with him, he kept enrolling others into the adventure of being close to the teacher.
    Ask him, he will tell you how was it for him.

    If the men speak up, all this sex business ends in few weeks and for ever.

    At this very moment there might be several dozens of men making their plans to move to Isis. More fresh meet for the King!

    What do you think? Any more names?

    444/11/Oregon House Concerned

  380. EFFECT (Joint Negligence, Collusion, Connivance, Deliberate Indifference, Desecration)

    Why are you angry if Robert has a very active sexual life?

    the private life is “private”.

    you have your own sexual life. yes or not?

    why Robert can not have his own? like you, or everybody.

    Are you jealous?

    I think that you wish at least the half of this sexual activity in all your life.

    Let the people to live their own private lifes.

    467/11/Simple Truth

  381. EFFECT (Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment)

    These messages are exactly what I am talking about.
    Let’s bring up the names. Lets stop this chain of insanity!

    Who do you know? Who was part of the Robert’s bedroom experiment? They are all victims anyway.

    Lets stop the experiment!

    I don’t care what will happen with Robert. The man is sick and needs treatment. He will provably will go somewhere in Europe and died there.

    I am not thinking about him.
    I am thinking about the boys that keep coming.
    And they are many. How many until the end of this year? 5 more? or perhaps 15 more to come?

    Do you remember when you arrived to Renaissance or Apollo or Isis and you were a young man in your twenties? Do you remember your friends at that age?

    It is not about Robert’s life. It is about their lives.

    478/11/Oregon House Concerned


    To Bruce:

    I understand your point Bruce, I need to say this,
    thank you for you patience. Something burns in my guts when I see all the complicity that took place for years for all this slaughter to happen.

    To Simple truth:

    I agree with you that we can say “no” to an invitation, specially if we have some life experience and we are sober my friend.
    When you are in your early twenties and drunk and everyone you trust tells you that it is ok to do it, I don’t know. What do you think?

    Its the same age we send our children to the war. Do you believe that they know what they are doing? Really?

    This is about integrity and values. Its not about defending RB’s case. Or your case.
    We are talking about many young guys that trusted us. I was a center director myself and I feel nauseated when I think of how the young guys in the center were swallowed by the Academy pain machine.

    And to your question:

    No, I was lucky not to live through that experience but after living ten years in Apollo, I saw many guys having it, (as you saw them as well) and is not fun at all. It is very sad game.

    Can you imagine how large the FOF would have been in these days if RB would have heal his addiction and stopped this game years ago?

    10000 people? more? 50000 students?
    What a waste of recourses and energy!

    484/11/Oregon House Concerned

  383. CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD, Collusion, Connivance, Deliberate Indifference, Joint Negligence, Falsity *rr

    to Unoanimo post 483:

    and what was the outcome of this lawsuit? Wikepedia says it “one suit was dismissed and two others were settled by the organization’s insurance companies to save the costs of litigation.” T. (The FOF president) also added that “the suits were filed by former members who failed to produce evidence to support their accusations.”
    If it is ALL true, why is there not more evidence or turmoil. For sure someone (Influence C ?) is protecting Robert. Since my guide is Influence C I go with them. So far they have allowed Robert to be the way he is. You could argue this viewpoint is the result of the FOF indoctrination, but it comes straight from Gurdjieff: Man cannot do, everything happens. Of course one has to give doing a try and then accept the result. some of you try to do by writing here and we will see what happens.

    sincerily thankfull




    On the same note ‘Student’ (your) C-Influence also protected Mussolini and Hitler so they could exterminate 30,000,000+ human beings (?) To me, the Fellowship of Friends ‘ideas’ concerning the gods is adolescent, uncreative, bias, and very conveniently subjective; ever notice how the gods change their minds only AFTER Robert Burton has changed his?

    The Fellowship of Friends has no impersonal ORACLE; if you did Robert Burton would have been put to hard labor planting grape vines from the get go, on a short leech, just as Alex Horn tried to do it; yet, Alex Horn was on a self made long leech, so the attempt by him on Robert Burton was a bit self preservation-al and hypocritical.


    To Simple Truth (#11-465)
    Burton is not a private person with a private life. He is a very public person (at least in the large fish in a small pond scale of things), and invites public scrutiny, not least because he has set himself up as an example and guide. Since the FoF is the form, the vessel being built by students, and he is supposed to fill it, it matters a great deal what he fills it with. There cannot be too much light shed on every aspect of his being. That he operates mostly behind closed doors implies much about his being, and of course leads to some guesswork. That’s the simple truth.

    494/11/Ames Gilbert

  385. NOTE ~ Mention of Michelle Milligan (possible source contact)

    Have you ever met Michelle Milligan, her paramour “Reverend” Heinz, or any of the others in the Olivehurst Gospel Assembly? I had quite a lot of contact with them (unfortunately, I was a neighbor to their property), and still see them around in Oroville. Now, there are some pain bodies to study! Michelle did copy the court documents accurately, but I wouldn’t put much trust in the rest of her articles!

    494/11/Ames Gilbert

  386. SEXUAL PREDATOR, False Pretenses, Malicious Intent, Collusion, Connivance, ‘Enticement of a Parent’, Coercion, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment, Undue Influence, Negligent Hiring, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress *vn

    To Simple truth, post 465:

    “Why are you angry if Robert has a very active sexual life?”
    or “Let the people to live their own private lifes.”

    Let’s presume you are a father and your son is 18 years old.
    Let’s presume you are in the fof 30 and + years.
    Let’s presume you were/are high up on the FOF star system.
    Let’s presume you were among the lovers yourself.
    Let’s presume your son has been invited to ‘help’ washing dishes (!) at the Galleria.

    Halleluyah? Gloria?
    He is so young and so much in need for attention!

    You find yourself not only averting/warning him
    (letting him know what, from experience, you know about
    beloved Robert Burton, the Teacher)
    but prohibiting him to accept.

    Let’s presume the “Let’s presume” are rhetorical
    and that it is happening!

    Difficult times… When what was “good” for you
    turns to be so “bad” for your child that you can’t even trust him or the “play” (Conscious Influences)…
    Don’t you think ?

    How can you even formulate such a comment and believe in it enough to post it?
    How can you post such a comment ?




    Yes, this ‘parent-child-to-Robert Burton’ exchange occurs; take Gunter 2007 for instance and his very naive son #2; and to you Johanness (sorry for the spelling), keep fishing in rivers very far from the Y. county line…

  387. EFFECT (Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress)

    It’s as simple as that: STOP FEEDING HIM!!

    If you’ll stop on nourishing his greed, his ego , his vanity, his appetites, he will loose his power on you/us/them..

    -Stop paying for events…you have to remember that the money is turned inevitably into sperm, expensive vibrators and Armani suits anyway, and that the “teaching” is a FARSE, it’s a sad joke played on your soul and your miserable postponed checks;
    (And by the way, if you are already paying the “teaching payments”, why do you think that you have to pay again for the “teaching events”?)

    -Stop smiling and worshipping this horny goat… keep at least a little shred of your dignity, you’ll need it to improve the rest of your life;

    -Stop granting him sexual favors… std’s are not fun, old faggots are not that appealing, specially dressed in bright pink silk, and your women & your children & even yourself will be much more impressed with you if you’ll be a MAN and have the guts to say “NO”;

    -No more money, no more flattery, no more sex…
    is there going to be any real “teacher” left ???

    Can R. survive without luxuries, pampering and sperm?

    Especially if you believe that the answer is YES, why don’t you give it a try ? M.


  388. NOTE ~ Mention of Abraham Goldman, FoF Lawyer *tr

    You should be asking this question. Why does the Fellowship of Friends always settle out of court? Why does Abraham Goldman always insist on sealed agreements if FoF is in the right? You could answer the first question with, “To save money”, but what does it matter if the insurance pays the bills? That is what legal insurance is for. And if the claims are sufficiently spurious, in other words, malicious and unfounded, actually the FoF and their insurance company would probably be able to get their costs back in a counter-suit. Why did that not happen?

    The Samuel Sanders case and the Troy Buzbee case were settled out of court. The agreements were sealed (a gross miscarriage of justice in my opinion, since I think that justice is better served in the light, not the back room). If the FoF were proud of it’s record, as revealed by witnesses while the case was being set up (pre-trial motions, discovery, subpoenas, sworn statements, and so on), then why not be open? Have you considered that Linda T. may be lying, when she says “the suits were filed by former members who failed to produce evidence to support their accusations”. Maybe she is technically right—if the case did not go to trial. I don’t know how far it went before the settlements ended things. But if the settlements were pre–trial, she is merely using verbal sleight of hand, a form of lie.

    498/11/Ames Gilbert



    Sealed court documents often include other persons names that may have been involved in the COERCION of Troy Buzbee, sealing them protects their families, jobs and future family members careers, etc. Too, often these documents include such MORAL TURPITUDE details that being read by anyone in the public domain may risk Robert Burton’s safety and those involved, etc.

    Normally there has to be REASONABLE DOUBT that the safety of those peoples involved is at great risk; yet, this does not rule out black marking the names from the documents, although, oftentimes these ‘names’ can be rightly ‘guessed’ by those close to the Fellowship of Friends ‘Inner Circle’ of sexual predators.

    Prior to the case in one of the Fellowship of Friends sexual predator law suits (it may have been Samuel or Troy) Abraham Goldman went to the ‘boys’ house to try and get a ‘not of sound mind confession’ from him, he did not sign it and proceeded to sue the Fellowship of Friends for over a million dollars and won.

  389. SEXUAL PREDATOR, Joint Negligence, Collusion, Connivance

    Getting personal I asked Robert once why he continued to have sex with his students, his reply was “in order to provide friction for them”. When i asked Abraham Goldman which is an assumed name, he took early on in his Fellowship career, anyway when i asked Dear old honest Abe who is a shark masquerading as a dolphin, why this situation was allowed to continue his answer was “too weird or not too weird”. When i asked Girard it was “we cant judge Robert by the same standards as we judge normal men”. So the resources of the organization are soundly behind maintaining the status quo. Up to that point these were three of the men i respected most in the world.
    If its the numbers that impress you consider how many have left. Oh i just remembered something else that Robert said in relation to my by no means unique seduction by him he said ” “I’m taking advantage of your features”. All hearsay but i would be prepared to testify to this in a court of law and swear on my children’s lives that its true. Do you believe that its simple revenge which motivates us?
    also sincerely to you, student from the heart of hearts. Cyclops.


  390. HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT SEXUAL HARASSMENT, Conspiracy to Defraud, Reckless Endangerment, *7g

    “For sure someone (Influence C ?) is protecting Robert. Since my guide is Influence C I go with them. So far they have allowed Robert to be the way he is. ”

    This is a direct consequence of the real time.
    Please, Dear Student, consider my previous post, number 492,
    as being written for You!

    Permission? “For sure!
    And you know what?
    The someone” is You!
    This someone is me !

    I experience a strange situation:
    I am officially out of the Fellowship of Friends
    and, as such, free from concerns regarding what is happening within the “innies” (still like this formulation)
    but it is simply not so…

    I am even not a father nor a mother!

    I might just be wearing orange socks…





    This student woke up, left the real-position of being the Fellowship of Friends ‘C-Influence’… Robert Burton’s version of the gods gets it’s power not from his intentional sufferings of their revelations, rather, from his students reactions to his buffering (avoiding) of their true-signs to him through plain results, not interpretations of those results, which in it’s own ‘subjective right’ is another ‘Robert Burton-result’ or a previously unspoiled message, if any… Yet, their are always two ways to take omens, even negative ones not in one’s current favor, either as vanity-martyrdom, which creates upon the recipient a sense of tongue-in-cheek humility and embarrassment, then sympathy from those distanced, yet identified with the symbol of the Gucci-crucifixion, or conscious-martyrdom, each with it’s very different set of aims and nuances, according to what is at stake in the spiritual egoist’s lifestyle structure and mirage.

  391. Companion to 390

    To me, what that ‘student’ did is an example of conscious love;
    for to stay at arms distance is not embracing anything.

  392. NOTE ~ Fellowship of Friends court-way-school

    Dear student #490: you dutifully remind us that “the suits were filed by former members who failed to produce evidence to support their accusations.”

    If the cases were settled before going to trial, naturally no evidence would have been formally presented, on either side. By settling the suit, Burton & Co. avoided the uncomfortable process of being deposed under oath. They also effectively prevented the sworn depositions of the complainants from entering the public record if the case went to trial.

    I find it amazing that so many people continue to demand “evidence” in the face of so many first-hand accounts, covering many years, detailing the ongoing situation. What kind of evidence would convince them? A videotape? No good — too easily faked. If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit, eh? The self-deception involved here is really mind-boggling.



    If however you actually read through old publications like “Via Del Sol”, “The Mount Carmel Journal” and “The Renaissance Journal” you might be surprised at what a high percentage of the real knowledge of self observation came from students. It is no accident that almost all of the early students who had been the “senior” members left when they discovered Robert’s duplicity.


    All the quotes were written by Linda Kaplan (Linda T. ?) and then Burton selected various names to go with the quotes, the members never said what was attributed to them.



    This “never said what was attributed to them”, was yet another Robert Burton technique to “Work against his students vanity features.”

    Of course, what better feature to work with vanity than vanity? Robert Burton would have people’s name rearranged and quotes jumbled; another ‘device’ to keep the ‘sprout of conscious individuality’ under thumb, in the dark, for the sake of keeping vanity in check and his to run ramped spending millions of dollars on ‘his school’ and ‘his quotes’ and ‘his boys’.

  394. NOTE to 393 *4w

    Only partly true. In most of the “journals” the quotes were actually edited from meeting transcripts and are the words/thoughts of the speakers, mostly students. It’s also true that when Burton wanted to insert comments, Linda would write them and assign them to phantom speakers. But for most of the time, these were “straight.”

    511/11/Skeptical Optimist



    This “phantom speakers” would later develop into Robert Burton’s total cutting off of all personal angles (viewpoints) usually allowed during Sunday meetings, which ‘evolved’ into students reading pre-assigned (and always the same speakers, Robert’s favorites) quotes chosen the week prior, sent in by students, yet, those students having found the quote, not quoted.

    It could regularly be observed that Robert Burton would get ‘fijjity’ and impatient when having to listen to another’s verifications and valuations; in the beginning of his teachings, students became stronger in their work, his coming out of the cave empowered many to go deeper and imitate his ‘move’ into the sunlight; he quickly squashed this objective reverence for individual inner work and the sharing of its fruits in his ‘presence’ or should I say ‘pretense’?


    To Correction (#11-490)
    I believe your statement is too extreme. I wasn’t there for the Via Del Sol or Mount Carmel journals. But I was there for every issue of the Renaissance Journal. I moved to Renaissance in 1978. I went to all the meetings after the third or fourth issue. After about six issues, becoming suspicious, I started to make and compare notes about what was said and what was printed. I’d say that Linda certainly edited most of the angles (at least I saw her often reading proofs and correcting them in the press room. She did sometimes make some important changes, but generally stuck to the intent of the angle. But, as time went on, extra angles invented by her and Burton were inserted; some of them were clear plagiarisms. I guess unattributed ‘angles’ by classical writers added an air of nobility. Since many were from the 44, I suppose they gave their permission to their representative on earth?

    516/11/Ames Gilbert

  396. Sexual Predator, Discrimination, Favoritism, COERCION, Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, False Pretenses

    It is interesting to me to observe the defenders of the Fof keep asking for proofs of the ‘interesting’ private/not-so private- life of R. It is this the way to defend? Asking for proofs?
    I was a night guard for 8 years at the galleria! Do you really want proof, yes is true. You really didn’t know? And you are in the school to wake up? Scary.

    Adults that could say no? Maybe, maybe not.
    Some are 20 years old, on salary, meaning $400 a month. They believe R. is God. Suddenly they are traveling, nice clothes, good life, everybody (I mean everybody) sleeps with him, so it almost feel normal. Once you said yes the first time, you are accepted in the group (a bit of a disturbed group I would say).

    Nobody comes forward. Really? Strange, which heterosexual man wouldn’t like to expose himself, saying that he was or still is part of R. entourage. He already has to deal with the fact himself, maybe is not that easy to tell the rest of the world, that, like an idiot you said yes (at least for awhile) and then you accepted all kind of stupid truths to justify yourself or your teacher. So while dealing with all kind of stupid things like that, why not go out and tell everybody what kind of an idiot you’re?
    But then again at least you’re not trying to tell everybody else that everything is fine and if you have verified Influence C(?!)and that it’s all that is required from you.
    Please stop asking for proofs, you know is all true, at least, for a little bit, try to be honest! (or it’s just feminine dominance?)


  397. Reckless Endangerment, Collusion, Connivance, Joint Negligence, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment

    Imagine the faithful accepting the unvarnished truth. I can’t imagine the inner trauma they would have to face collectively and individually. It’s much easier to deny, especially when one’s personal blindness, and or/ stupidity is entwined in one’s investment. For myself I found that knowledge isn’t quite enough without some kind of third force to overcome one’s reticence about being wrong.


  398. NOTE ~ Troy Buzbee court case notes

    A rather sizable (500,000 – 800,000 dollar) damage settlement for Troy Buzbee, so far as my sources go. Regardless of the exact monetary settlement, the gist of it is that your teaching payments (and many others) go to ‘teach’ Robert Burton’s ‘cushion’ how to be more comfy when Robert Burton’s falls.

    You might say “The insurance pays for it.” Yes, yet the students pay for the insurance premiums, Robert Burton is a high risk customer, be sure that the insurance company milk’s the Fellowship of Friends for all its worth, to them, allot: hence, ‘You play, you pay.’ And that they have read those ’sealed court documents’, you don’t think that they would pay for something they could not get, do you?

    The other was the incredible ‘Ripley’s Believe it or not’ scene of Abraham G., having someone (perhaps it was he himself) get on a plane, go to where Troy B. was living (after) the lawsuit was filed and present to him a legal form to sign,

    compliments of Robert Burton and Goldman Associates ~

    ‘A release of personal reliability due to mental incompetence.’ Basically its a form that asks one to consent, by signing it, that ~ ‘Yes, I am a coconut and like to swing in tree tops and sue people for their coconuts’.

    Troy would not sign it;

    on the side money (”Troy, how much do you want?” ~ Troy’s response, “It’s not about the money.”) was offered, he chose to take it to court and won, so to speak.

    Those court files are sealed, yet, I am sure that if enough people from the ‘regular community’ in Oregon House wrote ‘The Terminator’, those could be ‘dug up’ on some ‘right to know’ basis.

    It is most likely not a coincidence that we have currently ‘The Arnold’ as governor, he’s the ‘exact’ combination of ‘practical forces’ to terminate the Fellowship of Friends, its up to ‘the people’ to rattle his cage and maybe toss in a few thick rib eye steaks from the Kentucky mail order beef farm.


  399. Fraudulent Misrepresentation, FRAUD, *mm

    Re editing of angels given at meetings . . .

    I remember seeing one of mine in the journal and finding it nearly unrecognizable. I concluded that because it had been several weeks since the meeting, maybe I just couldn’t remember what I had said.

    Others were experiencing the same thing around that time. It became a quiet joke to read the journals to learn what one had said at the meeting. I agree that the angles usually weren’t made up, but they were sometimes edited nearly beyond recognition.

    520/11/Was KathleenW


    This should truly not surprise any ‘new student’ of the Fellowship of Friends reading this, after all, this is exactly what Robert Burton, Asaf and the Keying Group does with their material for Sunday meetings and ‘keying dinners, breakfast, lunches, et all’.

    Robert Burton has plagiarized his students essences, why not the material that feeds their essences?


    I can only speculate, but it is not hard to understand.

    You know what the feature of dominance is right? Dominance: big smart Saturn talking you into complying and using over-bearing body language to make your instinctive center feel like it has to comply with all commands. Now add this to that, “I’m your teacher and you need to give up your will to me, you need to trust me about what your evolution needs, dear. C influence, the invisible Gods that make everything good happen, want you to have a blowjob. Of course if you don’t you can go back into the vineyard and work like a dog for nothing, or leave. But no more great dinners, no more girls falling all over you, no more rides in the big car, no more trips around the world, no more telling people what to do in my name and especially no more “teaching” from me. You don’t want that do you? Now, unzip those pants.”

    434/11/Wake Up


    555 Traveler

    In a dusty attic, filled with cobwebs and things long forgotten, I recently made an amazing discovery – fragments of an unknown work:

    Devil’s Dictionary
    (by King of Clubs; in cooperation with: Queen of Hearts)

    ACCELERATING, THE PACE IS – describes downhill movement
    A INFLUENCE – derogatory term for all material pursuits, gains, riches and relations outside of the Fellowship of Friends, perceived as a distraction from pure spirituality
    ANGLES OF THOUGHT – (archaic) individual expressions of subjective truth; see ‘quotations’
    B INFLUENCE – derogatory term for all spiritual pursuits and teachings outside of the Fellowship of Friends; often perceived as dangerous competition that could misguide you into believing the Fellowship is not the true path and failing to complete your task; see ‘completed his/her task’
    COMPLETED HIS/HER TASK – managed to stay a member until death; Cf. ‘lose the school’.
    CONSCIOUS BEING – someone whose actions are bizarre and disturbing, but has informed you that they only seem that way because he is in a universe above you, so you can’t understand him
    DEAR – subordinate
    DINE – to eat while being aware that you are a Fellowship member
    DONATIONS – mandatory fees for feeling saved and having friends
    EMOTIONAL ENERGY – exhilarating feeling of being backed by numerous people who believe the same things you do
    ENGAGE PRESENCE – grab hold of, control presence; get it to do what you want
    ENTOURAGE – harem
    EUROPEAN STYLE – a method of eating purportedly used in Europe and considered noble, in which you put the food on the back part of your fork and then bring it to your mouth
    EXTERNAL CONSIDERING – to drop your pants for your Teacher
    FORK WAY – a development of the Fourth Way in which large amounts of gourmet food are beautifully arranged on plates, shuffled around with a fork for a short time and then thrown away
    FORTY-FOUR – local timezone; as in: “The concert will start promptly at 6:44 PM.”
    FRIENDS – other believers
    GOING AGAINST THE MACHINE – doing something stupid just because it’s difficult, to prove to yourself that you’re really evolving
    GOSSIP – things you are better off not knowing if you don’t want to ‘lose the school’, see ‘lose the school’
    IMPRESSIONS – A influence in the service of spirituality, for spiritual consumption and as building material for one’s immortal soul, particularly when bought by the Teacher; see ‘A influence’
    INTENTIONAL INSINCERITY – misrepresenting aspects of your life that embarrass you
    INTERNAL WARFARE – see ‘living the contradictions’
    INTERVAL – a period of feeling guilty for having your own opinions
    I’S – leftovers of reason
    KING OF CLUBS – common sense
    MEDICAL LEAVE OF ABSENCE – period of probation for people perceived as threats to the establishment
    LIFE – people who make you feel good about yourself
    LIVING THE CONTRADICTIONS – maintaining cognitive dissonance
    LOSE THE SCHOOL, TO – to give up membership in the Fellowship of Friends; the implied failure and carelessness applies to all former members
    LOVELY EVENT – a gathering where members are told by the Teacher how they feel and what state they are in
    LOW ALCHEMY – too normal to be comfortable
    LOWER SELF – spontaneity
    MAGNETIC CENTER – idealistic sucker who needs to feel special
    MECHANICAL – behavior that displeases me
    MEETINGS – where people go to reassure each other that they are right
    MOON, IT’S A – warning to avoid impending danger of being exposed to gossip, see ‘gossip’
    NEW STUDENT – a person still learning which mannerisms are equated with being conscious
    OCTAVE – duty
    OLDER STUDENT – a person who has developed an ability to sound sure of themselves; other attributes include: sometimes swirls water in their glass, uses words such as ‘inexpensive’ instead of ‘cheap’ and dines in the European style; see ‘dine’, ‘European style’
    PLAY, THE – explanation why things are the way they are and should not be otherwise
    PLAY OF CRIME – attempts of enabling people universal access to information that could lead directly to your departure from the organization if you found out about it, much worse than gossip, this blog; see ‘gossip’
    POSITIVE ATTITUDE, MAINTAINING – suspending all disbelief and critical thinking with a view to prevent manifestations of the king of clubs and to go against the machine; see ‘king of clubs’, ‘going against the machine’
    PRESENCE – subject of ultimate appeal, part of a sales technique where it is suggested that purchasing a ticket or event seat is an indicator of your love of presence
    PROSPECTIVE STUDENT MEETING – a gathering for assessing the eagerness of interested third parties to be led and told what is right, to appeal to their disappointments, insecurities and feeling out of place, and to offer a safe haven where evolution is guaranteed (for a price)
    QUOTATIONS – pre-approved confetti-like shreds of old texts, declaimed by pre-approved speakers at public gatherings, creating the impression of audience participation; supersedes ‘angles’
    SALARY, TO BE ON – to work full time for two and a half dollars per hour in exchange for being exempt from paying a membership fee
    SCHOOL, OUR SACRED – an emotive way of referring to the Fellowship of Friends intended to help deepen valuation and the feelings of being special and chosen; see ‘valuation’
    SEQUENCE – a self-hypnosis technique
    SHAKING THE TREE – a process in which ripe fruits fall off the tree while unripe stay
    SHOCKS – events of one’s life as seen from an egocentric perspective
    STATE WE ARE IN – self-induced brain fog as a way of dealing with cognitive dissonance
    STUDENT – member
    TEACHER, OUR BELOVED – king of the sandbox; alpha male
    TEACHER’S WILL, DEFEATING – making the Teacher feel powerless; frustrating the Teacher
    THEY – purported astral beings who used to live as people on Earth but now are deciding everything that happens on Earth and restrict their direct communication to the Teacher; also called C influence
    VALUATION – increased investment of personal identity into being a member of the Fellowship of Friends
    VERIFICATION – (archaic) see ‘positive attitude’
    VERIFYING C INFLUENCE – paying special attention to synchronicity in your life and believing that it happens because you are a paying member of the Fellowship of Friends
    WILL OF C-INFLUENCE – wishes of the Teacher, particularly those that might meet with some resistance; see ‘they’
    WIT – a threat to awakening as serious business
    WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY – where you go to empty your wallet

    555/11/Devil’s Dictionary


    The “she” that you are talking about tried to re enter in the Fellowship of Friends several times, but anytime was said to her that RB has not taken a decision yet, this happened between July 2006 and December 2006. At the end she just stop asking. So RB does not want that she could create “problem” in his entourage and kicked her out of the school, dear good loving be careful to what you do maybe tomorrow if you are so open with this idea of the sex will be your turn to being asked to leave, because C influence wants it.




    This ‘she’ was Paula, the dancer, her record of this incident will be posted in this section soon (when I find it); for those thinking ‘gossip’ and ‘defamation’ the knowledge of this hypocritical crime by Robert Burton was ‘first’ revealed on this blog by Paula and is privy to public domain herein.

  403. SEXUAL PREDATOR, False Pretenses, Malicious Intent, Collusion, Connivance, ‘Enticement of a Parent’, Coercion, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment, Undue Influence, Negligent Hiring, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

    great comparison between Robert and a porn star. It might give him the idea that he should be paid for his performance. Next thing His Highness is going to ask that the poor Russians to pay for their privilege(they may leave at that point tough). Matter of fact I’m surprised He hasn’t done it yet.
    Great thinking!

    Of course the fact that the present teaching revolve around controlling the passions (a.k.a. the lower self-instinctive center). So how do you justify Him having sex with 15-20 guy(for free right now) a day (conservative estimate, believe me, no more proof please) and the students not showing their teeth as an indication of the lower self!

    Students are supposed to control their smiles and He can do what He wants.
    I forgot, He so high above us, doesn’t need to do what He says. He never did, but at least once functions and conscience were separated, now they are the same thing. It seems to me that He should control his passions first.

    To Isis fencesitter,
    first of all, how big is this fence and how many people are there? Are you your own group?
    Anyway, I’m not sure why you want to know my reason to do or not do something with His Highness, it doesn’t matter what my personal reasons were. The only thing you need to know is the R. does what he does and definetely doesn’t care if the student can actually digest or process the experience. Some of the guys that went with him were at their first experience with a man or a woman! R. was the first experience for them.

    Many of the young people left the school because it was the only way for them to stop traveling with R. I know the fof’ers will say that it was their choice. But then try to be a young solar-lunar(sorry for the language!) and resist your super-dominant teacher, very experienced in bending (figuratively) people will …..

    As he said to someone (still traveling with him now) 13 years ago, that was trying to stop traveling after I stopped: “You are a gift from Influence C to me, don’t ever ask me again to stop, take a week off and come back”. His choice of course, but with a lot of manipulation. This guy was at the time specialized in counting 44 things of everything, it’s easier for him now, just 6 and 4, thank god that guy finally had a break! A.



    This is something Robert Burton knows nothing about, otherwise he would refrain from teaching his lovers infra sex techniques to achieve ‘above conscience’ King of Clubs states and handing out Viagra to buffer the emotional inability (connection with conscience) to get an erection for such nonsensical indulgences and essence (feeling) compromising submission to his aims, his only.


  405. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud)

    One of my best friends in the Fellowship of Friends visited Isis recently for a few weeks. Normally we have a lot of fun together and the times we spend in each other’s company are memorable even by School standards of ‘presence’. During that time she was away, I noticed how much her behavior changed (via email/telephone)… She suddenly started demanding we behave more ‘from the kings’ (have less fun) and more ‘intentionally’ (more shame please!) towards one another. When I took a step back from her underlying tone-of-voice, I realized it was just disguised negativity and judgment-making. It was very similar to many of the pro-Fellowship of Friends posters here recently. A sense of Scale need never be used as an excuse for judgment.

    606/11/Crouching Tiger


    To Simple Truth # 581:
    These quotes: “When a person is subservient to the passions of his lower self, he needs dedication to the practice of remembrance.” [Al-Jilani]
    “The best jihad (holy war) is to fight against the desires and temptations of the lower self.” [Mohammad]
    are already DISTORTED by your beloved teacher! Show me where in Koran there are exact words “lower self”. I mean – open the sources, and find exact quote! It’s already been “keyed”, decoded, distorted and Photo-shopped to support RB’s new faulty teaching and brainwash fools like yourself… He does it all the time for last few years – distorts the originals to fit his BS teaching. As of he really knows what the ancients were talking about! He LIES, he has no clue, and you trust him wholeheartedly.
    Nice Simple Truth indeed. Start thinking for yourself, and read and study original sources, not “keyed” quotes and edited pictures they send you by e-mail.
    Truth is so simple – it doesn’t need to be “decoded” by a delusional “conscious being”. Truth is under your nose, here and now.

    627/11/No Person


    I am one of many students who left around the time Troy’s lawsuit. One day at the lodge I saw Michael Goodwin going through all the students’ mailboxes and removing the letters that Richard Buzbee had sent out to inform everybody of what was going on.

    I found this attempt at censure outrageous, as we were all adults who should have been allowed to make their own judgment. Even in case the information included was found to be false and slanderous, we didn’t need to be protected from it: didn’t we trust our teacher enough, should he not trust our judgment in return? A more mature and civilized course of action would have been to address the issues openly, and let everyone draw their own conclusions.

    So, for the first and only time in my life, I phoned Girard, eager to hear what he had to say about it. I don’t remember the entire conversation, and I wish I had written it all down, but his attitude really struck me and had no small impact on my subsequent leaving. At one point he compared the school to a healthy body and Richard and his accomplices to “bad viruses” who, if allowed to come in touch with it, would infect said body like a dangerous and potentially destructive disease. I like metaphors, but I knew Richard and the other persons involved. They were no viruses for sure, just suffering people trying to get some answers.

    Later, when I got a little “emotional” while telling him how I felt about the situation, he threatened to cut short the conversation if I didn’t keep my negativity in check. I regained my composure as best as I could, but when I finally hung up not only was I fuming with repressed anger, I hadn’t received one single humane and reasonable answer as to why things were being handled in this manner.

    I had to admit to myself that the number two pillar of the school was buffering big time. He could not bear to look at the simple reality involving people and their problems, he had to make sense of it and find justification for himself by resorting to vaguely Nazi and very abstract conceptualizations. His travesty of work language was used as a neat coat of paint to cover a very ugly emotional truth: Girard did not really care about Richard, or me, or any of the other sincere and dedicated students who were in “deep shit” at the time.

    My emotional reaction was dismissed as a nuisance, a mechanical act to be photographed, and not understood and accepted as a sign that I was a sincere student who was feeling upset and concerned about something that at the time really mattered to me, the value of being part of the fellowship.

    What real friend would try to make you stop and feel guilty when your conscience is strongly reacting to what it perceives as an injustice and an act of cowardice by those you are supposed to place your faith in?

    Please don’t tell me he was doing this for my evolution. Or maybe he did: in fact, his answers really helped my evolution in the sense that they took me right out of the school.

    Dear students one the fence, I suggest you try the same experiment: call your center directors, confront them with your issues and see if they can come up with something better than your most esteemed man number five. I sincerely wish you will receive all the understanding and support you so clearly deserve.
    And good luck to all!



    Opus1111, “How about the photoshop issue? Do you know of flagrant forgeries in the images that students are shown?”

    -Yes, I do. So do many others! It was e-mailed to the
    whole school, what, you forgot? Or did you just join yesterday? Here’s the ‘official letter” from January 23, 2006 after one of such “images” were sent to students with the task from the teacher to install it as your desktop image. It was a pure forgery, pieced together in Photoshop to make a point. After many repeated questions about the true origin of this “esoteric image” official FOF finally confessed:

    “Dear Friends,
    The source of the desktop image is from the Royal Portal at Chartres Cathedral (right bay archivolts of the West facade). Circa 1145. The archivolts depict the Seven Liberal Arts, with scholars who best illustrate each art.
    The two scholars shown in the picture represent Music on the left, and Grammar on the right. The quotation is not part of the original picture, but was entered via PhotoShop.
    In presence,
    Linda Tulisso, Isis”

    Later I asked some “inner circle” friends about this issue, and they said that it is a pretty common practice to “photo shop” the information to make it fit the “current teaching”. (Like the amount of elements in the picture, or the image of “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, etc etc.) It’s just being done, altering the original quotes, altering the original images, to tell you what Robert wants to tell you, to push his “sequence”.

    What would you call it? I would call it shameless LYING. You can call it anything you want! One dedicated student from our NY center whom I asked about the issue of deliberate forgery, said that “it doesn’t matter, as long as it produces a state”. So – there you go! Doesn’t matter.
    May be there were not 6 poops after all, but 5 or 7… or 32 satyrs… Or 9 men instead of 6… But who cares, right? Who cares about anything – as long as you get a state..

    Anything for a state…
    This is the link of a “desktop image” that may or may not work, give it a try:

    Photoshop rules.

    699/11/No Person

  409. CAUSE (Fraud in the Silliness’)

    From a witness of the “fourth state”:

    “In 1971, Teacher and a student were riding in a relatively new Dodge Dart along Highway 1 near Carmel. Teacher was 32 years old at the time. They were listening to a baseball game on the car radio. As the odometer of the car hit the mileage number “1954″, they passed a mailbox which had the name Thompson on it. Teacher indicated that this was a shock, as in 1954, Bobby Thompson of the New York Giants had hit a famous home run in a playoff game (which Teacher had apparently heard on the radio). 44 miles later as the odometer hit 1998, the mailbox on the side of the road showed the number 41211. Teacher indicated that THIS was also a shock which meant that California was going to fall into the Pacific Ocean in 1998 on April 12th at 11 am.”

    703/11/Wrong with This Picture

  410. EFFECT (Silliness in the Fraud)

    Ex-boyfriends have threatened Burton’s life several times, he travels with an armed bodyguard. On one occasion, it was reported, a young man from Bakersfield showed up at the Fellowship dining lodge armed with a 22 rifle looking for Burton. He was tackled, disarmed and put on a bus. The police were not contacted. At one time guns were not allowed, but now almost every male member of the Fellowship living in Oregon House has a gun. There is an informal militia armed with shotguns, rifles and 44 magnum handguns in order to protect the ‘Teacher’ from the disgruntled ex-members who regret their sexual encounters with Burton.

    705/11/Wrong with This Picture

  411. End of Posts from PART 11

  412. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud, DESECRATION)

    One of the most striking things about students like Girard and others who I spoke with, who are in the inner circle and believe in Robert Burton’s consciousness, is something I only realized in the last few days before leaving, and it is that they sincerely believe that they are not good enough because they did not become conscious. That they deserve to be discarded, replaced, because they didn’t “make it.” They “disappointed” the teacher. They are frustrated with themselves like so many other students at Isis.

    Indoctrinations such as the idea that one is not in one’s ninth lifetime does a great job in “keeping” people who then settle for being a third class citizen because they are in their “seventh” lifetime. Is this not madness? Brainwashing and absolutely sick? There are a hundred indoctrinations like this one that develop attitudes within students that make them self deprecate themselves enough to think it is legitimate of the Fellowship of Friends to treat them like third class citizens. I’ve seen more people lower themselves before Girard than I can bear. In a meeting at Sea Ranch I started crying after hearing one such angle and saying that we did not have to lower ourselves all the time saying that we were not good enough because we couldn’t hold presence consistently. Sea Ranch and symposiums with Girard were closed after that. (Any connection?) It is blatant self deprecation what is consistently going on at Isis and it works very efficiently for those who want to hear nothing from the people that are suffering, except the sound of their pay check falling in their pockets, directly or indirectly.

    It is this consistent self deprecation that I find seriously damaging in the Fellowship of Friends. If I simply look at those who have given their lives to developing Isis, it is scary. Some are minding their own little business, others are minding other people’s business and still others are minding their own business and working the best they can. Between the three of them they juggle the rest of the student’s lives, indoctrinating them, making the school look legitimate or not caring at all for them. The sad thing is that those who are working most sincerely don’t realize that in the end it is they who are helping the very corrupt to abuse the rest, convinced by their own vanity that they are the chosen ones and too bad for the poor devils that didn’t get to be chosen by the establishment to participate.
    One of the difficulties is that as long as we are unable to look at the community or the whole of the phenomenon and limit ourselves to individuals, then it is easy to justify that this or that individual wasn’t strong enough, good enough, too ambitious, too much pretense, too many expectations, too lunar, too martial, too solar…… On and on, we can find a thousand excuses for individual failures. Then we don’t have to look at the fact that it is not the individuals who failed, they gave everything they had, each one of them, it is Robert and his personal and assisting entourages that used them and discarded them so that they themselves could keep the grip on the miserable bit of power that Robert allows them to have against other students.

    Some students, those who made a living outside of the Fellowship and are willing to send in a pay cheque without looking at what is done with it, who don’t care about what else goes on as long as they themselves can hold the imaginary picture that they are developing their own very personal spirituality at no matter whose cost, what is the difference between those and the life person that goes to church once a week when s/he closes his/her eyes to the living tragedy of the students who committed more deeply or the abuse of those who didn’t have time to commit to a spirituality before they got bogged down into a role of prostitutes?
    Many students think that the Fellowship of Friends has helped them a great deal because they became good householders and were able to make a decent living for themselves, their family and the Fellowship. For many it meant moving from a hippie life-style with a great deal of tramp to a hard working executive with some appreciation for art. Do these students think it is not spiritual tramp to allow for young men to be used by Robert? And are they really willing to burn their hand to vow that this “modelling act” that we call the Fellowship of Friends, in which we are expected to listen to Robert , Girard and Asaf for the rest of our lives, THE REST OF OUR LIVES, allowing them to make all the decisions in our community, is a conscious school? Or is this just the acceptance of a middle class mentality that conformed itself with a middle class spirituality?

    You say:
    But you have to back off on carrying out the Saint Elena Rescuer of Students stuff – this country has a first amendment, and I personally think that’s a really good thing. It means that a student can stay in the Fellowship of Friends for as long as it lasts without interference from Righteous Persons.

    The Fellowship of Friends and all its leaders have interfered with my life and had me working for them for seventeen years. They have lied and kept things hidden from me that if I had known I would have left or never joined. They have used my good will to support horrible things and I have seen the extreme to which Robert and my husband Girard are damaged, physically, emotionally and mentally damaged people who divided into two personalities: A conscious role and a sick man behind the role. Don’t ask me to not turn the light on the darkness of these happenings. If you don’t find it tragic enough you’re as sick as they are. What amendment is going to heal my husband and the rest of this sick people? Keep looking at the show and paying for it if you wish, but know it is my husband’s spiritual life that is at stake and your own.

    3/10/Fellowship of Friends Says

  413. PASSPORT FRAUD, Reckless Endangerment, Collusion

    “I only wonder if Department of Homeland Security thinks that crossing US or European border under fake name using a forged passport is OK and is no wrong doing…”

    What amazes me is that when the boy was caught his only contact in Paris was an actress friend of R. who was to “look after” the boys until they were fetched for his highness.

    Of course she risked imprisonment herself and it begs the question why anyone would put oneself in such jeopardy?
    The answer? The same as for those who submit to the seduction of R and then WHINE about it: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity…”

    6/10/Exlax 101

  414. NOTE ~ Fellowship of Friends & SCIENTOLOGY

    From Fellowship of Friends prospective student meeting script, introduction to the first meeting: “We encourage you not simply to believe what you hear, but to listen without either accepting or rejecting what you hear. This will give you the best chance of verifying the truth of these ideas for yourself.”

    This later becomes: “The sequence is undeniably objective truth, ancient knowledge possessed by esoteric schools in prehistory. We are one of the greatest schools in recorded history. Eighty billion people have passed through the Earth in a state of imagination, but ours is the good fortune to have been selected by Influence C to evolve. Students are on their seventh and eighth lifetimes, and at death, Influence C will place their souls in limbo to await conscious roles.”

    From Scientology official site, front page, welcome text: “In Scientology no one is asked to accept anything as belief or on faith. That which is true for you is what you have observed to be true. An individual discovers for himself that Scientology works by personally applying its principles and observing or experiencing results.”

    This later becomes: “You are an immortal thetan who has lived innumerable lifetimes on innumerable planets but are presently degenerated. Our technology will help you become clear and spiritually aware. Only our leader fully understands this new technology, this great new science of the mind. Non-scientologists are so brain-damaged, non-functional, and insane that they are hardly worth dealing with.”

    The head thinks it is still verifying. The instinct, after some time, prefers to simply belong.


  415. Collusion, Connivance, Malicious Intent, ‘Tennis Ball’

    Our friend V. (professional programmer) amongst others was recently asked by Kevin Brown to do some HACKING on this blog to trace who is writing there and basically spy on friends. He refused to do it and left the school.

    Nice going, Kevin! Looks like you really sold your soul together with your conscience… What’s next? Whom are you going to hire – snipers, may be? ;) I already heard some very funny/scary threats coming from “inner circle” towards some bloggers… Not scared, sorry. You guys are simply disgusting… And pathetic.

    14/10/No Person

  416. Unoanimo,
    could you please write down an email where we can write you directly? It can be an anonymous email type Yahoo or Hotmail if you feel more comfortable.

  417. Dear ……,

    Re: abuse

    I worked with the FBI for 6 months following my departure from the FoF regarding these and other issues. If you have information regarding sexual abuse I can put you in touch with agents who would probably be interested to investigate.

    Eventually they wanted me to return to the FoF and wear a wire; however, I did not feel right about going that far.

    One positive change I had hoped would happen was the financial abuse that students on stipend had to endure. The FoF was lying to the government about the wages they were paying them. I was told that after the investigation those people who were here on stipend would begin receiving minimum wage and workmen’s compensation (in the case of being injured).

    Please omit my name from any posting but you can share my story if you like. Below you will find the name of one of the special agents that I was working with. Interestingly I had a very nice discussion with the agents at a library here in Chico about consciousness.

    They know a great deal about the Fellowship and whether or not she is still working on the case no doubt would direct you to the correct agent.

    I hope this will be useful information and that if there is someone who needs help, they will benefit.

    I will not return to that land until the evil king has been thrown down and his minions scattered. My own play there involved some deep connections to the inner circle and I saw all that I needed to see to understand that. That is why I refused to become one of RB’s boys, because I could see the corruption there and RB could see in me that I would never accept it….


    If you would like the contact information for the agent please contact me on:

  418. on August 15, 2007 at 5:32 am | Reply Wait a Minute

    Hello “Res Ipsa”

    Please correct Post 415 on this quasi-legal page…

    As you are no doubt aware of the “Hacking accusation” was shortly after that post first appeared completely denied, by the person who was referred to as the hacker..

    You would not want anyone to get the wrong impression, do you?

    Thank you

  419. Hello ‘Wait a Minute’ ~ (419)

    Thank you for your posting… perhaps yes, perhaps no… many things are denied for various professional and not so professional reasons, particularly when one’s ‘important conscious school’ is lurking in the closet of the practical world.

    Since it’s inception, students of the Fellowship of Friends have been denying their involvement in Robert Burton’s school when approached in public and by their employers (intentional insincerity?)… The internet provides a similar stage for such ‘denial’.

    Yes, he denied it, though I have not heard from Kevin B. yet; regardless of the ‘idea/reasons’ of denial, unless the entire scenario can be proven false, then hearsay is hearsay and I will keep the story posted based on the ‘idea’ via Kevin B. and the Fellowship of Friends having taken it upon themselves to ‘act’ out the deed, not the specifics, which can be taken up in court and I don’t mean the tennis courts.

    And thanks for the “quasi-legal page” comment, it sorta matches (semantically) your quasi-conscious school, sorta.

  420. FEDERAL JUDGES (Familiar with the F.O.F.)

    • Hon. Jeffrey W. Johnson

    • Hon. Carolyn Turchin

    • Hon. Gary Allen Feess

    • Hon. William B. Shubb

    • Hon. Dickran M. Tevrizian

    • Hon. Donald P. Lay

    • Hon. Frank H. Easterbrook

    • Hon. Frank C. Damrell

    • Hon. Lawrence K. Karlton

    • Hon. Paul E. Plunkett

    Judges belonging to the Sacramento Courts, i.e.,
    State of CA, Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate District

    (Familiar with the Fellowship of Friends & their lawyers)


    • Hon. Ronald B. Robie

    • Hon. Arthur G. Scotland

    • Hon. Vance W. Raye

    • Hon. Rodney Davis


    Perhaps they would be interested to join the Blog or
    hear your story, read and listen, consider and act. (?)


  421. Connivance, Hostile environment sexual harassment, Undue Influence, Reckless Endangerment, False Pretenses, Negligent Infliction of emotional distress, Joint Negligence.


    Dear My Russian Friend,
    It is no ’secret’ that you have a drinking problem, that somewhere along the squiggly line of the Fellowship of Friend’s throwing around of Robert Burton’s ‘hot potatoes’ (students and their problems he’d rather not be bothered will on a regular consistent basis) that he and they were involved in some ‘Russian project’ to have a device surgically implanted in your body to quell your ‘problem’.

    This device is something very common amongst Russian’s for there is a certain psychic propensity to drink large amounts of grain alcohol to the point of liver failure, alcohol poisoning and death. Even Ouspensky did not escape this ‘national virus’, it tested him deeply, as I am sure you are being tested.

    You traveled to Russia, had the operation and returned to Isis. It is no secret that you belong to the closer inner, inner, inner circle of Robert Burton’s Boys Part 3 (Yes, for new students who have been in the Fellowship of Friends for 30 years or more, Robert Burton has specific groups that he has ‘put together’, who are predisposed to various levels of debauchery, some are considered ’soft sex’, while others, ‘infra sex’).

    Some time passing after your return from Russia you where approached by two of your closest friends, two people who are known in the Fellowship of Friends as belonging to Robert’s, let us say, rougher, more jagged side of the moon,

    They are also known for partaking of illegal drugs, pornography and for being two of the heaviest drinkers in Robert Burton’s ‘circle of distractive self calming’.

    Readers, you may recall my warning to parents concerning a certain ‘R’, by his being the literal ‘driver at the wheel’ of a multitude of teenage children at Isis, going here and there with their particular ‘open curiosities’ in tow, i.e., front and back seats filled. This ‘R’ is one of the two mentioned above.

    So, picture this.
    We have my beloved Russian painter, whose recently back from Russia for having a device surgically implanted in him so to literally ’save his physical life from his contradictory spirit inclinations’ (drinking himself to a deathbed scene).

    He is then approached by these ‘two of his best friends’ (’best’ is certainly a relative word here, i.e., two of Robert Burton’s closest ‘boys’) on the request of Robert Burton and The Fellowship of Friends .

    This is their offer and request submitted by Robert Burton to my Russian friend ~

    “I wish you to move in together, all three of you, live together in one house.” (My Russian friend and two of the heaviest drinkers in Robert Burton’s entourage).

    That’s covenant Robert Burton, now you don’t have to triangulate so much in finding these ‘boys’;

    whose wives (those that have wives) don’t often answer the phone upon hearing one of your boy’s voices calling ‘here kitty, kitty’ looking for someone’s husband so to remind the wife that you’re in in charge now of the sexual abuse and defaming of essence.

    Yes, Robert Burton, some of the closest women in your inner circle who have husbands that are your ‘boys’ stand by the phone when you have those hunting-phone-calls dialed by Dorian or whoever; stand there pressing the volume button closer and closer to ‘0’.


  422. CAUSE & EFFECT (Collusion, Connivance, Deliberate Indifference, Joint Negligence, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment, Violation of Fiduciary Duty)

    I also know many students who are staying in the Fellowship of Friends for the reasons which are related not to ‘awakening’, but to their job commitments (i.e. working for other students); because they have settled around Isis, having family, land, houses there; their children go to the LC school. Some stay because they love their friends and don’t want to leave as they think they’ll lose contact with them (I was one of those and I think it’s the main reason for staying after disillusionment and seeing things as they are in the school and Robert Burton for who he is). And there is fear of being left alone, without communal support. ‘Where would I go?’ question.

    One of my friends from a European centre called me recently saying that his centre is so far removed from the main stream events, that they hardly know all those things which are going on in the school now. Sometimes they don’t have enough English to read the blog.

    I am in contact with several students, all of them have their reasons to stay. I don’t hold it against them, they do what they have to do. My only reservation about it is that with their money they support the whole thing rolling on. As far as I understand, Robert Burton will ‘teach’ until he runs out of funds.

    21/10/Rita Penfold

  423. Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Conspiracy to Defraud, False Pretenses, Collusion, Coercion, Connivance, Undue Influence, Discrimination, Contractual Fault, Wanton Misconduct, FRAUD

    And I’m sure Burton sleeps better at night knowing he is not responsible for the welfare of those he hurts, because they didn’t know that “C-influence wanted them to have sex with Burton” at the time they joined the FOF.

    24/10/Ames Gilbert

  424. Note: on JAMES VINCENT RANDAZZO, R.P. and ROBERT EARL BURTON of The Fellowship of Friends

    Robert Burton had his own twisted family (yes BB 10/1, RB has stated this more than once), but more to the point, he had Alex Horn as a brilliant teacher. Robert attended Horn’s 18 month seminar, “How to get people to believe anything you say and do anything for you” and was, seemingly, the star pupil. The Fellowship of Friends in turn, nurtured James Vincent Randazzo and his “Spiral of Friends”, whose escapades with his “students” and sexual abuse of teen boys, international flight and eventual imprisonment are easily researched. His group in turn gave birth to the “New American Wing” cult, very similar to the Fellowship of Friends in its first 10 years etc.

    Years later, it finally surfaced that he (RP) had a talent for spotting women with affection/self-confidence deficits and money surpluses and wooed them (in whatever manner necessary) to get them to “invest” in some vaguely defined wondrous new invention he was developing. He had essentially lived this way, leeching from vulnerable women for many years in the school before one of them finally confided in a friend, who in turn brought it to Robert’s attention, who gave RP the boot when the extent and duration of the fleecing came to light. Whether Burton did this out of concern for his students or to get rid of a competitor in the fleecing game is anyone’s guess. By some strange twist of fate, RP returned to the school a few years ago, and I had the (mis)fortune to spend time with him on a few occasions. 20 years later, he still made my skin crawl.
    Some question why so few of the young men Robert Burton drew into his intimate web openly complained of it. Here, the fleeced were women and the fleecer no “conscious being”, no god, just another student, yet it took years before the story came out. Judging by what I gleaned from the woman who told me about this – one of his victims – the same mechanics, in many respects, operated – fear, shame, regret, self-blaming etc. This is not an isolated example. I am not inviting a new list of “meetings with remarkably twisted men”, just responding to Cimarron’s question.

    38/10/Joe Average

  425. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud)

    “All students who left are welcome back because RB is conscious, loving and forgiving.” Whether or not Robert Burton has these attributes is something everyone involved has to make up their own mind about. My opinion is that he’s not “conscious” and that he’s more inclined to selfishness and cruelty that love and forgiveness. There’s plenty of evidence for this if you do a bit of research.

    “The guy who was suing RB was doing it only for big bucks and would lose the case anyway, so the settlement was actually a form of consideration which his close friend advised him to accept.” I don’t understand why the Fellowship would pay him money if he didn’t have a case, do you? And why did they insist that the evidence be sealed if there was nothing incriminating about it?

    “Roger C re-joined and died in the school” True. I’m not sure what it’s meant to prove though.

    “14 girls who blamed a teacher of sexual abuse confessed the authorities that they lied for the grades. Every one of them confessed. The same with RB accusers. They are lying.” I’m sure this kind of thing happens, but what do the people accusing Robert Burton of sexual abuse have to gain? Better grades? Actually it’s courageous of them to speak precisely because they have nothing to gain.

    55/10/Rabbi Burns

  426. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud, Desecration)

    After I found out, 10 yrs after joining that Robert Burton was homosexual, not celibate heterosexual as I had been led to believe (I was not aware of the multiple relations at that time)…. I still could not focus on Robert Burton’s behavior as a reason to leave the school. And I don’t see how anyone who tried to live the teachings could either.

    Therefore, coming to conclusions, judging, Robert Burton’s behavior — was not an option for me, not a solid or acceptable route for making a decision to leave. I could not have been in MY integrity at the time and done that….

    My attraction to the school was initially and always at heart an attraction to The System, the amazing impact the ideas had on my sense of myself, my life, the world. I loved the system, I loved Gurdjieff & Ouspensky’s work.

    So,what really put a crack in my relationship to FoF were my sojourns into my own psyche with the help of body-centered therapies, vipassana meditation, psychological workshops. And I only permitted myself these sojourns away from The System after I ‘found out’ about RB. As a result of these inner explorations, I began to question the usefulness of The System as practiced in The Fellowship of Friends for my work. Among other things, I became convinced that for many people, myself included, the “non-expression of negative emotions” was effectively a repressive silencer of conscience, a barrier to truly knowing myself…. ultimately, this knowing allowed me to leave what for me was a toxic emotional environment.”

    For what it is worth, of the 20 years I spent in FoF, I spent only four in California, truly isolated from much, including many old friends. In the outer center Fellowship it helped to be a loner.

    #385 Half Life:
    From your comment below, it is clear that you had a big fantasy going about those you describe as “anointed”. For myself, included in your characterization, your description below is about as exact a replica of my (and many of my associates at the time) attitude toward Robert Burton throughout my years there:

    “we stayed more relaxed than the driven pioneers, independent, soaking in the pragmatic aspects of the Work, rejecting the exaggerated & the fantastic claims of the believers, & we regarded Robert Burton from afar as a liability or a sort of a ‘libidinal’ phenomenon that has to be tolerated or studied from afar as a dangerous paradox. There were periods in which it almost seemed that he has retired; those were ‘golden days’”

    I discovered later that this convenient self-image of distancing myself from Robert Burton’s crazy behavior (angels, predictions, former student horrors) — how many times did I roll my eyes and hope newer students weren’t listening to him — and imagining myself uninfluenced by it, were a convenient way (dare I say ‘buffer’)to perpetuate the split between my precious rational mind (isn’t this a ‘cult for intellectuals’) and what was going on with the scared, dependent emotional being inside me who had projected power onto this big daddy who ran the group of which I was a part, albeit playing the role of ‘the smart one’… Anybody else recognize what I’m talking about?


  427. Cause & Effect (Conspiracy to Defraud)


    The following is an excerpt from Chapter 11 of Deadly Cults: The Crimes of True Believers

    by Robert L. Snow
    Publisher: Praeger Publishers (November 30, 2003)

    “It’s all very stimulating stuff in the beginning…,” said a former member of the Fellowship of Friends in a 1996 Los Angeles Times article. “But there’s no doubt it’s a cult. Our lives were totally controlled.”

    Is this man talking about the cult formed around a wild-eyed guru who preaches that all members should embrace poverty and the simple life? Is he talking about the cult that rejects all worldly pleasures, and whose members spend their days praying, chanting, or meditating?

    Hardly. According to reports in several California newspapers, the Fellowship of Friends is a pleasure- and consumer-oriented cult. Founded in 1970 by former schoolteacher Robert Burton, the Fellowship of Friends believes that true spiritual awakening can only come through experiencing the finest things life has to offer: fine food, fine wine, great art, great writers, great music. In his book Self Remembering, Burton stresses “the education and discipline of the emotions, the importance of living in the present, a love of beauty, and an understanding of its capacity to create higher awareness.”

    True to his beliefs, Burton, who lived out of his car before founding the Fellowship of Friends, has built a lavish mansion… in the style of a French chateau on a 1,300-acre estate in the northern California Sierra foothills. There, among terraced hills supporting a vineyard that produces award-winning wines, the members of the Fellowship of Friends can come and study under a man whom they believe to be both spiritually advanced and a prophet.

    Burton, who claims he is guided by 44 angels, including Benjamin Franklin, Jesus, and Plato, is believed by members of the Fellowship of Friends to be near godlike and also privy to information from “higher sources.” As a result of his claimed direct contact with these angels and higher sources, Burton predicted that an earthquake in 1998 would swallow up all of California, except for Apollo. He has also predicted that nuclear holocaust will destroy most of the world in 2006, but again spare Apollo, which will then become the center of the movement to reestablish civilization in the post-holocaust world.

    While his prediction of a California-swallowing earthquake, of course, didn’t come true, this didn’t humble Burton. He carries on as though he’d never made a mistake. Like most cult leaders, Burton either ignores or attempts to rationalize his mistakes, while also attempting to control every aspect of his followers’ lives. Within the Fellowship of Friends, this control includes regulating the members’ sex lives and diets, ordering them to abstain from any form of negativity, and even directing them to abstain from the use of certain common words, such as I or thing. Burton has also forbidden members to dye their hair, have mixed-breed pets, ride bicycles, or smoke. Smoking, incidentally, is so strenuously outlawed that Burton has instructed cult members to sniff when greeting each other to catch renegades. Burton fined one couple $1,500 each for violating the no-smoking rule. One former member of the Fellowship of Friends claimed that the cult leaders, besides barring him from having sex with his girlfriend, also ordered him to urinate only on one side of the toilet so as to make less noise. While most Fellowship of Friends members have jobs and homes, Burton discourages members from mingling or socializing with people outside the Fellowship, including family, whom Burton sees as “spiritually dead.”

    The leadership of the Fellowship of Friends doesn’t see these constraints as brainwashing, however. “The Fellowship does not engage in brainwashing,” said Girard Haven, a member of the group’s board of directors. “We may have a charismatic leader and strong feelings about higher forces and our own spirituality, but we know what we are doing. We are not doing it blindly.”

    Unlike many cults, though, the Fellowship of Friends doesn’t recruit from the masses, but instead recruits mainly from groups of well-educated and well-heeled individuals. New recruits are often located after Fellowship of Friends members go to bookstores and plant Fellowship of Friends’ bookmarks in selected metaphysical books that reflect the beliefs of the cult. Prospective members who respond to the telephone number on the bookmark are invited to attend lavish dinners at expensive homes. Only after being appraised by Fellowship of Friends members can prospective recruits be invited to join the cult, whose membership includes many doctors, lawyers, artists, and musicians.

    Recruiting well-heeled members certainly paid off. In the late 1990s, the Fellowship of Friends had 65 centers around the world (in late 2003, their Web site, which is translated into 10 languages, states that they now have only 30 centers) and employed approximately 500 people. The group’s overall worth in the late 1990s was estimated at $26 million, while Burton’s annual salary was at least $250,000. Many of the Fellowship of Friends employees work at the cult’s winery, which is located on their property in northern California. According to recent news articles, the Fellowship of Friends produces 25,000 cases of wine a year, which is reported to be of high quality.

    Along with the winery, the Fellowship of Friends has its own collections of fine art and rare literature, as well as its own opera company, orchestra, theater troupe, and museum. In addition, Burton had decorated the mansion at Apollo with expensive antiques and paintings. One of Burtons’ favorites sayings is, “Beauty creates its likeness in those pursue it.”

    Because of all these expensive possessions, belonging to the Fellowship of Friends is naturally very costly. The cult requires to tithe 10 percent of their incomes, while wealthy members pay much more, in special assessments, to enable the Fellowship of Friends to purchase sculpture, paintings, rare books, antiques, and other items that will “lift the spirituality” of the cult members. The annual income of the Fellowship of Friends in the mid-1990s exceeded $5 million.

    However, all is not rosy for the Fellowship of Friends. In recent years, large numbers of its members have been leaving, causing a serious cash flow problem. The trouble began for the Fellowship of Friends in 1995 when a cult member sent an open letter to the membership accusing Burton of sexually seducing him. He said Burton brainwashes members into a state of “absolute submission,” allowing him to feed a “voracious appetite for sexual perversion.” Following this disclosure, other male members came forward with similar accusations, including the cult’s former financial officer, who said he felt pressured to join Burton’s male harem.

    “They don’t see it coming, and when it comes, they don’t know what’s happened,” said Charles R. about Burton’s aggressive homosexual advances toward Fellowship of friends members.

    Another male member of the cult who also claimed Burton aggressively pressured him into having sex said, “I never had a homosexual encounter before this. But he [Burton] told me it was the wish of C-influence (the group’s term for higher forces, or gods) that I have sex with him.” At all-male dinners hosted by Burton, members say he has been known to boast that “one hundred boys would not be enough [for his sexual appetite].”

    To these charges, Burton’s attorney has responded, “We don’t think a [sexual] relationship between a leader and a member of the congregation is abusive in and of itself.” However, two lawsuits filed by former FOF members have been settled out of court.

    Former FOF officials who have left the cult also aren’t kind in their evaluation of Burton and his organization. “The Fellowship is a dictatorship, a predatory dictatorship,” said Thomas E., an artist and former leader who left the cult after a homosexual relationship with Burton. “I should know. I was a leader.”

    Former Fellowship of Friends financial officer Charles R. said, “I thought it was the one true way, but as it turns out, it was just a cult.”

    The point of the preceding anecdote is that a cult can be formed around almost any belief or philosophy. Also, this anecdote shows that, to succeed, a cult doesn’t have to be aimed at the uneducated, the emotionally challenged, or the poor. As shown by both the Fellowship of Friends and the Solar Temple (discussed in the previous chapter), cults can also attract well-educated, wealthy, and seemingly mentally competent people. All that’s needed is a charismatic leader who followers believe has some type of special insight, some type of special knowledge unknown to the rest of the world, or some type of special direct pipeline to God or ascended beings. To attract followers, the cult leader then offers to share this information or knowledge with cult members. This belief in the leader’s gift quickly becomes a strong magnet that pulls people in because gaining this insight or knowledge from the cult leader, members believe, will make them part of an elite group who are a step above regular human beings.

    62/10/Presence Please

  428. EFFECT (Fraud in the Inducement) *5t

    A true believer for 30+ years (in and out of the Fellowship of Friends) I now see that Robert Burton is an evil person and NOT the conscious teacher I imagined (and wanted with all my heart for) him to be. I am deeply saddened that this is true and at the same time, I wail and gnash at him for the countless damage he has done to so many good people.

    If only I had the power to prevent him from hurting more people……

    My sincere thanks to those who have here bared their souls and for the Sheik who continues to enable this healing process to take place.



    5t ~ You can assist, by writing letters to the California District Attorney’s Office and the Governor’s Office, The Appeal Democrat, Yuba County Health Department and get a copy of the ‘Community Letter’ that was sent to all the residents of Oregon House, CA… I am sure someone on the Greater Fellowship site can email this to you, thereon you will also find contact information and more names and agencies will arrive upon this section of the Fellowship of Friends Blog-site soon.

  429. EFFECT (Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Desecration)

    >Why do you think that those who have left have ascended with more possibilities and far more consciousness than anyone left behind?

    Because they verify that they can work on themselves and remember themselves without paying Burton money, without wasting time helping to preparing an ark for an end of the world that will not come.

    >Can you support these statements?

    Yes, I can support them indefinitely.

    70/10/The King of Clubs


    Any time RB is faced with a crisis (such as the IRS challenge and the various lawsuits) he puts together a defense team. As a side effect of that effort, those team members are forced (allowed) to see the real RB and Fellowship of Friends, not the imaginary teacher and Fourth Way school that we all loved. As a result, almost every one of those members then abandon the ship. And remember, these ‘quitters’ are the ’strongest students,’ ‘the inner circle,’ the ‘rock stars’ (Miles B., Carl M., Charles R., James B. come to mind).

    89/10/We Were There

  431. Negligent Misrepresentation, Fraud, Falsity, EFFECT

    #78–I’m not aware of Burton having brought anything to the table that he didn’t find somewhere else.

    …why Burton feels driven to have sex obsessively, yet finds so little pleasure in having sex with men who actually prefer the type of sex Burton enjoys. I can only suppose it’s more about power than anything a more normal person would associate with pleasurable sex–if it isn’t to some degree against the other person’s will, it isn’t any fun.

    Your point is well-put that “Because this is so far away from normal behavior, we imagine it could be possible that he is ‘conscious’.” Precisely. No sane person generally familiar with his behavior, sexual and otherwise, would ever imagine that Burton is anything other than a very sick individual.

    Most people come to that conclusion sooner or later. But there are always some (and apparently, having run out of recruits in the U.S., the gullible are increasingly found in third world countries) who will choose to take the approach, opposite to that offered by Occam’s Razor, that Burton must be anything but sick–in fact, he is god-like.

    Anyone remember James Godbe? I’d been told back in the olden days (I think by Richard Focazio, R.I.P.) that Burton had a genuine crush on James, and urged him to run away with him and leave behind the tiresome students, and James declined. I wonder whether Burton ever found anyone else he truly cared for. In my own experience, his reaction when spurned was indistinguishable from that of a petulant child deprived of a toy.

    93/10/Life Person

  432. Companion to 432


    According to Rick Ross’s site, Burton adopted the term “feminine influence” from Horn’s group and turned it into “feminine dominance.”


    By using the term, which has no basis in fact for being gender-specific, not to mention by trumpeting how he supposedly severed feminine dominance by treating his mother to stony silence on her death bed, Burton demonstrates his continuing weakness in that area. “Overcompensation,” I believe, is the term. Protesting too much.

    93/10/Life Person

  433. CAUSE (Conspiracy to Defraud)

    Hello all—

    Learning about this blog reminded me that I had some detailed notes from a conversation with Robert thirteen years ago. It seems worth sharing in this wild west of free speech and truth telling. Some background: I had been in the FOF for twenty-one years when this conversation took place. My husband and I had led centers in Palo Alto, Zurich, and Rome. We spent five years in Europe. At the time of this conversation, I was recovering from cancer and couldn’t stand on FOF ceremony anymore; my voice—long absent—was waking up.

    On 2/24/94 at 10:00 a.m., Robert called me at home. His call was a surprise, but there was a pad by the phone and I scribbled as we talked. Afterwards, I called my husband, Patrick, at work. “Susie”, he said, “While this is so fresh, write it all down. Word for word if you can. Years from now, you will need to know that what you did was right and good and whole. Write it down and save it. For yourself.”

    It is tempting to edit this now—to make Robert seem a little stranger, me a little more confident. But I’m not going to do that. The strength of the simple truth is that everybody gets to come to their own conclusions. People who have not had a long conversation with Robert in awhile may be surprised at his inability to do anything more than repeat decades old platitudes. See for yourself if you think it is really worth paying for this:

    RB: I’ve just returned from Rome. There were many shocks this time. I missed Lea, and of course, you. We are returning to European Art, we had to study Asian art for a time so that we wouldn’t draw a blank after 2006 when all the world’s treasures come to Renaissance.

    ST: I heard some details of the trip from Kristina on her way back home.

    RB: Yes, we had many shocks in Milan. A student’s mother had consumed some acid in order to end her life. I said that the shock indicated that acid rain would begin falling on humanity and two days later it rained, an actual acid rain. (more talk about the student and dinners in Milan…..)

    ST: I imagine that you are calling because you heard that I was thinking about leaving the school.

    RB: Well, I really just called to see how you were doing and also I did hear that you were experiencing some difficulty. (mention of the Dante class, wondering if I was coming up over the weekend….)

    ST: Yes, there are a number of growing conflicts in me now related to my commitment to the school.

    RB: Well, what is your relationship to influence C?

    ST: I believe that I have a connection to C influence now that is my own. I feel very connected to help from the gods. In this past year I have received such specific help that there is no question about it anymore.

    RB: Yes, I don’t doubt that you have a connection. The thing is though that there must be three lines of work. You can’t just take, you have to give C influence something for their help.

    ST: Robert, I deeply understand payment and efforts and the need to carve out an emotional life. Whether I stay or go I have to do this. But I’m not interested in all the prophesies and in the movement towards Renaissance being a closed community. It’s interesting to me that although C influence is deeply personal for you, it allows you to live in such a way that you don’t have to take any real responsibility for anything.

    RB: We are not a closed community, people from Life come and go there a lot, especially to the Winery.

    ST: That’s not the kind of closed I’m talking about.

    RB: You are somewhat sentimental about Life. Joel is like that too. You want to believe that C influence is for everyone, but they are not. The laws are very hard. Many are called, but few are chosen. (some other quotes about Life and how they are destined to suffer…..)

    ST: You gave me that photograph the first time you met me, I’m sure it’s true to some extent, however, I’m not a fool. You talk to me as though I was a fool. It doesn’t take higher centers to see that there are descending octaves all around us.

    RB: (Some acknowledgement of that….some loosening up….) Yes, humanity will suffer. Russia and the U.S. have nuclear bombs, etc…(then the story of his mother’s death, ARK KAN C, strange disconnect…..)

    ST: It’s very hard for me to continue to hear these things over and over again. You have been my teacher and you have opened my heart and my mind to hundreds of new things. Now, it’s almost like the repeat of all these stories is closing my heart to you. You know, opened it at one level and now closing it at another?

    RB: Yes, it is odd, isn’t it? This may be the last conversation we ever have, so I need to say everything I can. I want to feel that, as a teacher, I have done all I can. However, I like the tone of this conversation. It’s like friends talking. You are calm. I am calm.

    ST: I am trying to be present and I’m experiencing no fear.

    RB: Good. Fear is not self-remembering, nor is power self-remembering.

    ST: I want to ask you something important and personal for me. (pause to calm myself…). If I leave the school and discover that I have made a mistake, may I return?

    RB: Oh yes, of course. You can pay the re-entry fee of $1,500.00 and return. But I don’t advise it, the odds are only one in forty of staying again. It’s very very bad to lose a school..(some heavy statements about Life People about to be expunged…). When Miles left, sixty people left the school, now this, some people will lose the way, but it is necessary to prune the vine to prepare for 1998.

    ST: How do you know what people do when they leave? How can you be sure that they are losers?

    RB: I am an experienced teacher and I have been working half of my life with influence C. I understand these things. It’s curious that the two centers that are having the most difficulty are Marin and Palo Alto—places where people are concerned with their careers and with money. The instinctive center begins to take over.

    ST: I don’t think this is about people’s instinctive centers. This is mostly an emotional process of loss of confidence in the way the school is working. I have talked to a number of students at Renaissance who would leave too, but they can’t. It’s a little like a poker game where the longer you sit at the table the more you resist folding and walking away—you have so much invested.

    RB: That is a good analogy, I like it.

    ST: For someone like me, it’s also hard to see that some of the people that I thinking are growing and evolving are leaving, like Molly, whereas others like Helga stay in a very narrow groove.

    RB: The school is larger now than it has ever been. And our students re doing so well. Girard is doing very well. Kristina and Peter and Colin are all here.

    ST: Yes, you have your ark. You will always have enough people to keep your own ark afloat. I don’t know if it’s my ark anymore.

    RB:(Becoming defensive) When you are offered a life boat, you don’t question the color of the raft.

    ST: I want to change the subject as long as you have called me and I am very appreciative of the call. I wondered if you’d tell me what you see in me—I mean changes that you see after twenty years with you? This is such an emotional and positive time for me. This past year was the best and the worst of my life.

    RB: Oh really? What happened?

    ST: You did call me after surgery, remember? I had cancer. You called me in the hospital. (really flustered….can’t believe he forgot….).

    RB: I see. Well I’ve lost many of my women students to breast cancer. The last time I saw you…(struggling to answer my question….), you looked healthy, seemed emotionally good and balanced, if anything I would say that maybe you seemed a bit, you know, too successful. Maybe too much A influence.

    ST: (Laughter….couldn’t help it….) Well, they took that all away pretty quick, so I’m not nearly so successful anymore. And it wasn’t breast cancer. Well anyway Robert, we pay all our teaching payments in advance, so if I have a re-entry fee, I’ll have a big credit.

    RB: (Very surprised) You mean that you are still paying? So even though you don’t go to meetings now, you are still paying? Well, I didn’t realize that, that’s good then.

    ST: Yes, you see, it’s not the instinctive center. There’s something else I want to ask you. I haven’t said that I’m leaving yet. This is not a trivial inquiry for me. Please let me do this in my own time.

    RB: No one is pushing you out dear.

    ST: No, but you have established an attitude about people leaving the school permeates throughout.

    RB: I used to make jokes, but then I asked myself if that was necessary. Now I don’t talk about my former students, I just say that they have lost the way and that the instinctive center has won and….(more of the same.)

    ST: This is what I mean. You have set the tone. It all comes from you. Robert, you may be able to keep more of your more mature people if you disallow this kind of talk about those who move on. This is just one thing, there are lots of things like that.

    RB: Well goodness, I am running out of steam.

    ST: I am too. Thank you for calling.

    RB: Goodbye dear.

    ST: Bye.

    Following this phone call, Robert told people, “Susan T. has left the school.” I didn’t get to do it in my own time because my friends wouldn’t speak with me.

    Only Abraham G. called. He huffed and puffed and said I was fomenting rebellion; a junta. A junta?? I am not making this up.

    Old friends, if any of you are wondering how you will ever survive leaving, you won’t know how strong you are until you do. There may be hard days; how does a person prepare for being “expunged?” But you’ll probably be okay. If you are like me, you’ll have the best days of your life. What is on the line is integrity, that and maybe some real unconditional love, if you are lucky.

    I wish you all that and more.

    See you down the road,


  434. Memo for POST 419 concerning HEARSAY, *i33


    # Vladimir Strugatsky Says:
    May 25, 2007 at 3:57 am

    Assuming that I am the “friend V.” referred to in post #14, the story is completely untrue. I was not asked by Kevin or anyone else to do anything illegal or even questionable.

    – Vladimir Strugatsky

    104/10/Vladimir Strugatsky

    *i33, There are so many Russian hackers at Isis, maybe he got mixed up with some other; still have not heard from Kevin yet… to be continued.

  435. note ~ HIV

    Malicious Intent, Collusion, Connivance, Deliberate Indifference, Reckless Endangerment, Crime against Humanity, False Pretenses, Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation, Willful Misconduct, Official Misconduct, Malconduct in Office, Fraudulent and Material Misrepresentation, Discrimination, Violation of Fiduciary Duty, Child Endangerment, Moral Turpitude, Fraud in the Inducement, Conspiracy to Defraud. *ii6

    Maybe two years ago I went with Cassandra to the local health service for a HIV test and by coincidence it turned out that the person who was doing this test was Pilar E. and then, despite having been a member of the Fellowship of Friends for almost 20 years, came for me my first insight into the relationship of the FOF to Sex

    While we were there, Pilar told us that Oregon House is a red spot on the public health map because of the over proportion of HIV infected people there, which are of course students. I was shocked about this revelation and asked “Why this was not made known in the fellowship, that students can be more careful?”. She told us that she had suggested this to Linda T., but that she had refused to do that.

    On the other hand however she told us that Rowena T. had contacted her to give her the names of the HIV infected students that Robert Burton can be protected and not have sex with the wrong people. Pilar had refused this because of the confidentiality she had to keep.

    The last one who died in the fellowship of AIDS was Renato and hopefully his former wife Tina B. did a HIV test since then.

    However now I am get details from every side, how he had sex with half of the male fellowship population, how Mihail, makes a schedule with half hour slots for everyone, how they have to view porno movies and masturbate before to get ready, how the whole orgy is accompanied with harp music and and and.


    *ii6 ~ Kiran’s claims have often been refuted, though through the straw of knit-pickyness (IMO)… After allot of careful study of all of Kiran’s claims, knowing all those parties involved, I have this to suggest readers… Read the rest of Kiran’s posting (122/10) and ask around, sense and get a gut feeling for all this.

    For me, I have yet to find any ‘right reason’ for Kiran to have simply picked names out of the thin blue sky and place them besides such precise ‘heresay’; yes, certain people got mixed up in the stew, yet, the outline of his story still sticks and those that did get mis-named posted here in the blog and Kiran replied accordingly;

    those who did not refute his stories of them ‘personally, not through bloggers personal pictures of the characters’ are (IMO) to be considered still ‘in the picture’ Kiran has presented here.

  436. EFFECT (Conspiracy to Defraud, Wrongful Discharge, Discrimination, Favoritism, Joint Negligence, Collusion, Connivance, Deliberate Indifference, Negligent and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, False Pretenses, Invasion of Privacy, Undue Influence)


    # Paola Evelina Says:
    May 25, 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Hello everybody,

    I have been a consistently grateful spectator of this blog since March and I decided I was not going to write anything before I was able to do so under my own name: ‘thank you’ Kiran for giving me the third force to finally open my story to the public, as I believe it does belong to everybody.
    I guess I should start from the simple facts that have been molded and changed and distorted, partly because the reality was unknown to many, who never bothered to question the accuracy of the voices spreading out. It took me one day to write this: I am sorry about its length, but I wanted to be thorough and to convey at least part of my experience.
    Well: I joined the school on September 17, 2000 in New York City – that was the day when Girard had his stroke. A couple of years later I moved to Apollo, following a growing desire to plunge into the very heart of what I had found.
    Once in Apollo I started – after ending my relationship with A. – a little fling with a Russian guy V., back then part of Robert’s entourage: I was – and still am – very naïve and had no idea about the rules and the dangers of getting close to R. in that sense – even after being warned. In that occasion R. seemed not to mind and to actually approve of what was happening.
    During a trip to NYC for a ballet with Robert, Asaf gently approached me and we became friends; he seemed not preoccupied about my current relationship. Back in Apollo, during the first Russian ballet at the Theatron, V. started to court M. Alexandrova (one of the prima ballerinas in the Bolshoi) before my very eyes and completely forgot about me… R. seemed to approve of his change of mind, as he was very happy to build a strong bound with Masha and the Bolshoi; at the same time Asaf ‘s friendship was growing deeper and stronger; we met, he told me about his feelings and that he wanted to start a relationship with me: he went and asked Robert’s permission. That’s when it all started.
    Robert said: NO, Asaf said: YES and for the first time they disagreed and had an argument. RT invited me for tea where she asked me if my relationship with V. was over (well, he went off with Masha!) and then told me Robert was giving me 6 months non-dating exercise. Asaf was asked not to contact me and I was asked to refuse his calls.
    During these 6 months (which are still a precious memory), distance made our feelings for one another grow, but we both agreed that we were going to transform them for a higher right … I was not to know until much later that Robert had presented another suggestion to Asaf: given the magnitude of his role, C Influence was preparing a woman for him, who was probably going to be X – who at that time was 13 years old. X and I happened to be very close and actually quite similar (she still is one of my best friends). Asaf took this suggestion very seriously and obviously he felt flattered to have such a special role. We kept crossing each others at X’s house and I started to notice an unusual change in Asaf’s behavior… I kicked that thought aside as it seemed just coming from my Q of hearts.
    My task ended and our friendship continued: A. would come over often for tea and we would just share our Work. One night (it was his birthday) everything changed: we became lovers … what to do now? We knew it could not come out! And then he told me about X, but she was only 13… and Asaf (who was then still Robert’s lover) needed desperately some support and love to be able to continue leaving at the Galleria and fulfill his duties; the internal conflict was overwhelming in us both: we couldn’t lie to the teacher, we couldn’t go against his will, but C Influence was weaving us closer and closer; I felt like Joan of Arc – sort of – and vainly and naively I thought: I can do it! I can serve the school and C Influence by offering my support, even knowing that he is destined to somebody else. I will even help him in his pursue of X. That was what the moment required. It all made perfect sense.
    I had to fight my Q of hearts (for whoever is not familiar with the term: jealousy, envy, insecurity, anger…) as it was extremely hard to live the – most of the times partial – intimacy with him and seeing him the next day flirting with X in the agora. Plus we both were heavy, carrying the burden of secrecy and of hiding from the teacher on our conscience; we tried many times to stop our intimacy and just pursue our friendship. The Work was strong, though, and was drawing us closer; we both knew that the play was giving us an amazing opportunity to transform all the friction into higher states: we were both very passionate about the school and sincerely wanted to do our best to serve a higher right. Slowly Asaf’s role was changing: he was no longer Robert’s lover, he started to be involved in the preparation of events and had the responsibility to record all Robert’s thoughts during travels, breakfasts, afternoons… His name was even indicative of this: it means ‘the collector’ in Hebrew. Again, everything made perfect sense: the play was unfolding as expected; Asaf was slowly walking toward his ‘seat’. His need for emotional support and warmth – at least until X would become of age and join the school and finally be his girlfriend – was covered by me.<